Frasier - Daphne's Night of Passion


"Do you want me to take off my panties and bra?" Daphne asked her eyes looking directly at his.

"Fuck yeah...!" he answered without hesitation. Daphne had hooked her fingers in the elastic of her panties, when he stopped her.

"Turn around babe, I want to see them slide off your gorgeous ass!" he said, his eyes still captivated by her strip show.

Daphne did as he asked, turning her body around -- she bent her upper body at the waist so that he had a perfect view of her ass and she slowly pulled her panties down her ass and down her legs.

"Ooh baby I could watch that all day long" Leroy exclaimed.

Daphne reached behind her back, undoing the clasp of her bra before letting it drop softly to the floor. She spread her legs wide and with her back still turned towards him let her fingers run along her pussy.

"Damn.......tonight must be my lucky night!" Leroy said as he watched her fingers touch the soft skin of her pussy between her long legs.

Daphne let her fingers play with her wet pussy, teasing him before she dropped onto her knees next to Roz, one hand lightly running up her best friends back as her head bobbed up and down on the massive black cock, the other began to rub and feel the base of his shaft, pinching and squeezing his balls. Daphne and Roz's eyes met, each full of desire and lust, not needing to say a word, knowing by what was happening that they had crossed the imaginary line and that their friendship had been irrevocably changed forever.

Lips met in tentative kisses as his cock was shared between them as if they were sharing a cigarette. Daphne let his cock slide between her hungry lips, letting it slide down her throat numerous times until his shaft was buried deep down her throat, when her lips closed around his cock head.

Leroy's body shook with pleasure, his arms outstretched on either side, holding onto the couch. "Ooh baby" he moaned. "Suck my black cock...oh yes that's it".

Daphne let the cock slide from her mouth, saliva dripping from her lips as she did so, letting Roz take over, her head now bobbing up and down at speed. She watched her best friend give head, noticing how her head moved at a frenetic pace, before slowing down and then speeding up again. Her body shook from her well endowed chest inhaling air, to her legs as Roz tasted the bounty of his ten inch black cock.

Roz's breasts swung about violently as her head bobbed up and down at speed on Leroy's black member -- she felt she was experiencing an out of body experience, a quasi dream like episode. Here she was on her knees, totally naked except for a pair of black boots, in Frasier Crane's apartment giving head to a stranger and a black stranger at that. She could feel her best friends hands on her body, touching, feeling, exploring her nakedness, her fingers probing the wetness in between her legs In the very recesses of her mind a though occurred to her that what was happening was wrong, that their friendship had been altered forever and would never be the same again, but her desire and lust pushed those thoughts from her mind. Roz attacked his cock with a gusto and enthusiasm that surprised her, desperate to please Leroy and Daphne, desperate to feel his massive black cock pumping in between her legs.

Daphne let her hands travel down the small of Roz's back, every touch of her fingers on her soft skin producing an almost shock like sensation. Her fingers spread apart her ass cheeks and she lent in, giving her wet hole one long lick with her tongue -- her pussy quivered as Daphne's tongue darted in out of Roz's wet hole, exploring , licking and tasting her friends most sensitive part of her body.

Roz's head reared up as Daphne's tongue touched the soft wet skin of her most private part -- the cock slid from her lips and the word "Fuck!'" screamed from her lips, echoing about the large apartment and loud enough to be heard by the neighbours.

Daphne raised her head until they were looking at each other, "Do you want me to sto-" .

"No" Roz interrupted, her voice now almost in a whisper, her face breaking into a smile. "Please don't stop........please lick my pussy.......". She turned her head, letting Leroy's cock slide into her hungry mouth again. She opened up her legs a bit more to allow Daphne easier access, her body convulsing with pleasure each time her tongue came in contact with her pussy. It was the first time Roz had been eaten out by another woman and she came to a conclusion that her body reacted differently to a woman than to a man -- whereas a man often went hell for leather, slobbering all over her private parts as if they had not eaten for a week beforehand, a woman used her tongue to perfection, softly and gently exploring, delving and sucking on the most sensitive part of her body.

Leroy watched in amazement at the two naked woman and beautiful women before him -- his ten inch black cock was being worked on by Roz, her well endowed chest jiggling about wildly as her head bobbed up and down. Saliva dribbled from her mouth and onto his throbbing member making it glisten like a diamond in the apartment lights, her fingers working his shaft as if they were trying to light a fire. Their eyes meet occasionally -- they did not need to say a word to each other, the desire and lust in their eyes speaking volumes.

"Damn" was all Leroy could repeat over and over again. His eyes could only see Daphne's legs as she was now on her back, her head in between Roz's legs, her tongue and mouth working overtime on her sweet wet hole.

Roz Doyle, her mouth full of ten inch black cock, saliva spraying from her mouth as her head moved up and down at a jack hammer like speed, her sensitive pussy being eaten out by her best friend Daphne Moon could wait no longer. Her body was a crescendo of pleasure, every point from her fingertips to her toes alive and ultra sensitive as if a live electric current was pulsing through her body. She had to have him inside her now she decided, to feel his ten inch black slide inside her waiting, wet pussy. Her hand still moved up and down the length of his now well lubricated black shaft as she slid her body upwards, her breasts now enveloping his cock.

"I want you inside me now........ I want you to fuck me" she said in her husky sexy voice, her breasts now almost swallowing his cock whole, as she slowly moved her chest up and down.

Leroy let out a small groan of pleasure before his face broke in his toothy smile "Ooh yeah babe" he exclaimed. "I've been waiting for this, climb aboard and enjoy the ride!".

Roz stood slowly, her hand sliding down to her pussy, her fingers rubbing the soft wet skin -- her gaze turn to Daphne, who simply nodded her head before she turned her body around, with her back facing Leroy. She carefully climbed onto Frasier's couch, one leg at a time until she straddled Leroy, his ten inch cock now erect as a flag pole.

Daphne watched Roz climbed onto the couch, her naked body glistening with sweat, the heels of her boots digging in the fabric of the cushions. Her face displayed neither a smile nor a frown -- it was a face of pure lust, determined to feel Leroy's black cock inside her. Daphne raised herself to her knees, her hand jacking Leroy's cock as Roz slowly lowered her body.

Roz steadied herself by placing one hand on the back of the couch, as she bent her legs, slowly lowering her body. Her eyes met with Daphne's as she held his cock steady -- she knew that their friendship would never be the same again, that from this night onwards it had been altered forever, for her eyes showed what she currently felt - lust and desire. Roz lowered her body until she felt the tip of his cock just penetrate her hole, her eyes looking directly ahead.

"Nice and slow Roz" Daphne suggested, her hand guiding Leroy's massive cock. "Breathe....nice and slow" she repeated.

Roz lowered her body, letting his cock slide slowly into her and she let out groan of delight as he started to pump his cock into her.

"Oh god" Roz's moaned as her eyes rolled back in her head, her hands reaching behind her to balance herself as he furiously pumped his ten inch cock into her. She spread her legs open, to further help her maintain some balance as his cock slammed into her - it was a quite immodest position for her -- completely naked except for a pair of boots, legs spread wide open and a black cock pumping into her pussy on Frasier Crane's suede couch. She would have a presented an amazing and totally unexpected sight to anyone, had they happened to walk in to the apartment right now she thought to herself.

"Fuck" the words dribbled from Roz's mouth as Leroy's cock slammed into her at a furious pace. She held onto the back of the couch with both of her hands as each stroke threatened to topple her over, sending her crashing to the floor.

"Oooh yeah baby!" Leroy exclaimed, his hands holding to her hips supporting her body as his black cock pumped into her. The massive girth of his cock felt incredibly tight as he pumped, her vaginal muscles closing around his cock like a boa constrictor squeezing their prey, but with each powerful stroke the passage of his cock upwards eased. "Enjoying the ride babe?" he added his as his hands could feel the sweat as it trickled down her body.

Daphne could see that Roz could not answer -- her body was shaking with each stroke, her hands desperately holding onto the couch. Her legs were spread wide open, displaying the black cock pounding her pussy for all the world to see -- she looked unbelievably beautiful to Daphne as her well endowed chest bounced about with each stroke, her long hair flailing about as her mouth occasionally screaming the obscene words women only say when they are fucked by a ten inch black cock. The heels of her boots dug into the couch as her face showed expressions of pain and utter sexual pleasure. "Is that how I looked when I first experienced Leroy's cock for the first time?" Daphne thought to herself.

Roz watched as Daphne approached, appearing somehow to move in slow motion as the black cock pounding her pussy -- her eyes followed her as she climbed onto the couch, her naked body bouncing about in time with each stroke of Leroy's massive cock. She could feel Daphne place her hand in between her open legs, the coldness of her fingers contrasting starkly with heat emanating from her own body.

Daphne let her fingers trace a path slowly from her neatly trimmed bush between her legs, up her sweat covered stomach. Her fingers could feel every bump and curve of her soft skin, as if her fingers were individually massaging her body. Roz's body vibrated underneath her fingertips as Leroy pumped his cock into her pussy, her fingers sliding ever upwards, reaching her well endowed chest. Daphne stared entranced, as if enchanted, at Roz's breasts as they bounced and shook about -- they were much larger than Daphne's causing just a tinge of jealously in her mind and eyes. Her fingers traced a path around each of her inflamed erect nipples, slowly circling each one before Daphne lent in enclosing her soft lips around one of her nipples.

Roz cried out in delight as the combination of Leroy's cock in her pussy and her best friends mouth and tongue on her ultra sensitive nipples gave her body the most intense pleasure she had ever known - a feeling of ultimate ecstasy and bliss, one that threatened to explode inside her and burst forth through every fibre of her body. She felt Daphne's lips, tongue and teeth work on each nipple , moving, sucking and biting in time with the cock pumping in her pussy.

Roz's felt Leroy's cock pick up speed, his balls now slapping against her bare ass with a loud 'smack' -- she threw her head back, her mouth releasing a loud "Oh goooo-". She was cut off as Daphne's lips closed around hers creating an almost airtight seal.

Daphne let her hands roam Roz's body as their lips fused together, her tongue slipping into her best friends mouth at a near vertical angle. She would have never dreamed of kissing Roz this way before tonight, but desire and passion do strange things to people -- when their lips finally parted, Roz rolled her body off Leroy's cock, onto the couch beside Daphne.

Leroy stood, his ten inch black cock erect like a flagpole, his eyes watching Roz as she sucked in mouthfuls of air into her depleted lungs.

"Oooh baby that was damn fine!" he said, the ever present toothy smile on his face. "But it's time for your friend to experience my lovin!". He grabbed Daphne by her ankles, pulling her legs out from under her -- with a loud squeal, her naked body landed on her backside on the couch, bouncing once or twice on the soft cushions.

Daphne watched his black cock swing about as he moved, his hands grabbing hold of her legs and pulling her forward, until her head was low down on the couch and her legs were dangling over the front.

"Do you want me to fuck your tight little pussy?" he asked as he spread her legs open, her pussy now positioned at the edge of the cushion, glistening in the light.

Her answer was immediate and straight to the point. "God yes!" she replied, her hand rubbing her pussy in expectation.

Leroy positioned himself between her spread legs, his hand slowly moving along the shaft of his cock. Moving slightly forward, he rubbed the head of his cock against the soft skin of her wet hole let it just rub against her pussy, every touch of his cock against her sensitive area causing ripples of pleasure to permeate through her body.

"Fuck me......please...." she pleaded. "Fuck me...." her voice sounding a little breathless. He slid his cock inside her and started to pump hard, his knees banging against the side of the couch with each stroke.

Roz watched as his cock slid into her with such force that each stroke propelled her slightly upwards on the couch. Roz had seen Daphne naked many times before, but this time it was different - her eyes were transfixed on her lean and taut body as Leroy fucked her, pumping his massive black cock into her pussy with all his might. Roz stared at her best friends body as she lay on Frasier's couch -- from her long shapely legs, to her abdomen glistening with sweat, to her small but pert breasts. She leant down giving Daphne two small quick kisses on her lips as her hand gently squeezed her pert breasts.

"Ooh yeah baby" Leroy exclaimed. "What more can a man ask for, two hot bitches to play with!". His hands gripped each of Daphne's hips as he pumped his cock, now sliding in and out of her wet hole almost in a blur.

Daphne could only lay there, each stroke of his cock sending waves of pleasure cascading through her body. She could feel Roz's hand gently squeeze her breasts when suddenly Leroy slipped his hands underneath her waist -- with almost no effort at all he lifted Daphne off the couch and into the air, all the while keeping his massive cock embedded deep in her pussy. She wrapped her arms around his strong neck for extra support, as holding her in the air he continued to pump his cock into her.

"Fuck!!!". The word escaped from her mouth almost as loud as a scream. Her breasts rubbed against his chest as he pumped upwards, the downward force of her own body causing his cock to slam onto her with almost double the force.

"Fuck me........fuck me.....fuck me". The words echoed loudly in Leroy's ears as he continued to slam his cock into her wet hole and he slipped one hand under each of her legs to more evenly support her weight. He could feel her hot breath on his neck as she rested her head on his shoulder, her hands hanging on desperately not wanting to topple over onto the floor. He slowly rotated his body as he fucked her, turning in an almost three hundred and sixty degree circle -- she raised her head slightly, noticing that Roz was now sitting in Mr Cranes tattered old armchair with her legs spread and raised up onto the seat, her eyes half closed, her fingers slowly rubbing her wet pussy. Daphne noticed that she appeared to be in her own little world, her fingers slowly probing her pussy, loud and constant moans of pleasure coming from her mouth.

Roz watched as Daphne was carried aloft in Leroy's massive arms, his black cock slamming into her pussy with a loud thud. She didn't know why she had sat down in Mr Crane's old tattered armchair -- maybe it was because it gave her the best view of her best friends aerial fucking. Her fingers slowly rubbed her pussy, which was extremely hot and wet while with the other she rubbed her breasts, paying particular attention to her sensitive nipples. She felt that she was about to explode from her insides out, she was so horny and aroused -- she had never felt like this before, not even in her many, many sexual escapades with the men of Seattle. Her eyes never left Daphne's supple and taut body as it shook with pleasure each time his cock slammed into her -- she had always found Daphne to be an attractive woman, but seeing her naked body fucked by a black cock only heightened her feelings. "My god she's fucking beautiful!" thought Roz.

Roz watched as Leroy walked over to couch, his cock still pumping into Daphne's pussy -- slowly he lowered Daphne until her back hit the couch, his cock still embedded in her pussy. His hands held her hips as he put in fast furious burst, each stroke making a 'thwack' sound as his balls hit her ass, before he pulled out leaving Daphne gasping for air on the couch.

"Damn what a night!" he exclaimed as his hand reached down to slowly jack his throbbing member. "What a night!" he repeated. He walked slowly over to where Roz was sitting in Mr Crane's old armchair.

Roz watched as he approached, her eyes glued to his ten inch black cock swinging like a pendulum as he walked. His fingers lightly grazed the insides of her both her legs, lightly touching her soft skin -- even now she waited in nervous anticipation as his fingers travelled up each of her legs until they met at her wet hole. She felt his fingers lightly the hot wet soft skin of her pussy, every touch sending waves of pleasure through her body -- slowly at first, the with ever increasing speed and power his fingers slid in and out of her pussy.

"Ooooh fuck!" Roz moaned as his powerful fingers slammed into her. She dug the heels of her boots into the cushion to ensure that she was not pushed up the chair by the force of strokes.

"You're nice and wet babe, how about I fuck your white ass?" he asked as his fingers continued to slam into her pussy. "How about I fuck your ass?" he repeated.

At first Roz could not respond, the power and force of each of his thrusts knocking the breath out of her lungs -- when her reply did come, it was barely above a whisper. "Yes..........please.....fuck my ass".

Leroy pulled his fingers from her dripping pussy and grabbing her by the hand, roughly pulled Roz to her feet. She landed on her feet, taking a moment to steady herself while he lay on his back on the armchair, his hand now vigorously jacking his cock.

"C'mon babe -- lay your sweet ass down" he exclaimed as he made himself comfortable on Mr Cranes tattered old armchair. "Your ass needs some lovin' from my black cock!"

Roz's face broke out in a smile as she carefully climbed onto Mr Crane's tattered old armchair by placing one foot on each of the armrests -- standing upright on the armrests, she slowly and carefully rotated her body so that her backside faced Leroy.

Daphne watched as Roz slowly bent her legs at the knees, slowly lowering her body towards Leory's waiting cock. Her body looked like it was drenched in sweat as it reflected the lights of the apartment almost like a mirror.

"That's it babe!" Leroy exclaimed as he watched Roz's bare ass descend in front of his face and he guided his cock to be level with her ass hole. Her downward motion stopped just as the head of his cock was centimetres from her ass hole and placing one hand on an armrest to steady herself, she use the other to guide his ten inch cock into her waiting ass hole.

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