French Connections Ch. 02


Being watched while going down on another woman...

I tipped my dark hair back, soaked it in the foamy bath water, and then rested my head against the back of the tub.

Myra had been insatiable on the beach. She had developed a hip grinding motion that made sure my entire face had been covered with her juices and had cum three times before she eventually allowed me to escape from between her legs.

Brooke had been involved throughout, whispering sexually charged words of encouragement, continually stroking her hands across my legs, my ass, my pussy, and planting soft kisses across my tingling skin when she wasn't sucking on Myra's tits.

I wondered how much more would be in store tonight and a shiver ran through my body despite the warmth of the water.

I closed my eyes as I savoured the sinful possibilities and I curled my right leg over the side of the tub so that I could drop my right hand under the welcoming bubbles. My clit was already erect.

How many women would be waiting for me tonight? Expecting me? Wanting me? The thought of being made to serve again was intoxicating and sent shivers of excitement through me. The feeling of my fingers squeezing my little bud was almost impossible to resist.

Sherrilyn had alluded to six members of the Black Sorority in total, but she'd also given a clear indication it wasn't going to be that straightforward.

"But six girls in one weekend ... and black girls can be so demanding. So I have an even better idea, just to make sure we all get full value..."

The idea of Sherrilyn planning all of this, using me in such a base way, sent waves of arousal through my bubble covered body.

Calm down, I told myself, but the three fingers inside me were making life difficult. I reluctantly pulled my hand away so that I could suck my juices from my slender fingers. The orgasm would have to wait until I returned to the bedroom. I could make it last much longer there.

Hands on the side of the tub, I pushed upwards and out of the bath. The mirror was steamy but I could still see my reflection. I slicked my damp dark hair back over my head with my left hand and then patted myself dry with the fluffy red towel.

When I stepped out into my bedroom, I nearly died with shock.


"I made you jump?" Sherrilyn chuckled.

To my disappointment, she was fully dressed. Tight black jeans and an off the shoulder checked blouse, knotted at the waist.

"But there's nothing to be frightened about here. You should know by now, Adrianna. Only good things happen here and I have another surprise for you. Sit here..."

My heart pumped faster as her fingers caught the end of the towel and pulled it from me. The way her eyes appraised my naked body as I moved towards the chair made me feel warm. Who wouldn't find me attractive? My nipples sat hard and high on their peaks and my smooth pussy was glistening from my arousal.

"I hear you had a wonderful time with Brooke and Myra on the beach this afternoon," she murmured.

I could smell the subtle aroma of her perfume as she leant over me from behind the chair. Before I knew it, her hands were passing something across my eyes and darkness descended.

"Shhh," she soothed, as she settled the black material across my eyes and tied it behind my head. "It's just a blindfold."

She tugged it so tight that it almost hurt.

"It's to make the moment even more pleasurable, Adrianna," she explained, brushing her hands across my breasts. "You did everything asked of you today and deserve a reward."

I felt her press something metallic into my hand. When she raised my hand to my ear, I could hear the ringing tone. I realised she'd given me a mobile phone. I wondered why but didn't have to wait long for an answer.

"I've called Pierre for you," she told me. "Have you ever been eaten out while talking to your husband? No? You're going to love it."

His voice was in my ear before I could object. In truth, the thought of what she had planned had my blood pumping in anticipation.

"Pierre," I quickly said, trying to keep my voice calm. "It's Adrianna."

"Hello my darling," his sexy French voice murmured. "What a lovely surprise. Nothing is wrong, n'est pas?"

"No, not at all," I hesitantly replied.

Pierre and I could talk for hours. But in this abnormal situation, I was suddenly tongue-tied.

"I ... was just missing you."

His laugh was a warm Gallic sound.

"And I miss you too, mon amour," he comfortingly told me. "But you'll be home tomorrow. We'll have a couple of days together before I have to head off to Brussels and believe me, Adrianna, I intend making the most of them."

Even before he had finished the sentence, Sherrilyn was on her knees in front of me. I could feel her but not see her and when she pushed my legs apart, I widened them instantaneously.

"Me too, Pierre," I managed to blurt out as I felt her tongue lick along my inner thigh.

Her soft fingertips slithered up and down my skin as she kissed her way closer to my core. I raised my hips, pushing up from the chair, needing that tongue.

"How is Françoise," I heard Pierre ask, but only one half of my brain was listening.

The other was focused on the way Sherrilyn's soft lips were brushing along my labia. I placed one hand on the back of her head to steady myself and tightened it in her soft locks as she began to lap at me.

"She's fine," I gasped, trying to regulate my breathing. "I ... I haven't seen much of her."

The wicked tongue made its way along my labia again and then did a figure eight on my clit. I had to hold the phone away from my face as my heart began to palpitate. When I returned it to my ear, Pierre was talking again. Not a single word had registered.

"So, how have you been spending your time," I heard him continue.

I was so high on sexual arousal that I almost laughed out loud in hysteria...

A young black girl called Brooke gave me one orgasm after another last night. Today, I licked Sherrilyn to an orgasm and then did the same to Myra, but only after I had sucked her toes. Oh yes, and right now Sherrilyn is working miracles on my clit with her tongue.

Her fingernails scraped along my skin. Not even Marie O'Flanagan had taken me to an orgasm as quickly as this. I could already feel my body succumbing to her working mouth. God, that beautiful tongue had me so close. I tried to stave off the inevitable but knew I needed to get off the phone right now.

"Pierre, this is such a bad line," I grunted. "I'll call you tomorrow before I leave..."

I ended the call with a click and dropped the phone onto the floor. It was at that point that I felt fingers on the blindfold, pulling the ties free. I blinked twice as the light hit my eyes and then vision returned.

Sherrilyn was facing me, casually holding the blindfold in one hand and a camera in the other. For a moment my brain didn't work. If she was standing beside me, then who was...

When my gaze filtered downwards and recognised the short blonde hair, a tightness covered my chest. I could hardly breathe. Everything went into overdrive. It was as if some outside force was fast forwarding the sensual nightmare I was caught up in.

I twisted my body, trying to pull away, but Françoise's hands tightened on my thighs. They held me in a vice like grip as she lathed her tongue across my sex. I twisted again, attempting to throw her off, but my movements were counterproductive. Her face was now ensconced firmly against me and her lapping tongue was taking full advantage.

My guilt-ridden face found Sherrilyn's gaze. There was a wickedness in her eyes as she watched my struggle. This was my step-daughter, for fuck's sake!

"She begged me," she calmly shrugged as she raised the camera. "Why don't you just enjoy..."

I heard the click of the camera as I glanced downwards again ... one click after another, in rapid succession. A string of saliva ran between Françoise's bottom lip and my glistening sex. Her eyes stared up into mine as I dropped my hand back to her hair, to pull her away, but she shook her head.

I hesitated and it was fatal.

Françoise's eyes stayed on mine as she dipped her head again. She licked slowly, as if afraid to scare me off, and then a little faster when she saw that she had me. They smiled gratefully at me as my hips began to move in time with the laps of her tongue.

Sherrilyn's camera continued to record the scene but by then I was hurtling towards an incestuous orgasm that was going to be off the Richter scale. When Françoise's tongue found my clit again, I was lost.

The orgasm hit me with such a vivid intensity that I blacked out instantly.


The feeling overwhelming me as I dressed for the evening was unlike any I had ever experienced. Sherrilyn and Françoise had long since departed my room but they had done the perfect job between them. I was trapped—dammed—in a hell of my own making.

I had taken one more step along my journey to depravity and there was no going back. Before, I had options. Now, I had none. Pierre would never forgive me if he ever saw those photographs. The blame would be mine, for corrupting his daughter.

And the modelling world—or any other career I tried to pursue—would be appalled at my inexcusable behaviour. Okay, models weren't the best role models when it came to sex, but they were discreet and my transgression would be seen as a step too far.

Way too far...

Yet ... curiously ... the internal battle I'd been waging with myself ever since Sherrilyn's original seduction had been resolved. My moral objections could be set to one side. Now, Sherrilyn had tricked me with the blindfold and I had no choice.

In that sense, it was as if I'd been given the perfect excuse to indulge every fantasy I'd ever had. Including tonight...

I'd been given no instructions on how I was to dress ... just that I should be ready for collection. Brooke and Myra were going to call for me at nine and escort me to the 'party'.

I checked my appearance in the mirror and told myself that the printed silk crepe de chine Miu Miu dress was perfect. Without being obvious, it tantalisingly showed off a serious amount of cleavage and thigh in equal measure. I had thought of going naked underneath but instead went for a more sophisticated look—my Aubade vintage black lace half cup bra and matching plunging thong.

Whatever lay in store, I intended to make the maximum impression.


Myra and Brooke sat close enough in the back of the taxi for me to feel their warm bodies either side of mine. My head was spinning—too many thoughts—and I tried to gain some respite by resting my head back against the seat. But as soon as I closed my eyes, the soft feel of a hand settling on my thigh sprung them open again.

"Feeling it, babe?" Brooke asked.

A furtive smile covered her face as her fingers stroked across my skin.

"Sure she is," Myra said from the other side of me. "So am I. You look fabulous, Adrianna." she whispered in my ear.

"Thanks, Myra," I croaked. "You do, too."

Her polka dot dress—black dots on a white background—clung to her curves and her tits were practically spilling over the top.

"Daaayum, baby," she huskily said. "The girls are gonna go mad when they see you dressed like that."

I felt my breath catch. The girls? Which girls? How many? I wanted to know more but somehow it didn't seem right to ask.

"Sure are," Brooke chuckled.

She pressed her body closer against mine and her fingers edged higher. They felt so cool on my skin. There was such a sexual intensity in the gaze she had fixed on me that I could feel the heat between my thighs. I glanced back at Myra. Even in the dim light in the back of the taxi, her breasts looked so appetising.

"You're gonna meet Erica, tonight, you know that?" she told me.

Erica? That was a new name.

"You're goin' to love her," Brooke murmured knowingly from the other side of me. "She's wild."

A flush ran up my neck. "Wild?"

"Oh yeah."

She and Myra exchanged glances and then Brooke threw her head back and laughed heartily.

"Oh, babe, you have no idea," Brooke eagerly continued. "When she puts on her strap-on, she feels she really has a dick. She likes you to suck it to get in the mood before she fucks you."

Her fingers were between my thighs now. I had somehow widened my legs, inviting them in. How had that happened?

"I think we got the Supermodel excited..." Myra asked, pushing her body tight against mine.

There was hardly room to breathe between them. Both women were so close that I could feel their hot breath on each of my cheeks.

"Need some attention before we get there, Adrianna?"

I stared at one of them, then the other. Holding on to any thought was just so difficult.

Brooke's fingers were gently brushing across my black thong. I could hear my own breath coming out in panted gasps. Myra's full lips softly touched mine. I responded with my open mouth and the kiss turned passionate—hot, wet and demanding. Her tongue slid into my mouth at the same time that Brooke's probing fingers pushed the material of my thong aside. I was so wet.

She used two fingertips to stroke my labia and I groaned. When they twisted and pushed their way inside me, I let out a long, needy moan.

"I know, Adrianna," Myra's sympathetic voice whispered into my mouth.

She briefly pulled away but only so she could slip one strap of her polka dot dress from her shoulders. Then the other. The top of her dress dropped between us to her waist and she gently tugged my head towards her inviting breasts.

"While you let Brooke have her way, feed on these..."


I hadn't known what to expect tonight but it wasn't this. I had thought we would be heading somewhere intimate, somewhere private, where I would meet at least some of the remaining members of the Black Sorority.

Instead, I had been taken to a night club that seemed the preserve of beautiful black women. There wasn't a single guy there and from what I could see, I was the only white woman present.

There were plenty of stares as we walked across the floor and found a place in the dark alcove to the left of the dance floor. Word quickly spread about the white girl in the club and I just hoped that no-one there knew exactly who I was.

For a while I thought it was just to be Sherrilyn, Myra, Brooke and me in our group but then Erica joined us. Tall and slim, with long black hair that cascaded over her shoulders and down her back, she reminded me of Tyra Banks and could have easily passed as one of my model friends.

I sensed who she was even before we were introduced. She was as hot as the others, but in a different kind of way. Brooke was bubbly and vibrant. Myra was hot and smouldering. This woman might be beautiful but she had a no-nonsense look in her dark eyes.

She was like a predator, someone who knew exactly what she wanted. From the way she occasionally looked at me, I could sense what that was. The thought that she might be as accomplished with the strappy as Madeleine sent shivers down my spine.

For a while we had just watched the action, drinking cocktails. I knew I had consumed more than my fair share but with the increasing amount of interest being shown in me, I needed the Dutch courage.

The raw, pounding beat of the music, and the way the women were expressing themselves on the dance floor, was infused with an intense sexual energy. Each movement was sexual, designed to flaunt themselves. It was impossible not to be seduced by the atmosphere.

Just as I was wondering what was to happen next, Sherrilyn slipped an arm around my waist.

"Can you dance like that, Adrianna," she casually whispered into my ear. "Everyone here is waiting to see."

My fuzzy eyes turned to look at her and then back across to the flock of women on the dance floor. I understood. She wanted me to put on a show. And while only black women could move in such a blatant, provocative way, dancing had always been one of my loves.

Three deep breaths later and I slowly made my way amongst the dancers, trying to ignore their stares.

My hips quickly matched the deep throbbing of the music. Thank goodness I'd had so much to drink. Space quickly opened up around me. Women were gathering to watch the white girl dance. They arranged themselves in a circle around me and began to clap as I swirled and held my arms in the air while I twisted my body.

I was flying high on the attention, without a thought that the encircling women had, temporarily at least, cut me off from my group.

Then they were joining in...

Someone pressed into me from behind and the feel of breasts against my back was intoxicating. I revelled in the sheer sexuality of the moment and pushed back into whoever it was. My ass spooned into the woman's tight body as her hands on my hips pulled me closer.

I leant back against her and erotically shook my head from side to side as the tempo of the music increased. Another woman—tall and athletic—confronted me face on. Her eyes were wild with longing. She slipped her hands around my neck and for a moment I thought she was going to kiss me.

"You came here to tease the black girls, baby," she slurred. "Or just to get fucked?"

Her hands dropped from my neck and cupped my breasts through the thin material of my dress. My nipples were suddenly alive as her soft fingers kneaded them. Then she was kissing me and I responded with the same fervour, opening my mouth as she pushed her tongue inside.

Hands unzipped the back of my dress and I did nothing to stop them. It fell limply to the floor, pooling around my stiletto heels.

Things were starting to get out of hand but I didn't care. I was being fed a cocktail of hungry black women and I couldn't get enough. So what if I was dancing in my lingerie? I'd chosen it especially for the occasion, hadn't I?

My bra went next, unhooked by unseen hands behind me. The sight of my full tits bouncing free was met with a huge murmur of appreciation from those around me. I practically growled as someone's lips found my breasts and sucked each hard nipple in turn.

One set of hands after another reached for me and one woman sank to her knees, sticking her tongue out in an obscene licking gesture.

My arousal soared at the sight. I'd give her more than she bargained for! My hands gripped the back of her hair, dragging her head under the hem of my dress. I fucked her face with my skimpily covered groin until I cried out my orgasm and then looked for the next candidate.

But the women had their own ideas...

Hands were on me again. I was being pushed down onto my knees. An older woman pulled her skirt upwards and dragged my face to her sex. She gripped a handful of my hair, pulling me tighter. I responded instantly, loving her taste, loving her need, loving the way she moaned aloud at the feel of my tongue lapping at her juices.

When she came, another woman took her place. Then another.

Hands wrapped themselves around my naked breasts from behind. Others were between my legs. God knows when or where my thong had gone. My body was being fondled, caressed, explored as my mouth and tongue indulged itself on one black pussy after another.

I had no idea how long it lasted, how many women I served, or how many times someone's fingers between my thighs made me cum.

All I knew was that Sherrilyn had appeared again from nowhere. The women around us were baying as she pushed me flat on my back with the sole of her foot, I was at the edge of sanity. I lay there obediently as she hiked up her dress and swung her leg across my head.

Everything was blocked out other than the tantalizing folds of her smooth sex as she lowered herself.


Even as I raised my head and ran my tongue along her labia, the enormity of the moment wasn't lost on me. Up to this point, all of my indiscretions had remained private. No-one except for Sherrilyn and her Black Sorority friends had even the faintest inkling.

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