tagBDSMFriday Night in His Garage

Friday Night in His Garage


She loved the fact that he was a gear head at heart. She loved old muscle cars, going fast in them and the fact that he could make his dream car purr if he had half a chance. She wanted to see him resurrect his 1968 Firebird from the dead.

Poor car. It had been a very long time since it had been given the opportunity to haul ass, impress, and be worthy of its own existence. She couldn't wait for a ride once he got it running the way he wanted. The sparkle in his eyes as he spoke about the beast he was rebuilding made her smile.

She liked him working on his car; she thought it was very, very sexy. It was something he loved to do when he had time and he was good at it, as he was good at everything he did. Sometimes she would go out and watch him wrench away. She usually stayed until she could sense she was getting on his nerves with all her questions and her mere presence lowered the testosterone level of his man haven. She got very aroused thinking of him in the garage being a manly man. She took a last swallow of her beer and went to the bedroom to get dressed.

Normally when she visited, she would just go out and kiss him goodnight, go to bed to read awhile and wait for him. But, tonight she was horny as hell. She needed him and all he had to offer. And he had a lot to offer.

She threw on one his favorites, a black bra, a black strappy thong, garter, stockings and her new Domme black leather above-the-knee- boots with stiletto heels. She checked her hair and makeup in his bathroom mirror and took a deep breath.

Her high heels clicked across the laundry room tile to the garage door as she felt her confidence build and her womanhood yearn for the touch that only he could provide.

She opened the door to see him bent under the hood of his sweet ride. A look of total surprise washed over his face.

"What are you doing?" He giggled. His dick twitched at the unexpected site of her like that and he dropped the wrench in his hand.

"I just wanted to tell you good night," she said as her fuck-me eyes told the real story

He got it immediately and new what she needed.

He grabbed a shop rag and wiped his hands off as he walked to her before grabbing a handful of her long hair at the base of her skull, pulling it hard, and leaning in to her face, thrusting his tongue deep in her mouth.

He smelled of motor oil, grease, and sweat. The combination of his manly scent and his passionate kiss buckled her knees and she felt her pussy get moist.

"Move to the corner of the workbench and stand in front of the vice," he said softly, yet firmly as he looked into her eyes. It felt to her as if he were staring directly into her twisted soul.

She moved to the workbench and stood as instructed, eager for her torments that were sure to take her to the place she loved to be.

He couldn't believe this woman actually needed his sickness to be happy. But she did. The sicker he got, the more it turned her on. The more sickness he introduced her to, the more sickness she needed. The more pain he put her through, the more she begged for. He wasn't sure what her limits were going to end up being, but he was constantly trying to find them. So far he had not. He felt like the luckiest Dom in the world. She felt like the luckiest Sub in the world.

He came behind her and took her bra off, rubbing her tits and the metal in them with the firm grip of both hands. Her nipples hardened in an instant at his familiar touch.

"uuummmm," she moaned as she leaned back against his big strong body and got lost in his touch.

He took one hand off her mammories and started twisting the handle of the vice, opening it. She eyed the vice and knew exactly what he was going to do and couldn't wait to feel the rush of the pain he was surely going to inflict upon her.

Although she could see a lot of his torments coming, he always seemed to surprise her with something she had never thought of before. She wasn't sure where he came up with all of his ideas to torture her, but she thanked the universe daily that he did. He was the best at it and always allowed her to experience new feelings.

"Bend over and put your tits, together, in the vice," he said calmly as he gently guided her by putting his big strong hand on her back between her shoulder blades.

She squeezed her breast together with both of her hands and bent forward to the vice. Shivers ran over her body as her sensitive flesh felt the cold, grooved steel.

One of his strong hands slowly started to spin the handle to secure her tits and the other hand reached under her thong and started rubbing her. He rubbed her puffy clit a few times with deliberate circular motions then ran his fingers to her wet fuck hole, caressing it, before sliding his juice slimed fingers to her back door. She quivered as she felt him trace her little, brown hole, rimming it. He reversed and went from her back door back to her quickly hardening clit and then back to her ass.

"Ooooohhhhh," she breathlessly let out at the extreme pleasure of his petting as the vice was closing in tight on her tits.

She developed tunnel vision and couldn't see more than a few feet in front of her, she could no longer hear the radio he had playing loudly, she lost her sense of smell. The only sense she seemed to have control over was touch. Her body started to respond to the feelings he was producing by grinding to his hand, wishing he would slip his fingers in her. She felt like she was in heat and had to have part of him enter her or she was going to go out of her mind.

He sensed her pleasure and sped up the turning of the vice handle, quickly smashing her hot, big, pierced melons almost flat in a most painful way.

"Oh, FUCK Baby," she screamed.

Her stilettos were tightening her calves, thighs and ass to the extreme. But her bending forward to try to relieve the massive pain her tits were in made it all a more enjoying view for him.

His grabbed her arms with his big hands and put them in front of her at her waist.

"Oh, you are in for it sexy," he said as he breathed in her fear.

"You are all mine. You gave up your safe word. I will let you know when you have had enough," he said in a hard, strong voice.

He was in his zone and she was in trouble. His sick mind was in overdrive!

He grabbed a bungee cord that happened to be on his workbench and wrapped it several times around her wrists, binding them together tightly in front of her. He then took the hook ends of the cord and slipped them into the hole in the zipper of her boots, pulling her hands, hard, down towards her knees, contorting her body in a most uncomfortable way.

Her tits were totally immobile in his vice and beginning to gain a purple hue. Her arms in front of her, fastened to her boots. Her ass jutting out at the uncomfortable position she was forced to be in. Her black, lace-up the back stockings hugging her long legs. Her strappy, black thong embraced her hot holes and slender hips.

Her legs shook atop her stilettos. She strained to keep her balance. Every wobble proved very painful on her besieged tits.

He lit a cigarette and grabbed another beer from his "beer fridge", a centerpiece of the man sanctuary, and just took the sight of her in for a moment. He also took a break for her to sweat it out. He knew exactly how stressed out she had been recently and how horny she was. Both of which made her need his torments to survive. It was almost like her "therapy" on some twisted level.

She was not a weak, demure, dependant woman. In fact, she was one of the strongest people he knew. But this, their play, is one of the things that enabled her to be strong, confident and in charge in "real life". It allowed her mind to slow down and think of only one thing, their scene, instead of the usual eight things she was coping with at any given moment in real life. She had zero decisions to make when he was in Dom mode and it also forced her to trust. Something that was not in her nature, but she secretly yearned to be able to so. Not to mention it just plain felt great to her to be tortured and pleasured at the same time by him.

He put out his smoke and reached into the bag of car parts he had bought on the way home from work. He took out the new alternator belt and grabbed the knife off his waistband and cut the belt making it one long whip.

It was very hard rubber. Should he or shouldn't he? He knew it was going to hurt her tremendously. He took several steps back, away from her.

CRACK! To her ass.

"OH, OOWWWW," she yelled in surprise and pain.

CRACK! To her lower back.

"Uuunnngggghhhh," she cried out.


He alternated the hard, fast whippings between her ass, her contorted back, and the back of her stocking clad thighs. He had no mercy. Red, narrow raised marks appeared all over the back of her before his very eyes, causing his cock to stiffen even more. Her cries of pain and desperation made his balls fill.

CRACK! CRACK! He whipped the belt across the top of her flattened, purple, now ultra sensitive tits stuck in his vise.

"OH, GAAWWDD. FFUUUCCKK!" She screamed as it felt like he had just ripped the skin right off her chest.

"FUCK!" She screamed again as she lost her footing briefly from the last bite of the modified auto part and it caused tremendous pain to her tortured tits.

"Do you want me to keep going," he asked concerned, but still all business.

"Yyyyeeeesssss please," she replied as he heard her start to sob.

CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! He responded by whipping her fast and furious, giving the both of them exactly what they needed, and an incredible escape from reality.

"Oh, Fuck!" She gasped through her cries and tried to brace herself.

Suddenly he stopped and moved in close to the back of her and put a hand to the base of the vice.

FLICK. FLICK. He flicked both of her aching nipples in the vice with his middle finger launched off his thumb.

"Uuuunnnngghhhh," she lurched forward to protect them as saliva spewed from her mouth, down her chin and dripped onto her purple mammories of pain as her tears splashed onto the vice.

"You are very brave," he said as he kissed the back of her head.

He bent down and released the bungee cord from her boots and then freed her hands. She shook her arms out as best she could while trying not to move much, avoiding further agony on her breasts.

He grabbed the handle of the vice.

"Ready?" he asked, preparing her for the pain of release.

"Go," she said confidently as the last bit of adrenaline she could muster was released.

He quickly spun the handle, releasing her from his torture.

She fell back against him upon release. Her head hit his broad chest; her lower back fell upon his manhood as she felt his raging hard on poking her.

She tried to catch her breath as she felt, for the first time in weeks, stress free. Her weak body melted as he grabbed her hips to steady her and walked her to the side of his beast of burden Pontiac. He closed the hood and scooped her up to lay her on the hood, sliding her thong down her long legs and off as he did. Her sexily booted legs hung over the left fender, her soaked pussy lay at the edge of the hood, and her tits that were pinking up but still grooved with the vice bite impressions adorned her heaving chest.

Her clit and heart thumped in unison at the prospect of what he was going to do next. She knew that she had survived the hell part of their session and that her reward was imminent. She felt "rebooted" in her mind. But her body was exhausted.

He grabbed a five gallon bucket from the corner, brought it over to the car, flipped it upside down and sat on it, staring directly at her suppliant snatch.

It looked so beautiful. He gently spread her pussy lips apart to reveal the slimy whiteness that coated it from her hot hole to her engorged clit. Her slit glistened from the juices he had provoked by giving her the violent release she needed. It made his stiff cock almost bust the zipper of his jeans knowing that she enjoyed it as much as he did.

She put her legs on his shoulders, the leather of her boots against his neck, her pussy opening wider in his face. He inhaled the scent of her snatch and readjusted his jean entombed rock hard cock. She smelled delicious. He needed to taste her in the worse way.

He ran his calloused hands lightly over the puffiness of her shaved outer lips.

"ooohh" she gasped at his touch.

He started to outline her begging hole with one hand as he spread her lips apart with the other.

"uuuunnnggghh," she moaned as she enjoyed his touch and was becoming one with his teasing. Her hips were softly moving, looking for satisfaction.

He moved his face to her pussy and she felt his tongue make contact as he stroked her clit with his tongue. Her ravaged nipples started to tickle and she started to move her head from side to side with pleasure.

"ooohhh, yeeessss," she closed her eyes and cooed and waited for her impending just deserts, or so she thought.

"OOOWWW AAAHHH," her eyes popped open as big as saucers as she cried out in surprise.

He smiled at her reaction as he placed an alligator clip on each pussy lip. Feeling her legs clamp around his neck and seeing her ass rise off the car in pain made his big, hard cock threaten to break the zipper of his jeans in an effort to find bliss inside her.

He touched both of the clips lightly causing them to move slightly and bite her tender female flesh.

"NNNGGGHHH," she let out as she began to return to her zone and enjoyed the pain and feelings it produced.

He stood up with her legs still on his shoulders, undid his zipper and sunk his pleading member deep in her hot, tight pussy.

"Oh, Gawd, YES," she moaned as the feeling of him filling her up trumped the biting of the clips. His ginormous cock massaging every centimeter of her vivacious snatch. Her walls were milking his throbbing manhood with every hard, deep thrust.

He twisted both clips on her cunt lips and fucked her faster and harder.

"NNNNNNNFFFUUUCCCCKKK," she howled as the confusing rush of tremendous pain and monumental pleasure made her on the verge of cumming all over his delicious dick.

Just as she was about to step over the edge and release a sea of juices, he abruptly pulled out.

"RRRRGGGGGHHH," he groaned as he grabbed his cum loaded weapon and shot her tits full of his milky, white cum. His mid section lurched forward with every squirt as he coated her jugs. It had been awhile since they had played like this. He came in what felt like gallons to him.

When he had finished he returned his ravenous beast to its confinements of his jeans before looking at her and noticing a look of slight disappointment on her face.

He had not let her cum on purpose. He had a plan. He always had a plan.

He sat back down on the bucket and looked into her almost pleading blue/green eyes. A begging look was on her face, her tits were still marred with the pattern of his vice's chomp and dripping in his cum. the alligator clips were biting so hard in her pussy lips her skin was red around them. Her tear-streaked face still had traces of mascara running down it and her full lips were as pink as they could be from excitement. She looked so beautiful to him, almost like a princess. His very own Submissive Indian Princess!

"Start licking my cum off your tits and I will release these," he flatly said in his controlled Dom voice as he flicked both clips hard.

"OOOOOOWWWW," she cried again as she managed to hold back the tears of pain and disappointment as the clips dug further in her.

She sat up on the hood of his vintage Pontiac on her elbows and grabbed her soaked tits, bringing them to her mouth.

As soon as he saw her tongue leave her mouth towards her spunk caked breasts, he pulled both clips off at once quickly.

"NNNNNGGGHHHH," she let out as she began to lick his delicious juices from her own tits. The release hurt so fucking bad but the taste of him was tickling her taste buds. She loved the taste of his cum. Salty, yet sweet. Warm and gooey. It even smelled like him. There was so much of it. She was impressed.

"He must have saved up just for me," she thought to herself. It was like a cum buffet. All she could eat.

Watching her lap up his jizz from her own body and enjoy it so, turned him on immensely and made him want to taste her too. Her pink tongue licking his mess off her large nipples was almost too much for one man to take.

He dove head first into her wet snatch. Licking her clit feverously. Breathing in her womanly scent and devouring her like he hadn't seen pussy in years.

"MMMMMMMMMMM," she shuddered.

She watched him ravage her as she slowly licked her melons dry. Her hips were violently moving to his face, needing more, needing the full release she was about to let loose. She saw him watching her intently. His eyes poking up above her pelvis. The look of determination and desire from his eyes pierced right through her.

He watched her licking herself from between her legs. Damn, she was fucking sexy! The look in her eyes was nothing short of pure, uncontrollable, uninhibited lust.

Her breathing became fast, shallow and very loud. He knew she was close. She had trusted him enough to do whatever he wanted to her tonight, he wanted to repay the favor.

"UUUUUUNNNNNN I AM GOING TO CUUUUMMMMM," she shrieked as he stuck two of his fingers deep in her and licked her hard clitty with a vengeance.

He felt her insides go loose then tighten immensely as she came in full force. A pool surrounded his digits before it shot out of her hot box, the stream pulsating with her massive waves of orgasm. It squirted his wrist, shirt and some even leaked out of her and ran down the passenger's fender of his prized hot rod.

"Ooooo, fuck, I soooo needed that," she whispered as he came to a stop and so did she. "Thank you."

Suddenly her body totally relaxed and melted onto the hood. Her eyes were a combination of glazed total satisfaction and relief. Her was mind totally clear and slowed down. She couldn't feel most of her body except for the faint post-hard-orgasm thumping in her clit. As usual, he had "cured" her from the stresses of her work and lifestyle. She was limp and weak and happy.

He helped her off his car and into the house to bed. Most everything else was a blur to her. All she knew is that she woke up very content and very close next to him. So warm, so safe so pacified. The sun seemed to shine brighter that morning. Maybe it was the euphoria of the night before; maybe it was the beer of the night before.

"Who knows, who cares," she thought.

After coffee together and a few nice morning words, she got dressed and left to go home, enjoy her weekend and conquer her world a whole lot more relaxed than she had shown up the night before.

After she left he figured he should be productive with his Saturday and finish what he was doing the night before on his car. Begrudgingly, he got his ass out of his recliner and put on work clothes and headed out to the garage. He flipped on the light and headed down the stairs. He was on his way to his workbench when he noticed it.

Her cum tracks plastered the entire way down the side of his coveted car!

He smiled the biggest smile he had smiled in days as he recalled the events of the evening before.

He left her mark there for the rest of the day and night, smiling to himself every time he looked at it, which was often. By the end of the night he called her phone and said nothing...

He held his phone in the air and stomped the accelerator as she heard the loud growl of the motor for the first time and a distinct "WhooooooHooooo," in the background.

He had resurrected the beast!

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