tagNonHumanFriends and Foes Ch. 05

Friends and Foes Ch. 05


This story contains m/m and m/f relationships and sex scenes. Unusually, this particular chapter only has m/f!

Thanks for the votes, comments, and mails. To the several people who mentioned it, I really am sorry you have to wait a week between chapters! I wanted to get some more writing up and put pressure on myself to concentrate on this story because I have a habit of having several stories on the go at once, all wanting to be written, so I jump around between them depending on my mood and what I fancy writing, or what is nagging to be written the most. Hopefully everything will get finished and up on Lit at some point. I'm managing to stay a good bit ahead of you with this one, so I can post regularly, but it's an awful lot of typing!

* * * * * *


While the team leaders were meeting their long lost brother, Finn was driving Sky to HQ so she could be interviewed. He didn't like it, and although she had agreed to go, he could feel she was nervous. Since he'd met her the only thing he cared about was keeping her safe, and making her go through this felt like he was putting her in danger. He knew she'd not told him much and the rest she was keeping bottled up. She had opened up about her life before she had been captured and even that was hard for him to hear because she had been so alone. Growing up without a family to call her own must have been difficult, but somehow she had come through that and the research centre and he had found his mate.

He gave a pleased little growl out loud at the thought she was his mate now and he heard her laughing softly.

"You getting all possessive again?"

He grinned at her. "Can you really blame me? Even if I was a complete idiot and wanted to fight my attraction to a beautiful woman, nature doesn't allow it. You're mine now and I couldn't be happier about it."

Sky blushed and looked across at her mate. She couldn't be much happier either, although what they were heading to do was terrifying. There were some things that she wasn't sure she wanted to tell Finn, but she knew he wouldn't leave her side during this. Thank god she was never raped, although the things they had done to her... she shivered at the thought. Before she could get her mind back to Finn he had pulled the car over and wrapped his arms around her.

"I know you're scared love, but I will be there to help you through this. Just don't shut me out. It doesn't matter what happened, it will never happen again because I won't let anyone hurt you."

She wondered how he knew almost exactly what she was thinking.

"I'm going to need you there. I don't really want to talk about it yet, but I know if I keep things bottled up it will end up eating away at me and getting between us. Plus any way that I can help I want to. If there are others being kept like I was then I need to do what I can."

"I know you can do this. You're stronger than most otherwise you'd not be doing as well as you are. It will be good to talk though, work it through."

She smiled at him. "I'm doing so well because I have my strong mate to help me. You saved me and you still are, every day when I see how much you care about me, and there's that sexy little twinkle in your eyes that says you want me."

"Always," he growled.

"You'd better start driving so we can get to HQ then, because there is no way I'm doing it with you on the back seat of a car in broad daylight."

"How about at night?" he grinned.

He heard an exasperated little sigh from her, but knew it wasn't serious. She was just as happy for them to be naked in each others arms as he was, and sometimes she took him by surprise with her desire for him. Part of him wondered if that was down to wiping out memories, and he had the feeling sometimes that when she was feeling too much from that time she used being with him to wipe that from her mind. He understood and didn't mind since it worked to his advantage as well, but if she didn't get to talk it through he was concerned about how it would affect them longer term and was glad to hear that she recognised that too.

* * * * * *

By the time Finn finally pulled up to HQ a couple of hours later, Sky had fallen asleep. He couldn't help taking a moment to look at her, so peaceful and gorgeous, and all his. She still tired easily, and it didn't help how active the two of them had been, but she didn't regret a moment of it, and he loved being able to watch her sleep. Sadly he couldn't do that now, and he gently shook her to bring her around.

"Hey baby, we're here."

She sat up, her eyes widening when she saw the building.

"And I thought Sam's house was big. This place is massive!"

"Did you really think the Were Council had a less impressive house than Sam? This is only the tip of the iceberg, as it were. There's loads more of it underground, plus the land around for miles, and the training camp where we all learned our trade is on site as well."

"I guess it's a pretty big organisation. You have to forgive me being stupid, but I don't really have an idea of how many of us there are, or what species, or much to be honest."

"I don't know how may of us there are either. Lots, I know that. Most are pretty integrated though and live amongst humans without anyone knowing. And species wise there's plenty as well. I'm not sure I could tell you that either, but it's mostly cats and dogs here. Apparently we are the best at paperwork!"

He was pleased to get her laughing, because it distracted from the huge doors they were heading towards. He knew there were plenty of guards too, but he suspected Sky would only know about the ones she could see. Not that either of them were in any danger here, but the Council had to take security seriously. He was surprised that when they got past the door guards the person waiting to meet them was Mark. He bowed to their leader, not sure whether to be amused or embarrassed that Sky was paying far more attention to their grand surroundings than the head of the Council. He nudged her to get her to notice Mark, and decided on embarrassment when she offered her hand to shake his.

Mark gave an amused smile as he shook hands with Sky, and a wink to Finn who was squirming over the human greeting.

"Hello Sky. It's nice to meet you. And good to see you again young man. I'm afraid I've missed the pair of you the couple of times I've been to see Sam lately."

Sky looked confused. "You've been to the house?"

Mark laughed. "I'm Peter's father. Plus on the side I head the Council and order Sam and Tom about."

Sky suddenly realised his importance and her face flushed. "Sorry, I didn't know who you were." She looked crossly at Finn. "You might have told me."

"I didn't get a chance. If it helps, he was just about the last person I was expecting to be here to meet us."

"I wanted to see you both, and I'm heading up all the information gathering so it makes sense. Plus, it's always good to meet a member of my favourite team. I'm rather proud of my pet project in inter-species co-operation! I'll show you where you'll be staying and you can do what you want for the rest of the day, although there's dinner later."

"We only need one room," said Finn quickly.

Mark just smiled. "I know, I have been informed. Although it's usually pretty obvious to us old-timers even before these things happen."

He led the two upstairs, and Sky was relieved that they would not be staying underground. She needed a window now so that she would see the outside world. Too long deprived of that made her fearful of being anywhere she couldn't see out from. Finn must have sensed something going round her head and he put his arm around her and pulled her close as they walked. She loved having someone who could tell when she needed their support without her having to ask. She'd never had that until she'd been rescued and now she had friends and what she could consider family, as well as the man of her dreams.

All she needed to do now was get this trip over with, and get what she could out in the open. Perhaps they might even be able to explain some of the strange things that had been said and she would get some answers about her family. She must have one somewhere, and they might just have a record. Then she remembered that Tilly didn't have her birth family, and she must have tried to find out why she had been abandoned. Perhaps her adoptive family had been enough, but Sky didn't even have that connection and she needed to know anything she could.

Mark showed them to a light and airy room, leaving them to get settled in. It was painted a peaceful blue colour that instantly made Finn think of Sky's eyes, it matched her so perfectly. He was glad the set-up here was much the same as at home and they had a large bed to share. Not that they needed that much space, he made sure to curl himself around Sky as close as possible every night now that they finally could share a bed, and he didn't plan on that stopping anytime soon, if ever.

Thoughts of Sky and him in bed immediately had his libido and his dick rising, and Sky noticed and was amused.

"Again Finn? I'm tired," she said, teasing more than denying him what he was imagining.

"You slept in the car," he replied with a growl, sweeping her off her feet and onto the bed.

Sky just laughed at him, definitely not having any objection to him having what he wanted because she knew by now it would be really good for her too. As soon as he gave her space, stripping off his clothes, she wriggled out of her own and saw the usual intense look in Finn's face as he gazed at her with need. Being wanted like he did was a new experience, but one that she was glad to get used to.

"Come here baby and show me what you've got," she teased, able to see perfectly all of his beautiful body and his hard dick that was pointing almost to the ceiling. She knew she was getting wet just at the sight of him and the thought of what he would do next. She heard him growl before he pressed his body on top of hers and kissed the breath from her body. The teasing ended there, because all she could think about was the feel of his body on hers and how much she needed to feel him inside her.

Finn started to lick his way down his mates body, his wolf growling with delight at being able to do this and the wanton sounds she made as he enjoyed her body. He wanted to taste her but she grabbed hold of his arms and brought him back up. She didn't have the power to stop him if he insisted but he consented to her wishes about this and kissed her hard, hoping she would tell him soon what she did want. His cock was hard and leaking and nestled between her thighs which was a pleasurable torment, close but not close enough to her wet pussy. She groaned and drew away from his lips so she could speak.

"I don't need foreplay. Please, fuck me."

Her voice was deep and tense with her arousal and sent shivers through Finn. He didn't need any more invitation than that, although her legs opened further so he could get access to her as well. He gave another possessive growl as he found his cock nestled at her entrance and thrust it in with one long hard stroke, making both of them moan aloud. The physical connection renewed their bond each time and he would also make sure he marked her because knowing how many people were around and what she had to do here, he needed that extra reassurance for him.

Her body had started moving almost immediately, and he could only join in the rhythm she had already set, pushing in and out of her body and feeling it welcome him in every time. He tilted his head slightly so he could kiss her as they worked together towards the inevitable conclusion, tender kisses contrasting with his ever more fast and forceful thrusts into her tight body. He needed to come in her and could feel both of them getting closer.

His lips moved to her neck, sucking and licking her there before he bared his teeth and bit down, fairly softly but enough to leave a mark for a few days. Her cry was a response both to the sudden pain and because she was coming, her pussy pulsing around him, and with one final push he was spilling his seed inside her and moaning her name as the bright lights flashed inside his head. His arms lost their strength to hold him up and he collapsed on top of her and feeling the aftershocks going through both of them. Exhaustion of the best kind flowed through him and he thought of rolling her into his arms and sleeping for a while.

Before he could move he started to feel Sky's body trembling beneath him, and he cursed himself for squashing her, he was a lot bigger and heavier. He rolled and moved his arms around her so they would still be together but she would be on top. His eyes didn't open for a moment, but when her trembling didn't stop he had to check on her. He expected her to look as sated as he felt, but although he could see that on her face she also seemed distraught and near to tears and he became frantic.

"What's wrong? Did I hurt you?"

She just shook her head, trying to move her face so he couldn't see her cry. She had felt amazing, as always when he took her, and then the doubts and fears had started to surface again and she realised what she had done was not fair on him. Not that he hadn't wanted to have sex with her, but he didn't understand. He tried again to get through to her.

"Tell me what's wrong Sky. I need to know. I can't make love to you and then have you in tears without knowing what I've done to hurt you and putting it right."

"It's not you," she replied, her voice trembling as she tried hard not to let any tears fall. "I'm sorry."

"Sorry for what? You haven't done anything wrong, that was incredible."

Sky tried hard to calm down so she could talk to him properly. If it wasn't bad enough that she felt like she was using him, making him think he had upset her as well was too much for her to bear.

"I'm scared."

He held her tighter and kissed her softly wherever he could reach.

"I know, but I'll be right there with you to help you through it."

She sobbed again. "I've been using you to get rid of the bad thoughts. When I remember what happened at the centre or get scared of talking about it then I use you to clear my mind."

"I know that too."

His voice sounded so matter of fact she stiffened. It sounded like he didn't understand, or it didn't matter to him what her motives were as long as he was getting what he wanted. She started to get angry with him just over those few words.

"You don't care," she said as an accusation.

His body stiffened as well then, and he rolled them over so they were lying on their sides. She tried to move away from him but he wouldn't let her go, holding her head so she had to look at him, although she tried to keep her eyes down so she didn't see his gaze. She was fully expecting him to get angry with her now, but when he started to speak his voice suggested he was upset not angry.

"Look at me Sky." The order had her reluctantly meeting his gaze, but his expression was soft.

"I care that you were hurt and about what you went through, and have been through your whole life. I know that sometimes when we are together you're creating good memories with me to block out the bad ones, but I understand. If there was some way I could make you forget it all, or that it had never happened, I would, but if all I can do is hold you and make love to you when you need that comfort then I will. I love you and I will do everything I can for you."

His words were too much and she finally let the tears flow, although now she was crying for a different reason, and he wasn't worried by it he just held her as she let it out. She clung to him, still wondering how she had been so lucky as to find a man who understood her and loved her so much. His strength and his love would get her through this.

"I love you too, you know that don't you? I wish you could have met me before all this, when I wasn't so screwed up."

"No-one can control how or when they meet their mate. I'm just glad that I have you now. I think we should have a nap, and then we can shower and go for dinner. The food here is really good."

Sky actually smiled at that. "Typical. Got laid and now all you can think about is food!"

"Not all. I'm also thinking about how I can get laid again after dinner!"

* * * * * *

After waking and sharing a long hot shower together, mainly due to their inability to keep their hands off each other, they dressed and Finn led the two of them down to the canteen. He'd rarely stayed in the main house, and the facilities here were a far cry from the training camp where he'd lived during his commando training years earlier. He'd enjoyed that time, but he appreciated his creature comforts a lot more now. He was probably very lucky that he'd met Sam early on and ended up in his team, because it was rare now for him to have to spend time stuck in basic accommodation and he'd rather got used to it.

Sky was by his side all the way, knowing she was safe amongst these people, but not wanting to stray far from her mate when there were so many unfamiliar people around. There were dozens of people eating and talking in the hall where they ended up queuing for their food, and she took the sight in with surprise. She'd never seen so many people knowing they were all like her, or at least similar. They were from a variety of species, she knew that, but there was little way of telling when they were in this form, or at least not that she knew about. There was a strong mix of scents too, which she found confusing.

Getting their plates full finally, she was amused to note that Finn had twice the amount on his plate than she did, even though she thought she had taken quite a lot. He noticed her grin.

"I have to keep my energy up somehow! Plus, the food really is good, and it's a lot nicer when you didn't have to cook it."

"You hardly ever cook," she teased.

"I chop things when it's my turn to help. Trust me, you would not want to eat anything I had actually prepared. Cooking is not one of my many talents."

She laughed. "I wasn't aware you had that many talents."

"I'm pretty talented at turning you on and getting you moaning my name and begging for my cock," he replied direct to her head, not wanting everyone else to hear even though no-one would be shocked. He was wrong about that, because the look on Sky's face told him she had been a little surprised. He just grinned at her, and might have followed up his thought if he hadn't heard his name called. A quick check round the room revealed the source, and he smiled, grabbing Sky's free hand and leading her to sit with two men at one of the tables, introducing them as he sat.

"Sky, this is Steve and Dev. I was in training with Steve, although he didn't leave for long and ended up back here teaching. Guys, this is my mate Sky."

The men nodded to her, although Steve seemed particularly interested and grinned at Finn.

"Finally found the girl for you then! It's nice to meet you Sky."

Sky was a little nervous of meeting new people still, but she was polite. Eating her dinner was the most important thing to her right then as she was really hungry, so she left the men to talk. Dev was also pretty quiet and it was mostly the two old friends catching up.

"Well done by the way. Obviously news of your mission was not supposed to reach the training camp, so all the trainees know about it!"

Finn laughed. "As per usual then. I never knew how the rumours got about, but we always knew plenty."

"A lot of it is because everyone has been warned. How other information leaked out I don't know, but everyone has to be on guard these days."

Finn knew this conversation was uncomfortable for Sky, he could feel her response. He moved closer to her for reassurance and sent a thought to Steve to change the subject. He didn't need to tell Steve exactly why Sky was upset by conversations about the danger, he would assume either she had been captured or some of her family had and either way he wouldn't mention it further. Finn decided to start up their chat again with a different topic.

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