tagCelebrities & Fan FictionFriends: Cousin Cassie Ch. 01

Friends: Cousin Cassie Ch. 01


Author's Note: Cassie was played on Friends by the lovely Denise Richards. Just in case anyone forgot. I have ideas for two or three additional chapters, if people are interested in reading more of this short series. E-mail me and let me know. I especially like hearing from my female readers. :-)


Monica came in the door to their apartment and set her purse down on the counter. As she looked through the mail, she heard Chandler moaning "Oh yeaahhh" from the bedroom. She knew that moan.

"Great," she thought, "Cassie is staying with us and Chandler can't even stop watching porn for just a few days."

She hoped her cousin Cassie wasn't hearing him from the guest room. Monica didn't want her to be embarrassed. So, she strode to their bedroom to tell Chandler to turn off the video. Monica spoke quietly as she opened the door.

"Chandler, Cassie's in the next room. You need to turn..." Her scolding was interrupted by the sight of Cassie on her knees blowing Chandler. "WHAT!?!?!" Monica screamed, shrilly.

"Oh no. No, no, no... I'm sorry... please forgive me... please still marry me..." Chandler stammered, trying to pull his cock out of Cassie's mouth. But she had a grip on it, and continued sucking, as if Monica wasn't there.

"CASSIE!" she shouted, "Stop that. He's my fiance... and you're my cousin."

Cassie stood and addressed Monica as she continued stroking Chandler's cock. "So if I wasn't your cousin... we could keep going?"

"No, Cassie, just... just let go of that," she replied, flustered, as she pointed to her boyfriend's dick.

Cassie obeyed and sauntered to Monica. "But... if I wasn't your cousin... you wouldn't find me attractive? You wouldn't think I was hot?"

She put her hands on Monica's arms and lightly traced her fingertips up and down one of them.

Monica, for once, was at a loss for words. "No, well, yes... I mean... Cassie, you are a very attractive young lady, but..."

"Because I found out last month that I'm adopted," she leaned in close, as she lied to Monica. Monica inhaled Cassie's sweet breath. "So I guess I'm not your cousin." The words came softly as she kissed Monica's open mouth.

Monica hesitated, although she didn't stop Cassie or push her away. Then she gave in, and tasted the beautiful 25-year-old's mouth.

Chandler stood there masturbating as he watched his hot fiancee and her even hotter "cousin" making out. They groped each other's breasts as their passion grew and Monica's tongue fought for dominance. Suddenly Cassie broke away from Monica and walked back to stand in front of Chandler.

"So whadda ya say, Monica? Do you want me?" Cassie asked, facing her. Then she added, "I've never been with a married couple before."

"Well, we're not married yet..." Chandler began to correct her.

"Close enough," Monica interrupted him. She paused and looked at Cassie with a sober, lustful determination. "Show me her pussy."

Cassie flashed a dazzling smile at her as Chandler reached around undid her white jeans. He eased them down her hips, and then pulled down the front of Cassie's panties, just enough to reveal her shaven charms to his future wife.

Monica stepped to the couple and put her hand inside the lingerie, cupping Cassie's pussy in her palm. She felt it's softness with her hand, finding not a hint of stubble.

"Everyone seems to like me bald, down there. Guys AND girls," Cassie winked.

Monica showed her agreement by her ongoing touches, imagining what it would be like to lick the smooth cunt.

"So, can I still call you, Cousin Monica? Are you still my cousin right now?" Cassie whispered with a nasty smile.

"Close enough," Monica mumbled, as she leaned in.

Monica kissed her again passionately. She fondled Cassie, with her own breast being groped by the girl.

Chandler ran his hands through Monica's hair, and then down her body, wrapping his arms around these kissing cousins. He loved seeing Monica make out with a woman. He loved his little bisexual bride-to-be.

Monica stopped the kiss, but only to catch a breath, and to momentarily control her desire. Cassie could tell Monica was struggling with wanting to pounce on her, right then. "Just one more little tease should do it," she thought.

She looked down at Monica's chest. She wore a light purple T-shirt, that was fairly tight. Across the front was the number "88" in large grey letters. Flirtatiously, Cassie traced the numbers with her finger. Monica felt the slight fingertip pressure on her chest and breasts.

"Gee... eighty-eight," Cassie said seductively, "Don't you think sixty-nine is a much better number?"

Monica stared at her for a second, with raw lust burning in her eyes. She'd had enough of her cousin's toying with her.

"All right, that's it," she pronounced. "Take her clothes off."

Cassie smiled broadly as Chandler started pushing down her pants and underwear. Monica began pulling at her own T-shirt, but then abandoned the idea and went for Cassie's loose cotton top. She yanked it off, and quickly unclasped the front of Cassie's bra, groping her tits for the first time. Then with animal passion, she grabbed Cassie's head and planted a long hard kiss on her mouth, shoving her tongue past her lips.

Chandler took this time to rip off his pants and was fumbling with the buttons on his shirt. Yet the moment the women broke their kiss, he started pulling up Monica's shirt, as Cassie unbuttoned her tight black pants. They had the raven-haired beauty down to white bra and panties, and seconds later, she was completely naked.

Without a moment's hesitation, Monica pushed Cassie onto the bed, moved her to the middle. Cassie knelt upright and Monica straddled her. Cassie's face was chest level, and Monica guided it to her left breast.

"Lick your cousin's tits, Cassie."

Monica watched the gorgeous young woman lick her breasts. She enjoyed the slight tingling in her nipples, as the tongue traced round and round.

Chandler, naked now, jumped up on the bed and stood above and behind Cassie, presenting his hard cock over her for his fiancee. He pushed it down with his fingertips and Monica's willing mouth took it in. Her hands, though, were quite occupied with rubbing Cassie's and her own pussy.

He took Monica's head in his hands, and held it as he slowly face-fucked the beautiful woman. Her blue eyes told him not to hold anything back, from either her or Cassie. She moaned around his shaft. The actions of Chandler's cock, her fingers, and Cassie's mouth were all overwhelming. But all too soon her cousin's attention turned elsewhere.

Cassie raised her head to lick the underside of Chandler's shaft. He paused his motions as his wife-to-be continued sucking on the head, and Cassie licked right next to Monica's mouth, brushing her lower lip with her tongue. Then she tilted her head all the way back.

As it went between his legs, Chandler felt Cassie's tongue all over his sack. Her long brown hair brushed along the insides of his thighs and calves. He groaned, reveling in the oral pleasures these sexy cousins were giving him. Cassie was sucking on his balls, one by one, and Monica was bobbing rapidly on his cock, the way she knew he liked. The final pleasure came when Cassie reached up, finding his cock, and began stroking in time with Monica's mouth.

"Oh my gaaawd..." he groaned.

Sucking, licking, stroking. It was all more than Chandler could handle.

"Ok," he panted, "you both have to stop now. Or I'm gonna cum really fast."

"That's okay, Chandler," Cassie's voice came from below, barely pausing between licks.

"Mmm hmm," Monica agreed with a full mouth.

"No, I'm serious," he said, deeply regretting his need to stop.

"Okay," Monica acquiesced, releasing his cock from her lips. "But you need to do something for us."

Chandler stepped back, then knelt beside the women. "What do you want, Mon?"

Monica's hands were between their legs and hidden somewhere beneath them, and Cassie's were running up and down her cousin's thighs. They stared into each other's eyes, breathing hard as Monica shared her masturbation with the angelic young woman.

"Finger us," Monica directed, her gaze never leaving her cousin. Her hands came up, and brought Cassie into a close embrace.

Chandler wrapped his arms around both women, and slid his hands under their butts. Cassie raised up slightly to let him in. Monica was quite ready, with her legs spread as she straddled her young partner.

His fingers slid up into the women, as Monica held Cassie's mouth to her own and explored it with her tongue.

Chandler slowly frigged them, listening and looking for signs that they wanted it deeper or faster. Monica's hands grasped the back of Cassie's head. She stared into her eyes.

"Do you like having my new husband masturbate you, Cousin Cassie?" she asked, furthering their agreed-upon fantasy.

"Mmmm, yes, Cousin Monica," Cassie replied, seductively.

"Well, if you're nice to me, I might let him fuck you. Do you know what 'nice to me' means?" she taunted.

Cassie nodded with a dirty smile.

"Say it," Monica ordered. "Tell me what it means, Cassie. I want to hear you say it."

Both girls were giving little moans and panting deeply from Chandler's attention. Their bodies heaved as one, rubbing against each other.

Cassie began. "It means that I'll lick your tits again... and I'll suck your nipples..."

Monica pulled back on her long brown hair, and towered over her, forcing her cousin to look up at her as Monica's lips hovered tantalizingly close. As her cousin went on, Monica placed strategic licks and kisses around Cassie's mouth.

"I'll caress your body... mmm... your smooth skin. And, and I'll..."

Cassie's tone was becoming much more nasty and slutty.

"I'll flick my tongue on your hard clit... and I'll lick your pussy, oh fuck yes, I want to lick my cousin's pussy... and, and if you want me to, I'll shove my tongue up into your cunt... and I'll swirl it around inside you... mmmm... oh!... I'll do that if you want me to... I'll, I'll tongue fuck your pussy, Monica."

Monica wasn't the only one aroused by Cassie's descriptions. Chandler's dick was rock hard, just from the sights and sounds. He continued fingering the beautiful women, biding his time until he could fuck them both.

"Ohhh... mmm... he's got two fingers in me, Cassie. How many do you have?"

"One," she simply panted.

"Do you want one more?" Monica moaned.

"Uh huh," Cassie whined.

Chandler slid in another, following Monica's direction more than Cassie's permission.

"And what do I get to do to you?" Monica panted, nearing her orgasm.

Cassie replied as best she could, finding it quite hard to concentrate on forming words.

"Whatever, whatever you want," she groaned. "Touch me, feel me... rub me... lick me... suck me, fondle me... fuck me... do anything, Monica... please... I know, I know I'll like anything you do to me... oh god, please... oh I'm gonna cum... oh I'm gonna... CUUUMMMMM...."

Monica watched the look of ecstasy flood Cassie's face as she came.

Chandler was frantically masturbating both pussies, wanting to prolong Cassie's climax, as he worked to bring Monica to orgasm.

She released Cassie's hair and clutched her head to her shoulder, feeling hot breath and wetness as Cassie's tongue reflexively licked skin. Monica held their bodies tightly together, fighting to hold off her own orgasm just a little longer. But the sensations in her pussy, and feeling her cousin cumming in her arms, was more than Monica could resist.

"UUHHHHHNNNNN," she groaned, mouth open, and face skyward. Monica felt little spasms hit her cousin, though she wasn't even trying to control her own shaking. Both women moaned loudly, as their bodies quivered together. Chandler fought the urge to kiss Monica, deciding to let her just enjoy the feeling of cumming with another woman.

As Monica and Cassie came down, Chandler showed his impatience for more action. His hands left their pussies, and caressed their asses for a few moments. But then he stood, and presented his hard dick between their faces.

Monica glanced up at him, smiling at his obvious hint.

"I think my husband was getting a little lonely," she winked at Cassie.

They put their puckered lips on either side of his shaft, and quickly coated it with saliva.

Monica watched her cousin, at least as much of her as she could see above Chandler's shaft. She was aroused at sharing her fiance's dick with her cousin. Their dueling tongues licked and kissed all the soft skin they could find, from his pelvis to the tip.

Chandler caressed their heads, enjoying his sexy double blow.

"That's right, ladies... lick the 'Bing Thing'," he smiled, pleased with himself. Monica glanced up at him, her look mildly amused at his joke.

He began rocking his hips, sliding his dick back and forth between the girls' mouths, as they lavished it with attention. Cassie slipped her hands between their intertwined bodies and played with her cousin's tits.

Chandler rotated his hips slightly and pushed his dick into Monica's open mouth. Her tongue licked the bottom of the shaft, as the head repeatedly bulged out from her cheek.

Cassie moistened her lips as she watched Monica's face erotically being fucked. Moments later, it was her turn, and the fleshy rod filled her mouth once again.

Monica leaned in and licked the tip of her tongue around every point where her cousin's lips mated with her fiance's cock. She planted a sloppy kiss on the side of his shaft, before looking up at him.

"Let's do her," she said with unmistakable lust in her voice.

Monica began to separate her body from Cassie's. Chandler tried to pull out of his future cousin's mouth, but her head followed, keeping his dick within her sucking lips.

"Lay back, Cassie," Monica ordered softly. Obediently, Cassie released her lip-grip and reclined, with her knees up and her legs spread. Chandler knelt between her feet, ready to enter her.

Monica crawled around beside her cousin and swung a leg over, to straddle her head.

"I wanna lick her pussy, first. Okay?" Monica asked her groom.

"You got it, Mon," he smiled, as he kissed her.

Monica had done this a number of times with Rachel and Phoebe. But the anticipation of a new pussy and a new tongue were enticing. Monica bent down and wrapped her hands around Cassie's open thighs.

Cassie felt her cousin's long black hair brushing against her legs and abdomen. Warm breath across her cunt. Then soft lips encircling her protruding clit. Gentle sucking.

The young woman moaned, breathing deeply the aroma of Monica's wet pussy. She brought her head up and began returning the favor. She felt her legs pushed further apart and a tongue joined that suckling mouth, as the engaged couple brought her double pleasure. She uttered a low groan, as her head fell back to the bed.

"Ohhhhh, yesssss. I love that! Lick me, my married cousins!" she moaned, still playing to the loose fantasy.

Monica released Cassie's clit and joined her fiance in tonguebathing her cousin's genitals.

"Oh, yeah, yeah," was the response, as Cassie resumed her own licking.

A few licks, and her head fell back again, her face contorted as she made noises of animal passion.

"Help her, Chandler!" Monica whined quickly between licks, getting a little frustrated at the intermittent stimulation.

Chandler moved to kneel above Cassie's head. He cradled it and gently brought her mouth up to Monica, holding it there. Cassie moaned in pleasure as she licked and sucked.

"That's it, Cassie. Lick your cousin. Lick my bride's pretty pussy. Make her moan, Cassie. Listen to her moan. Listen to Monica as you lick her," Chandler intoned.

Monica was indeed responding to Cassie's oral action.

"Ohhh yeah," she groaned as she licked, her voice taking on a low, almost hoarse tone.

She pushed her head down and buried her tongue into the pussy. Her hair veiled her head as Monica wagged her tongue deep inside her cousin.

"Oh god yes!" Cassie groaned, then began tongue-fucking Monica, as she had promised, rapidly penetrating her cunt, again and again.

"UHNnnn," Monica moaned, "Do it, Cassie! Do it!"

Chandler had the perfect view to watch Cassie pleasure the Love of his life. He loved Monica's shapely ass, tight and shaven cunt, and sexy legs. And seeing another beautiful woman having sex with her was incredible.

He looked down at their new partner. Cassie's long brown hair was laid out across his knees. He remembered earlier that day, watching her shake out her mane, almost as if in slow motion. As her head bobbled in it's oral activity, he felt her lustrous hair brushing on his cock. It twitched with the simple, sexy feeling.

"Hell, why not?" he thought.

Chandler moved to support Cassie's head with one hand resting on his knee. With the other, he wrapped her beautiful hair around his hard dick, and began to slowly masturbate. He watched his penis slide through the long soft locks. Feeling its silkiness as it rubbed against his skin. He didn't want to cum, but the softness and the sensuality of the act were quite arousing to him. He'd never thought it could be.

But as he stroked himself with Cassie's hair and listened to the erotic feminine sounds in the room, he decided that he wanted to do this with Monica some time, too. "Maybe on our wedding night," he wondered. "Maybe this could be my little honeymoon treat. Monica lets me do all kinds of other stuff... why not this?"

He listened to his fiance's sensual moans, and imagined sitting in a chair in the Honeymoon Suite. Monica sitting on the floor between his legs. Fingering her pussy, moaning. Long strands of shimmering black hair encasing his rod as he stroked it. Then, the moment she came, he would let go. Shot after shot of his sperm threading through his new bride's hair and running down her face. "Cum, Chandler," she would encourage, in her passion. "Cum in my hair... cum on my face... cum Chandler... oh Chandler... Chandler..."

He was snapped back to reality by Monica's impassioned voice. "Oh Chandler... Chandler... Go in me... please, Chandler... now... do it now..."

Chandler quickly eased Cassie's head back to the pillow. He caught her aroused little smile as he untangled his rod from her hair.

Chandler moved forward and slowly pushed his cock into Monica's wet cunt. She threw her head back and groaned, "AWWwwhhh my gAWWWWd." Then she whimpered a few whines as she put her head back between her cousin's legs and Chandler began pumping her.

Cassie cupped her lips around his sack, and applied suction, pulsing in time with his motions. As he did Monica at a moderate pace, he liked how his balls stayed in Cassie's mouth the whole time. Her little moans were muffled by his flesh. He especially enjoyed the flicking of her tongue on his natural bald spot, underneath his sack. Monica's dirty little cousin was quite the sex pot.

"Oh yeah... oh yeah..." Monica moaned through clenched teeth. She had abandoned her licking and was now frantically molesting her cousin's pussy with two fingers. "Damn, I wish I had a dildo," she muttered to herself, as she swiped her tongue quickly across the clit below her. "Do it Chandler... fuck me... oh yeah... make me cum... make me cum, baby... make me... make me cum and I'll let you... let you fuck her, Chandler."

Hearing Monica's promise, Cassie's mouth moved from Chandler's balls, back to her cousin's clit. She licked and licked, both her clit and his shaft, watching the hard rod slide in and out. She wanted that dick inside her, and she was more than willing to do her part to make Monica cum.

Monica's eyes were closed as she willed her orgasm closer. She focused on the tongue and cock that were intent on pleasuring her. That wonderful feeling of being filled. The rubbing on her pussy lips. The wet, sloppy licking of her clit. Her rapid hand motions showed to a stop, though her fingers stayed in Cassie. Her thumb, almost with a mind of its own, began slowly rubbing her cousin's clit.

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