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From Married to Dominated


It was a Saturday morning, I was out in the front yard of our home taking care of some lawn mowing & trimming when Mary, my wonderful wife of ten years, came outside on her way to run some errands. I stopped what I was doing as she gave me a kiss and told me that she would be back in a couple of hours, she had several stops to make on her rounds. As she left, I stood there and watched her walk to the car, admiring her backside just a bit. She was wearing some tight blue jeans and a white top accented by a black leather belt and black leather boots. Mary is a good-looking woman, a tall brunette, 5'8" with flowing hair to her shoulders. She has a delightful figure, 36C-24-36. I absolutely love her nipples, small dark aureolas with protruding nipples that often make appearances depending on what she is wearing. She is also very intelligent and quite the hard charger career wise.

After she got on her way, driving down the street, I went into the house to get something to drink and to use the restroom before finishing my outside chores. I got some iced tea and went to piss. Walking back down the hall, as I passed the study, I heard our computer's send out a ding due to an incoming e-mail. I was curious so I sat down to see what it was and enjoy my tea. The incoming e-mail was just some junk mail, so I deleted it. At this point I probably should have just gotten up and finished the yard work, but I didn't. Mary was gone, out for a few hours at least, I surmised, so I took advantage of the time to access a few porn web sites and some of my favorite porn photos, a hidden past-time of mine about which Mary did not know.

I had never confided my kinks to my wife out of fear of rejection or worse, but I enjoyed masturbating to fantasies and internet porn on the subject of dominant women. Of course I did this without her knowledge when she was out of the house. I had several web sites that I frequented, all depicting beautiful women dominating men, female dominant domestic discipline, females spanking males, a few cuckold sites, and more. I also had hundreds of favorite pictures that I had saved on a couple of CD's that I returned to view regularly for my masturbation activities.

It wasn't long after sitting down to view the incoming e-mail that I had navigated to a female dominant site and located a series of pictures of a beautiful dominant Mistress whipping her submissive male while he was securely bound and gagged. The series was quite erotic and I pushed my shorts down to get to my stiffening cock. I masturbated to thoughts of the Mistress in the photos being my Mary and myself being on the receiving end of the whip's lashes. I stroked myself to a full erection and was stimulating my cock with quick, firm motions, building to the inevitable. Then, just as I was reaching my peak, just as that last moan escaped from my mouth, just as I began shooting my semen all over the chair mat on the floor, my wife walked into the study.

I looked at my wife, then back down at my erupting cock, then up at the computer screen and I froze, I was busted and didn't know what to do next. Mary walked over to the desk and viewed the picture on the screen then looked down at my still hard cock and the mess I had made on the chair mat. She stared at the computer screen for a few moments then turned to me and said, "Well, are you going to clean that up or what?"

That spurred me into motion and, without saying anything, I got up to get a towel from the hallway linen cabinet, pulling my shorts up as I went.

When I returned, Mary was sitting at the computer looking at the website, viewing the various photo sets and reading some of the commentary. She didn't say anything, just continuing her review as I bent down and cleaned my cum from the chair mat. When I was done she simply stated, "You must enjoy these photos, they seem to have been quite effective."

I softly replied that the fantasies that came to mind aroused me when I viewed the pictures. She looked at me for a moment and then asked, "Why didn't you ever tell me about this?"

I just told her that I was afraid she wouldn't understand. With that, she turned back to the computer and began navigating through several web sites that were still stored in the history file. As she moved from one photo set to another, she asked me what I liked about them, wanting me to explain the attraction. I stood next to her as she sat & viewed the sites for quite some time. After a bit I began to get aroused again, my cock becoming erect in my shorts. I was embarrassed and tried to shift myself and cover my growing bulge with my T-shirt. Mary saw what I was doing, reaching over, she pulled my T-shirt up, exposing the evidence of my stiffening erection. She surprised me by pulling my shorts down and allowing my semi-hard cock to pop out. "This does excite you doesn't it?"

I told her that it did and that I was sorry that they so visibly aroused me. She wanted to know if there was more, did I have any favorites, and I told her that I had some stored on CD. She told me to show her and I got the disk, popping it into the computer drive. I tried to pull my shorts back up, but Mary told me to leave them down, which just made me become more aroused, stiffer. Mary then got to view some of my most erotic fantasies first hand; a male that was being spanked by his wife for domestic discipline, a man that was bound, gagged, plugged, and being milked, a cuckold that was fluffing his wife's well-endowed lover, a muscled black bull, and a male on his knees giving oral service to his Mistress' freshly spunked pussy.

After several hours of embarrassment and interrogation by my wife she turned to me and told me to go outside and finish the yard work, then to shower. I left the study and went to do as she said while she stayed behind viewing the photos & stories that I had saved. When I finished the chores outside, I returned to shower and she was still in the study, steadfastly delving into the files I had shown her. The shower was running and I was about to get in when Mary entered the bathroom and told me that she wanted to me come to the kitchen when I was done cleaning up.

All kinds of scenarios were running through my mind as I showered, most of them bad, but I did as she asked and came to the kitchen after I was done in the bathroom. She was sitting at the table and there were a dozen or so copies of various photos spread out on display. I sat down with her and she asked me if I was simply aroused by these fantasies or whether I wanted to experience these first hand. I figured that I had nothing to lose at this point and I told her that I loved her and that it had always been a hidden fantasy for her, my wife, to be my dominant Mistress. "Really," she said, "we will see."

"Take off your clothes Greg, and stand so that I can see you."

I hesitated.

"I told you to take off your clothes," she said again, looking at me with a cocked eyebrow.

I did as she told me, stripping naked before her. She proceeded to show me each photo that she had printed, asking me if I wanted this. I told her that I wanted to be the submissive male with the reddened butt cheeks, that I was aroused by the images of the women in sexy, dominant clothing.

"You want me to dominate you, is that it?"

I quietly replied that I did. My cock wasn't so quiet though.

Just as earlier, the situation excited me and my cock began coming erect. At first I covered myself with my hands, but Mary moved them away. As she showed me copies of the ones with the Mistress and her black bull lover, the ones with the male fluffer and with the Mistress being serviced by her bull my cock became fully erect, displaying my true feelings about the subject. She pushed a rather stunning photo of a naked man being spanked with a hairbrush by his fully clothed wife in their bedroom. The next photos were of him, with flaming red butt cheeks, kneeling behind his wife. She had lifted her skirt and he was kissing & licking her ass. I recognized most of these photos as ones from my collection on the CD.

Mary stood up from the table and approached me. She kissed me, which was a surprise, and told me that she loved me and that she was glad that I had been honest with her today. Then she took a step backwards, looked me straight in the eyes and asked me if I was absolutely sure that this is what I wanted. I told her that it was, that I hoped she understood, and that I wanted always to be with her as my wife and Mistress. She took in what I said, looking me up & down, from my face to my hard cock. "Bend over and put your hands on the table Greg."

I did as she said as I watched her slowly unbuckle the black leather belt that she was wearing. My heart skipped a beat. As she pulled it out of her belt loops she told me that she was disappointed that I hadn't shared this desire of mine with her earlier, that I hadn't been completely open & honest with her. She also expressed that she was disappointed with me masturbating while she was out of the house and cumming on the chair mat. She doubled the belt over and pulled it taut in her hands.

"Are you completely sure about this Greg?" she repeated.

Stuttering a bit I replied, "Yes, I am, I would love for us to explore this together."

"Very well, remember this, you wanted it, now yo're going to get it. Down to your elbows, spread your legs farther apart for me," she instructed.

"I love you Mary."

"Tell me that after I'm done."

With that, she walked to the side and positioned herself, I could feel her hand on my hip and I sensed the movement. My mind was reeling, I couldn't think, but my cock was thinking for me, throbbing, stiff. I felt the first swat of her belt on my ass. My eyes widened, it was more painful than I imagined.

"Ten for not telling me about your dirty little fantasies, for hiding them from me. Ten more for masturbating this morning while I was out of the house. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Mary, I understand. I'm sorry for not telling you."

The second was harder and I jumped instinctively. I counted twenty before she stopped, my ass aflame, my heart beating quickly, my breath coming in short gasps, and my love for my wife being so much more that it had ever been.

She sat back down, looking at me, then pushed a photo toward me as I stood there. It was a photo of a male that had been disciplined, similarly to what I had just experienced for the first time. His cheeks were red, as were mine, and his Mistress was watching him as he masturbated there in front of her.

"Stroke yourself."

I started to masturbate, rubbing my cock.

"We have much to do starting tomorrow, Greg. Your new role in our marriage begins. You're going to get what you've asked for."

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