tagNonConsent/ReluctanceFrustrated Stephanie Ch. 12

Frustrated Stephanie Ch. 12

byblack saphire©

Stephanie walked into the house to find her father-in-law sitting in the hall. As soon as he saw her, he leered at her and said. "Go get changed. You're coming with me tonight."

"W-where? What about the kids? What do I tell Mom?"

"I"ve sorted it all out. I've told Lillian that I've volunteered you to help out at the Pensioners Club. She said it's about time you did something for the community!" Mathew laughed as he got up and walked toward her. "So go get dressed. And be quick about it! And wear a skirt!"

Stephanie swallowed hard and went to her room with a sickening feeling in her stomach. She opened the door and was surprised to see Tony at home.

"I- I didn't see your car!" She exclaimed and wished her tone of voice didn't betray her anxiousness.

"Aww.. I parked round the corner. There are just too many people parking all over the place and its getting hard to find someplace to park nearby." Tony smiled at her. "Hey! Dad told me that you volunteered to help at his Pensioners Club. That's really great! It'll give you something to do while I'm working late."

"Volunteered? That damn father of yours did the Volunteering, not me!" Stephanie wanted to spit out.

She couldn't do that. She couldn't risk causing any trouble at home. As if there wasn't enough trouble as it was.

"Uhh. Yeah. Dad said they were short staffed so I thought... yeah. I think it'll be good too."

"So what are you supposed to do there?" Tony asked as he checked emails on his computer.

"Errrr... I don't know. Dad said they needed help...so I guess I'll find out tonight."

"Tonight? You starting tonight?" Tony remarked, but his eyes were still glued to his emails. "I thought you and me could spend some time together tonight."

"Yeah right! Even when your home you're always looking at that stupid computer!" Stephanie snapped, immediately regretting it.

"Hey! Hey! Don't get testy with me. It's not my fault I need to finish up on my work." Tony snapped back. "Anyway, at least I'm home early tonight okay. I'm trying all right!"

"I'm sorry honey. I didn't mean to snap at you. I didn't expect to be starting tonight either. Dad sort of got things all organized."

"Yeah, well don't worry. Its good that you're helping Dad out. Go on! Go have a good time." Tony replied, still immersed in his work.

Stephanie stepped out of her jeans and pulled on a slightly above the knee skirt. She wore a white shirt over the skirt and she had to admit to herself that the ensemble was quite classy.

She walked over to Tony to give him a kiss and he proffered his cheek. She kissed him lightly as he said bye to her.

Sonofabitch cant even kiss me properly. She thought to herself.

Stephanie followed her father out to the car. She offered to drive but he ignored her and got into the drivers seat himself. She sat on the passenger side and Mathew started to drive out. As they drove out of their suburb, Mathew fished something from the side pocket and threw it at Stephanie.

"Here. Put these on and gimme yours."

Stephanie opened the little plastic bag and found a pair of small pink panties with bright red roses on it. The kind that little girls like to wear. Stephanie blushed and figured out that was why Mathew had asked her to wear a skirt. She hiked her skirt and and struggled to pull her light blue lace panties down.

"You always wear lace?" Mathew asked, almost kindly.

"Ummm no... not always."

"Hmmm... that's all I ever see on the clothesline. Little ribbons of lace." Mathew shot back.

Stephanie decided to ignore him. She was embarrassed to be peeling of her lace panties in front of her father-in-law but she figured she should stop being so chaste when he had already eaten and fucked her pussy. Just thinking of it made her leak a little love juice.

She picked up the pink floral panties and struggled even more to get into them. They were kind of small for her and only barely covered her ass. In fact, you could see tufts of her pubic hair peeking out from the roses, the panties were that small.

Mathew picked up the pair of lace panties she had been wearing and brought it up to his nose. He took a deep whiff.

"So this is what Dave loves doing huh!" Mathew chuckled. "Well I don't blame him girlie. The scent of your panties would certainly brighten up any mans day."

Stephanie felt that familiar pang in her loins. The same pang that Dave used to elicit when he sniffed her panties and talked dirty to her and the same effect that Brenda used to have on her too.

"Ummm... so what am I supposed to do there.. at this club of yours Dad?"

"You just wait and see girlie." Mathew said as he continued to drive and sniff on her panties.

It wasn't long before they reached the club on the outskirts of town. It looked more like a barn shed than a club with even the road going up to it nothing but a dirt track. There were a number of cars and pickup trucks parked haphazardly all over the place and she could hear soft country music coming from the club.

They walked in together and immediately Stephanie noticed that there were no women in the club. No women at all! She jerked her head at Mathew and thought better to keep her mouth shut.

Mathew seemed to sense her question. "This here is a Pensioners Club girlie. The wives mostly stay at home like good wives should. The men just get together for some poker and beer. Them's all." Again, he said this softly, with a kind of kindness in his tone.

All eyes in the club seemed to turn on them and Stephanie glanced around quickly. There was a bar on one end and a number of chairs and tables all around the place. The club was certainly a lot bigger than what it looked like from the outside. There were 5 or 6 doors toward the end of the large room, probably opening up to other rooms. There was a large TV set in the middle and a number of men of various ages sat around watching football. She had no idea if it was a current game or a re-run. She had never been into football.

Mathew seemed to have his own little clique there and these were the men standing around the bar. It also appeared that there was no need for a barman as most of the men drank beer and they just pulled out bottles of beer from the fridge beside the bar. Mathew introduced her as his daughter-in-law but didn't bother introducing his friends to her. He motioned for her to sit on the bar stool and asked her if she'd like a drink. "Beer's the only thing we have her Steph."

She declined the offer of the beer and sat there quietly, feeling rather uneasy at all the lecherous stares. The men were huddled together and she could make out by their guffaws and lecherous smiles that they were talking about her.

All too soon, Mathew and his friends walked toward one of the doors at the far end of the room and Mathew signaled for her to follow. She followed suit and found that the door led to a private room. The room was furnished sparsely with only a large table in the centre and 8 or 9 armchairs. It looked like a private poker room. There were cushjons scattered all over the room as well.

"Well boys! This is what I promised you." Mathew announced in a theatrical fashion as he proceeded to lift up Stephanie's skirt. "50 bucks per head is all it takes"

Stephanie felt like a sledgehammer had slammed into her gut. Her father-in-law was pimping her out!

"Look at those curls peeking out!" "God She looks like a little gal! Look at em panties!" "Show us your tits love!" "What do I get for me 50 bucks?"

Her head was swimming as she heard all these lurid comments about her.

"You wanna see her tits?" She heard Mathew say. "Go on girlie. Take off that blouse."

Stephanie stood still, not daring to move. She still couldn't believe that she had been brought her by her father-in-law to whore her out. And he was whoring her out for 50 lousy bucks??!!!

"Go on now girlie!" Mathew commanded. "Don't be causing no trouble now!"

Stephanie trembled as her hands moved to unbutton her blouse, as if in a trance she pulled open her blouse and shrugged it off, placing the white blouse on a nearby chair.

"And the bra now girlie. All of it!"

Stephanie fought back a tear as he reached behind her back to unhook her black bra. She pulled it off her shoulder and threw it at Mathew in disgust. The rest of the men took it to be part of the show and there was loud chearing. Her large pink nipples poked out and she heard a variety of lurid comments again.

There was a rustling of cloth and paper as the men took out their 50 dollar notes and passed them to Mathew.

Hand gripped all over her and she was passed from one man to the next, each groping her breasts and feeling her ass. One man grabbed her and pulled her close to him and Stephanie did her best not to push him away and scream. She felt completely repulsed by all these old men pawing at her but there was nothing she could do.

Somebody unzipped her skirt while the old man holding her kissed her. She felt revulsion as his tongue snaked into her mouth, toying with her own tongue. Big hands seemed to be grabbing at her body and she tried desperately to shrug them off. Mathew suddenly took charge. "Hold it fellas." He barked out. "You can't all get her at once. But don't worry. There's plenty of her to go round."

The bunch of bawdy old men laughed as some of them continued to paw her.

Stephanie felt a sickness in the pits of her stomach but she also realized she had to keep her wits about her. Looking quickly around the small room, she realized there were only 6 men there. 7 if she counted Mathew and she wasn't sure if Mathew wanted to be part of the action or if his sole role there was as the pimp.

She decided she would need to take charge of the situation quickly if only for her own sake. She had to put on a brave front and not let the men know she was petrified.

"He's right fellas." She said bravely. "This wont work if you all grab at me. Make a circle and sit down."

She saw the men rustling up the chairs and noticed that Mathew took one too. So the sonofabitch wanted some of the action too. It wasn't enough just to whore her out!

She looked closely now at all the men sitting in a circle around her. They were old but not really that bad looking. She could tell that most of them were probably quite good lookers when they were young. She also realized that Mathew was probably the oldest one there and since his cock wasn't as revolting as she once thought, it may not be so bad with the others.

Stephanie was naked except for the tiny pink floral panties and her high heeled shoes. Her legs tapered out nicely in heels and with the tight panties emphasizing her ass, she really looked quite good. She stood in the circle of chairs eyeing each of the men up. She picked one and walked over to him, kneeling in front of his chair. Like a pro, she unbuckled his pants and fished his cock out. The men cheered and she proceeded to lower his head over the cock. The old man's cock tasted pungent, almost medicinal and the skin was all wrinkled. Still, she sucked it till it was hard and while she was doing this, she heard buckles and zips being undone all around the room.

Stephanie proceeded to the next man and blew his cock, coating it with her saliva until it was stiff and pulsing. She did this to each man in turn, finally coming to Mathew. She took Mathews cock into her mouth and was pleased with the familiarity this cock brought her. She sucked and licked along the shaft all the time looking up into Mathews eyes. He stared back at her with lust and teased his daughter-in-laws nipples as she blew him.

By this stage her pussy was burning with lust and the power she had over these men. She looked at the first man she had blown and not even knowing his name, she placed her hand on his turgid cock. "Fuck Me!" She gasped out, releasing Mathew's cock for that split second.

She took Mathew's cock back into her mouth as the old man slipped behind her and pushed her panties aside. He slid into her, and she felt his cock sliding deep into her. Stephanie sucked passionately on Mathew's cock as the old geezer rammed his cock deep into her.

The old man couldn't last long and he grunted and growled as his cock let loose a torrent of jism into her pussy. As he pulled out of her, Stephanie squatted backwards, letting the cum run out of her to be soaked up by the floral panties. She removed her mouth from Mathew's cock, panting slightly as she felt the cum dribble out of her.

"Change seats fellas." She instructed with a wave of her hands. "Its musical cum chairs."

The men cheered and she felt a little proud of her small joke. Mathew moved away and another younger man took his place. Younger but still old. Age was relative around here.

Stephanie noted with a little pleasure that this man was quite the bruiser. Not as big as Mathew but certainly a lovely size. She started by licking the glans before swallowing it deeply. Another of the men took his postion behind her and pulling her panties aside again, he shafted his cock deep into her pussy. Steph almost choked on the cock in her mouth as the force of the thrust sent her forward. The old man raised her ass and drilled his pecker mercilessly into her. He was quite a large fellow and his prick drove Stephanie to the heights of an orgasm.

She moaned hotly around the cock in her mouth as her pussy creamed and spasmed in orgasm. The cock in her mouth erupted for her too and she sucked and swallowed wildly. Just as another man was taking his place at her mouth, the cock in her pussy spat out its cream.

"OOohhhhhGoo Mmmmpppph"

Steph came hard again and her scream of joy was cut off by the cock entering her mouth. Again she leaned back as the cock withdrew from her pussy. She clenched her cuntal muscles to squeeze out the semen and felt her panties getting even more soaked with all the combined juices.

3 cocks down and four to go.

The guy in her mouth didn't last long at all and even before her pussy was filled with another cock, the one in her mouth erupted. The cum tasted bitter, medicinal and Stephanie almost wanted to spit it right out. She decided against it and swallowed hard. Another man was behind her and this one grabbed her soggy panties and ripped it off her, leaving it in tatters on the floor.

A hard hot cock entered her as another took its place at her mouth. She used her hands to jerk off the cock as she sucked him as she moaned in pleasure as the cock in her pussy rammed her hard. She humped her ass backward to meet each thrust as another creamy orgasm coursed through her. Both these studs seemed to know what they were doing as they outlasted all the others. She came again hotly before both cock spit their jism into her simultaneously, triggering yet another hot orgasm for Stephanie.

"Aarrrghh... God you're a good fuck girlie!" She heard Mathew cry outand she knew it was him that had been fucking her pussy. It hadn't felt so big but she realized it was because her fuck channel was already so lubricated and stretched by the other cocks.

She was panting hotly as wave after wave of passion flowed through her. Her mind struggled to count how many cocks she had taken and she counted 6. Yet, another cock took its place at her mouth and another in her cunt.

Her senses reeled as she realized she was being used for another round. Cock after cock entered her pussy and her mouth and she truly lost count of how many had fucked her or how many she had sucked off. At some point, she could taste herself on some of the cocks and she realized that she was sucking cocks that had previously fucked her.

She came and came so many times that she thought she saw stars. Her pussy was so sore and her jaw ached. Finally, after a cock had blown its load into her mouth, no one took its place. She moaned hotly as her body trembled both in exhaustion as well as primal lust. She raised her head to look at the 7 old men that had fucked her so thoroughly and she slowly crawled to a cushion and collapsed on it.

She must have dozed off because Mathew shook her awake. "Go wash up and get dressed. It's late and Lillian will be wondering why we've been gone so long. There's a washroom over there."

Stephanie struggled to her feet and walked into the washroom. Her face was covered in cum and her thighs, ass and pussy were all coated as well. There wasn't a shower there but she had a washcloth and was able to wipe herself clean. Her panties were a mess and unusable but fortunately her bra was fine as were her blouse and skirt. She cleaned herself up as much as she could.

Later in the car on the way home, Mathew chuckled to himself. "The fella's want to know if we can make this a monthly affair. I suggested weekly but they say they cant afford if weekly – not physically neither monetarily."

"How could you?!" Stephanie blurted out. "How could you whore me out like that?"

"Listen here girlie. I'll do what I want. I told you you're my cunt whore now and you'll do as I say. You're just lucky I didn't fuck your ass tonight – and neither did any of them!"

Stephanie's ears buzzed and her heart pounded as she realized that her father-in-law was really serious about using her as his cunt whore. She fought back tears again as she didn't want to let her father in law see her cry. Damn Dave and Brenda for writing that letter to her! Damn her father-in-law for intercepting and reading her mail. Damn Tony for driving her to fuck with Dave in the first place. Damn. Damn!

Mathew fished into his pocket and passed a 50 dollar note to Stephanie.

"Even a cunt whore should get paid a little." He laughed. "Go get yourself something nice."

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