tagExhibitionist & VoyeurFucked By His Friend & He Watched!

Fucked By His Friend & He Watched!


I am dating James & he's a great guy! Our sex life is good enough and for years I was such a Good Girl - I'd watched a few dirty movies & had a vibrator but I'd never cheated. I love how James fucks me but the vibrator was a gift since he won't lick my pussy. So one afternoon I was alone with his younger brother..married younger brother. He ended up showing me he was the pussy-licker in the family! Ooohhh..& since his wife doesn't like it I told him he could like my snatch anytime!!! Then the sight of his enormous dick led to the best fuck I've had. I felt slutty & didn't want to cheat..BUT now I can't say no.

One weekend we were at James' parents & his Dad saw me fucking James' younger brother Dean in the backyard late one night..oops. He caught me sleeping after Dean had snuck back into bed with his wife & fucked me raw!! I was suddenly awoken with his hands all over me & he proceeded to take his turn fucking me. Wade's cock is bigger than both of his sons' & the fact that my pussy got soaking wet as he pounded me made it easier to take. Wade called me a slut & after he'd fucked me he just got up & left. I haven't told James & I haven't seen Dean or Wade since that weekend.

James & I have been spending the summer having a great time with our friends. His buddy Kenny invited us over to have a BBQ & swim in their pool. Kenny & his wife Lila are older than we are buth Kenny is HOT!! His wife is a chubby & cranky bitch but James always gets her drunk on wine & she's a little easier to handle. James works in a liquor store & he knows his wine! Kenny greets us at the door...in his speedo! He looks great in it & although James is a Hottie himself, I'm definately enjoying the view as Kenny leads us to the patio. Lila is sitting under an umbrella munching, of course, as she waves to us. Kenny is muscular & tanned with a handsome face..and that smile. He offers us chairs next to his and directs James to the poolhouse to change as he offers to show me where I can change. Kenny is charming & I always enjoy how he flirts and lately I've been such a dirty girl I just might give in....

Kenny leads me upstairs to a large bathroom overlooking the backyard. I unpack my suit as Kenny whistles..

"Ooh, a bikini..I bet it looks great on you!" he chirps.

I pause a moment...and ponder 'Good Girl' or 'Slut' as I turn and smile...

"Why don't you help me put it on" I offer suggestively.

Kenny's eyes widen as he quickly turns to click the door closed. He's already hard as he approaches me obviously willing to play. Kenny & James have been friends for years and I momentarily hesitate as he assures me..

"We can see if anyone's going to come inside" he whispers as he begins caressing my ass.

His big hands slide to my tits as I feel his rock hard cock press into my backside. I unbutton my shorts & as they fall he slides a hand into my panties.

"Aaah, you are so fucking wet!" he whispers as he slides a finger into my soaking wet pussy.

He's finger fucking me faster as I try to slide out of my bra & shirt as he pushes me up against the wall. I can see out the window & James is chatting with Lila. Kenny is on his knees with his face buried in my pussy. His fingers have found my ass & I'm enjoying his experienced tongue to much to care. I try to be quiet as I spread my legs wider to give him access to my cunt. I peek back and see his fat cock dangling dangerously between his legs.

"Fuck me Kenny" I whisper. I peek back outside to see both our spouses still unaware of our absense.

He guides his cock into my pussy as I lean back trying to hurry it in.

"Oh, you want me to fuck you NOW!" he growls in my ear as his cock plunges deep inside my pussy. He holds it there as he reaches around to stroke my clit. I remind myself to show James this technique. Kenny's cock is ramming my pussy as I strain to peek out the window...James' chair is empty. I'm suddenly tense as I get closer to orgasm & try to listen for any noise hoping we don't get caught.

"I can't see James out there" I grunt between thrusts. "Did you lock the door?" I ask.

"Uh, yeah..Uh, don't worry, Bonnie" Kenny growls.

He quickens his pace and soon we're both grinding & as I cum he keeps pounding away as he grabs me by the hair getting ready to have his turn. He pushes me up against the sink and as we both turn we see James standing there, cock in hand. He's rock hard & thoroughly enjoying the show.

"Keep going. I told Lila I was going to check on you two so you've got a couple minutes left" he says quietly encouraging us. He is pumping his cock faster now.

Kenny is pounding me hard and I'm bracing myself against the counter as I catch our reflection in the mirror. Kenny's eyes are closed as he begins groaning, ready to shoot his load. James has moved closer and as Kenny pulls his cock out of my cunt, James quickly grabs it stuffing it into his mouth hungrily. Kenny's eyes suddenly open, he's speechless as he looks down at James. He's stroking his cock with one hand and he's got the other planted on Kenny's balls as he sucks his cock like a pro. Kenny remains silent as he decides to give James what he seems to want. He throws his head back & shoots his load into my boyfriends' mouth!! I'm really wet as I watch James in action aware he likes to suck his own cum out of my ass sometimes..well alot actually. But, I had never imagined him sucking another guy off, but I like it. We are all suddenly aware that Lila could walk in any second as we all begin to clean up any evidence of our streamy session.

"You go sit with Lila & tell her we'll be right down" James suggests, still wiping cum from his face. "We'll chat later..." he says with a grin as Kenny turns to leave.

"James, I..." I begin as he puts a finger to my lips.

"Bonnie, I've wanted to watch you fuck another man for so long & didn't know how to tell you." he says quietly. "I love the taste of cum, and I love that you let me cum in your ass then lick it." he offers before adding "but I've never sucked another guy's cock before & when I saw you with Kenny I figured since you were getting what you wanted, I was gonna get what I wanted."

"James..it's ok. You can tell me anything, especially now" I joked. "I liked watching you suck Kenny's cock & you know I hate the taste of cum so as long as Kenny enjoyed it, everyone's happy." I offered as I tried to tie my bikini strings.

"Are you sure?" James whispered as he took the strings tying them quickly before giving my tits a reassuring squeeze. "I want to share my fantasies with you & I want you to tell me yours." he continued. "I've never done that before, but I want to do it again."

The rest of the visit was fairly uneventful until Lila decided to go to bed early. We'd made sure to fill her glass often. After we all happily said goodnight we headed out to the poolhouse & fucked until the wee hours. Kenny was a little surprised at James' fondness for cocks but agreed to let him suck it as long as he swallows! I got fucked by Kenny's big fat cock again as James got a little bolder by licking Kenny's ass as he came all over mine. Kenny thoroughly enjoyed this & promised to invite us over again soon!

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