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Fulfilling Fantasy


There’s nothing sexier than having a man waiting for you when you get home from work.

Entering my apartment, I toss my keys and mail on the little table just inside the doorway and my gaze falls upon the scuffed pair of boots that lay on the floor several feet down the hall. Just past them is a crumpled button down shirt.

Smiling at the trail of clothes leading to my bedroom, I take off my jacket and toss it on the floor next to his boots. As I walk towards my bedroom- and the delicious man waiting inside, I discard my clothes one by one, adding to the trail until I am standing at the door wearing nothing but black thigh highs and combat boots. My tee shirt and slip dress, bra and panties lay behind me. Knowing how much he loves to see me dressed only in stockings and boots, I reach out and open the bedroom door.

He is laying on my bed, his big, naked body sprawled across the white down comforter, skin golden from the sun. His hand is wrapped around his cock; gently stroking it as he gazes up at me with a half smile and heavy lidded green eyes. Returning his smile, I lean against the doorjamb, content to just watch him, feeling heat ignite in my belly at the sight of all that naked flesh waiting for me.

“Are you going to join me,” he asks, “Or just watch?”

My smile turns into a grin as I push away from the door and move towards the bed, stopping only a few inches away from the gorgeous man that loved to tease me.

“I don’t know. You know I like watching you get yourself off.” I murmur, and he shoots a mock scowl at me, sitting up and grabbing my wrist, tumbling me down onto the bed beside him.

“You got to watch this morning. I’m in the mood for a little more active participation on your part.” He replied, and I laughed as he rolled me beneath him.

The laughter died as his weight settled on top of me, his body fitting between the open cradle of my thighs as his hands cupped my face. He stared down at me for long moments, and I held my breath, as always wondering what I had done to deserve this magnificent male in my life and in my bed.

As if divining my thoughts he shook his head, lowering his mouth to mine to brush a fleeting kiss across my lips, his eyes serious now as he stared down at me.

“You’re doubting again. I can see it in your face sweetheart,” he murmured, smoothing a lock of hair out of my face, “and I definitely don’t like it. What do I have to do to prove that I’m exactly where I want to be?” Again, one of those fleeting kisses, and I groaned, lifting my head to chase his mouth with my own, purposely not answering his question. I didn’t want this game marred by any serious discussion. The time for that was much later, if at all.

“Kiss me.” I murmured, twinning my arms about his shoulders, tugging his warmth down to me, reveling in the touch of his silky flesh against mine. With a laugh he complied, burying his hands in my hair, lifting my face to his as his mouth caught and held mine.

His tongue glided across my lower lip and I obediently opened for him, falling into a maelstrom of heat and light as he took possession of my mouth. It never took long for his dominant streak to emerge, and I waited for the kiss to end, for the teasing and lighthearted side of my lover to disappear.

Instead his mouth slid over my throat, his hands in my hair pulling my head back to give better access to my neck, gently though, as if I were made of glass and might shatter. He chuckled softly, sensing my surprise, and released my hair, propping himself up on his elbows to look down at me.

“I was reading one of your novels while I was waiting.” He murmured, and I flushed scarlet, my gaze moving to the night table beside the bed. Sure enough, one of my secret stash of romance novels lay on the bedside table. I winced when I saw the gaudy cover. Of all the books that were hidden beneath the bed, he’d chosen the most blatantly erotic of the lot.

He laughed at my embarrassment, cupped my face again in those big hands that had spent many hours gliding and probing every curve and hollow of my body with masterful dominance. His touch was gentle today, as if he expected me to break. I wasn’t sure if I liked it or not.

“I decided it was time to explore a few of your fantasies for once.” He murmured, and I looked up at him helplessly, still deeply embarrassed that he could know me so well. We usually played out his fantasies- threesomes with girls who were skinnier and prettier than I was; psychological dominance using words that I hadn’t been altogether comfortable with when our relationship had began over five years before. My fantasies had never been broached, most likely because I hadn’t wanted to bring them up. Somehow, he’d figured them out, or was trying to. Something clenched in my chest, a sensation that would occasionally occur in our many conversations but had remained weak and ill defined. I knew, suddenly, what it was, but kept the feeling locked away.

He watched me for long moments, and when I said nothing there was a fleeting glimpse of something unnamable in his green, catlike eyes. Shaking his head slowly, he kissed me again, and the heat that rose between us was indescribable. I moaned into his mouth, one stocking clad leg rising to wrap around his hip, holding him close. I loved the feeling of his mouth against mine, had always loved kissing him, but he had been so sparing in doling out his kisses that I hadn’t even realized that I was missing out. I had always loved kissing- had never seen it as mere foreplay as he had, and remembered my disappointment when he’d first informed me that he only kissed girls that he really liked. Our kisses, up to this date, had always been perfunctory and fleeting. No hours spent leisurely exploring one another’s mouths, tasting and experimenting with what made the other hot. No, our kissing was just the first step on the road to full copulation, sometimes skipped altogether in favor of his fingers and mouth buried between my legs, my hands and mouth between his.

After what seemed hours of his lips moving across mine he lifted his head, a faint smile curving his full mouth as he watched me through pleasure-slitted eyes. I mewed at the loss, reaching up to pull him back down to me, and he laughed softly, catching hold of my hands and tugging me up, one hand sliding back into the fall of my hair, the other arm around my back, supporting me as his head descended again, this time to the arched curved of my throat. The pleasure of his mouth against my skin rocketed through me, and I was lost in the maelstrom of his loving.

His mouth moved down my neck to my breasts, and he laid me back down on the bed, his calloused hands cupping the round globes carefully as his mouth and tongue paid homage. My fingers laced through his hair, my legs wrapped around his waist and I arched up towards him, offering myself to him in wordless need. His clever tongue bathed and laved each pierced nipple slowly, driving me mad with arousal.

“Please! Please fuck me!” I cried, and he lifted his head only long enough to shoot me one of those devastatingly sexy grins.

“No. I’m not done with you yet.” He said softly, and one hand slid down between my legs, cupping my hot, hungry sex.

“Mmmm-so fucking wet. You’re so hot for me baby.” He purred, and slid one long finger inside me, groaning as I closed around him like a velvet glove. My head twisted against the pillow in wordless pleasure as his slid another digit inside, and he leaned down to take my mouth again, his kiss savage, demanding.

I lay beneath him, whimpering into his mouth, needing more, knowing that he would slide his cock into my mouth or pussy and fuck me hard and fast, but he pulled away. My lover rose from the bed, standing over me, watching as I writhed against the covers, then moved across the room to the chair in the corner.

“Please come back!” I whimpered, and he glanced over his shoulder with a smile.

“I’m not going anywhere, baby.” He promised, and picked something up from the chair, moving back to the bed. I saw the rope in his hands and felt the hot spasm between my legs. He smiled at my reaction and sat on the edge of the bed, reaching out and flipping me onto my stomach, pinning both wrists at the small of my back.

“I’m going to give you everything your little heart desires tonight.” He murmured, binding my wrists snuggly before pulling me up to my knees. I sighed as he fit his body against mine, his arms coming around my waist so he could dip his fingers back into my pulsating warmth, and his thumb stroked my clit sending nearly over the edge of orgasm. He drew back before I could come, and I growled in frustration, wiggling against him.

“You’re mine, you know that, yes?” He growled, his hand winding tight in my hair, jerking my head back so I was looking up into his face, and I nodded, whimpering wordlessly. I wanted his cock in me so bad I couldn’t speak.


And then he was sliding inside me, holding my thighs apart as he worked himself in slowly, teasing yet not. I climaxed as soon as the head penetrated fully, sobbing my orgasm out as his thrust home. He held me still when I would have moved, his arms wrapped about my hips and ribs, holding me back against him as I convulsed in his embrace. I was blind, deaf and dumb as the pleasure thundered through me, lighting every nerve ending on fire, and it was minutes before my orgasm ebbed enough that I could feel him wrapped all around me, his voice a low, crooning murmur in my ear.

“Baby, you’re beautiful when you come for me.” He whispered against my hair, and I flushed, uneasy as always with his compliments.

“Fuck me. Please?” I twisted my head to look at him, rotating my hips, clenching the muscles inside my sex, and he laughed unsteadily, pushing me down so my chest was flat against the bed, my ass up in the air. He drew almost all of the way out, and then slid in slowly, holding my hips still when I would have thrust back against him. He moved inside me in short, fast thrusts, and my voice spiraled back up in wordless pleasure as he hit that exquisitely sensitive spot inside me repeatedly, then slid in deep once more.

He bore me down to the bed so I lay flat, and I sighed in rapture as he lay his full weight against my back, holding himself still. His hands slid beneath me, plucked at my nipples so I moaned again, the left my breasts to cup my shoulders, pulling me back against him as he began to thrust. I could only lie still beneath him and whimper into the pillow my face was buried in, feeling another orgasm build.

“That’s it, come for sweetheart. Scream out your pleasure for me.” He growled in my ear, and I could feel how close to the edge he was. My breaths come in pants, and my entire body strained against his. His hand slipped from my shoulder to my throat, and as his fingers circled my neck, reality fractured and I screamed out his name. I felt him shudder, and then his teeth were in my shoulder, biting as he spilled his seed deep inside me.

We collapsed in a sweaty tangle of limbs, and he deftly untied the rope binding my wrists, massaging the abraded flesh gently before turning me and cradling me close to his side. I draped a leg across his hip and lay my cheek on his shoulder, my eyes closed as I fought to catch my breath. I could feel his seed dripping slowly down my thigh and could only smile. This was the first time he hadn’t pulled out to climax. It was very nice.

I shifted to get up, knowing that he would be eager to dress and leave, but he pulled me back down. His hand cupped my chin, turning my face up to his.

“Can I stay the night?” He asked softly, and my shock must have registered for he laughed, smoothing his thumb across my lower lip before his mouth covered mine. I marveled at his request, at the fact that he was kissing me again, and sighed with contentment. When he pulled away our lips clung for the briefest of moments, and he drew me closer, lifting up both so he could tug the comforter free. He managed to get us both under the covers without once letting me go, and I settled in his arms as if I belonged there, snuggling close.

We could play some more later, after a nice nap. With closed eyes, I nodded.

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