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Further Than I Should


We were on our first holiday abroad without the children for twenty-two years. Kevin had arranged it as a surprise to celebrate his fiftieth year and our twenty-five years of marriage. Everything had been thought of and apart from the last minute packing he had organised it perfectly. Unfortunately I hate not having some form of control in planning activities in our life. Typically I complain that I have to organise everything but resent it when he takes control. I was sure this was his last attempt to recapture our original romance and lust for each other and change me back into the passionate sexy woman he first fell in love with.

I was deliberately trying to find faults and getting more wound up as everything dropped into place like clockwork. We had arrived on time without delays and without my normal frisking by the female security staff at the airports (I am paranoid they are all just trying to cop a feel). Not that I believe I have any better body than any other woman in fact as Kevin says I am too critical of my figure.

Kevin had been planning this trip for nearly a year and had even persuaded me to join the gym with him as he knew I would moan about not having time to lose weight or diet before the holiday. He had pushed me through workouts and even I had to admit they had firmed up parts of me I thought had sagged forever. It had also worked wonders for Kevin as he had regained the flat stomach and strong arms that attracted me all those years before. Our sex life improved as I felt more urges the fitter I became and our once or twice a month had increased to once a week. It would have been more but Kevin still worked away from home most weeks so we tended to only get the weekends. Even then I wouldn't give in to Kevin's requests to make love during the day I was purely an 'in bed at night with the lights off when the children were asleep' woman.

Before the kids were born we would spend the best part of Sunday in bed making love sometimes only stopping for meal breaks. Now it was only Kevin who instigated sex and had to endure my rejection until I was happy everything was right and the obligatory condom was to hand. I made sure we would only ever use one condom per session by putting my pyjamas back on shortly after the post coital snuggle making sure he knew there would be no repeat performance. We knew how to please each other quickly after so many years together that it had virtually become mechanical.

I knew Kevin was not happy but I would stop him from trying to deviate from the routine as I wanted to be in control of him and me. He acquiesced most of the time as any sex is better than no sex but I was sure he wanted the old rampant Sally back in his bed. I worried he would stray or even leave but I couldn't bring myself to change and made the standard excuses (tiredness, the children, work in the morning, period due). The last excuse was getting more difficult to use as I had begun the menopause two years ago and my periods had begun to slow down and unpredictable.

I still felt I was not as attractive as other women my age despite Kevin's assurance that I looked ten years younger than my forty-seven years. He would constantly of tell me how beautiful I was and what a great body I had (especially my ample breasts). The gym work had lifted them without reducing the generous E cup size, my legs and bum were firm and my mummy's tummy pulled in. I now had a 34-22-34 figure with "huge mammaries" as Kevin so politely put it.

When he announced the holiday I was panicked at first but the kids had encouraged me to go with the flow and enjoy myself. My daughter had even been shopping with Kevin to choose dresses and swimwear so I didn't have any excuses about clothes to wear. She had picked out some slinky and expensive underwear combinations for me but I had also packed my sensible knickers at the last minute.

I had finally begun to relax yesterday afternoon as we lounged by the pool and chatted with another woman Kelly who was on holiday with her two grown-up daughters. Typically within an hour we had the full run down of each other's lives. Kelly was forty-two and had been widowed almost two years before and this was the first holiday she and her daughters had taken since. Her husband had been in the RAF and had died in accident while on service in Cyprus. Kelly had said she felt ready to begin seeing men again and although that wasn't the main reason to be on holiday she hoped she may get a chance at romance or a bit of intimacy.

The weather was perfect, the pool cool and the barman was quite attentive. Kevin had been dragged off by Kelly's daughters to join in the Water Polo match and Nikos the barman had flirted with me and Kelly. He invited us to come to the local taverna owned by his family to the "Greek Night" being held in the evening. I also noticed he had been checking out my ample cleavage and flushed with pride.

Nikos was about twenty-five, tanned with an athletic build and piercing brown eyes. Kelly had noticed Nikos's fascination with my cleavage and teased me about being his next conquest. I had smiled and said if someone took care of Kevin maybe I would try out a toy boy. Kelly jokingly offered to look after Kevin for me if I promised to tell her the gory details after I did 'the deed'.

Late in the afternoon Kevin and I went back to our apartment and lay down together on the bed and Kevin immediately began to caress me and cajole me into being intimate. At first I resisted then as Kevin became more insistent I relaxed and responded as he slipped a hand between my legs. Soon we were making love and as I felt his hard cock probe my pussy lips my mind drifted and I saw Nikos face smiling down at me and I began to imagine it was the young Greek entering my pussy. I responded to the fantasy becoming more animated and changed position to take Kevin's cock doggy style encouraging him to fuck me harder as I fantasised it was Nikos filling me.

I felt Kevin shudder as he came hard; his seed captured by the condom I insisted he wear. My hand was between my legs rubbing my clitoris trying to make myself come with Kevin still inside me. I gasped as I came just as Kevin's softening cock slipped from my body. We lay together for a short while as we recovered then I surprised myself by pulling on Kevin's cock and rubbing him back to stiffness. Kevin slipped his fingers inside me and easily found my sensitive g-spot and made me groan with desire. He kissed my nipples and moved down my body until his mouth enveloped my pussy lips normally I would stop him after a few kisses but I imagined Nikos doing it and pulled his head to me. Kevin sucked my swollen clitoris between his teeth and held it there for second before pressing his tongue against it and pushing it back out. This made my body jerk as I came again much more suddenly than I expected. Kevin still continued to finger my pussy until I had to grip his arm with both hands and beg him to stop. He grinned at me knowing he was in control and asked me to suck his cock. I shook my head but took hold of his member and pulled him to my breasts and gave him a tit wank until he shot a second load of cum under my chin and on my chest.

After as I showered; I felt ashamed that I had been fantasising about Nikos as we had made love but it had been the best sex for years and Kevin seemed very satisfied even though I refused to take his cock in my mouth. I had stopped giving Kevin blow jobs years before saying it didn't feel right but now I wondered if I would suck Nikos if we ever did get to jump into bed. I suddenly felt guilty and pushed the thoughts of Nikos from my mind and concentrated on getting ready to go out for the evening.

Normally I wear conservative underwear these days but something made me put on silky panties and matching balcony bra from the collection of nice underwear my daughter had chosen for me. The good feelings from earlier made me feel sexier and more daring I even had a good tidy up of my pubic triangle as I had noticed a stray hair or two stuck to Kevin's face after he had gone down on me.

I sent Kevin down to the bar to wait for me while I finished my make-up and my mind drifted to Nikos again. I picked the best dress to show off my cleavage that did make me look like 'mutton dressed as lamb' then slipped on a pair of strappy sandals with a 2" heel. Not my normal choice of footwear but I wanted to show off my toned legs and lift my bum. I had to practice walking around the apartment to get used to wearing heels again.

Finally I joined Kevin in the bar and found him talking easily with Kelly and Morgan her eldest daughter. Morgan wolf whistled when she saw me and everyone in the bar turned to look including Nikos who was just finishing up before going to the taverna. He smiled at me and I was sure his eyes showed genuine desire for me. Nikos asked us if we were going to the taverna and offered us a lift into the town. Just then Kelly's other daughter Jodie came in from the terrace and Nikos explained he would not have enough room so I volunteered Kevin to walk down promising to have an ice cold beer waiting for him. I sat in front and flirted with Nikos as he drove into town, Kelly, Morgan and Jodie squeezed in the back making jokey comments about how Nikos could become my "Shirley Valentine" fantasy. Nikos said he had many brothers and friends if they wanted to meet some nice Greek men of their own.

Nikos found us a good table near the performance area and gave us free cocktails and some Meze to eat. A coach party arrived from another resort and we lost Nikos as he waited on the new arrivals.

Our second round appeared automatically just before Kevin finally appeared. The drinks flowed and the food was great and I was feeling quite relaxed as the effects of the cocktails took hold. The music and dancing were just about to start when Jodie announced she wasn't feeling too good so Morgan said she would take her back to the apartments. I insisted Kevin escorted them back as the shortest route was along the beach and he could pick up a shawl for me as the air had cooled after the sun went down.

Soon Kelly and I were up dancing with the Greek troupe and the waiters (including Nikos). He held me by the waist as we tried to follow the Greek dance steps. His hand slid up and settled at the side of my right breast; I felt a tingle of excitement as my nipples reacted and hardened. The dancers took a short break to allow everyone to get more drinks before they started the fire-eating and knife throwing acts. I excused myself to go to the loo but found the queue to be eight deep I turned back towards our table and found Nikos just behind me. He said I could use the toilet in the flat above the taverna as it was only being used for the entertainers and staff to change. Nikos led me by the hand up a flight of stairs and showed me in and said he would wait for me on the balcony.

My heart was racing from the drink, the dancing and the thought of being alone with Nikos. I felt a little bit like a schoolgirl just before her first kiss. As I dried myself I noticed how lubricated my pussy lips felt and my clitoris was swollen and sensitive; I had to stop myself from rubbing too hard in case I came.

I tidied up in the mirror and joined Nikos on the balcony. I reached up and kissed his cheek and thanked him. I pressed my breasts against his arm as I did so and as he turned his head towards me our lips brushed. Without thinking I put my arms around his waist and pulled him closer; he put his arms around me and kissed my mouth. I just surrendered and let his tongue slip into my mouth and eagerly kissed him back. Nikos manoeuvred us into the shadows and I felt his hands roam over my body as we kissed passionately. My nipples were rock solid and tingling with desire and I could feel the wet spot in my panties.

Nikos' kissed my neck slipping the strap of my dress off my shoulder exposing more of my cleavage his kisses moved further down and he lifted my left breast to his mouth as he did this it broke free from my bra and he suckled on my stiff nipple. I reached for his groin rubbed my hand across it searching for his cock through the cloth of his trousers. I traced the growing shape with my fingers and then stroked it. Nikos lifted the hem of my dress and slid a hand up my thigh moving around to my bum and squeezing gently kneading the flesh. I moaned loudly as he slipped his fingers across the front of my panties and traced the line of my pussy lips through the silky material.

Suddenly a woman's voice began calling Nikos' name and luckily it broke the spell. We broke our embrace and I muttered something embarrassedly as I tried to pull my bra and dress back on properly. Nikos glanced at me and gestured that he had to go as the woman began shouting louder in Greek. As he left he had to adjust his cock to disguise his erection and I hurried back into the toilet to calm down and fix my make-up.

When I got back to our table Kelly was grinning and asked if I had enjoyed myself with Nikos. Guiltily I blushed and Kelly laughed telling me she wouldn't say a word if I spilt the beans. I confessed what had happened and made her promise not to say anything to Kevin. She assured me that she would not say a word but suggested I confess to Kevin and ask for a chance to experience another man.

Kelly explained she and her husband had gone through a similar phase and experimented with other people for a while. Kelly's husband had found it turned him on seeing other men desire her and they had watched each other have sex with other partners. Kelly swore it had brought them closer as they both knew if they had the urge to sleep with someone they could fulfil it without recrimination and be able to share it later.

I was still unsure what to do when Kelly received a text from Morgan saying she would not be coming back as Jodie had been ill over Kevin as he helped them into the apartment. Moments later I had a text from Kevin saying he would be late back to the taverna as he needed to take a shower and change. Kelly suggested I send a text back telling Kevin not to bother coming back as we would be fine making our own way to the apartments and it would give me some time with Nikos if I wanted.

Several 'Are u sure?' texts later Kevin agreed to wait in the apartment.

Kelly and I danced some more and drank more cocktails and watched the coach party disappear leaving just a few couples and the waiting staff left. Nikos and another waiter Michael came over with four glasses of Ouzo and sat with us until the last couple left for the night. He asked if we would like a night-cap upstairs in the flat and led the way.

Michael and Kelly stepped out on to the balcony as Nikos put his arms around me and kissed my mouth gently. I heard Kelly sigh and assumed she was doing the same with Michael.

Nikos led me to the bedroom and embraced me as he unzipped my dress and slipped it from my shoulders. He kissed the tops of my breasts as he had done earlier and I pulled his head tight to my cleavage. His hands worked my dress over my hips and to the floor leaving me standing in my undies. I pulled his shirt over his head and kissed his chest and licked his nipples as he struggled with my bra. I gently pushed his hands away and reached behind and unsnapped the catch easily. As I shrugged off the bra I squeezed my breasts and pinched my already stiff nipples as Nikos stripped his trousers off.

I lay back on one of the twin beds and pulled him to me and we began urgent kisses our hands caressing each other's bodies. My hand found his erect member and gripped it through his boxer shorts. I peeled the waistband down and touched the tip of his cock with my fingers feeling the moist pre-cum oozing from the head. His mouth was on my tits and he was sucking my nipples as I circled the head of his cock with my fingers making him groan.

I found myself trying to mentally measure him against Kevin; Nikos seemed longer but was thinner and very stiff. I kissed his neck and pushed him down flat on his back and kissed his chest and licked his nipples all the time rubbing his cock. I continued kissing and licking his body down to his hard member then began licking his shaft from tip to balls savouring the taste. I was suddenly aware that Kelly and Michael were watching us from the doorway. Kelly's dress was hang around her waist and her 36D tits were exposed and being massaged by Michael as they watched be about to give Nikos a blow job.

Kelly mouthed "Go girl!" to me as she pulled Michael over to other bed less than 18" apart. I engulfed Nikos' cock with my mouth and he let out a long sigh. It had been so long since I had swallowed a cock I nervously looked up at Nikos to check I was doing it right. His eyes were closed as he moaned with pleasure; the sounds he made elated me and I took him in my mouth as far as I could. In that moment I wanted him to shoot his cum into my mouth and felt his cock spasm as he was close to release. I stroked and sucked harder and he exploded filling my mouth. I swallowed quickly as his cock twitched and spat more cum into my throat. I stroked him until he pulled my head away from his softening cock unable to take the feeling of pleasure.

Nikos pulled me up to his face and kissed me deeply at the same time his hand slipped inside my silky panties. His fingers traced the outline of my pussy lips making me moan into his mouth. He slipped one then two fingers inside me and I clamped my vaginal muscles on to them as he slowed moved them in and out. I was groaning in ecstasy as a hand caressed my breast and fingers pinched my nipples. My eyes were closed as I enjoyed the sensations caused by Nikos' fingers inside me; I could hear groans and the slapping together of naked flesh as Michael and Kelly fucked on the bed beside us. This just hastened my orgasm and I came strongly and squealed with pleasure as each wave of joy coincided with a thrust from Nikos' fingers.

I opened my eyes and saw Kelly kneeling up being roughly fucked doggy style with her arm outstretched touching my breast. She gripped my tit harder and squeezed as she came on the end of Michael's cock. I was still feeling tremors from my orgasm watching Michael thrusting into Kelly made me orgasm for the second time before Nikos slipped his fingers out of my throbbing pussy.

Michael grunted and slipped out of Kelly just before erupting over her arse cheeks and spraying cum on her back. The pair collapsed on the bed panting from their exertions and I felt Nikos tugging my panties down. I lifted my hips to let him pull them clear and kicked the panties off my legs. Nikos' cock was returning to life as he kissed and caressed me and I told him I wanted him to fuck me.

He lifted my legs up over his shoulders as he knelt on the bed and tucked a pillow under my bum raising me off the bed. Nikos rubbed the head of his rock hard cock up and down my slick pussy lips and across small patch of skin between my arse and my pussy. I was moaning and asking him to put his cock inside me. I felt him rub against my arsehole and gently ease my cheeks apart then he pulled back and repositioned the head of his cock against my pussy and eased it inside. I was so eager to feel him in me I pushed forward and sunk onto his cock until our pubic bones met.

Kelly was moaning next to me and I glanced over to see her spooned with Michael his hand rubbing her pussy while they watched me being slowly fucked by Nikos. I reached over and gently rubbed Kelly's breasts as Nikos slowly thrust in and out of my pussy with long strokes. Nikos managed to keep the same tantalising pace gradually bring me closer to my third orgasm. Kelly knelt beside the bed and kissed my left tit and licked my hard nipples and I continued to toy with her breasts. Then Michael appeared on the other side and took my hand and wrapped it around his cock. Without thinking I began to stroke his cock it swelled up in my grasp.

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