Gateway To Pleasure


"No!" Jade gasped pulling her bottom away from him. "Not my ass that's only for my husband."

"Dr. Mann's cock pulsed in his hand. Lucky bastard, he thought with a stab of envy. Her ass felt extremely tight. Jesus he would love to bury himself in there.

"Ok," he said huskily. "Let's change places. You get on top of me and Warren can take you from the back."

A bolt of excitement raced through Warren as he heard the exchange. His cock, still buried deep inside her tunnel throbbed responsively.

"No," Jade whispered, shivering with anticipation as her mind flashed back to the bizarre scene she had watched on the screen.

"I want you both inside my cunt."

"What?" Warren barked.

A glazed look crossed Jade's eyes. She hardly recognized her own voice.

"I want you both to fuck my cunt at the same time," she hissed.

"Jade, are you crazy, you can never handle that." Warren argued. He recalled the lewd image of the impossibly stretched cunt taking two cocks. "Shit, I can feel how tight my cock is in your pussy right now!"

"Double vaginal penetration, can be accomplished," Dr. Mann said professionally. "You have a good pelvic structure and women are made for giving birth, but Warren is correct your vagina is very tight."

"Dammit stop talking like a fucking doctor and come and fuck me!" Jade screamed. Her lust was spiraling out of control. Dr. Mann slapped her ass hard.

"Ok bitch, you want to be double fucked, lets do it!" He pulled her off Warren's cock. "Get back on Warren but with your back to him, facing me," he growled.

Jade slid back astride Warren in a reverse cow-girl position burying his cock deep in her pussy. Her ass burned from the slap, but her head spun with intoxicating desire. Dr. Mann's eyes raked over her as he positioned his lubricated cock above Warren's at the entrance of her already stuffed pussy. He rubbed the slippery head against the 'V' of her cunt and then dipped his cock ever so slightly into the crevice of her lips, just below her swollen clit.

"You are a horny slut bitch wanting so much cock," he spat. He eased the head of his cock against Warren's shaft, using it as a guide as he forced the tip of his cock an inch inside Jade's sopping cunt.

"Oh shit! Fuck it hurts!" Jade screamed as she felt the first burning pain of being stretched so wide. Dr. Mann pushed slowly increasing the pressure until Jade felt an enormous spreading of her inner labia.

"You want this slut, now breathe deeply and relax," he ordered as he kept up the pressure.

"Fuck! Ohhh fuck," she panted loudly, biting her lip as he pressed himself into her. She twisted her hips slightly and felt herself loosen up as her cunt finally gave way and opened obscenely to swallow most of him inside her vaginal canal.

"Oh God, you're inside!" Jade was overwhelmed with feelings of fullness. Her awareness was filled with nothing but the sensation of these two cocks wedged inside her, striking and piercing her depths, spreading her slit until the lips were blazing from the intrusion.

Warren groaned. His hands moved over Jade's breasts, grasping them firmly and squeezing them as he felt the invasion of another cock sliding tightly along his shaft. The stimulation was incredible. So fierce and intense, like nothing he had ever experienced before. The underside of his thick veined shaft was pressed against her velvet wet pussy while the top of his cock was solidly wedged against the doctor's hot steel rod. The tightness of Jade's overfilled cunt was exhilarating and he gasped audibly when the ridge of Dr. Mann's cock head brushed past his and moved against his cock in short rigid strokes. The friction was exquisite even though he was acutely aware of the homosexual undertones of the act. Movement inside her was restricted because of the snugness and Warren fought hard to stop himself from coming as they fell into a tight alternating rhythm one on the outstroke as the other slid inward. Their balls slammed wetly together at the end of each stroke.

"Oh My God! Oh God!" Jade shrieked as their cocks thicker than a man's wrist touched every nerve in her cunt. Her engorged clit and her G Spot were being stimulated with every stroke. The sensations were so powerful that Jade's head swam. Sweat poured off her and Warren saw the tendons in her neck stand out as she grunted like an animal. Her climax rushed towards her as she worked her cunt muscles around the double intrusion. Her sticky juices mixed with the precum from their weeping slits and she lost herself in their accelerated thrusts as they hammered their cocks into her.

Her voice rose in rich screams of pleasure as her pussy walls, stretched to their limit, began to convulse and throb. She sunk her nails into Dr. Mann's back as her body exploded in an earth shattering orgasm. She twitched and shuddered and sobbed as her cunt continued to climax in what seemed like an ongoing wave of ecstasy. Her entire body felt like it was one giant nerve that was being stimulated by a million volts of exquisite pleasure all at once.

Both men had been intensely focused on waiting until Jade came but Warren let his resistance fade as her vaginal muscles clamped around him in a vice-like grip. His cock was pinned between her clenching walls and Dr. Mann's thick slab of meat

"Fuck, I'm cumming! He yelled as a blinding flash of white light and then blackness seared through his brain. He shuddered as semen erupted from his balls and traveled up his shaft spraying her cervix with his thick boiling cum. The pulsing of Warren's orgasm spilling wetness over his cock head pushed Dr. Mann over the edge.

"Oh Christ!" he cried as he let go with an almighty thrust, squirting a creamy load into Jade and flooding whatever space there was in her cunt with his cum. The scent of sweat and sex clung to the air around them as they slowly disentangled themselves. Jade flopped against Warren. Her body trembled and shook as he embraced her and drew her close to him.

Dr. Mann pulled on his clothes and glanced at her dilated pussy. There was cum leaking freely from her gaping cunt.

"Jade," he said softly, "You were amazing taking us both like that, but I don't want you to have any further penetration tonight. I will take a look at you in the morning." He flashed her sexy smile. "And there is a procedure I may recommend to you. It's not something that is performed often but, well for you, maybe..." He left the room, leaving Warren and Jade drained and wondering about the mysterious procedure.

A ray of sunlight filtered in between the curtains and settled on Jade's face. Warren gazed at her. She looked so gentle and innocent in sleep; he thought, pulling on a shirt and getting ready for his scheduled game of golf. It was hard to believe she was the same wanton slut who had initiated the carnal debauchery of yesterday. His mind wandered back to the night before.

After leaving the Flamingo Room they had returned to their suite where Jade had soaked in a hot bath. Warren had showered and gone for a long walk to clear his mind. He returned to find her in his bed demurely dressed in satin pajamas.

"It's ok." She smiled weakly; "The doctor said no penetration and I'm feeling tender, so you're safe tonight. I just don't want to piss off housekeeping again."

Like he gave a fuck about housekeeping, but he was pleased to be sleeping with her.

"Jadie," he said affectionately, "I want Dr. Mann to check you out and see that everything is fine. You took a hell of a pounding today. But no 'procedures' understand?" Jade smiled and nodded.

"So we leave without a story," she murmured drowsily.

"Oh we have a story alright," Warren laughed shrugging off his clothes and slipping into bed. "We just can't tell it."

Jade snuggled up against him. "Mmm, we will have to keep it clitically, oops critically confidential. Kind of like Reporter-Attorney Privilege."

He chuckled softly, enjoying the warmth from her body and the freshly washed fragrance of her hair.


"Yeah Jadie..."

"I forgot something."


"To say thank you..." She smiled, drifting off to sleep.

Dr. Kevin Mann watched Jade walking towards him. She looked bright and well-rested.

"Feeling ok today?" He showed her into a room lushly decorated with tropical plants and a cascading waterfall. Soft pink marble and diaphanous white silk curtains rustled in the gentle breeze coming through a large window, which overlooked a secluded rose garden.

"Yes, surprisingly good actually," Jade replied. She took in the breathtaking beauty of the surrounds and noticed a high marble table and a huge sunken bath in the center of the room.

"A massage?" she queried, I thought you were going to check me out."

"Yes, I am going to examine you and if you do have the procedure then it will take place here."

Jade's heart pounded. There was mention again of the mysterious procedure. What more could they possibly do?

"Should I strip?" she asked brazenly.

"Yes," Dr. Mann nodded, "Then get up onto the table."

Jade lay on the table naked and gave him a beguiling look. She didn't feel self-conscious at all. Maybe there was something to be said about fucking your gynecologist she mused.

He let his hands trail lightly over her belly and down to her pussy.

"Open up," he said softly examining her pouting labia and slipping a thick finger inside the entrance to her vagina.

"Mmm good everything looks fine. Nice and tight again," he commented. His finger strayed to her clitoris and he strummed it lightly. It reacted immediately stiffening under his touch. "God you have a beautiful cunt," he said softly, "so responsive."

"And is that coming from the Doctor or the man who fucked me yesterday?" Jade quipped. She felt a slight moistening of her pussy.

"Both," he said, his steely blue eyes locking with hers.

She tore her eyes away from his. "Tell me about the procedure," she urged.

"Well it is for the uninhibited and sexually accomplished, like you. A knowing smile crossed his lips. Jade blushed at his reference to her afternoon of carnal depravity.

"It requires you to be totally relaxed and free of tension. The benefits during and after are profound."

"Yes, but what actually happens, what is it about? Jade persisted.

"It's all about pleasure Jade. Pure unadulterated pleasure for you and for Warren."

"For Warren?" her eyes widened. Now she was really curious.

"Turn over, let's start with the massage. This is not something one talks about, this is something one experiences," Dr. Mann reached for a bottle of scented oil.

He began working on her body, massaging with his large hands from the back of her ears down to the top of her neck. He massaged her arms, under her armpits and along the insides of her breasts, down her body to her waist. She let out a contented groan. Although she had been sure she was relaxed, he was working anxieties out of her that she had not known were there. His hands were remarkable, agile and strong. She felt a dribble of oil squirt into the mound of her ass, and a sigh escaped her lips as he worked the cheeks, moving the muscles around in a circular motion before spreading her ass apart and rubbing around her anus.

"Oh yes, that's so good," Jade groaned feeling utterly relaxed. This must be what being high is like she thought luxuriating in the pleasing tranquil sensations. She felt his thick finger entering and massaging the very inside of her tight ass and she moaned softly from the pleasure of it. Her pussy throbbed and began to lubricate. She shifted slightly as his strong hands moved to the top of her thighs, the back of her knees and down to her feet. When Dr. Mann was ready, he didn't ask her to turn over but lifted her up as if she were weightless and placed her on her back. She opened her eyes to see him standing over her, his hands sliding over her breasts. He worked her nipples until they were longer, much more protruding than they had ever been. The juice in her cunt began to ooze freely from his sensual massage, but she lay still, a slave to his exquisite ministrations. When he was done working on her breasts, she heard his voice.

"Jade, do you want to go through with it?"

She opened her eyes and breathed deeply. Her body felt like it couldn't move as if it was paralyzed with pleasure. She couldn't stop this now, even though she had no idea of what to expect. She was utterly relaxed and completely under his control.

"Yes," she whispered.

"Just relax and trust me." Dr. Mann felt his cock surge in his pants. He loved the power of being able to seduce a woman with his touch.

"Meet Suzi and Mai."

Jade glanced at two bikini clad Asian girls who entered the room. They looked to be about twenty years old, both slim and attractive with long black hair cascading down their backs. Suzy bent her head and drew Jade's left nipple into her mouth. Mai engulfed the right one between her lips. Jade gasped as she felt their insistent suckling. It almost felt as if her nipples were being stretched by their soft tongues. She felt no embarrassment at two strangers touching her so intimately. No shame whatsoever, only intense arousal. The passionate attention to her breasts caused a deep throbbing ache in her pussy and she groaned shamelessly. Dr. Mann watched for a few minutes, before moving his hands down to her belly and kneading it while she writhed in pleasure. He worked away on the insides of her thighs, just letting the back of his hands scrape against her soaking pussy.

"Shit Kevin you're teasing me!" Jade arched her body and tried to push her pelvis against his fingers. He avoided her pussy and slid his hands down her legs, massaging her calves and ankles and then rubbing between the insides of her toes. Her body tingled from every pore.

"Ohhh fuck! I need to cum please." Jade squeezed her eyes shut savoring the glorious mixture of hedonistic pleasure and aching need that she was experiencing. Dr. Mann nodded at the two girls. Suzi moved her mouth down to Jade's steamy cunt and slid her tongue between the moist pink folds, capturing her engorged clit and gently sucking it into her mouth. Mai continued the lavish attention to Jade's erect nipples.

"Ahhh yess," Jade whimpered as a long slow stab of pleasure explode in her cunt and a deliciously gentle orgasm washed over her. Suzi's skilled tongue lapped softly licking the juice that had spilled from between her legs.

"I think you should sleep now for a few minutes," Dr. Mann said as he finished his massage.

Jade lay there dozing, the soothing sound of the waterfall lulling her into a blissful slumber. Some time later she heard whispers and she opened her eyes. Suzi and Mai were standing next to the table, accompanied by a tiny old oriental woman with the most beautiful unwrinkled face. Jade felt the two girls spread her legs apart, but she offered no resistance. She was so relaxed that for a moment it crossed her mind that she had been drugged. Maybe she had been, by something in the oils that had been rubbed into her body? No, she decided. She was simply drugged by the lack of tension within her.

Dr. Mann touched her cheek. "Jade, this woman is going to prepare you. Just relax and enjoy it."

"Prepare me?" she croaked. He nodded and smiled.

Suzi and Mai raised Jade's legs, holding them comfortably high and away from her. They placed cushions underneath her buttocks. With their hands they held her cunt lips wide open. Jade stifled a small groan. She could not believe that she was being exposed like this and yet felt relaxed and free. The old woman began speaking in an exotic language.

"She says she will go into you with her hand," Suzi translated. Jade's eyes shot wide open. She stared at the old woman's hands. They were the tiniest, softest hands she had ever seen, almost the hands of a child. "And then she will take your uterus in her hand and massage it."

Jade was shocked. Her uterus, her womb would be massaged!

"And while she is working, Mai and I will suck your nipples and stroke your clitoris. You will have much pleasure, and you must not feel shy about cumming," Suzi said sincerely. "You are not the first woman she has prepared for a man. Do not feel afraid, we are all women here and want only to give you pleasure."

Jade lay there submissively. She was not so sure about all of this, but at this moment she was past resisting. Her eyes drifted to Dr. Mann's groin. His pants stretched tightly over it.

The woman pressed her small hand between Jade's pussy lips and eased it inside. Jade gasped as she felt the penetration. It didn't hurt because she was slick with her own juices, but the invasion was so deeply personal so intimate. Being this vulnerable, connected to a strange person through a hand, a fist buried deep inside her was bizarre but strangely exciting. Juice dripped from Jade's stretched cunt. It ran out along the woman's wrist and down her arm as the probing fingers worked caressingly inside her.

"Ahhh," Jade groaned as she relished the most extraordinary, soothing sensations that she had ever felt. The woman was magnificent and most adept at her work, managing it with no pain whatsoever. Her hand and wrist were not much bigger or thicker than the largest cock that had ever been inside Jade. The stretching was far less than she had experienced with Warren and Dr. Mann. She actually felt the woman's tiny fingers go into the opening at the neck of her uterus to massage and lightly squeeze it.

Jade arched her back and screamed as an exquisite wave of euphoric pleasure rocked her. It was simply incredible. To have one's dark recesses stroked and rubbed with kindness was the dream of every woman. It was the most rare and wonderful pleasure. The woman pulled her hand out. It was wet to her forearm with Jade's juices. She washed her hands and arms and returned with a sponge, scented water and a large syringe which she inserted inside Jade. By squeezing the rubber bulb on the end she rinsed and cleaned her with soothing herbal water. Jade was told how to contract her vaginal muscles until all the water was pulled high inside her, and then as she relaxed it was expelled in great spurts.

The woman's fingers were like feathers as she spread ointment inside Jade. This time there was more difficulty for the woman because her pussy, all washed clean and dried was more constricted. A few minutes after the woman had withdrawn her hand, Jade felt her insides contract even more as her vagina grew smaller.

"Do not be afraid," Suzi soothed, "your pussy has been made very small and tight, like a virgin's"

Her head spun as she felt the strange sensation of her pussy constricting. Her outer lips were rubbed with a different ointment as was her clitoris. Jade jumped with excitement; her clit was that sensitive. The old woman said something and the girls laughed.

"She said you are lovely and your husband will be very, very pleased," Mai whispered in her ear. Jade smiled at Dr. Mann. She felt wonderful. It was as if she were coming down from some amazing trip. There was just a small problem, how the hell was she going to explain this to Warren? Only in one way, she thought, a decadent plan forming in her head. She dressed and headed for the store that she had seen discreetly tucked away in the foyer of the gym. There had been lingerie on display, maybe they would have what she wanted. Her clit tingled in anticipation.

Warren took a leisurely stroll back from the clubhouse. He felt good after playing a superb round of golf. He loved the game. It took him away from the pressures of work and allowed him to clear his mind, to strike a mental balance between competition and fun. Damn, he conceded: the Retreat was great; he hadn't felt this relaxed in ages. He opened the door to their suite and his mouth fell open.

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