tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersGeisha Training Ch. 02

Geisha Training Ch. 02


I awoke later that afternoon at a light knock on my door. "Come in." Naoko came in, bowing her head in deference to me.

"I'm sorry. Did I awaken you?"

"Yes, but that's all right."

"I – " Her lovely china doll features colored at her shyness. "I brought you a gift."

"A gift? Oh, Naoko, you didn't have to."

"I know I didn't." She pulled an elaborately wrapped box from a hidden pocket in her kimono and offered it to me with both hands, her eyes low. "After your sacrifice in class this morning, I felt compelled to. I am sorry that it's not very expensive."

Knowing Japanese protocol, I accepted the package in the same manner in which I received it, both hands and eyes low. Naoko watched as I opened the package. Inside was a set of lacquered chopsticks with ideograms painted on the shiny surface. She held one face up and read the message.

"It's a proverb from Confucius. It translates to 'everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.'"

"That's very beautiful." I knew she was trying to tell me something deeper but I wasn't interested in getting into a deep relationship with someone right now.

Feeling uncomfortable, she backed toward the door, bowing again. "I just wanted to say thank you for allowing me to service you today. It was my pleasure."

"Thank you, Naoko-san."

Afternoon class began where the morning class ended. Female stimulation.

"We have all seen Naoko's expert handling of Nikki-san. I want you to keep in mind that Naoko is a neophyte in the world of female stimulation, yet she handled it like the true geisha she is becoming. Remember also, that she did this feat while not possessing female genitalia." Suki-san began, meeting each woman's eyes separately. "Now, we shall continue. You've done the finger test and you are satisfied that the woman is clean. Next, you use your fingers and tongue. You saw how Naoko concentrated her attentions on Nikki-san's clit, using her fingers in her opening. You can use just your tongue, just your fingers or a combination of both."

Several of the girls started talking amongst themselves. One of them raised her hand. Her name was Akina. "Suki-san, how do you breathe?"

"You do a certain amount of work, lean back, take a quick breath, then dive in again. If she is close to her orgasm, you take a deep breath and hold it as long as you can until she cums. Breaking contact is like losing your train of thought." Suki-san nodded. "Also, be aware that some women can't or have never reached a climax. Some can only have one and some can have many. Each woman is different."

"What about you, Nikki-san?" Naoko's gentle whisper in my ear startled me. "How many can you have?"


Suki-san continued with the lesson, French-kiss the clit for maximum pleasure. Use the tongue in a thick spear to massage the opening and always let the woman cum in your mouth. Another important item she related was proper care of your hands. Manicures and softening lotions were recommended. Nails should be kept short so as not to injure the delicate skin of a woman's sex. Cuticles should be trimmed and kept soft.

Finally, it was time for the evening meal and I readied myself to leave. Suki-san stopped me in the hallway. "Nikki-san, the ladies would like you to remain for dinner and spend the night, if you can."

I was flattered. It was an invitation that few outside women ever got. It meant that they had accepted me into their group.

"I would be honored to stay."

"Would it be possible for you to come here on Friday nights and to remain until Sunday afternoons?"

"I could stay all week, as long as I can leave if and when work dictates it."

"I don't see that that would be a problem. Hana-san has already said that she will pay part of your rent in exchange for your presence among the geisha."

"Hana-san is too kind."

"She has grown to love you, Nikki-san, as we all have." Suki-san tilted my head back and gave me a deep lover's kiss, sucking on my bottom lip as we parted. "I am glad that you can stay. We will all be enlightened by your presence."

"As I am by yours." I answered, Suki-san's taste still on my tongue.

"Come. Let's have dinner."

Dinner with the other girls was a giggly affair. Most spoke English so they spoke of encounters they had had, either with women or men. Shibumi was the most promiscuous of them all. She had had several lovers, including the son of a yakuza warlord and had received several beautiful pieces of jewelry as a result. She was held in much less esteem than Naoko, who had bravely revealed her 'deformity' and had borne scrutiny. Naoko made sure to sit next to me, but did not ply me with questions or hoard my attention. She served me food when the bowls were passed and offered me eating suggestions.

"So tell us of your encounters, Nikki-san." An ugly girl named Kameko asked, her shy eyes darting between her sister geisha for support.

"What do you want to know?"

"Tell us of the first time you had a woman."

I laughed. "Oh, that was such a long time ago!"

"You don't remember?"

"Oh, I remember, Shibumi." I filled my mouth with chicken and rice and chewed for several moments. "I could never forget."

"Then tell us, Nikki-san."

I smiled at Naoko and looked across and down the long table. Everyone's eyes were on me, including Suki-san's, so I set my bowl and chopsticks down. "Her name was Juliet and she was my high school gym teacher." Gasps of admiration went up. "After I graduated, I approached her because everyone knew she was gay but no one said anything about it."

"And you had sex with your teacher?"

"Yes, and it was very good."

"Would you have sex with Suki-san?"

"Absolutely." My answer seemed to have an effect on Naoko but I didn't acknowledge it. "She seems to be a fine teacher. I can always learn something new."

"Would you have sex with me?" Shibumi asked.


This time, the gasp was one of outrage. "Why?"

"I can't just have sex with anyone. Suki-san has been a good friend to me as well as my teacher. We've connected on several levels and it makes me comfortable enough to open myself to her."

"What about Naoko?" Shibumi knew what she was asking and she knew my response might hurt my burgeoning friendship with the girl.

"What I did with Naoko this morning was for the benefit of all geisha."

"So you were pretending?"

"No, Shibumi, I was not pretending. When I came this morning, it was because Naoko had excited me. Maybe you can pretend excitement, but Naoko will tell you that mine was real."

"As we all can." Kameko took my side. "We all tasted the cum on Naoko's fingers."

Shibumi nodded in defeat and sat back with a sour face. I sought her eyes, knowing that it wouldn't do to separate us by choosing sides. "Maybe if I got to know you better, I might make the decision to have sex with you. But sleeping with all and sundry is not how I live my life, nor how I want to live it. It had nothing to do with you personally, Shibumi. You understand?"

Tears glistened in her eyes and I got the sudden idea that she was only promiscuous because she was lonely. "Yes, Nikki-san." To everyone's surprise, I arose and gave my geisha sister a hug and a kiss, making sure that our eyes connected and that she could truly see my sincerity. Her quiet voice whispered, "Domo."

Suki-san was smiling at the end of the table but she quickly reassumed her teacher-like appearance. "It's time to go to bed, girls. Showers, then lights out."

I felt as if I was in college again as we all entered the hallway, went into our separate rooms and re-emerged with towels and buckets of shower products. The showers were just like showers in our gym classes. This gave everyone a chance to see what each girl's bodies were like and most seemed interested in mine and Naoko's.

"Jerk off, Naoko."


"I said, jerk off. Cum for these girls. They'll respect you."

"I can't do that, Nikki-san!" Her face showed absolute horror. "I've never ... not in public ... "

I left my shower head and stood behind Naoko, letting my hands travel over her small shoulders and pert breasts, circling the dark rosy nipples until they hardened, then buried my hand in a gingery thicket of silky hair and wrapped my hand around her four-inch pole. "Please, Nikki-san. Stop."

"No, Naoko. Don't be afraid. Take control." Her body remained stiff in my arms as I stroked her to full hardness. I rubbed my lips against her neck, whispering how beautiful and unique she was and how she had something that no one else had. A shiver ran through her and she pressed her hips back against me, her eyes closed. The other girls had stopped scrubbing and were watching our show.

"Lay down."

I wasn't sure that I'd heard her but I did what I thought she'd ask, lying on my back and looking up at her as she stroked her 'boycock' above my face. She looked so beautiful, like a sexual samurai honing her sword. I pinched my nipples, pulling them as I watched her. Her unassuming stance became masculine and tough and I saw her gazing at each one of the girls as if to challenge them. They stayed together, quiet and observant.

"Yes." Naoko's deep voice echoed through the room, above the din of falling water. "Oh, yes. I'm going to cum. Watch me, my sisters."

Her fist tightened and three strokes later, she dumped a small load onto my face, my breasts and my stomach. Complete silence reigned in the shower room as the girls all watched us. I rubbed the semen into my skin, meeting Naoko's eyes. She reached down and pulled my up, giving me a deep kiss and squeezing my buttocks with a gentle hand. Moments later, Kameko was the first, bending to lick my pearly nipple clean. I couldn't help but tremble and cum. My nipples have always been ultra-sensitive and Kameko's little tongue was doing a number on me. Other tongues joined in, including a grateful Shibumi, who gave me a cum-covered kiss, sucking my tongue into her mouth. Soon I was clean as well as Naoko and many hands washed us under the unrelenting hot water jets.

When I went to my room, I felt so loved and protected by my sister geisha that I cried myself to sleep, reliving every moment of my dream coming to fruition. Little did I know that much more lay ahead.

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