Gender Bias Ch. 09


I awoke to a smoky haze, my mind drifting aimlessly, Sarah snuggled up behind me, her hand cupping my chest, her fingers squeezing my nipple in a dreamy haze. Lying there in the afterglow, of what must have been a crazy sex session, my ass was throbbing, and my dick felt raw. I could feel her fake cock nestled between my legs, slippery and rubbery, tickling my scrotum. My wig was tickling my ear, but I didn't want to move. It was early morning moments like this that made life worth living.

"mmmmmmm are you awake hunny?" Sarah sleepily groaned in my ear.

"Yes I am hun." I spoke in my Steffie voice all the time now it seemed, well everywhere except for at work. The voice was just starting to feel natural.

"You were amazing last night." She purred, her hands exploring my chest, teasing my nipples.

"I try..." I said softly.

She rubbed the fake cock against my entry, purring, "What did you think of never said."

She was driving me crazy...I found myself begging her to stick that fake cock back inside me, but she kept teasing me, rubbing it along my puckered hole.

"She um...she was amazing too but..."

"yes..." she purred as she worked that fake dick around my hole.

"I mean I just couldn't believe she had...."

"A cock?" she blurted.


"Steffie, I'm gonna tell you a story...not sure how you'll feel about it. But here goes." She pulled the cock out from between my legs and I sighed.

"There will be time for that later." She whispered.

"Amber is a girl I know from way back...she is a lot like you I guess. Came to me years ago as a different person. In fact, she used to be a pretty macho guy named Barry. You see, Barry was a road construction crew guy, that was until he met me...I guess you might say I changed his life, opened him up to new things that he liked an awful lot...sounding familiar?"

"You turned him into....a she?" Shit, how many guys had she done this to?

"No...he turned himself into a she. And a really fucking gorgeous she if you ask me." I could feel her lips smiling against my back.

She wasn't lying. Amber had been a knock-out. She would fool anyone into thinking she was a she, a gorgeously fuckable she at that.

"But, she had what it takes...she had...will...desire. She wanted to be female. She wanted to submit to me. She wanted to be my lesbian sex toy. You don't seem to have that same desire. You lack her tenacity to please."

It hurt my feelings hearing Sarah say those things. Ever since that first night of great sex, I had never wanted to leave her. I had done ALL this for her...why couldn't she see that?

"I'd do anything for know I would."

"Do I know that? Really?" she sounded demure.

"I well...I really would. I don't want to lose you."

She smiled against my back again like it was some sort of god damned game. "Anything?"

"Yes...anything goddamn it."

"Would you get tits for me?" she grinned.

Tits? She couldn't be serious. After all this, even with all this makeup on and all this lacy lingerie on, I was still a man, a very functional man. And I couldn't give that up. And goddamn her for asking me to.

"Oh come on Sarah, that's not fair...that's asking for a little much don't you think?"

"No more that I asked of did her tits feel by the way? You seemed to like them."

"Great actually...they felt real enough. Is that what you want to hear from me? But just because they felt like goddamned cotton candy doesn't mean I'm gonna go straight to the goddamned candy store."

"Its ok Steven. I didn't really think that you were ready to take the next step, but I didn't know till I asked."

It hurt having her call me Steven when I was dressed like Steff. It made me feel like a fraud. Deep down, I was becoming Steff, like it or not. And to tell the truth, having implants wouldn't be the worst thing would they? I mean I could totally hide them if they weren't too big, just wear baggy sweatshirts and slump my shoulders. I couldn't believe I was actually considering this...just what in the hell had she done to me?

"No, please...don't get mad hun...its just that...I mean, that seems like really taking a plunge."

"Well, if you'd do whatever it takes to keep me...then you'd do it." She countered.

And to tell the truth, the more I thought about, the more I liked the idea of her playing with my female tits, her talented tongue tickling my nipples, her manicured hands caressing my new fake tits. I mean with the wig and makeup and tits, I would be a hot girl from the waist up, while still all man below the belt. It didn't really sound like the worst thing I could do. In fact, the more I thought about it...the more exciting it started to sound.

Sarah hopped out of bed in a huff, and stormed off toward the bathroom, that giant fake black dick flopping against her thigh.

"Wait, Sarah!" I cried.

She stopped and glanced over her shoulder. "What is it Steven?"

"Please call me Steffie..." I begged.

"I can't call a guy in drag a girl's name..." she huffed.

"Okay...okay...I'll do it." I mumbled.

She spun around, that black dick flopping, "You'll do what sweatheart?" that big goofy grin on her lips.

"I'll get the tits."

"Yeah!" she hopped up and down, that black dick hopping with her, "I knew you would you little've made me so happy. It's an in and out procedure'll be ready to go in under 2 weeks. I know a doc downtown that does these under the table, and he does a great job. We can make an appointment for Monday."

I thought I'd have a few days to think about it, but she was really ready for me to have them. And while I wasn't entirely sure I was, it seemed that this was moving at the speed of light and was now impossible to stop, "Ok." I agreed somewhat reluctantly.

"Oh, one more thing." She grinned devilishly. She walked over to her dresser and pulled a little brown prescription bottle out of the drawer where she stored her dildos. She uncapped it, dumped two pills in her hand, and brought them to be in bed. "Here, take these." She grinned handing them to me.

I stated at the two white pills that she'd placed in the center of my palm, "What are they?"

"Consider them recovery...They'll help the tits take their hold." She grinned, "Just swallow them silly."

I shrugged and swallowed it.


So a lot has happened in the past few weeks. I had kept Sarah's doctor's appointment and gotten my implants. She'd chosen a size about twice what I thought I could comfortably hide, so while I healed I quit my job and moved in with Sarah. She didn't seem to care, she was just too eager to play with my new tits. It had taken 3 weeks for the bandages to all come off and for the pain to die down, but on that first day, she had fucked me silly, taking her time licking my new luscious tits. And to tell the truth, I loved them too. All pumped out and swollen as they now were, they were hyper sensitive, turning each one of her tongue flicks into an atom bomb of pleasure. Of course the white pills she had been giving me were not any kind of pain killer, rather she was feeding me estrogen three times a day. I could feel my balls shrinking as it took its hold, but I didn't care. That was just a little bit more of Stephen being pissed down the drain and it no longer seemed to matter. My only thoughts were of pleasing Sarah. I hadn't been Stephen in so long I couldn't even remember what he felt like in my own head. My shriveling dick was insignificant, just another relic from an ancient time. My new sex organs were my fake tits, my suddenly talented lips, tongue, and asshole. I couldn't even remember the last time she had touched my dick, and I didn't particularly care.

"Steffie...can you come down here for a minute?"

I was upstairs fluffing these glorious new torpedo tits into a black bra. But at Sarah's command, I quickly threw a sweater on and blew a kiss at my vanity reflection as I left.

Sarah was sitting on the couch with a man whom I'd never seen before, a tall bald man in a business suit. He sat with his legs crossed at the hip, and a gold pinkie ring glinting. He wore gold rimmed sun glasses that hid his eyes, but his tanned skin hinted at his affinity for tropical locales.

"Come...sit" Sarah said, tapping the place on the couch between the two of them.

I shrugged and plopped down between them.

Sarah had a struggled look on her face, "You know I love you right hun?"

"Um...yes...what is this all about?" I looked at the man in the sunglasses and he smiled briefly. I returned my uneasy eyes to Sarah, something suddenly didn't feel right.

"Well hun, there are a few things you don't know about me...and one of them is that I owe some important men some important money." She swallowed hard, "Saul is here to collect money that I don't have."

"What are you saying?"

"Well...its hard to say this, but...Vito wants collateral...something to show him I'm good for the money." Her eyes began to sparkle with fresh tears, "And that collateral is going to be you...I'm so sorry..."

"Me? I don't understand."

I felt Saul's hand rest on my knee and I shivered. I looked at him and he smiled, my eyes shot back to Sarah whose face was buried in her hands.

"I'm sooooooooo sorry...." She sobbed. "Will she do? Is she a goddamned 'nuff?

Saul's hand traced along my inner thigh, stopping at the crotch of my blue jeans, and I was thankful that Sarah had taught me how to tuck my cock between my ass cheeks, to further the female illusion. I mean who knew what this guido would do if he found out he was fondling a man in drag with fake tits.

"Oh she'll do just fine. Vito like 'em good and young...and tight." He grinned.

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