tagNonConsent/ReluctanceGentle as a Lamb

Gentle as a Lamb


It's strange how things work out. She had been making this trip for years and this was finally the last one. She was happy that her mom had finally decided to sell and move to California with her brother Tommy.

After she dropped her mom off at the airport she stopped at a store to pick up some wine, since all the stores would be closed by the time she got home. Damn she hated this long trip home, especially when she thought about what happened that hot icky summer night a few months ago on one of her return trips home.

It all flashed back at her; the scared, angry and humiliated feelings returned.

It was late at night, the end of another mid-summer scorcher, still hot and muggy, as she made the same long boring trip home after another visit with her mother. Her damn air-conditioning was busted, so she had unbuttoned her blouse, unclasped her front hooking bra, and opened both front windows to get a good breeze to cool off. After awhile she stopped at a small, now deserted, rest area to take a quick snooze.

All of a sudden, she woke startled and scared, and tried to gather her senses quickly. She heard a rapping noise on the driver's side door. The first thing she saw was a blue and red light flashing at an insidious pace in the rear view mirror. She realized finally that it must be a police officer who had disturbed her from her sleep; she turned to the open window beside her and was instantly blinded by a bright light which seemed to have risen from her lap, right in her face. All she saw was the outline of a tall person, who mumbled something like wake up or wake up ma'am, but she did not catch it.

A few seconds later the light moved off her face and panned throughout the car and soon was back on her, but this time not in her face and eyes but lower again.

She glanced down to where the light had stopped, and gasped. In all the confusion she had forgotten that she was so exposed. The light remained motionless. Now it was obvious that this person had looked there before and was such an asshole that he needed to go back for another look. Luckily for her the thin cups of her loose bra actually covered most of her breasts, but there was still an awful lot more exposed than a "good proper lady" wanted anyone to ever see. She wondered how long he had been looking before she had woken up. Did he move the bra to see her full, very well-proportioned breasts, or not? Did he have so much time that he even masturbated while she slept?

She quickly looked back out the window and then could see that it was a male police officer. He stammered and gawked and almost drooled at the sight of her, but finally moved the light back to her face. In a masculine and very authoritarian voiced he said, "May I see your license and registration, Miss"

As she moved to get the information out of her purse, the light shifted again to her breasts and illuminated them all too well. She reached for her purse and the cups shifted, which gave him a great view of her beautiful but now bare breasts for a second or two. She knew for sure now that he had seen her breasts by the guttural sound she heard him make. She quickly stopped looking in the purse and very deliberately buttoned one button on her blouse, looked right at him with evil eyes, thought about cursing him all to fuckin hell, but thought better of it. He was a fuckin cop and she didn't dare. The damage was done, and she was mad at herself too, for getting in this awkward predicament. Finally she went back to her purse, retrieved the information and handed it to him. All the time the light had remained on her cleavage and upper breasts. It was obvious he was a fuckin filthy pervert and would do anything for a thrill.

After he gave her a very quick look he asked, "What's your name, miss?" Then he looked down at the license.

"Melissa Lee Hammon," Missy replied

"Where do you live?"

"Right where it says on my license, but apartment 2D if you are that interested," she said with a defiant, mean edge in her voice.

He looked at her face very closely. And decided to let it pass.

"Well Miss Hammon, it is very dangerous to sleep on the side of the road especially as unclad as you are. Anything could happen to such a fine and pretty lady as you. You could be molested, raped, or even murdered out here on the lonely road. There is a motel just down the road a bit in Pleasant Corners; I suggest that you sleep there and not here. I would surely hate to have any harm come to such a pretty little thing as you."

As he attempted to hand back the license and registration, he actually seemed to flip them in such a way that they both landed where the light had been shining ninety-five percent of the time, and was again: right in her cleavage. Then he waited for her to fish them out and finally said with a smirk, "Have very a nice evening miss," turned, and walked back to his cruiser as she watched in the mirror.

She sat there for a bit, reflecting on what just happened, and got more pissed by the moment. As she put her papers back in her purse, he pulled out and headed down the road in the same direction that she needed to go, which pissed her off even more. Usually a fuckin cop would turn around and head back in the opposite direction, but no, not this asshole.

As Missy pulled back on the highway and headed down the dark lonely road she quickly caught up to him and had to follow him all the way to town where he finally pulled into a creepy sleazy looking hick bar. Once she got out of sight, she sped up and got out of there as fast as she could.

She knew what that damned egotistical male macho asshole was thinking. He wanted to mangle her beautiful breasts with his filthy hands, put his itty-bitty teeny weenie thingy in her cleavage and cum on her tits as well as many other things. She also knew that she would be the brunt of a lot of exaggerated talk about this hot bitch driving almost naked. She would bet that he would say that he had fucked her and she had given him a free blow job too! What a fuckin control freak weasel, and overall 'GOD Damned SOB'. She would just love to get him alone and teach him a thing or two sometime.

She remembered back to the last time, over a year ago, when someone pissed her off that much. She could remember every little detail of it. He died shortly afterwards, and she had read every gory detail of his death, an unsolved homicide, and had actually made a scrapbook of all the newspaper clippings. She really enjoyed herself when she looked through the scrapbook, and knew the killer was too smart to get caught, at least she hoped so.

But that was then and this is now. She just wondered why so many really hot looking men were such assholes. Hell, she could almost see herself liking this asshole. He was, after all, strong, quite cute. The glimpse of his ass she had seen as he left looked real good too, a real hunk, but still an asshole.

Now as Missy sped down the highway she saw the same rest area, and thought of that town again. What was it? Pleasant Corners, yeah that's it. A thought came to her and she started to think real hard. Unbelievably, she hoped to see that cruiser at the sleazy bar. She got a cold chill down the spine of her back and she smiled. Please be there; please be there, PLEASE.

The motel appeared on the left so she slowed down and looked for the bar on the right. YES and another big smile appeared on her face, followed by a cold somber chill. She saw the cruiser parked outside, and remembered the TV show The A-team, as she thought, "I love it when a plan comes together."

Now if it is his cruiser and it's really him inside.

She quickly and nimbly unbuttoned the three upper buttons of her blouse, adjusted it so that more of her ample cleavage was exposed. For a moment she thought she should remove her bra, but decided against it. She had never been in this scum-bag bar and thought better of it. After she stepped out of the car, put on her autumn jacket, zipped it up past the modesty point, took a deep breath, and shrugged her shoulders, she headed in, her mine made up.

Once inside the dark bar, she looked around the place and saw a pool table with two guys and a gal with pool cues, three tables all occupied in one fashion or another and a spattering of people sitting at the bar, but no cop. As she reached the bar stool at the abandoned part of the bar, where the strangers tend to migrate, Missy saw him come out of a hall with the sign 'Restrooms' on the wall. She sat down so he could see her profile but didn't dare to look toward him. When she sensed he was looking her way, she shook her head a bit to make her blonde hair fly about in a care free manor. The bartender came down and asked Missy, "What's your pleasure miss."

"Ah, a Bud Light if you have it."

"OK, one coming right up. I haven't seen you in here before, are you new here?"

"No, just passing through and got a little thirsty, that's all"

When he turned around and went to get it, she laid down a twenty down on the bar. On his return with her bottle of Bud and an empty glass, which he filled after he wiped it out, he looked at the twenty, smiled at her very coyly and said that it was on the gentleman at the pool table. Missy slowly turned and for the first time made eye contact with him, let a big smile radiate from her face, picked up the glass, gave him a small toast, took a short drink, and then turned back to face the bar, knowing the next move would be his.

Before the glass was half gone she heard someone groan from the pool table area and heard footsteps. He approached with the line that it must not be his night because he had just sunk the eight ball in the wrong pocket. Missy finally turned to face him, and with a small smile of recognition said, "I may be wrong, but I think I know you. Weren't you the nice police officer who was so kind to warn me about the dangers of sleeping in my car? It was one of the hot muggy evenings, back in mid summer."

Bubba had remembered her, and her great tits almost instantly, long before he had gotten even halfway back to the pool table, He was pleased she did not seem upset with him, but only said with a devilish smile, "I feel embarrassed not remembering such a beautiful lady as you. I do stop a lot of people, and can't remember them all, but if it was before 11pm it was most likely me."

"It was good advice you gave me and I would have stayed at the motel in town, but I had enough sleep before you so kindly woke me up that I was able to finish my trip with no problem. It did look like a nice motel when I passed it"

"That is what I hear too. I actually have never stayed in it, I have my own place outside of town."

They continued to chat, and at the end of the first beer Missy stood up, her back to him and started to take off her jacket. Before she could finish he had also hopped up to help her with it, then set the jacket on the bar stool beside him. When she turned back around his eyes went right to her cleavage as she expected, finally back to her face. Before she sat back down she took a real deep breath, held it, and stretched - her breasts rose right at him, just begging him to drool on them - then slowly let it out. "Ah it feels good to be out of that jacket." Then sat back down on the bar stool and finished her drink.

After a minute or so she asked for another round for both of them, which he covered. Missy looked into his eyes and frowned a bit and said, "I'm sorry, here we are, I'm on my second beer, and I don't even know your name. Should I just call you Mr. Officer?"

"Oh, ah, my friends call me Bubba, and again I am sorry I don't remember yours."

"It's very nice to meet you Bubba, my name is Missy," she shot back with a seductive smile and added the over-used line, "Men in uniform look so sexy and here in this light you do your uniform proud. I didn't know police officers were allowed to drink on duty."

"Oh I am not on duty anymore; I got off at eleven and just stopped by for a while."

That kind of bantering went on until a group of people walked in and Bubba seemed to really back off a lot. Missy saw it and asked if there was another quieter bar in town they could go to. He grimaced, and shook his head no, "This was the only bar in town, but I have some beers at his place."

"Now that sounds like my kind of bar", she said and her hand grazed his thigh ever so slightly as she changed her position on the stool.

"Well there is a problem," Bubba said.

"Oh I'm sorry I thought you weren't married, I guess I should go." With a pout on her face she started to get up to leave.

"Oh, I'm not married. I live alone, ah, I have a small place down the road a bit. That is not the problem. It's the cruiser outside. It wouldn't be good for everyone to think that I used it for personal reasons, it is for work only."

Missy smiled back "That's not a problem, I would be lost without my car anyway and wouldn't want to leave it here. Why don't you leave now and wait for me someplace. I'll go powder my nose a bit, come back and finish my beer, then leave. It should take me about fifteen minutes before I can wiggle free of here."

Bubba mentioned a spot south of town, just past a currently unused billboard where they could meet. He added mischievously that it was one of the places he parked, when waiting for speeders to drive by.

Missy looked directly at the large bulge in his pants then smiled, looked up, blushed a bit and said, "I can then follow you to your place."

He looked right in her eyes and smiled. As she got off the bar stool, her hand brushed his crotch, Bubba flinched a bit and the smile turned into a big grin. "I think it's time for me to visit the powder room, don't you?" she quipped as she turned and headed toward the ladies room.

Bubba quickly called Tommy the bartender, paid the tab, and told him that he had to split. "Tell her, the sheriff's office called, or something like that, and I had to leave quickly. You know the drill. Also tell the broad that I'm sorry, duty calls." He dropped a ten spot on the bar in front of Tommy, smiled, turned, and quickly left.

When Missy returned and looked around she looked confused. Tommy walked down and told her the bad news that Officer Mc Givvin had to leave after his pager went off. Missy put on a sad and dejected look, sat down, finished the beer in two gulps, and ordered another. Soon another country hick sat down and started to hit on her. She chatted for a short while, just to get him to pay the tab, then said she had to leave, got up, put on her jacket, and headed out the door.

As she left the crappy bar she headed south and hoped he really had waited for her. It would be a awful waste of time if he just left and not waited for me.

She would know soon. Sure enough, just past the sign he had mentioned, a car was parked. She pulled right up behind it, saw that it was his cruiser, and stopped. Both got out of their cars, embraced and kissed each other. Her hands caressed the front of Bubba's pants, and his caressed her breasts through the zipped jacket.

In his very authoritarian tone he said, "We can't stay here, there are too many cars passing by. Follow me."

She just nodded, got back in her car, and followed. About a quarter mile down the road he turned right into a narrow dirt driveway with only one mailbox beside it. About a hundred yards in, it opened into a field with a small house and garage at the end. Bubba pulled the cruiser up to the garage and she parked a little ways back; she hopped out of the car and grabbed her bottle of wine. No need to wait till I get home to enjoy it.

After some more passionate kisses and fondling they headed into the house and she asked, "Do you have a hairy chest?"

"Yes, I do, why do you wanta know? You will see it soon enough."

A big smile appeared and she said, "Hairy chests are such a turn on, I got to see it."

Once inside, she asked for help with her jacket again. This time he used his teeth to grab the zipper and pull it down as his hands grabbed and kneaded her ass. Now for the first time he saw the bottle in her hand, and she quickly explained that it is just a little gift to enjoy together along with other things.

She sat it down on the bed, and proceeded to unbutton her blouse. "Bubba take off your shirt first, I want to run my hands through that hairy chest of yours, I just can't wait," she said very sexually. He turned, so his back was to her and quickly stripped off his uniform blouse and pants, then the sleeveless tee shirt. As he started to turn back around, Missy swung the wine bottle at the back of his skull. The lights went out for him, as he slumped and fell on the bed.

Quickly Missy got his cuffs from the back of his pants and handcuffed him to the headboard. Then she took off his boxers, exposing his big, thick, but soft cock. She sat by him and waited for him to wake up. A very short time later he groggily woke up, realized his condition, started screaming ,cussing, kicking, and flaying all around, which forced Missy to hop off the bed and wait. After a few more fruitless attempts to get free he screamed at her "WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE? WHEN I GET FREE YOUR ASS IS MINE, BITCH! UNLOCK THESE CUFFS, NOW. YOU FUCKING ASS BITCH, LET ME LOOSE, NOW!"

Missy smiled at him and sweetly said, "It's just a matter of control babe, just a matter of control. It's like when you have your uniform on, you are in control and everyone is at your mercy. But when I have sex I like to be in control. Unfortunately this was the easiest way to achieve that, without a lot of argument." She stood up unbuttoned her blouse, took it off and let it fall to the floor, then shed her bra and dropped it also. "Do you like what you see, Bubba dear?" she moaned as she caressed her boobs and nipples.

"No, you fuckin bitch, you look like any twenty-five cent whore I see walking on the street! Now release me before I decide to have you arrested."

She saw his cock twitch and start to rise, and she knew he had lied. Just to taunt him, Missy unhooked her belt, unzipped her pants, turned around just out of range of Bubba's feet, bent over, and wiggled her ass back and forth as she pulled her pants down, and finally kicked them off. She turned back to faced him, and started to caress her pussy through her panties. Missy was in her own world as she weaved and twisted in front of Bubba. She used one hand to massage her nipples and the other played with her pussy under her panties. She removed her fingers from her pussy and sucked them clean with a wicked smile on her face, then pulled her panties between her pussy lips, rocked back and forth on them, and moaned as they rubbed her clit. She finally slid her pussy soaked panties off and carefully placed the soaked crotch of her panties on his nose. "You like the smell of my hot little pussy? I hope you do because you're going to get more of it," she said mischievously.

She faced him completely naked, nipples hard, legs slightly spread, her hairless wet pussy exposed. His eyes bounced from her pussy to her boobs and back in perpetual motion. Missy glanced at his cock and saw it was rock hard, She smiled and simply said, "You have three choices my dear Bubba."

"First, you can fight and struggle for a real long time hurt your wrists and damage the bed and just maybe get free. Or you can lay here till someone comes looking for you, probably someone from your office when you don't show up for work, and find you cuffed and naked in your own bed. Your last choice is, you can relax and have a new experience, the best sex of your life. Not being in control has many terrific benefits. Best of all hopefully, the next time I pass though town I won't need a bottle of wine to get you cuffed. The choice is yours. You think about it while I get some things out of my car."

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