tagIncest/TabooGentlemen's Club Ch. 07

Gentlemen's Club Ch. 07


Sorry it took so long but life got in the way ;-) Thanks to everyone who wrote to me - you know who you are, and I love you, too!

Warning - my next story is going to be postponed until I've gotten ten comments/feedback letters - and I mean it! A girl can only go so long without being told how great she is!

All characters in this story are over the age of 18. If gay male sex offends you - boy, did you pick the wrong author!


Jeffrey and Steven Talbot usually went to the Club together -- after all, they had been together the first time they'd experienced what the Club had to offer, having been tied to adjoining beds and ravaged by a pair of horse-hung Club employees. And then ravaged by a whole group of Club employees.

So one night when they heard that one of the other Club members was planning to share his chosen whore-for-the-night -- which meant, of course, inviting other men to fuck him during the night -- they were all for joining in. Not just because of the undeniable turn-on of being part of a fuck-train; but also due to the happy memory it invoked of their own first gang-bang, in which each of them had been on the receiving end of a long line of horny cocks.

Jeff looked across the table at Steve's masked face, seeing his hazel eyes -- which were so much like Jeff's own -- shining back at him in excitement. And while the excitement could have been due to the expert blow-job and prostate-massage Steve was currently experiencing -- like Jeff, he had a cocksucker working his tool under the table and a medium-large vibrator protruding from his chair and up his lubed asshole -- Jeff had no doubt Steve had not only heard the announcement, but had seen the boy being offered -- a cute blond boy -- and was every bit as eager to get at that pale, round, luscious ass as he was. His only concern was whether the member doing the offering would be willing to have two men fuck the boy at the same time -- the brothers always stayed together when they were at the Club, no matter what sort of sex they were indulging in.

As a sign that they were a matched set, the brothers had had their membership masks made in the same plain blue; which, in turn, matched the color of their father's mask -- only fitting, since Eric Talbot had been a member long before they had ever even heard of the place, and he had been the one to initiate their joining. And while all three masks were a plain, sky blue, each was a slightly different shape so that the staff would be able to tell them apart, since all three had quite similarly built. Their father's mask was a complete oval, with only a dent on the bottom pulling upwards so that his mouth and chin remained uncovered; Jeff, the eldest son and aged 25, had a mask which covered all the top half of his face, beginning at his cheeks and ending slightly higher than his hairline; Steve, the youngest brother at age 23, had only a basic domino mask which reminded him of various cartoon and comic-book heroes as it only covered the area around and between his eyes. Between the matching masks and their nearly identical physiques -- Steve had much longer hair, tied in a pony tail while Jeff's cropped hair had a natural tendency to spike up from his scalp -- they ever failed to draw attention when they walked across a room together, naked except for their masks.

Jeff now looked across the room at the naked young man being so prominently displayed on one of the other tables, the spot-light making his blond hair into a bright halo around his head, and causing what appeared to be a 7 inch erection to shine with the copious amounts of pre-cum leaking from its head -- the young man was obviously excited by being the center of attention. Turning his head back towards Steve, the brothers shared a look of agreement -- they wanted some of that.

About to raise his hand to call to their host/waiter in order to get the particulars about the proposed sharing, and to sign them both up for a turn at the boy, Jeff suddenly found both his hands moving as though of their own accord down to the bobbing head in his lap as his orgasm quite suddenly exploded upon him. Rocking his hips rapidly up and down between the invading sex-toy in his rectum -- he always ordered the "padded" seat, which meant a dildo build into the seat -- and his cocksucker's eager mouth, Jeff let out a surprised groan as he came. Opening his eyes, which had slammed shut at the beginning of his climax, he saw Steve throw his head back in ecstasy, moaning loudly as he, too, shot his first wad of the night into his own cocksucker. Only after both brothers finished cumming did they remember the offered boy and managed to signal their host.

"Robinson, we were both wondering about the details concerning that young blond -- what exactly are the terms for his use?" Once, not too long ago, Jeff would not have noticed the names of serving personnel; but his first visit to the Club had taught him better manners, just as it had done with Steve. He now always made a point of asking his host's name when he arrived, as well as the names of any other Club employees he came into contact with throughout his visit.

"Well, sir, the member is willing to share the young man with any other members who are interested, provided they stay in the member's assigned room during the encounter, with the member in question watching." Like all Club hosts, Robinson was dress in a combination of formal and fetish-wear, with his immaculately pressed and laundered dinner jacket, shirt, tie and shiny wingtip shoes; combined with a pair of black leather crotchless trousers, not unlike a pair of cowboy chaps, leaving his ass exposed in the back and his erect cock and balls visible and accessible in front -- a Host's ass was always well toned and discreetly but thoroughly lubricated and no Host was ever less endowed than 6 inches, and were never less than fully erect while on duty -- unless the member or members they were hosting had just caused them to ejaculate.

"Would he be willing to have more than one man in the room with him at a time?" Jeff asked, licking his lips and allowing his eyes to travel down to Robinson's hard, leaking cock, so conveniently placed at face level and looking like a perfect fit for Jeff's hungry mouth. Deciding to indulge himself -- after all, self-indulgence was what the Club was all about -- Jeff extended his tongue out towards the bulbous, shiny head and allowed himself a taste to the clear fluid oozing out of the little opening.

"I, ahh, am not sure about that, sir. Would you like me to go inquire?" Robinson asked, but made no attempt to move away as Jeff began lapping at his cockhead before moving his eager tongue along the shaft.

Looking at them with an amused look on his face, Steve said, "Not just now, I think, Robinson -- but do sign us up for a turn. Make sure it's some time late -- we both have an appointment to get our asses reamed out, and you know how the Dominators hate being rushed. Especially since it seems we're going to be late," he added as he got up to kneel behind Robinson, his tongue reaching out to begin exploring between the two high, lightly fuzzed cheeks.

* * * *

Jeff was still licking cum from his lips as Robinson left the brothers at the door of their appointed room.

No sooner had the two naked young men passed the threshold, then two pairs of muscular arms reached out to grab hold of each of the Talbots, pulling their hands behind their backs and holding them immobile.

"So, you thought you could start the fun without us, did you, you fucking, cocksucking bitch?" a harsh voice grated into Jeff's ear while a huge, throbbing length dug into his ass and lower back. "Who said you were allowed any dick just yet?" the man shouted, fastening a pair of handcuffs on Jeff's wrists before throwing the newly restrained man onto a nearby double bed.

Landing on his side on the bouncy bedding, Jeff looked back in time to see Steve, now also cuffed, being forced to his knees in front of a big, bruising, naked bodybuilder, a veritable tent-pole of an erection forcing its way past his younger brother's lips.

Seeing the way his own attacker was already slathering lube onto his stallion-sized, throbbing hard-on in preparation, Jeff's ass-pucker began to twitch in anticipation. That thing was going to hurt so good!

"Please, Master, I'm so very, very sorry! Please don't hurt me, please don't punish me!" Jeff began to plead, even as he squirmed around to present his attacker with his fuck-hungry pussy, bringing his knees forward and pushing his ass back to make the entrance as accessible as possible.

Meanwhile, Steve was still sucking on one dick even as a third man came forward and, grabbing Steve's hips and pulling on them, the newest arrival made the fellating young man stand up even as he continued to suck on the delicious looking dick in front of him. Looking like a human bridge between the two towering men standing both before and behind him, Jeff's little brother was given a 9 inch cock up his more-than-willing man-cunt.

Not that Jeff could complain -- the pipe ramming his fuckhole felt like 10 inches.

* * * *

Steve lay on his side, his right leg held high in the air, gasping and moaning as a extra-fat, 10 inch cock pumped and plowed its way in and out his already cum-filled ass. His own thick 8 inches were buried deep inside Jeff's hard-suctioning mouth, as his brother knelt at an angle to him while he, Jeff, received a combination dildo-fucking and butt-paddling. Both brothers were wearing tightly restricting cock-rings, and had not been allowed to cum since entering the room, more than 5 hours before. They still had their hands restrained -- Steve was cuffed to the headboard while Jeff's hands were fastened behind his back.

"Yeah, take it, bitch! Take up your red-hot ass!" Steve's own backside had been on the receiving end of a severe paddling only minutes ago, and his ass had been beaten to a deep lobster red.

"Raise that bitch-tail higher! Show me that fucked-up cunt! Show me that bitch-tail sticking out of your fucking hole!" Jeff's assailant demanded, his paddle wielding hand slowly gaining speed, hitting Jeff's reddened ass first on one cheek, then the other cheek before slamming a heavy blow directly on the protruding end of the vibrator and making it enter the helpless man further and further, even as his body tried involuntarily to expel it when his butt-cheeks were spanked.

Each brother had been on the receiving end of such treatment since they had walked into the room -- paddlings, bare-handed spankings, whippings; vibrator-fucking, cock-fucking, double penetration; being forced to suck cock, or cocks, or dildos; being forced to accept fellatio without being allowed the relief of orgasm. Each brother had had his throbbing cock inserted into the other's asshole at least twice, usually sharing the orifice with a thick dildo or with one of their tormentors' swollen erection -- which would cum into the fucked brother's ass, drenching the penetrating brother's painfully erect member with cum and making it look like it had shot a load, even though it had not. Each of the Talbot brothers had a veritable stream of cum leaking from his loosened man-cunt from all the fucking they'd taken, having reserved not just two, but four of the Club's most well-hung employees for the evening's fun -- thus guaranteeing that at any given moment there would be a hard, swollen cock ready and able to service each of their reddened, fuck-hungry bitch-holes.

"Yes, Master! Please, pound that cunt -- your little bitch needs it so bad!" Steve's hands were securely fastened over his head to the headboard, the cuffs padded enough that they would leave no lasting impressions on his skin no matter how hard his squirming caused him to pull on them -- which he could not stop his pleasure/pain wracked body from doing, moving back against his hard-thrusting assailant every time the man thrust in, trying vainly to pull away from Jeff's hot, sucking mouth as it futilely tried to draw the sperm from his painfully swollen balls -- the suction causing him more pain than pleasure in his cock's hyper-sensitive state. "Oh, so big! So hard! Fuck me, Master, fill me! Fuck it! Fuck! FUCK!!!"

"You disgusting little slut!" Terrance Morris, the owner of the 10 inch monster currently trying to rearrange Steve's insides, exclaimed, his thrusts coming in faster as his excitement increased. "You love getting shafted, don't you? Nothing in this world you want more than getting your cunt filled with dick and cum!"

Just then the paddle sounds stopped, but Jeff's moans, felt so vividly by Steve's overstimulated penile nerve-endings, did not stop, but rather increased in frequency and volume -- his assailant, Daniel Clemens, was adding his cock's girth to the thick vibrator already filling Jeff's rectum; and not by slow and gentle means, but in one hard slam which sent his engorged prick more than half way along its fat 9 and a half inch length into Jeff's already stretched sex-pit, causing Jeff to let out a particularly loud, if muffled, yell.

Steve closed his eyes, feeling like his brain would implode if he was given one more bit of stimulation; the combination of sensations in his cock and ass along with the blazing-hot sight of his brother getting double fucked already driving him wild with lust.

Suddenly Terry and Danny stopped thrusting, the room momentarily silent aside from the sound of the vibrator lodged firmly inside Jeff and the slurping produced by his still-sucking mouth. Confused, it took Steve a moment to realize the reason for the sudden stillness was that someone was knocking on the door to the room.

A moment later the door opened and Robinson hesitantly poked his head into the room, the rest of his uniform-clad body following a moment later as he displayed his usual poise despite the bizarre scene before him.

"I'm so sorry to disturb you, gentlemen, but I've just received word that the young man you'd taken an interest in earlier is now available. That is, if you both are still interested?" Robinson's tone was quietly inquisitive, his manner that of the impeccable manservant -- just as every Club host was meant to behave at all times, unless specifically instructed to act otherwise. His behavior did not in any way indicate that there was anything unusual in the sight of four naked men pressed tightly together in sexual intercourse while two more men looked on from the side.

It took Steve a moment to remember what Robinson was talking about, the strenuous activities of the night having erased any thoughts he had had about the young blond boy he and Jeff had seen earlier. Looking down his sweat-soaked body at his brother's cock-stuffed face, Steve raised a questioning eyebrow -- did Jeff want to keep this session going, or was he still interested in ganging up on that hot little ass they'd both gotten such a brief look at?

Jeff, though no longer sucking, made no move to pull his mouth off of Steve's erection, essentially leaving the decision up to his younger brother. Although he was two years older and more commanding in everyday life, Jeff was the more subservient of the two when they were at the Club together. There was something about being naked, bruised and leaking other men's cum that made Jeff want to follow orders -- and it was a rare visit to the Club that didn't see Jeff beaten and gang-fucked, while he begged for more.

Steve thought about it, his sphincter tightening on the monster buried deep inside him, his cock twitching inside the hot, wet cavern of Jeff's mouth. Then he remembered something Jeff had said earlier. "Robinson, did the gentleman who made the offer say whether or not he'd be willing to have two men come and use the boy at the same time?" There, that would decide it -- if the answer was yes, then they'd both go and have some fun dominating a young man while another man looked on; and if the answer was no, then they'd finish what they'd started with their own abusers. Either way, they would stay together -- although it did sound hot, fucking in front of an audience, like when he and Jeff had first come to the Club and had been gang-banged while their own father had watched them from behind a one-way mirror.

"Yes, sir, inquiries were made, and the member in question said he had no objections, so long as he himself was in the room at all times," Robinson replied, his eyes respectfully meeting Steve's as he spoke, even as his exposed hard-on twitched and drooled pre-cum from the sights and smells permeating the room.

"All right, then. Guys, I'm afraid we're going to have to finish this later," he said, first turning his head around to look at Terry, who still had his thick ten inches buried deep up Steve's own ass, then looking around the room at all the other Club employees. Terry and Danny both immediately began to disengage from the two Talbot brothers, causing them both to groan deeply as they felt their respective assholes empty out; Jeff giving an extra whimper as the vibrator was removed before finally pulling his face free of Steve's purple, swollen sex-pole. "I'm afraid there's a piece of blond ass waiting for us, and you know how rude it is to keep a bottom waiting to get shafted."

"Don't worry -- you can make us pay for it later tonight," Jeff added, sitting up and flexing his just-released arms, rubbing his wrists and shifting his shoulders. "Or, if the little cunt wears us out, there's always the next time we're here -- we'll sort it out with the management and make sure you're all here to show your displeasure the next time my brother and I come in." A wave of laughter and cries of 'Damn right, we will!' greeted this announcement as the two Talbot brothers rose, wincing, off the bed and, limping, followed Robinson out of the room.

* * * *

Kevin Grayson had been engaged in continuous sexual bouts all night. A whore at the Gentlemen's Club on Rose street, it was rather to be expected that he should be on the receiving end of several men's lust, even on the same night. But tonight was a Thursday, a day when he had a single regular client who secured his services for the whole night -- and no man, no matter how sexually gifted, could go all night without pause. Even when the customer's ardor was increased by the perverse fact of being his whore's own father, as was the case with Kevin and his Thursday night regular, Jeremy Grayson.

But tonight the two were celebrating Kevin's first semester at collage, Grayson having surprised his son with the announcement that he would be sharing Kevin's ass with any other Club members who would be interested in fucking it. And quite a few Club members were very interested indeed.

A routine was quickly established, where first Grayson himself would fuck Kevin's ass until father and son both came -- Kevin into the air and onto both their sweaty torsos, Grayson into Kevin's tightly clutching ass-passage. Then Grayson would contact the customer support center via the intercom, a device which could be found somewhere in every room in the Club -- in this case the bedside table's top drawer -- and tell them that they were ready for a new visitor to come in and add to the lake of cum rapidly forming inside of Kevin. Then, once the stranger finished fucking Kevin and left the room, Grayson would kneel between Kevin's widespread thighs for a deep, probing taste of the mixture of manly fluids leaking out of Kevin's stretched anus before once again inserting his own excited Daddy-dick into Kevin's eager boycunt for another vigorous fuck.

Kevin had lost track of how many men had come, cum and gone during the course of the evening. But he knew that there had been quite a few of them -- enough to tire him to the point where he must have fallen asleep after his latest incest-fuck with his father.

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