tagIncest/TabooGeorge & Judy Jetson Ch. 2

George & Judy Jetson Ch. 2


George awoke to the warm sensation of lips slowly working on his dick. "Hmmm!" he moaned softly. Jane really knew how to wake him in the morning. And like he did many mornings, when she started their day like this, he lay back with his eyes closed.

George felt the way Jane worked his dick pass her throat muscles. That always made him swell even more. Then she lifted her head off his throbbing dick. The bed shifted and George felt the soft thighs on either side of his hips. Then Jane slowly settled down on him.

Damn! That dream he had last night was a doozie! The thought of fucking his young daughter still had him tingling. But of course he would never stoop so low as to fuck his own baby girl. Then his world was shattered when he heard her voice.

"Oh Daddy! I still can't believe how wildly you fucked me last night! No boy ever fucked me the way you did."

George's eyes flew open. It wasn't his loving wife Jane that sat astride his hard dick. It was Judy! And from her words, last night was not some wild sex dream. He actually fucked his own daughter.

George panicked! Pushing Judy off his lap he scrambled from the bed. "Judy! I didn't! We didn't! Don't tell me we! Oh boy!" George slumped back to the bed and held his head in his hands. He flinched when he felt Judy's hands slid over his shoulders. Then he felt her hot breath in his ear.

"Yes we did Daddy! And it was fantastic!"

George moaned. "Oh boy! Judy! We shouldn't have done that last night. You know it's not right!"

Judy crawled around him and slid to the floor. She knelt between his legs and looked up at him. "Yes it was Daddy! It never felt so right or so good with any of the boys I let fuck me."

Her words made him wince. Then he felt her touching his wet dick. George looked down and could see her crème all over his withered dick. Judy bent her head and captured the tip between her lips. Her hot mouth felt just like her mother's mouth did. George moaned as she began to slowly work her lips up and down, making him hard once more.

George remembered the way she moaned and cried out as he fucked her last night. Not even Jane made his dick feel so hard, so vibrant. And he remembered how long and hard he had fucked his sweet daughter. George's hand dropped to her head. He began to stroke her hair as her head bobbed up and down.

"Well we did do it last night! So I guess I can't stop you now?"

Judy was giving George the same kind of sucking that Jane often did. With her mouth holding him loosely, letting her saliva and his pre-cum mix and oozed down his shaft. His hand tightened in her hair.

"Alright Judy! If this is what you want, then take it!" George began to fuck up into her mouth. George felt the way his dick was throbbing. He pulled out of his daughter's sweet mouth. Judy had her eyes closed but her lips were covered with her saliva and his pre-cum. George grabbed her and kissed her hard. Then he pulled her back up on the bed.

Judy lay with her legs wide. Looking down at her, George was looking at a young Jane. When they first married and he would fuck her every day. They could never get enough of each other. And now he had his daughter. Young! Hot! And eager as the young were, he would fuck her the same way. Judy had been spying on her mother and father for a long time. She knew just what to say to excite him.

"Come on Daddy! My pussy is so empty! Fill it with that long fat dick! Fuck me till I cry."

George smiled. "So you been listening to me fuck your mom, huh? How?"

Judy opened her eyes and looked up at her father. She smiled. "Fill my pussy! I'll tell you while you fuck me!" Those were the same words Jane used before she would tell him things about her girlfriends. George sank his dick into his daughter slowly.

"Yes Daddy! Fuck me like you fuck mother! Do it slow, but push that sweet dick deep." George fucked Judy slowly, and she sighed each time he sank into her.

"Remember Elroy's 1st grade science project? The one with all the tiny spy cameras? Well when he dismantled it, I took two cameras and the receiver. I put one in your bedroom and the other in your bathroom. I've been watching you and mom for two years. I know that mom cleans every Tuesday and Saturday. So I sneak in and take them out till she's finished. I've been watching the two of you fuck and I get so hot! I lie in my bed and fuck this pussy wishing it were me you were fucking. Now it is! Fuck me Daddy! Fuck me like you fuck mother."

George shook his head. Then he bent his head and captured one of her small perky nipples in his mouth. Judy began to moan as her father sucked and bit he nipple.

"Oh Daddy! This is what you do to mom!"

George smiled at his baby! "Well you said fuck you like I fuck your mom!" He pulled out and turned her over. Pulling her up on her knees, George stood alongside the bed. Judy sighed as she felt his tip spread her pussy lips. Her father fucked her mom in this position a lot. Judy gritted her teeth knowing how hard he would ram it into her. But George surprised her. He fucked her slow and gentle. He pushed it in until she grunted from it.

"Do you really watch Neptuna fucking her dad?" George looked down at his daughter's smooth sleek back and the soft curves of her rounded ass, waiting for the answer.

Judy moaned. "Damn Daddy! It's going in so deep! Yes! He fucks her all the time. Would you like to fuck her too?"

The thought of Judy's nasty friend on his dick excited George, but he was no dummy. "No baby! If I fuck her, then her dad will want to fuck you. I don't want any other man fucking this pussy! From now on, you may fuck the young boys, but this pussy belongs to me!"

George fucked Judy slow. "But I do want to watch the two of you. Next time she comes over put one of the cameras in your room. Then I can watch you both. And you can fuck me when she leaves." Judy was soon bucking her ass back to his thrust. Making his dick push in even deeper.

"Can I still watch you and mother, Daddy?" The thought of his daughter watching the way him and his wife fucked excited him. It would be like Judy was they're waiting her turn. George fucked her faster.

"Yes baby! I want you to watch me fucking your mother. But we have to be very careful! She must never find out about this." Judy banged her ass back at him. She felt his balls slapping her cheeks. Damn! No boy ever went in so deep. Even her stomach hurt from his penetrations.

"No Daddy! Mother will never find out." Judy smiled. Just like Neptuna was fucking both her parents without them knowing about each other, she would fuck both her mother and father and keep them in the dark too. Judy closed her eyes and gave into the biggest climax she had experienced with Daddy so far. But the weekend just started and mother and Elroy wouldn't be home until Sunday night.

Judy heard her father grunt. Then she felt her pussy fill with his hot cum. Like he always did with his wife, George pulled out of Judy and turned her over. Judy scrambled to turn around. Then father and daughter glued their mouths to each other's organs and sucked each other clean.

Judy lay in her father's bed, crème still oozing from her open slit. George had gone to run some errands. Suddenly the videophone began to chime. Judy looked to see who it was. She made the screen input only. This way she could see them but they couldn't see her. Her code came up and she smiled. The only one with that code was Neptuna. And she only used it when she wanted Judy to watch as she was being fucked.

Judy smiled as she punched in her code. The picture on the screen cleared and Judy saw Neptuna. The girl was standing with just her tits showing. Then the screen pulled back. On her knees, with Neptuna fucking her from behind, was Mrs. Android. Judy smiled. Neptuna had told Judy how she had seduced her mom. And now, Neptuna was her mom's lover. And the girl controlled the short fat woman completely.

"Judy! I was hoping that you could come by. I think that mom could use a good double-fuck this morning. Say hello to Judy mom."

Mrs. Android turned her head. Judy had to laugh at the look of lust on the older woman's face. "Oh Neptuna! Fuck me! Please baby! Oh hello Judy! Don't you want to come by? I love licking your juicy pussy after you and Neptuna fuck."

Judy aimed the camera eyes to her own pussy. "Oh Mrs. Android! I've been fucking my pussy all morning thinking about your tongue. But I have to stay home with Daddy today! Mom and Elroy went on a camping trip. Daddy wants us to spend some time together. That's so 21st century! But I will be thinking about the next time I come by. I will make you beg me for it."

The girls talked for a few more minutes. During which time, Mrs. Android came loudly. Then the connection was broken. Judy took a shower then put on her sexiest outfit. She waited till George came back home.

"Daddy! Take me for a long drive. Maybe the moons of Keptaw!"

George frowned. "Ah honey! That trip takes at least two hours. And that lane is always dark and lonely."

Judy stood up and bent over. Her smooth white ass was exposed to his view. "I know Daddy! You can put the autopilot on and fuck me the whole way. Or I could just kneel and lick your dick. I know that you and mom used to do that."

George laughed. "Baby! You had better be careful. When your mother gets back, the first thing she's gonna want, is me shoving my dick up her hungry cunt!"

Judy laughed. "Don't worry Daddy! I know about the pills that you use, to keep your dick hard for hours. What do you think I have been putting in everything you've drunk since mom left?"

George laughed as he walked into his bedroom. Judy walked in behind him. "Show me where the camera is, Judy! I want to make sure that I put Jane in the right position so you can see real good."

Judy smiled as she got up on a chair and pointed out the camera. George walked up to her and began to stroke her thigh. Judy smiled as she opened her legs. "You're a very naughty girl, Judy! I will have to give you a good licking, as they used to say way back then."

They laughed as George picked her up and carried her to the bed. Laying her down, he did just that. But he stopped before she could cum, leaving Judy begging him to finish. He changed clothes in the auto-changer. Then they piled into the family rocket for the trip to Keptaw.

Judy waited until they had eased into the nearly deserted express lane. She knew that she had two full hours to enjoy Daddy without any interruption. George sat at the controls looking at the various dials. "Daddy?"

George turned at his daughter's voice. Sitting in the chair facing him, Judy had gotten naked. She sat with her legs wide open. George's eyes almost popped out of his skull. In her hand, Judy held a vibro-cock. And she was slowly working it in and out of her already wet pussy.

"This is what Mr. Android sees when he's fucking Neptuna. Do you like what you see too, Daddy?" George smiled at his daughter as he unbuttoned his pants.

Judy laughed at the look oon her father's face. "So what do you think of me Daddy?"

George laughed. "Honey! I think that if I were Mr. Android, I would rape your sweet pussy. And have Neptuna shoved her pussy in my mouth."

Judy laughed and took the vibro-cock from her pussy. "Really Daddy! Here I am trying to excite you and you're making jokes."

George stood up letting his pants fall to the floor. His dick stood straight out from his stomach. He walked up to Judy and guiding her head, slipped his dick into her mouth. "Oh baby! You excite me all right! That's it baby; take it in your mouth. Oh Judy! Yes baby! Suck it! Show Daddy how deep you can take it!"

Judy held her father's dick with one hand and worked her mouth back and forth. She looked up at her father as she slipped the vibro-cock in her pussy. George fucked her mouth slowly.

"Yes baby! Oh, but you suck my dick as sweet as Jane does!"

Judy felt so good when Daddy told her that she was as good at sucking his dick as her mother was. Judy slipped her mouth off his throbbing dick and stood up. She bent over the seat and pushed her ass out to her father.

"Fuck me Daddy! Tell me if I fuck as good as mom does too!"

George got behind his young daughter. Judy screamed and moaned the same way Jane did. And he made sure to tell her so. George loved the feel of her young pussy holding his dick tight as he fucked her. Judy was dressed and just sucking the rest of her crème from his dick as they pulled into the terminal. They enjoyed the sites and had lunch. Then George started them on the long ride home. Wanting to save himself for that night, he refused to fuck her while they rode home. But when they slid into his parking spot, they saw Jane's car waiting there.

George was nervous as he entered the house. But Jane greeted him like she always did. They made small talk and she told him that one of the leaders grew ill and the boys had to return home. Knowing that he had no chance to fuck Judy that night, George tried his best to keep his happy face in place. Later that night, when he joined Jane in bed, he hit the soundproof button.

Jane smiled at him. "George Jetson! Have you been watching those porno-vids again?" Jane lay back and her fingers pulled her pussy open. "You must have missed me terribly! You only do that when you expect to have me screaming my head off."

George pulled his wife to him. But his dick was thinking about his young daughter in her room.

Back in her room, Judy lay back on her bed. The vibro-cock she held worked slowly in and out of her pussy. "Oh Daddy! I wish that were me!" Her eyes were glued to the screen. But she looked at her mom not her father. Judy's eyes were staring directly at her mom's pussy.

"Oh yea, mom! Open that juicy pussy for Daddy! That's it! Let him push his dick in real deep. Oh I wish I were in there too. I'd be licking and sucking your juicy cunt." The thought of making love to her lovely mom, took Judy over the edge. After cumming, she lay there staring at her mother and father as they made love.

Jane sat astride her husband. She was slowly lowering her pussy down on George's dick. "Oh George! I love when you fuck me like this. Talk dirty to me too!"

George his eyes closed could feel the tightness of her pussy. He opened his eyes just as he was about to call Judy's name. Swallowing hard, he smiled at his wife. "Work your pussy Jane! I want your pussy soaking wet! Then I'm gonna suck it clean. And you're gonna suck all your juice off my cock! Now fuck my dick, you nasty bitch!" Jane smiled as her tempo increased.

George reached up and grabbed her nipples. He twisted hard. Jane screamed as George rammed his dick up into her. Suddenly, Jane was bouncing up and down, ramming George's dick as deep up into her pussy as she could ever take it.

"Fuck me George! Ram that cock up my hungry pussy! Oh you bastard! I'm gonna cum!"

George grabbed Jane and pulled her up until her cunt covered his mouth. George loved sucking her pussy as her crème drenched his throat. And Jane loved the way he sucked her so hard. Jane rolled off her husband face.

"Now George! Fuck me like a slut! Fuck your whore!"

Judy hadn't seen her mother talk like this ever. Nor had she ever witness them fucking this savagely. Her father grabbed her mother by the head. Judy's mouth fell open as she watched her father force his dick all the way into her mother's mouth. Jane gagged and choked.

"Take it you slut!" George loved when Jane let him fuck her like this. He made Jane choke and gag, then pulled his dick free. Pulling her around, he pulled her to her knees. "Since you can't take me all the way down your throat, I'm gonna give it to you so far up your pussy, you'll see the rings of Saturn!"

With that, George rammed her cunt savagely. Jane gasped as the sound of her mother's scream rang in the room. Good thing she had the sound turned way down. George pulled back and rammed her again.

"You'll be talking with a whisper tomorrow, you bitch! And you're pussy will remember my dick for a week." Jane was moaning and crying out. Each time George would ram her pussy. Judy heard her mom cry out.

"Yes George! Tear my pussy up! Fuck me! I'm your bitch! Make me your whore!" Suddenly she threw her head back and let go a blood-curdling scream. The look on George's face let Judy know that he had cum too.

They fell to the bed, and Judy listened as their soft moans and gasping breaths eased. Then the soft snoring of her father let her know they had fallen asleep. She lay back on her bed in shock.

"Damn! Mom was a real slut when she wanted to be. And Daddy would kill her if he ever fucked her like that. But it was so hot to watch. Judy worked her pussy until she too had cum hard. Then she hid her vibro-cock beneath her pillow and fell asleep. Only she had forgotten to turn off the screen to her mom's room.

When Jane walked in to wake her the next morning, she spied the screen hidden beneath the covers. The sight of her bedroom shocked her. Then she saw the tip of the vibro-cock sticking out from beneath the covers.

George had already left for work. And Elroy could get himself ready for school. Jane decided to have a good talk with her daughter, so she let her sleep. She left and the quiet whisper of the door sliding closed, didn't even wake the young girl.

When Judy opened her eyes, she looked at the ceiling and saw the time. She was about to jump up when her mom's hand stopped her. Turning, she saw her mother sitting on the side of her bed. The vibro-cock that Jane held stopped the words from escaping Judy's lips.

"How long have you been spying on your father and me?" Judy swallowed hard. Mom also held the screen in her lap.

"Mom I can explain! It was only a joke! I took one of the cameras from Elroy's science project and hid it in your room. I was gonna tell you but I forgot. Then when I started seeing the two of you making love I couldn't stop spying on you. Daddy looked like he was tearing you up and you loved it so! Oh mother! I'm sorry."

Judy began to cry real tears. She knew that she may get away with things with Daddy, but mother was another story. "So you watched us last night?" Judy noticed that her mother's voice was hoarse. So Daddy did give her a sore throat! Judy nodded her head slowly.

Jane looked at her daughter. The covers had come off and Judy lay there naked. Jane could see the dried crème on her daughter's thighs. "And you fucked yourself as you watched Daddy ramming his dick in me?"

Judy's eyes grew wide. "Mom! He looked like he was trying to atomize you! Is that why you have a sore throat?"

Jane smiled and swallowed. She was about to say something then the seriousness of the situation set in. "Well young lady, you have a choice, I can punish you by giving you a severe spanking. Or I can turn this over to your father and have him punish you."

Judy was about to say that she wanted her father to punish her. But then she thought about it. He would have to punish here with her mom watching. He would have no choice but to give it to her hard. Mom wasn't as strong as Daddy and would tire more easily. She looked down at the sheet on her bed. The stains of her cum could be seen all over it.

"I'll take your spanking mom. But please don't tell Daddy?" Jane looked at her daughter. She hadn't spanked Judy in ages. But it was long overdue. This was just too blatant a crime to let go. Jane pulled Judy over her lap.

Judy gasped at what her mom was about to do. "Oh mom! A hand spanking is so 20th century! I thought you would use the spanking helmet!"

The spanking helmet let your mind feel the spanking but you never had any marks on your body. No body ever physically spanked their children these days.

"Oh! You thought that you just had to submit to the helmet? Not for you young lady! You will get a 20th century old fashion spanking." Jane locked one of her legs over Judy's legs. She smiled as she thought of the spanking porno-vids she had seen.

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