tagInterracial LoveGetting a Life Ch. 02

Getting a Life Ch. 02


*Hey guys, thanks for the feedback, I really appreciate it. Got so many people I'd like to make a S/O to cuz of their support all this time, so I'll just dedicate a chapter to each dedicated reader. This one is to ARIESGIRL.*

P.S, some asked for clarifications on some things so here they are:

Chuka/Chukky- same person

Chuks- totally different from Chuka /Chukky* Olanna


Tai maintained a firm grip on his steering wheel as he looked ahead at the house he assumed the strange lady lived in and debated if he should go knock at the door or just drive home, after all he had already gotten his cereal.

Why had he even followed her in the first place? It was almost 1:00am, he shouldn't be out this late sitting in the driveway of a female he knew nothing of. He wasn't sure why he had chased after her, but that look of fear and bewilderment in her eyes just before she ran oFf had affected him more than he cared to accept. He usually didn't care about that, there were loads of crazy people in this country any ways, but her....there was just something about her that drew his interest and he didn't just mean her beauty.

Despite the cool facade he had displayed at the convenience store, he did find her disarmingly beautiful. He wasn't one to take interest in black women- he was no racist, but prior to today, he had pretty much been indifferent towards them, this one though, was breath-taking. Her skin was a rich dark tone, reminding him of coffee beans, her eyes were dark and expressive with a feline slant to them, they were framed by thick lashes, she had a cute little button nose, her lips were a light shade of pink- contrasting beautifully with her dark skin, they were full and pouty and he wouldn't deny he had envisioned kissing them during their exchange just to confirm if they were as soft and supple as they looked.

She had a petite frame like the women of his race, but she wasn't as thin, he had noticed how her breasts filled out the tank top she had on and the generous cleavage she had on display, and even in her Minnie Mouse pj's- which he found oddly cute, he could tell she possessed full hips as well.

In all sincerity, the whole scene at the store was quite unnecessary, he could have let her have the cereal, he had just thought to drop by the store on his way from a friend's place, it wasn't like he had gotten out of bed and driven all the way like she did, he could have waited till the morning for a re-stock and just returned then, but he wanted to keep her there while he checked her out. Her change in demeanor though, changed his train of thought.

He grabbed the box of Lucky Charms sitting in the passenger's seat and got out of the car, he walked up to her door and could have sworn she was talking to someone in there, though her voice was faint and he couldn't hear anyone else. He knocked softly and listened, he couldn't hear a sound, he repeated the action and waited, still nothing.

A small voice in his head told him to try one more time just when he turned to be on his way thinking she was in no mood for visitors. He obeyed it and knocked just a little louder this time.

"Who's there?" He heard a small voice ask.

Who's there? Tai thought. Truth was, he hadn't quite come up with a reply when she asked that question throughout his drive here- it was hard to think up much while trying to keep up with her driving, "Um...it's the guy from the convenience store, I don't know, you seem like you wanted the Lucky Charms so badly, I thought I should just bring it over, we could share..." The door flew open before he could finish his sentence.

"Come in." She spoke softly as she stepped aside.

He smiled, "Thank you."


Selly couldn't help the odd stare she was sending this guy's way. She was grateful he decided to share with her, but why? It didn't make any sense for one to just drive up to a stranger's house and offer to share a box of cereal with her, plus, he hadn't exactly been nice to her at the convenience store. She thought she should be wary of him, but he hadn't sent any negative vibes her way so far- well, apart from his following her.

"You know, it's not polite to stare." He spoke as he dropped his bowl of cereal on a nearby table, she assumed he was through.

"I wasn't staring." She lied diverting her eyes to some other object.

He chuckled, "Yes, you were just looking intensely." He replied, his voice dripping with sarcasm. She shot him a glare he didn't fail to take notice of, but thankfully, said nothing, "My name is Tai, any chance I will be getting yours before the morning comes?"

It was only now she noticed he had a slight accent making her wonder were in Asia he was from, "Selly."

"Is that the full name?"


He raised his brows, "Do I get the full name?" He asked when it seemed like she wasn't forthcoming with any information.

"Is Tai your full name?" She snapped.

What was up with her? She was so temperamental, "As a matter of fact, yes, it is. What? You thought my full name would be Tai-rese or Tai-ron, no wait, Tai-chi maybe?"

Selly frowned, okay, so maybe she was just a little too aggressive, "Selena." She grumbled.

"Excuse me? I didn't get that, could it be another witty comment?"

"It's Selena alright? My full name is Selena." She shouted.

He just sat there, unaffected by her raised voice, she knew only one other person who gave her that reaction when she raised her voice at him...she didn't want to remember, "You do know it's like two in the morning, right?"

Selena ignored his comment, what she really wanted to do was ask him to leave, he was making her really uncomfortable with those damned gorgeous eyes and roguish looks. Why the hell would Chuka want her to meet him? Was he so sick of her that he wanted to pass her off to another man? And even at that, couldn't he have just sent someone who looked more like Homer Simpson rather than her cartoon crush? She still wouldn't wrap her head around the fact that there actually was a living, breathing Samurai Jack.

Tai knew he had over-stayed his welcome, it was evident in her body language that she didn't enjoy his company anymore, it kind of saddened him. So why wasn't he standing up and saying Sayonara to the pretty black lady? Because that damn voice wouldn't leave his head and was pushing him to stay longer, "So who's he?" He began casually. He had no idea where that question came from, it just popped out...but he wasn't taking it back.

"Excuse me?" Selly shot, how dare he ask her such? He had no right.

"The man you're wasting away for, who is...or was, he?" He asked with a quirked brow.

Selena's gaze hardened, "You should leave." She replied as she stood and made her way to the door. In her head, she was cursing the shit out of Tai, and saving some for Chuka, oh he was going to get an ear-full once Tai was gone.

Tai smiled and got off the sofa, he walked to the door, taking his time out to ogle her curvy behind just a little, she had a perfect little butt, "Was he a loved one? Of course he was. Your boyfriend? Fiance maybe?" He asked standing behind her.

Now, he had crossed the line, "Listen, you..." The words got stuck in her throat as she turned around and discovered he was much closer than she had thought. She suddenly felt nervous, and some other feeling she refused to acknowledge.

Tai stepped closer, making her back away, her back hit the door and a devilish smile crept upon his lips, "You were saying?" He asked, he didn't care that he had only known this woman for a few hours, one thing was clear- he wanted her, he knew she was recovering from- or rather, wallowing in what must have been a serious relationship with another man, but it wouldn't be insensitive if he just got a little taste of what his predecessor had been enjoying

Selena felt his hand wrap around her waist, what the...? She was pulled flush against his body, she stared up at him, too shocked to speak, had he lost his mind?

"I'm going to kiss you now." He stated.

Before Selly could fully process those words, his lips came crashing down on hers, her eyes widened in shock, what the fuck was he doing? She tried to push him off, but he wouldn't budge, instead, his hand palmed her butt. She gasped and without missing a beat, his tongue shot into her mouth. A tremor passed through Selly at the contact of his tongue in her mouth and she released a needy moan. Damn, it had been so long since she had been kissed, and Tai was so good, he tasted of the Lucky Charms they had just had and something else...mint? Every flick of his tongue made her tremble with desire, she found herself returning his passionate kiss as her tongue duelled with his, his other hand grabbed the ass cheek that hadn't been touched and fondled her behind making her whimper, she felt a dull throb begin in her pussy and her nipples harden, for the first time in months, she was sexually excited.

And then it occurred to her what exactly was going on, she was making out with a man she barely knew, but even worse, what if Chuka was somewhere around? With a strength she hadn't known she possessed, she pushed Tai away.

"How dare you?" She asked as she slapped him hard across his cheek. His hand came up to touched his slapped cheek, the heated desire that had filled his eyes only moments ago, now cleared, as he stared at her in shock, "Get out! Get out now!" She screamed.

His eyes toured her body lascivously one more time, lingering on her chest where her betraying nipples poked out of her shirt, "I guess I'll see you some other time than." He said with a smirk, he winked at her and opened the door, "Oh, and keep the cereal." He added just before he stepped out.

Selly banged the door shut. She dug her fingers in her hair, what had she been thinking? How could....why? Christ! What would Chuka say?

"He's nice." The very familiar deep voice broke the silence.

She turned to her fiance with blazing eyes, "What the hell Chukky?! You knew about him, didn't you?" She asked, her voice accusatory.

He shrugged, "Maybe. He's quite straightforward too." He continued.

"Why are you doing this Chukky?" She asked, her voice filled with despair, she didn't understand why he'd want to get rid of her, she had mourned him for months!

He sighed and approached her, "Because Selena, I want the best for you..."

"And you think he's the best? A man who's so brazen he kisses a woman he barely knows?"

He smiled as he looked down at her, "You liked it, didn't you?"

If she wasn't dark, she would have turned crimson at his accusation, "I...he...that's not the point Chukky!" She snapped as she glared at him, she didn't mean to flip like that, but the truth in those words angered her.

He maintained a warm smile like she hadn't just snapped at him, "What are you scared of Selly? It's been 7 months, you've had more than enough time to grieve, it's time to start living again, and that guy...Tai, he's who's best for you." He spoke softly, his eyes pleading with her to understand his motive.

"How do you know that? You're what's best for me." She insisted, her voice almost inaudible.

He reached for her and pulled her into his arms, he began patting her hair, "I'm not with you anymore my love, I'm not in this world, you have to move on. You know I would never let just anyone near you."

Selly held on to him, he was right, he wouldn't let just anyone come around her, she could tell, even if he failed to show it, that he wasn't enthusiastic about giving her up, but just maybe, this was what was best for her.


Tai stared at his work two hours after he had started it, it was completed. It wasn't what his normal characters looked like, but he felt his audience would be receptive to the idea and he could even attract more followers.

He had worked as an artist and writer for an Anime company for six years rising in the ranks to be one of the best in what was popularly known as Japanese Anime, he created all sorts, from kids animation to Anime porn, though he was more involved with the latter. His characters were usually Asian, in the last two years, he had tried to infuse some variety by including caucasian characters, his audience had received the change quite nicely, and he even had an increased following, but this was different.

Today, his work was a reflection of his fantasy- or fantasies, the last time he had fantasised so much about a woman was when he was fourteen, the object being his friend's mother. This time though, it was none other than the woman he had encountered two days ago- Selly, even her name got him worked up in all the nice ways, he wouldn't even say what thoughts of the kiss they shared did to his internal organs.

He was so smitten with her it bothered on obsession, all he could think of was her expressive eyes, her full, soft lips, the way her soft, feminine body molded against his when he kissed her, if he were a musician, he would've written songs to make the late great Frank Sinatra green with envy, being an artist though, he channelled his thoughts to other areas.

The drawing portrayed an Asian man with a black woman, who he had to admit, looking harder now, looked a lot like Selena, in various stages of love-making, he had to admit, it was his best work so far- or he just thought that because it was connected to him unlike past works.


Tai turned swiftly to find Dylan, his friend and co-worker a few feet behind him, staring at his work, "Hey." He said returning his eyes to the painting that had held his attention before Dylan's interruption.

"Hey to you too." Dylan replied as he approached his friend, "This is new." He commented on the work.

"Yes, I know that." He replied, he stared a little harder at it, suddenly doubting if it would sell, "You think the boss would like it?" He asked, seeking validation from someone else, he had never done that. Basically, he was an arrogant jerk as far as his works were concerned, he might as well have been Michel Angelo to the Japanese Anime industry in his view, he did what he liked and anyone who didn't approve of it could go skydiving without a parachute, this time though, this meant a little more than his ego.

Hence, Dylan's silence, Tai had to turn to him to confirm that he truly had spoken to him before the blonde, spiky-haired, blue-eyed man asked warily, "You were asking me?" He asked, his voice laden with disbelief.

"Except there's someone else in the room, I believe so." Tai replied.

Dylan raised his brows and chuckled, "Dude, have you been smoking some illegal shit?"

"Not that I'm aware of. Do you think the boss would like this? Or our audience?"

"Well, hell yeah! The shit's giving me a hard-on already, how the hell did you think up that sexy vixen?" Dylan asked, his eyes returning to the impressive painting. He always had thought of Tai as a bad-ass artist, but this just raised his cred two notches higher. He didn't think he could get any higher.

Tai restrained himself from looking lower to confirm if Dylan truly was having a boner, the comment about the female in the painting though made sure of that. He knew it was just a painting of her, but he couldn't help but feel jealous that another man found Selly sexy.

"I didn't think it up." He replied plainly.

Dylan creased his brows trying to figure out that comment, "So you're saying...that shit is real? Like, there's actually a woman who looks like that?" He asked his voice filled with disbelief.

Well, not exactly, he thought, most of it really was what he thought she looked like beneath her clothes, the rest was confirmed.

"Dude, you gotta hook me up..." Dylan stopped speaking when Tai's eyes narrowed in on him and basically dared him to keep talking, his eyes widened in realisation, "You like her?"

Tai was silent, he just returned to staring at his work.

"Dude, I would've figured you for a lot of things, but a mocha-lover? I thought you were stuck on the Asian honeys? What happened to not ruining the gene pool and all that shit you preached?" Dylan asked.

Tai again, ignored his friend, yes, he had said those things, and he had been adamant on dating strictly East Asians, but that was before he met Selena, all that shit went out the window and into the garbage once he tasted her lips.

Dylan's hand came on his shoulder, "I must warn you my friend, if you're going to go after a black chic, you better have some balls on you, cos those ladies don't take shit from nobody, they're not like your Asian chics that bend over when you say so, they'll fight you tooth, nail, claws, and whatever other sharp objects they can come up with before they bend."

Tai smiled, he could imagine Selly fighting him, she would make a sexy little hell cat. Inwardly, he was hoping Dylan was right, he was itching to tame whatever sexy beast she turned out to be.

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