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Getting It Off My Chest Again


Getting it off my chest again

More rants from DirtyJoe

Yep it is me again, DirtyJoe. How have you all been? Well I have been pretty darn good lately but that doesn't mean I still don't have issues to discuss. This time I will be asking questions that I hope I get answers too.

Does anyone else find the United Nations a little messed up? I mean how do you give a former (ya sure he is!) terrorist, Omar Khadafi, the UN peace prize? And people like that fat fuck Michael Moore stir up shit about the US not conforming to UN policy. They should just get their heads out of their asses and take a real look. I am not going to say George Wbya is the best thing since sliced toast, personally I think every politician is a crook, whether they start out that way or not. I imagine when some new politicians throw their hat in the ring they do so with best intentions but once they get a taste of the ever so addicting power they become corrupted.

But back to the UN, if I was president of the good old USA I would have told them to hoop it too. I mean wasn't it only a few years ago when Reagan had to drop a bomb in old Omar's backyard to keep him in check? Sure the UN does good things like relief efforts and peace keeping but don't kid yourself, they all get their piece.

Speaking of piece, how many of you have been treated like a piece of meat? The thing I find entertaining is that when men get used for sex they seem to like it. If a woman gets used she feels dirty. Why is that? It is most guys' dream to be taken home from a bar have dirty sex then wake up to find no girl there but if it happens to a woman the next thing you know she is telling her friends about the prick that picked her up at the bar, where as the guy is bragging to his friends about the hot chick that didn't want a relationship the next day.

I know, I know ladies you are probably yelling at the screen saying that is a sexist comment but since when did it become against the law to be male? Who decided that little rule? Men and women are different period! Don't be feminizing me and I won't butch you. The women that really bother me are the ones that get mad at you for holding a fucking door open for them. Or think I am being a chauvinist because I use the word Ma'am sometimes. What ever happened to being polite? I still try to make sure I am walking on the side of the walk closest to the road to protect my woman from any traffic. Does that make me inconsiderate and old fashioned? Can't people just be grateful when someone is being genuine, and just carry on with their day?

How many of you out here in Lit land have been driving and been cut off? Now how many of you have been driving and cut someone else off? My bet is the same amount of people said yes to both questions. So why is it when someone cuts another person off by mistake that the person who gets cut off loses it most times. The proverbial finger snaps up along with a few colorful words. Why not just shrug your shoulders and take it for the mistake it was? Last time I checked none of us were perfect but then again I might be wrong.

Why is it when we get angry at someone and curse them out (if you ever get angry that is) we instantly go for the easy hurt words? For instance, you have a fight with someone who is a little heavier than you, what is the first name called "fat", "pig", "slob", "cow" or other words like them. Or say you are fighting with someone who is ethnically different from yourself, next thing you know out come the racial slurs. Even when people critique stories on this site it happens. Look at the Loving Wives category, every time someone makes up a story, and they are just that people STORIES!!, some person has to call the author "sick" or "wimp". Why not just say, "Hey your story was not my cup of tea." Better yet don't read the fucking category if it gets you so angry!

So there is a nice quick rant I needed to get off my chest. If you got any complaints about what I have to say then feel free but remember it is also my prerogative to send those complaints straight to the trash file. Ain't life grand!! And before you say it I know ain't isn't a word, it's just a saying, damn people...LOL take care DirtyJoe out!

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