Part 1

Her calf muscles twitched as he found the spot above her cunt. She gasped, shaking like a catatonic, then screamed out uninhibitedly as the onlookers wanked themselves in fascination. Cream appeared at the end of one or two dicks at this moment, only to be sucked off quickly by the young village women watching for just such a moment, to feed themselves with the hot sperm.

The giant's finger held her clitoris while he brought his huge greyed face towards her, breathing hotly upon her, dripping saliva from his awesome lips. Then the tongue began to come out, steaming it seemed, wetly, as the saliva dripped from it onto her slim opened body. He flicked his long tongue expertly across her shaking breasts.

"No," she cried, "No, no, no," but she meant yes. It was coming for her. The tongue felt grainy upon her as it massaged the cleft between her breasts and snaked around her belly button. Without delay it moved downwards towards the hot steaming slits of her cunt and arsehole. As it moved his nose rested briefly between her breasts and brushed the teats of her nipples, adding stimulation to stimulation. As the grains of his tongue arrived on her aching cunt and snaked deep into her vagina, she began to feel that every part of her body was glowing, aching with extreme sensitivity. Every touch made her pant. His tongue was very deep within her now and she could feel it moving about in the recesses of her inner body. It was fucking her now, roughly massaging the oily walls of her vagina. The giant used it, like he might use his huge erection, to impale her, stabbing her at times gently, and at others more roughly, poking it into her rudest place. The friction of it caught her pussy lips, as it came and went, and his lips submerged them in his slurpy wetness, resting hard against her screaming clitoris, before pulling off and returning in repeated succession. She was being taken over. Her body was no longer her own. It moved with the tongue of the giant. The sensation of her cunt and her clitoris were no longer in her control. Nor did she need control because her orgasms were coming without conscious effort. She gave herself up to the giant's tongue and to the onlookers, furiously, shamelessly glorying in their own passions in the mass wank. Only her mouth was her own for a little while longer. With it she could scream and pant, let off the steam that the giant's tongue would not allow out of her cunt.

"Fuck me, fuck me, please!" she cried, whimpering over and over. "I'm coming, coming, I'm coming. Hard, hard, hard."

His eyes bored into her. She locked onto them as they moved with his head. They were scary strong blue eyes, inflated with an almost demonic madness, as they drank in the clefts and tender curves of her sweaty saliva covered body, fixed for a moment upon her shaking breasts, the next on her slim bending torso, the pretty stomach, the rounded curves of the flesh of her abdomen, and then on her screaming face, raked back in ecstatic near orgasm, her pretty neck and smooth healthy shoulders. She could see her own body reflected back in those eyes, more slender, more beautiful than she had ever seen it before.

Then the orgasm broke upon her, riveting her like an out of control animal. Her head flung back, mouth open in empty scream. Her eyes seemed to see nothing and yet everything. Her hips danced under his crushing weight impaling her upwards onto the giant animal that was his tongue. They were joined and she tried to fly upon it as it forced her down onto the stone. Heart beating wildly the flush was upon her. Her juices exploding like fireworks against the huge mouth, which opened to take the splash, and along the scaly tongue which deflowered her. Now the screams of ecstasy came in sound. High pitched and deep, grunting, and then the words, "Coming, fuck, fucking, come on me," breathlessly giving verse to her depravity, as they were fucked out of her.

Part 2

The girl was getting tired now. The giant had been on her now for over an hour. Periodically his thrusting became wild and agitated, all the observers around believing that he was on his final ecstasy, but each time it would persist for minutes at a time, appearing ready to explode his hot semen deep into the girl's depths. Then he would relax visibly and become unexpectedly gentle with the young woman, returning to a regular and softer rhythm, emitting lighter moans to encourage the girl. But she was exhausted now. Maybe she was feeling pain as the giant's large rod rubbed at the sides of her passage. Her muscles must be feeling the agony of continuous motion as she bent forward, legs and arms outstretched, her torso pierced by the large dark penis of the giant. Her eyes were reddened and tears poured from them. The look of ecstasy remained on the poor girl's face, but to all watchers it became obvious that she could not remain in this position for much longer. She moaned, but not all of it was ecstasy. The giant himself seemed to realise it as the abandoned thrusting of his latest arousal, deeper and longer than any of the others, came to an end. He was a good and kind giant, unlike the worst of his kind, who might, in the extremes of their passion ride a human woman to death before changing saddles.

With the return of his calm he called out to his cohorts for more women. Waiting below they were called up and came before him undressed, while he continued to rest his penis inside the exhausted girl, massaging the insides of her torso, only softly, with his huge penis. Five women came before him, some looking fearful, as he assumed they had never been selected for a giant's pleasure before. Others who had also looked fearful, although their eyes betrayed a fascination with the act they saw before them. Had any of them been with this particular giant before, he knew not.

One of the women was a young lady, perhaps in her early twenties of years. She had a slim long body, sleek and very beautiful. Her hair was black and long and she was of the local race, white skinned. She seemed to be one of those who seemed fascinated by the act she beheld. He believed she had been served to a giant before, and knew what it was like to feel the burning spear of a giant's passion deep between her legs and into her body. Like an addict she feared and yet wanted it. She had borne the giant's passion before, and once bitten could never again forget her experience. No normal love could ever again completely satisfy her, and yet what love, even the giant's lust, could ever satisfy. Changed, spoiled by her previous experience she came back to the burning flame, like a moth, to be burned again. The giant had seen the look in her eyes and the hunger, and he had seen the slim body. The body would take his penetration deep, like a scabbard, but the case was wide enough to take him without damage. She would do well. He beckoned to her and her eyes flickered in response. Suddenly she was no longer human. The craving which had lingered submerged in her skull now shone out unrestrained. She accepted her duty and would hold him well. Perhaps even, she would be blessed with the full spurting of his semen when the final moment came. Perhaps she would even give birth to one of the race of half giants, which a woman could bare.

He motioned to her and she wondered if he meant to take her from the front or behind. It had been from behind that last time, but she wondered whether she might now see the quivering ravages of his ecstasy for herself, as he pinned her down. But it was not to be. The giant motioned her to lean forward like the girl he presently occupied, stretched out with her torso upraised, offering her gateway to him. He held her down with one hand, as he felt her flesh and prepared for the exchange of mounts. For some time there were two vessels of passion beneath him. He called loudly, incoherently, and quickly his penis was unsheathed. The first mount went limp and cried out in relief and in ecstasy at the removal of her torturer.

Without delay his prick was ready for the new woman. Gently his hot glans poked at her cracks, finding their access. She used her hands to find the opening for him, and gently, lest he tear her apart his penis nuzzled into its new sheath, sliding slowly and with difficulty into the space which seemed not large enough. But she took her load, and it filled her body as if it belonged there, and she felt warm and right as she became a part of the giant. She was back where she belonged.

The other girl lay herself down where she had been held up before by the strength of the hardened penis. Like a doll she flopped onto the floor and lay moaning, her hand now embedded in her crotch, as if she could not bear to be suddenly bereft of the thing which had made her whole for so long. Gently she continued to wank herself even in her exhaustion, until she came, writhing suddenly again. The giant watched her, as he watched his new mount, with interest as she came down from his penetration. Knowing she must go now, or lie there forever until death, she slowly crawled, sore and pained, away from the giant, her body shaking all over with exhaustion and weakness, until she came to the arms of other women onlookers who would bathe and feed her, restoring her to human existence once more.

Part 3

The giant's rhythm increased to desperation as he punished her with his thrusts. He wheezed loudly, frightening the whole congregation. He was like a huge mechanical engine, which might well explode at any time. The dark haired girl was beautiful, serene white skin, but she was becoming a rag doll as his body heaved within her, threatening to tear her apart. Watchers felt concern for her, but she had survived the giant before.

Some male watchers gained inspiration from her helplessness, despite their hope that the giant would have mercy upon her soon. They imagined that it was they who were the giant penetrating the beautiful young woman. Several loads of semen were ejaculated at around the same moment, spilling onto the stone floor of the castle chamber. A flurry of naked village women ran over to the watchers, keeping well away from the reckless giant, who presented such a formidable danger to them all. The women took the limping penises into their mouths briefly to suck the last vestiges of semen into their mouths, and swallowed. Quickly they licked up, and began to remove themselves from the dangerous presence. The giant was watching. He obliged the young women to assist in this way whenever he needed the villagers to serve him. Slowing his movements, briefly distracted, he gave a speechless signal with one huge hand, pointing at the floor where small puddles of semen remained. Two of the women, last to remove themselves, flung themselves down on the floor, licking and eating the watchers' remaining slops. The giant groaned in pleasure as the naked women departed from the floor.

Within the next couple of years or so most of these young women would be given to him, which must have been a daunting prospect to them, although there was a part of most, perhaps all, of his sexual servers, which desired and anticipated the big day when they would be given to the monster, although they might well retire from it bloodied and sore, bruised and battered, bruised in spirit as well as in body. Some not yet considered mature enough for the giant by the elders would be very soon. There were enough volunteers among the women for the elders never to be obliged to send any women against their will. No one could actually remember the giant killing any girl in his mad attempts to gain sexual satisfaction, but there were some who had become unconscious for a time, broken limbs, and taken weeks, even months to fully recover. And yet many of those who succumbed to him came back for more, like the dark haired girl presently transfixed upon his vigorous rod.

She was special for him. Observers were sure that the huge beast recognised this girl. He had been inside her for longer than any in this current attempt to assuage the giant's huge sexual appetite. The elders of the village were worried for her. Knowing the particular pleasure the giant felt inside this one, which they could tell from his intense groans of pleasure, and the strength of the battering he gave her sweet slender body, they feared he might never let her go. The giant would not tire of this beauty, as it was obvious to all around that she was closer to achieving the final gushing of the giant's seed than any on this day of the giant's quest for erotic fulfilment.

The monster renewed his vigorous ploughing of the dark haired girl. Gasping with new arousal. The pace picked up and for the first time the girl gave vent to real screams, asking for mercy, replacing the erotically charged moans which she had earlier allowed herself to utter, perhaps in the hope that they would send the giant to its conclusion. Perhaps those earlier moans had been the traces of orgasm as they periodically, and at times repeatedly rocked the young woman. Now there was a strong fear in the girl's voice as the giant's deflowering exhausted her, and his arousal left the beast blind to the consequences of his rape. Her screams only seemed to multiply his arousal and the vigour of his assault. For a time the elders feared that she would die as the beast grew wilder, as wild as he had been.

Suddenly his pounding stopped, still. All that could be heard was the sobbing of the girl, and a scuffling, rustling sound, as more men came to their ejaculations at that very moment. Some village women braved the stone floor again to clear up the spillings and clean the ends of the watchers' penises with their tongues. The giant was still, and every single person in the tall room wondered whether this was the final moment for their master, the moment of his release. They all waited for confirmation, except for one watcher who lost control of his seed, and a middle aged woman, who had laid herself on the floor, in the semi darkness in front of a bench, to better rub her own privates under her village robe. She had hitched her skirt up, and was in the throes of her own orgasm.

Would the giant's face explode into a grimace and his eyes roll as he lost his senses, and would his gushing fill the dark haired beauty, and leak onto the floor to be licked up by the women of the village, as he removed his huge penis from the woman who had borne so much? Such had happened before at moments like this, after much effort on the part of the giant and his many servants. But there was something missing. There was no last cry of ecstacy or rage, of release, only silence. Had it happened or not? All were asking the question to themselves, and some whispered it to each other. Elders who had observed the giant master many times over the years began, tentatively, to shake their heads. But others, more optimistic, usually the younger observers, felt that the master must surely have achieved his desire, so strong had been the approach to this moment. The longer everyone waited the surer the optimistic ones became and smiles began to break out. The dark haired girl would be saved from further punishment and pain, and the master would become less dangerous, except to his enemies. And then, as the people exchanged sighs of relief, the master began to move, slowly this time. He slowly removed his huge penis, as a sword from its scabbard, from the vagina of the young object of his lust. He brought it out to its tip, so that its long, wide rod was clearly visible. No evident softening of his huge weapon had yet taken place. Then, before he withdrew the bulbous purple glans from the girl's passage, he plunged it in again, steadily, emitting a further cry, which sounded like both pain and ecstasy, from the poor exhausted girl.

"He hasn't finished," said one of the elders. Some close by agreed with him.

"We must act, to save the girl," said another. "She will not take much more, nor should she."

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