tagIllustratedGift from Outer Space Ch. 05

Gift from Outer Space Ch. 05


Welcome to Chapter 5 of "Gift." This story began with a pair of lesbian college students living mundane lives on present day Earth has now fully transformed into a sci-fi tale replete with space ships and aliens. I have enjoyed writing all of it, but I recognize the change in scenery may be disappointing for some that enjoyed the poignant, happy love between Nina and Renee as it was told in "A Union Consummated" and early chapters of "Gift." That love story aspect will return in time. The conclusion appears in Chapter 6 of "Gift."

It is only going to get more exotic and strange from here. This story, even the sex, will not make much sense to those that have not read the first chapters. So if you haven't done so already, please read from the start. The other chapters are all shorter than this one, and set firmly on Earth so less expository is required. Like this one, they include a lot of over-the-top dickgirl sex.

When you go back, please vote and leave your comments and critiques. Also a big thanks to meathead96 for editing my work.

Now we resume the tale. It's just a story, so have fun!


Captain Chester placed his chips on the table and smiled broadly. He leered openly at the two sex slaves sitting behind his opponent. They were naked, and their shapely, snow white bodies were adorned with sleek black markings that made their skin look like sporty bodysuits.

They gazed back at Chester seductively. It was almost too much for him.

"Jink old pal, sometimes even I get lucky," he said with a smooth low voice. He tossed his chips down on the table. "Read 'em and weep!" he laughed with a roar.

The women peered at the chips with surprise and confusion.

The wrinkled, diminutive old man named Jink sputtered with surprise. "How-how did you?"

"You know how to bluff, old man," Chester said. "But you lost this time, fair and square. It was just a matter of time before luck turned my way."

Jink was crestfallen, and his shoulders sagged.

"You wouldn't be considering reneging on the bet, would you?" Chester asked. He sat back in his chair, a hurt look showing through his hairy facial features.

"No, no, no, old friend," Jink trailed off. He made an effort to smile, and studied the chips one more time.

The chips didn't lie. Chester had a winning hand, the lucky bastard.

"Good!" Chester said, standing. "Well, I'll just have to take my spoils. Love to stay and chat, but," he lost his train of thought as the women stood up and he saw their heavenly bare hips and silky smooth mounds.

"Macy, Leifa," Jink said, indicating each with a gesture from his small, frail arm. "This Bearkin is your new master." Chester rubbed his paws together with glee. "For 180 cycles or so," Jink added. "Then he'll return here and bring you back to me. Now won't he?"

Chester nodded.

"Then you will be our master again?" Macy asked, hiding her emotions.

"Yes," Jink confirmed.

"It is agreed." Chester said with finality. He turned to the two women and did his best to gesture politely which way to his ship. They immediately began to walk, almost glide toward the air lock of his ship. "Now, there, uh, ladies, let's, uh," he mumbled, unable to form words as they gracefully walked by. He watched their flawless hips and pert buns as they preceded him onto his vessel. Both had the same sleek build and long legs. Both had the little gap between their inner thighs.


"Now, then, treat 'em right okay? I'm trusting you," Jink said as Chester turned to go.

"Of course! Don't worry, I'll bring 'em back in 180 cycles. Regular as clockwork."

"I know," Jink said with a nod. "Hey!" he called as Chester continued down the passage, "I need to tell you how to use the stripes and markings!"

"The what?"

"You gotta rub their markings a certain way. There's no manual for it, but each stripe does something different!"

Chester passed the far airlock and reached for the controls. He turned. "Jink my friend, it's time I leave. I'll just have to figure it out." He pressed a button and two massive doors blocked off his end of the passage.

Jink pressed a button on his side, closing his air lock's doors.

"Suit yourself, my friend!" Jink grumbled. "I hope they hog tie you and whip you like a mule!"


It had been 23 cycles since Chester pulled away from Katagree with both of Jink's Avashai on board. 23 cycles is equivalent to about 30 of our Earth days. For Chester, it had been time well spent. He grinned as he sat at the helm of his ship, the Amphitryon.

He turned on a viewscreen on his chair to see what his girls were up to. It displayed the bed in his stateroom.

They they were, in his bed. Leifa was on all fours getting the business from Macy, doggie-style. Macy was thrusting hard. Moans and drool were escaping Leifa's parted lips with each thrust.

Macy was not wearing a strap on. As an Avashai, she was endowed with a kind of retractable penis.

"Hi girls," he said.

"Oh, master!" they both gasped.

"Master, does it please you to watch us?" Macy asked huskily, continuing to thrust deeply into Leifa.

"What acts can we perform for you?" Leifa asked, her voice melodic and wholesome. "I've been a naughty--"

"Come join me in the helm," Chester interrupted.

"Yay! Coming, master!" came their replies.


Avashai were rarely available to any but the super rich members of the galactic order. For Chester, it was a once in a lifetime luxury experience. Avashai look like human females, but they are constructs, built by a mysterious alien race known as the Alhani. The Alhani are a race of vast intelligences housed in terrifying bioengineered dreadnoughts. Their shells are designed for survival in the most inhospitable, furnace-like gas worlds. The location of their home worlds were a carefully guarded secret.

Many millions of years ago, the Alhani developed biotechnology that transformed their race. Soon they became a breed of tough shelled flying saucers that were capable of inhabiting the crushing, windy extremes of high gravity worlds. For millions of years, their shells grew more complex and advanced as they grew more varied.

As time passed they encountered other races in space. Rather than conquer, they turned their efforts into harnessing the productivity of other races and civilizations. Alhani beings studied humanity and discovered man's sex drive. They set out to find a way to attract and satisfy it, in order to develop a product they could sell mankind. One example of their efforts were the different types of pleasure symbionts. Another was the class of sex slave known as Avashai. Like the symbionts, this creature was developed as a commodity to be sold to humans.

It was a product humans could not get enough of.

Alhani merchant barges took on payments for each Avashai in the form of massive quantities of rare and heavy elements. No common citizen could hope to buy an Avashai slave on his dynastic salary.

To Chester they were more than just slaves. He had grown quite fond of each of them. He would be sad to see them go. However, returning them was more than just a matter of personal honor. Jink was also a friend who had always treated him with respect. Not many folks in Sector 18 liked taking orders from a Bearkin.

Chester was a Bearkin. He had fur and his face and hands were decidedly bear-like. His race was developed to combine the physical strength of bears with the intellect of humans. It was one of the few surviving hybrid strands created by a mad scientist known as Dr. Marrow. A novel about him warning of his folly was circulated on human worlds, called "The Isle of Doctor Moreau."

Creating genetic cross-breeds didn't seem like folly to Chester, but he still had to deal with the stigma of being different. His Avashai slaves didn't seem to mind in the least, however.

Chester was from a well-off family-tribe that helped him win a commission in the armada. Once there, they also helped him win a coveted job as a ship's captain. He was enjoying some of the best years of his career. He commanded a warship capable of everything from seek and destroy missions against pirate vessels, to providing security and interdiction for high-value cargo.

Out in Sector 18, Captain Chester was the law.

However, Sector 18 only saw the occasional outlaw. They surfaced from time to time and then vanished into hiding. Chester spent most of his time alone on the ship. Four other crew members were on board, and they spent a great deal of their time in stasis. Robots performed the rest of the maintenance workload. Chester himself was left alone with the monotonous duty of passing from wormhole to wormhole, station to station.

When Chester received orders to pick up some natives on Earth's moon, he thought he would enjoy seeing Lieutenant Talon again. She was a fine specimen for a human, the kind he might like to have around someday. She on the other hand had no desire to consort with a Bearkin.

Her loss, he told himself.

He browsed through her officer profile on the ship's computer, displaying on the big screen her official photo and also a summary of reports she had submitted about pirate activity in her area.

The most recent report and one which caught his attention was about Loki. True, they had suspected he was hanging around Earth but he had not been involved in anything spectacular lately. He was certain that his arrest and subsequent escape had not even made the news.

He was reading the report in detail when the bell rang. He pressed a button to open the helm room door. "Where are my precious girls?" Chester asked with a clownish touch of carnival.

"Master!" they squealed in unison, jumping to either side of him. Leifa ("Lay-fah") nuzzled his furry neck and showered him with kisses. Leifa's face was very beautiful, with high cheekbones and sharply defined eyebrows, long dark eyelashes, and full, glossy lips. Two short little green pigtails sprouted from her otherwise bald head.

Macy was similar in appearance but instead of pigtails, she had a tiny ponytail that was black with a white shock running through it. Her eyes gave an impression of keen analytic intelligence. She unzipped his vest so that she could run her fingers through the fur on his chest.

"Master!" Macy intoned. "We're so wet! Do you want us to pleasure you?" Macy cooed with excitement, stroking his fur. She looked up at the big screen and saw the mug shot of Talon. "Does this female please you?" she asked.

"Uhh," Chester stammered.

"Do you have a fantasy? I do," Macy said, as her fingers deftly unfastened Chester's trousers and pulled them down around his ankles. She fondled his heavy nut sac and stroked his thick manhood.

"If you want, you should look at her face while we pleasure you, Master," Leifa cooed.

"Yes, please please let us!" Macy said, nuzzling Chester's crotch while sticking her ass high in the air.

Leifa slapped Macy's ass "Why are you going first?" she complained. "It's my turn!"

"Ooh! Spank me more!" Macy teased. Then with a smile she took Chester's hardening cock into her mouth.

Chester grinned wide as he felt Macy's warm, moist mouth close down around his dick. He had a mottled, chocolate brown colored, 8 inch member that was mostly black at the base. She pushed her face onto him, and his meat slid deep down her throat. As Macy's lips tightly encircled the root of his cock, Chester groaned and threw his head back.

Macy's throat contracted around his shaft and gripped him like a stroking pair of hands. She held him deep inside her throat, and stroked his shaft up and down with her deft throat muscles. All the while her lips remained tightly wrapped around the base of his cock, unmoving.

"Unnggh!" Chester sank back in his chair. He didn't even care to look at Talon's picture anymore. Macy and Leifa were his naughty little angels.

Leifa kissed Chester's face and snout. She flicked her tongue out at his bared teeth. Her tongue touched his, and he felt her saliva spread warmth into his mouth. It was a familiar sensation, one he knew would spread into his bloodstream and slowly fill his entire body. It gave a pleasant high, soothing and uplifting, and sweeping away his worries and cares. He welcomed it, extending his tongue to meet hers.

Avashai had fairly long tongues, and Leifa made use of hers now. She extended it down into his toothy maw, encircling his tongue. Her saliva ran down her tongue and into his mouth.

Avashai saliva is part amari, a powerful aphrodisiac for humans and creatures with human based DNA. It is rapidly absorbed through skin contact. Even though he was already raging hard and getting a wonderful deep-throat fuck from Macy, his cock was growing bigger and harder. Lewd urges filled his mind. He slurped at Leifa's tongue eagerly and pawed Macy's ass. He grabbed her heart shaped butt and ran his clawed fingertips across her sex.

In moments, Leifa's kissing had given Chester more than enough amari for the moment so she withdrew, letting him see what he was doing with his paws around Macy's sex.

He carefully inserted his first clawed digit into Macy's slit, then his middle digit. After a little teasing and small insertions, he felt enough of her juices on his paws that he pushed into her vulva. Once he had three digits inside, he began working them in and out.

Macy automatically matched her pace to Chester's blunt claws. She was enjoying Chester's thick, furry clawed digits and was beginning to gush juices all over his paw. She moaned over his cock, sending sweet vibrations through his shaft.

Chester felt Macy bring her throat's contractions into sync with his paws. He decided to go nice and easy, and Macy's throat squeezed him at the same tempo. For a moment he felt like he was in control, but then her long, wet tongue snaked out and slurped at his hairy nuts. She curled her tongue around them completely, bathing them in her saliva. The Avashai aphrodisiac seeped directly into his balls, and they began to ache with a need to release.

He relaxed, letting his paws drop to his sides. Her throat undulated rapidly along his shaft, and he groaned as he passed the point of no return. Without any warning he began to ejaculate, and he let out a growling roar in ecstasy as she milked the entire length of his cock and balls with her tongue, mouth, and throat.

Chester's whole body convulsed, so heavenly was the feeling of letting his cock spurt its load from inside Macy's hot mouth. He loved being sucked off and these Avashai knew exactly what they were doing. He felt like he was literally cumming buckets, but Macy just kept swallowing and sucking.

As he came, Macy's throat slowed its squeezing motions to a more moderate pace, gently urging more cum from him with gentle strokes and squeezes. She swallowed his entire load, not spilling a single drop. Then she pulled her mouth off and flashed him an elated smile.

She had been pouring on more amari the entire time, and it was keeping him raging hard. The aphrodisiac was good for stimulation, but it also granted stamina -- and lots of it.

It was Leifa's turn so she began biting Macy gently at her shoulder and throwing seductive glances at Chester. "Master, please take me. I'm yours and I've been waiting."

Macy moved out of her way and she straddled Chester's lap. She began to lower her pulsating pussy lips down around his throbbing crown.

He leaned back and groaned a deep growl as his hard cock pushed into her wet warmth. Her pussy began clenching around his dick, and a steady flow of her inner lubricants squelched out of her and ran down his cock and balls.

Chester reached up to Leifa's torso and began literally pawing her full 32 DD breasts. He wasn't at all worried about hurting her. Sometimes he wondered if he could beat her in a fight. Her Avashai skin was lined with a flexible molecular "cloth" that made her almost immune to punctures and slashes. She had strength and endurance, she could hold her breath, and she could take a lot of abuse without even sustaining a bruise.

In fact she liked it when he raked his blunt claws against her snow-white skin. If there was one constant about the innocent-faced, doe-eyed Leifa; it was that she was thrilled by rough play.

"Ohh, that's right, claw my titties," she gasped, driving harder down on Chester's manhood. "Maul me, you hairy beast!"

Chester grinned and batted her titties around with his open paws, then squeezed them, letting his blunt claws dig into her flesh.

She pushed his arms away and he let go, wondering if he did it too hard. She smiled and swung at his face as if to punch him and he barely caught her arm. "HARDER!!" Leifa yelled, her pussy clenching wetly around his shaft. "I'm your prey, don't let go! Don't let me escape!"

Chester raked his claws along Leifa's back and down her thighs. She moaned and rode him harder.

"Oh yes, harder! Take me down!!" she panted.

He brought his hand across her face in a punishing, open clawed right, and followed it with a left. She responded by squealing with excitement. She raised her fists to punch him and he intercepted her blows and then grabbed her neck, squeezing it tight. He dug his claws into her right breast with his other paw.

Leifa looked up and arched her back. Her hips bucked and she rode him faster. Her inner muscles gripped him tightly, and before he knew it he was already on the verge of cumming again.

He spurted a great jet of cum deep inside her tight cunt. She rocked slowly, screwing her mound down on Chester's lap. Her inner walls suctioned him deliciously, contracting and convulsing along his shaft. Her pussy was pressed hard against his pelvis until she could go no farther. Chester bucked into her and came some more. He released his tight claw grip on her neck.

"More, keep cumming," Leifa moaned as soon as she could talk. "I want all your cum inside of me. I can feel it." When several spurts of hot cum hit her inner walls just then, she purred and arched her back. The walls of her pussy just kept clenching and stroking his shaft.

Macy straddled the edge of Chester's thighs, and she reached down to stroke the lucky Captain's hairy nut sac. Her touch drew the aphrodisiac from his bloodstream into his scrotum, and helped his testes to generate more and more semen. "That's it," Macy said. "Keep cumming. Fill her up," she said, pressing her breasts against Leifa's back. Leifa turned her head to meet Macy's lips in a kiss.

"Keep cumming until I taste your cum," Macy added. Then she opened her mouth and extended a full eight inches of her tongue into Leifa's parted lips. Their tongues intertwined and their lips met in a deep, wet kiss.

Chester's cock convulsed and ejaculated until every last trace of Avashai sex serum was emptied out of his system. It took almost five minutes of non stop cumming, throughout which Leifa's inner walls trembled and squeezed and she bucked through her own orgasms. Macy fondled and caressed his balls, coaxing every last drop of cum. Finally the sexual rush was over, and his erection abated.

Leifa and Macy excused themselves to go shower up. Chester dozed off.

Life was good.


"Always toward absent lovers love's tide stronger flows." - Sextus Propertius

Nina made an acrobatic somersault through the bathroom door, then floated towards one of the toilets. She sat down to take a quick pee, and looked over at Renee.

Renee had been sitting alone in the bathroom for a while, and Nina was beginning to worry. Renee seemed peaceful enough, sitting with her feet in the Jacuzzi and playing with her big, erect cock.

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