Gina Ch. 03


Gina didn't put on her panties and her tits were still hanging out when we entered her house. She took a moment to unzip my jeans again when we had closed the door behind us, and she grasped my dick, which had gotten painfully hard again. She pulled me by my cock to her living room and pushed me down in her couch.

"Would you like anything to drink?" she asked me.

"Sure," I replied. "I'll have whatever you're having."

Gina soon returned with two beers. She was now wearing just the skirt. She had discarded her bra and blouse while she got the beers, but had left her skirt on. I doubted she had put on her panties again, and I would soon find out I was right. I thought she looked very sexy topless in her black skirt. It seemed that she was fond of black skirts and white tops. She gave me one beer before she turned around and picked up the dvd lying on the table. While she picked up the dvd I lifted her skirt, confirming my suspicion about her panties. I let my hands caress her asscheeks. She had a big ass, but I thought it was the sexiest ass in the world.

"Oooh. I like it when you touch my butt. I think it's time for us to watch the movie I bought now. Not exactly dinner and a show, but I'm counting on getting you to bed anyway," she said with a wink.

"Well," I replied, "I'm certainly getting a show, and if I find that I need something to eat I can always eat your pussy again."

"We'll see," Gina said, shaking her big ass at my face before she went over to her TV and put the dvd in her newly bought dvd-player. "It was my day off today, so I got the dvd-player installed before I met you."

The movie started playing, and I noticed it was a German movie. At least I thought so. I couldn't translate the title, or understand what the actors were saying, but who cares about that when watching porn anyway? On the screen a woman around 35 was lying on the floor, fucking herself with a vibrator. She was at least as big as Gina, and I felt my dick jerk when I heard her moan something in German while the vibe went in and out of her wet pussy. Did I have a thing for big women? Or did I have a thing for older women? Maybe it was the combination? All I could say for sure was that I was horny as hell watching the movie, and I could tell Gina was horny too. She was absently fingering her pussy while she watched the movie, occasionally glancing at me. I was stroking my dick again now, and I felt uncomfortable having my clothes on while I jerked off. The zipper was gnawing at my balls. I got up of the couch and took off my jeans, socks and shirt. I sat down again, naked, and used the opportunity to seat myself closer to Gina. She smiled at me and reached over for my hard cock. I lost interest in the movie at that time and leaned over to kiss Gina. Our tongues wrestled for a while before she drew back. She looked at me with a wicked look in her eyes.

"Fuck my face," she told me.

I'd never heard anyone say that before, and wasn't quite sure what to do. Luckily she took the initiative and lowered her mouth on my cock. She started sucking me, licking the head before she lowered her mouth again as far as she could go without gagging. Occasionally she took her mouth completely off my dick and licked my balls. She even licked the area of skin below my balls, and I gasped in surprise every time she did. I never thought of that area as an erogenous area, but it felt amazing to have her lick.

After a while of her teasing me like this I grabbed her hair while she was on her way down my shaft again. I guided her head up and down my cock, not letting her mouth slide completely off it at any time.

Suddenly she put her hands down on the couch and pushed herself off my cock. I was afraid I'd done something wrong and let her off my cock, my heart racing. I was sure she would kick me out now.

"Fuck my face harder. I want your cock down my throat. Don't be gentle with me. Use me!"

I didn't know what to do for a second, but then I got control over myself, grabbed her hair and pushed her head down on my cock again. I used her hair as a handle and pushed her face as far down as it would go before pulling it up again, then pushing my cock down her throat again. She was actually moaning now. I could see her hand disappearing under her skirt and her tits swayed like two big pendulums.

After I had fucked her face hard for a few minutes her hand reappeared from under her skirt and she offered her wet fingers to my mouth. I hungrily licked her soaked fingers, lapping up the pussyjuice she had to offer. That's when I decided I had to fuck her pussy. I pulled her mouth off my dick and replaced it with my tongue, kissing her hard.

"I need to fuck your pussy now," I told her.

"Oh yes, please fuck me now," she replied. "I want your cock inside me."

We had both forgotten about the movie playing in the background, but I happened to glance at the movie and saw that the woman in the movie was riding some guy in a couch, facing him. I couldn't see much of the guy, just his thighs under the actress' ass, but from the sounds on the TV it seemed as if he enjoyed the treatment he got.

"I want to do it like that," I told Gina.

She turned her head against the TV and laughed. "Not exactly like that right now, honey. We can do that later. You said you wanted to fuck my pussy, remember?"

At that moment the guy the woman in the movie was riding put his hands on her asscheeks and spread them. I could see that his dick was firmly placed inside her asshole. "Shit!" I exclaimed.

"We'll be doing that a lot later, you and me," Gina said with a wicked grin. "But not right now. I want you in my pussy now. We can use the same position however." Gina faced me and straddled me, sinking her warm, wet pussy down on my hard cock. She had placed her knees on either side of me in her couch and her fingers locked themselves behind my neck. My cock was hard to begin with, but the prospect of soon-to-come analsex with this hot woman had made it hard as rock. I'd always been a fan of anal porn, but didn't think I would experience it myself this soon.

I grabbed her asscheeks, like the guy in the movie, and spread them, feeling Gina sink even further down my cock. Her right hand released its grip on my neck and slid down my left arm, lingering on my hand that was holding her right asscheek, before I lost track of it. It was still behind her back, but I couldn't feel it. Her eyes rolled backwards before she closed them, and I heard her sigh. I could only imagine what she was doing. I wished the Tv was replaced with a mirror. Well, her skirt would have concealed what she was doing anyway. After a while she opened her eyes again, grinning at me. I felt her hand on my balls now, and she was squeezing them. I felt I was about to cum and told her so.

"I want you to cum on my tits again," she said and got up from the couch. She placed herself between my legs and stroked my cock, pointing it towards her bare chest. On the TV the woman was humping up and down on the still-concealed guy she was fucking, but I was more interested in looking at Gina while she jerked me off. She was stroking my shaft towards her tits with her left hand when her right hand disappeared behind her back again, sliding up under her skirt. I tried to look over her shoulder at what she was doing, but couldn't see anything. When her eyes rolled back in her head again I couldn't keep my orgasm back any longer. I was shooting my sperm all over her tits again for the second time in an hour. Gina kept milking my cock until she was satisfied that she had gotten all my sperm out of me. She still had her right hand underneath her skirt and I could tell by her flexing biceps that her hand was moving under there. She kept it there while she used my cock to smear my cum all over her tits. She licked my cock clean after this, and I suddenly felt her body give a shudder. She smiled happily and her hand reappeared.

"That was nice," she said. "I think we can stop the movie now. We haven't seen much of it anyway, so we can watch it later. Now, let's go get something to eat. I know a great restaurant downtown."

"Aren't you going to take a shower first," I asked.

"No, actually I'm not. I like the idea of going out with your cum smeared all over my tits. I am going to change however. Do you think I should put on something that shows off a lot of my cumcovered cleavage?"

I swallowed hard and nodded. This was going to be an interesting trip downtown.

(to be continued...)

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