tagLoving WivesGirlfriend gets a Real Man

Girlfriend gets a Real Man


My long term girlfriend, Alison, and I were on vacation at a fancy resort. It was peak season, so the resort was busy, mostly with younger couples and groups out for a good time.

Because of this the pool area was usually very crowded, however one night the pool and hot tubs were completely empty when we went down. Enjoying a break from the crowds, we decided to hop into the hot tub and relax. After a few minutes in the hot tub, we heard the gate to the pool area open. In walked a younger man, who approached the hot tub.

"Mind if I join you?" he politely asked?

"Please do," smiled Alison.

"Thank you...nice to get down here when it isn't so busy," said the young man.

With that, he dropped his robe, revealing a very fit body, and I noticed Alison immediately began looking him up and down.

"I'm Vincent by the way," he said leaning forward to shake my hand.

"Dano, and this is Alison," I said as Alison stood up to shake his hand. When Alison stood up, she revealed the skimpy bikini she was wearing, which was way to skimpy for a girl of her size, but Vincent didn't seem to mind, as I noticed his eyes looking towards Alison's large breasts.

The small talk continued, as we discussed the resort, local clubs, activities. After a few minutes, Vincent said he was getting warm, and pulled himself out of the hot tub, and sat on the ledge, with just his feet dangling in. Alison couldn't help but grin as she checked out his fit body.

"That is a good idea," Alison stated, " I am warm as well." She then pulled herself onto the hot tub ledge, once again revealing her skimpy bikini. Vincent couldn't help but stare for a moment, before catching himself, and attempting to make more small talk, although he was clearly distracted.

Just then, we heard the gate open again, this time it was a hotel staff member, who let us know the pool was closing in a couple minutes.

"Darn, I was enjoying the conversation," Vincent told us.

"No need to call it a night, why don't you join us in our room, for a few drinks," asked Alison.

"Sounds good to me, I will just run back to my room to shower and change. Hopefully my friends don't try to drag me out with them tonight," replied Vincent.

"No need to go back to your room Vincent, there are fresh robes, and showers down here. Why don't you guys rinse off in the pool locker room, and grab fresh robes. I will run up the room, and rinse off there," Alison suggested.

I told Alison and Vincent that I had my room key, so we could just go up after we showered.

Alison hopped out of the hot tub, as she walked away, we both had a good view of her from behind, her bikini barely covering her large round ass, and she slowly bent down to retrieve her rob, giving an even longer show. I could tell Vincent was enjoying the show, as he did not even try to hide the fact he was leering at her. Slowly she put on her robe, then turned to us, and said, "don't be long." As she walked away, she turned back and glanced at Vincent one more time.

"Well no sense in keeping her waiting," Vincent said to me, as he stood up, and made his way towards the change room. I followed, and we entered the shower area together. " I hope you don't mind me saying, but Alison is very sexy," Vincent told me.

"Thank you, I don't mind you saying that at all," I replied, as we both took our trunks off, and stepped into the showers. I couldn't help notice that Vincent was very well hung, and also was partially erect. He was discreetly trying to hide his erection, which I pretended not to notice. We both quickly showered and dried off, and I grabbed us each a robe. When I handed Vincent his, I casually looked down, and saw that he was no longer erect, but he clearly had a very large penis.

Vincent followed me, as I made the way back to our room. As we got there, Alison was just stepping out of the bathroom, her robe loosely tied around her waste, " can I grab you some wine?" She asked as she made her way to the kitchen of our suite, and pulled a bottle of white wine out of the fridge. "just make yourself at home, on the couch Vincent."

Vincent and I sat down, as Alison brought us each a glass of wine, then grabbed one for herself, before sitting down to join us. Her robe so loose, I was expecting it to fall open at any moment. We continued to make small talk, but eventually the conversation began to get more sexual.

Alison started to talk about how many sexy people we around the resort, especially, the pool area. "If I worked for Playboy or Playgirl, I would just come here, and hold an open casting call, I have never seen so many hot bodies in one place," mused Alison. "In fact, I wouldn't mind if the made the pool a nude pool. It would be interesting to see what some of the guys are packing," she giggled, "besides, it really isn't fair, even in a bathing suit, you can tell how big a girl's tits are, but the guys can keep it a secret."

Vincent smiled, and said he wouldn't hate that, especially if there were more women like Alison to show off for. Alison just smiled, and winked at him.

Then Alison made a suggestion, "why don't we play a game?" Vincent and I both nodded in agreement, that we were up for a game. "Here is the game," Alison continued, "its pretty simple. We flip a coin. If you guys call it right, I get naked, if I am right, you guys get naked, while I watch."

"SURE!" Vincent agreed, as Alison stood up and grabbed a coin off the table.

"Heads or tails?" she asked.

"Head," Vincent answered slyly.

Alison flipped the coin, it landed on the floor, and bounced around, before landing, tails up, "you know what the means," Alison cooed, "you first," she said, as she pointed at me. I stood up, and undid my robe, dropping it to the floor, revealing my very small, but erect penis. Alison smiled, then while she looked at it, then looked at Vincent, "now you know what you have to compete with. Time to drop the robe."

Vincent stood up, and slowly untied his robe, then pulled it open, and dropped it to the floor, revealing his massive, erect penis. He had shaved all of his pubic hair, which made it look even bigger.

Alison was clearly impressed, "oh my, its gorgeous. I just love a big cock!" As she moved her way towards both of us. "I want to compare them," she said she she grabbed my by my erect penis, and pulled it towards Vincent's big cock. She grabbed is cock as well, and pulled us close, so close that our cocks were almost touching, "his must be twice as big as yours," she gasped, as she stroked each of us. Then she let go of me, and put both hands on Vincent's genitals, and slowly stroked it. Then she pulled him close, and started licking the tip, before she inserted most of his cock in her both and began moved her mouth back and forth on it, while Vincent's body got tense, and he just moaned. I couldn't help but to start playing with myself, as I watched this.

Alison, then pulled back, and stood up, untying her robe, dropping it to the ground, showing her large, soft tits, and soft body to Vincent. He looked her up and down, eyes stopping on her smooth pussy, which was already dripping wet. She sat back on the couch, her legs spread wide, "I want you to fuck me, with that big cock Vincent."

Vincent didn't hesitate, and approached Alison, and grabbed her legs, and spread them ever further, and stuck his cock into her wet pussy. As soon as he got in side her, Alison gasped with pleasure, "Oh my god. Its so deep and so thick. Its so much bigger than I am used. It feels amazing." Vincent kept fucking her, Alison soft tits and belly jiggled and bounced around, as she moaned. The whole time she was getting fucked, she made eye contact with me, "its so big, ohhhh, I love getting fucked by a real man, he is so much bigger than you Dano, I just love it!"

All of this excitement was almost too much Vincent, and after just a couple minutes, he started shooting his load into Alison's pussy, which made her moan even louder and she came with him, as he filled her pussy. She reached forward, and grabbed his ass, holding him in her until ever last drop of cum entered her. He then pulled out, and leaned back, naked on the couch, while Alison looked at me and my hard cock, "no its your turn," she said as she looked at me.

I moved towards her, as she lay on her back, and stuck my cock inside her. She was so wet from her own juices, and Vincent's cum. that my cock kept slipping out as I fucked her. "Just rub your little cock against my clit then," she instructed, as she watched Vincent start to play with his soft cock. "His soft cock is even bigger than your erection," she told me, while moaning as I pleasured her cit with my cock. She rubbed her breasts and squeezed her nipples, while watching Vincent. I continues to play with her clit, occasionally sticking my cock in her cum-filled pussy.

Vincent was starting to get hard again, and Alison saw this, and called him over, "put that big dick in my mouth sweetie, I will get you hard again." Vincent did as he was told, and Alison started licking the tip, and the underside of the head of his penis, getting Vincent fully erect almost instantly. She then started playing with his balls, and stroking his penis. Before pulling it out, of her mouth to tell me to start jerking off, " I want you to cum in me too!"

I did as I was told and started stroking quickly, shooting my load into her already full pussy, before collapsing on the couch.

She moaned as I shot into her, and kept working on Vincent's cock, and before long he was about to cum again. "Fuck me again," she said to Vincent. He grabbed her legs and turned her to around, and inserted his cock into her full pussy, and he came almost instantly, Alison's pussy now completely overflowing with cum.

Vincent stood up, and was completely exhausted. "Wow, that was amazing. I had better get back to my room, before I pass out," he gasped.

"Thank you Alison said, as she looked at both of us, and watched Vincent get his robe on, and exit to the hallway.

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by Anonymous03/15/18

The boy friend finds out she has a big cock fetish, so if he marries her he will become cuckold to a big cock slut. Run whilst you can Dano.

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by Anonymous09/19/17

Why did she have to be an ugly fat fuck with no description?

The only description we got was "a girl her size" "big soft tits" and "belly and tits jiggled" and it sounds like she's just a rotting whale carcass. Work on this Bro

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