tagIncest/TabooGirlfriend's First Woman - My Cuz.

Girlfriend's First Woman - My Cuz.


Another absolutely true story. Tara's first time with a woman, and it's my gorgeous cousin Victoria. I don't really consider fucking Victoria to be incest, and anyway in Tara's culture they can marry first cousins...

It was my 33rd birthday. I had a bunch of guys coming to the studio to record some vocals on a garage record, and I'd told them that I had to finish at 7pm. My girlfriend Tara had something special lined up for me, and I didn't want to miss whatever it was.

At that time, my cousin Victoria was staying with us. She was working for a charity in London, and was sleeping in the spare room until she found something more permanent. She was chilling out in the bedroom with Tara as I finished the session with the boys in the studio.

Victoria was about four years older than me, 5'7", and was willowy slim with saucer sized pale blue eyes. She had soft sensual lips, and a light brown bob haircut. Quite a contrast to my hot little black girlfriend. Tara is 4'11", size eight with a dynamite body and naughty face. She had shoulder length braids and the best arse I have ever seen in my entire life.

I'd been working on getting Tara to try girls for a while, and although we'd done some foursomes together, she'd pretty much stuck to the guys. She had, however, started thinking of bisexuality in a fantasy sense so it was only a matter of time before curiosity got the better of her. Victoria and I had fucked a few times years before, and she was fully and openly bisexual.

The guys went quite a long way over time, and I didn't get them out of the studio until about 9pm. I was rather tense and irritable, as I felt that I'd worked far too much of my birthday for so little money – these youngsters are always short of cash. I poured a drink and headed up stairs to the bedroom.

Victoria was sitting on my futon next to Tara, and they were having a really good laugh. The lights were soft, and an ambient chillout CD was playing on the hi fi, I sat down on the bed, and Victoria kissed my cheek and handed me a mirror with several lines of cocaine already chopped out. "Happy birthday, cousin." She said. Tara leaned in and kissed my other cheek. I sniffed up two fat lines and sat back on the pillows.

Tara stood up, and went over to the hi fi. She turned the music up, and began to do a slow sexy dance on the futon. She'd previously been a lap dancer at one of the top clubs in London, and simply loved the attention she got when she was dancing or stripping. I lay back and watched her slowly winding her waist as the coke started to get to work.

I looked at Victoria, and said "Isn't she absolutely gorgeous?"

"Oh yes, " she replied, still looking at Tara. "I'm very flattered that I'm going to be her first." They'd already discussed it. Boing. Instant hard-on.

Tara looked at me seductively over her shoulder as began to slowly strip. Victoria and I watched, spellbound as the clothes came off one by one. I pulled Victoria to me, and looked into her eyes for a moment – then our lips met and we began kissing. As I said, we'd had sex several times before, and for some reason, perhaps that we were related and so a relationship was impossible, we'd always kissed and fucked with an uninhibited and deeply sexual passion like lovers.

Tara continued to dance as Victoria and I kissed each other slowly, eyes open and fixed on one another. Her hand then reached out and began to caress Tara's thighs as she danced. A look of complete lust came into her eyes, and her tongue pushed deeper into my mouth. She pulled back, and without taking her eyes off me said "She's absolutely gorgeous. I can't wait to lick her out." I nearly burst out of my trousers.

Tara turned to us, got down on her knees and undid my jeans, pulling them down to my knees and taking my cock in her hand. She stroked it very gently and touched herself with her other hand. So far she hadn't objected to anything that had been said, so it seemed obvious that they'd agreed all this whilst I was working down stairs. She slowly went down on me, and began softly sucking my cock whilst I continued making out with my cousin. It was all a bit much, and I had to stop Tara a couple of times because I thought was going to come – and this was a situation to be savoured.

Victoria was down to her knickers by this point, and she was visibly turned on. "You're really submissive, aren't you?" I said. I knew from earlier encounters that she liked to be spanked and dominated.

"I can be..." she replied.

"Suck my cock."

The girls switched positions, and for the first time that night I was kissing my girlfriend. I felt a magical feeling, like she was the most special thing in the world because she was doing something like this for me. Victoria pulled my jeans right off and got to work on my cock, moaning and grunting gently as she did so.

"Look at me." I told her. She flashed those huge blue eyes up to mine as her lips went up and down on my cock, and I gently pulled her hair. "Now look at Tara." She did as she was told, "Do you like watching her suck my cock?" I asked Tara. She said she did. I told her to tell Victoria.

"I love watching you suck his fucking big cock." She said breathlessly. I knew she meant it, and I also understood the mixed emotions she was feeling at the same time. I pulled her down the futon and onto her back, then lifted her knees so that I could fuck her. Victoria beat me to it, and within a second had her face in Tara's pussy. Tara's face was an absolute picture. She laughed out loud but clawed at the duvet. She kept saying "no", but made no effort to get away. I watched my cousin eating my girlfriend's pussy and remembered watching her with a previous girlfriend some twelve years before – also the girlfriend's first time with a woman, and my first time seeing two women together, the first time I'd fucked Victoria.

Victoria came up, licking her lips, and as she kissed me I pushed myself into Tara's soaking pussy and started to fuck her slowly and deeply. It was fucking heavenly. I alternated, kissing one then the other, as I enjoyed Tara's tight little body for what seemed like hours. Victoria was playing with Tara's tits, and periodically putting her head down to lick her clit, but for some reason Tara wouldn't kiss her on the mouth.

I've always enjoyed watching girls eat pussy, but for some reason watching them kiss is an even bigger turn on. Still, Tara didn't want to do it, and I was not going to push her – there was plenty of time yet.

Victoria kicked off her knickers, and spread her legs. I withdrew my cock from Tara and pushed into Victoria, feeling her squeeze me with her pussy and pull her knees up to my chest as I fucked her. Tara knelt beside us and began to gently tickle my arse with a moistened finger. She put her lips against my ear and asked in her sultry African accent "Did that turn you on, baby?". I told her that I loved seeing her with a woman.

Victoria looked up at me, and said "But I want to kiss her, Liam." I pounded her until she shook with an orgasm, as Tara fingered my arse and whispered nothings into my ear. I had to stop for five minutes. We all had some more cocaine, and Victoria started making some serious advances on Tara, who was shaking with excitement but couldn't quite bring herself to snog my cousin. I left them together and made us all a cup of tea, taking a moment to let my cock cool down from its hair trigger state.

After our tea, we noticed that it was 3am. I still hadn't come, and we all had to be at work in the morning, so the girls both went down on me to finish me off. Tara sucked my balls whilst Victoria sucked on my cock, neither using any hands. Tara started to make a really odd moaning sound, like she was being disturbed from a deep sleep, and then suddenly lunged at Victoria's face and began kissing her with awesome passion – fingers in the hair, moaning and curling her toes like a cat.

I stood up, and jerked myself off into their faces as I watched. I came loads – and I'm generally not a big comer – but the situation simply blew me away. They kept on making out for several minutes. I then spend the night cuddling between them, and enjoying a feeling of peace and security that I have only ever had when sleeping with two women.

Victoria stayed with us for another few weeks, sharing our bed, sometimes actively having sex with us and sometimes just watching – but Tara remained cool with it, as she understood that there was never a threat to our relationship. It made me love her all the more, and by the time Victoria left us, Tara was well on the way to loving women.

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