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Girls' Night Out


What follows is the script for a one-woman radio play. It is set in a very trendy night club with dinner, dancing and a cabaret show. It involves two women who are meeting in person for the first time with a view to testing the water to see if they could have a lesbian affair with each other. They are early so the club isn't filled to capacity so they can talk somewhat freely.

(samba music plays in the background)

(speaking to other woman)
Thanks for coming. I wasn't sure you'd be able to make it...

Please forgive me, I know I'm grinning like a fool but I can't help it. I really wanted to see you again... Wine? Yes, of course! I'm sorry!

(calling to the waitress)
Excuse me! Miss?

(lowering voice)
Could we have two glasses of wine, please?

Thank you.

(samba music plays in the background)

(speaking to other woman)
I'm really happy you could come...I think you look nice by the way...You look really great in red, it sets your colouring off. People tell that I look nice in red, too. They say...... Gee, you have a great smile! Did you know that? ....I bet people tell you that all the time...No, I'm not trying to embarrass you.

It's true!

I think you're beautiful.
No, please, I didn't mean to touch you like that! I know that this is a public place...

Please, please, don't leave. It won't happen again. No one's looking. We're just two women having a glass of wine, no one cares...please don't run off!

I haven't done this before either; but I really want to. So please, let's have our wine and get to know each other a bit more and we'll see how it goes from there. Okay?

Here's our waitress with the wine list...Excellent! Thank you! May we have the 2002 Château de Chamboureau, please? Is that alright with you? Great!

(speaking to the waitress)
Thank you.

(pause, then to other)
That wine reminds me of you. I thought it apt.

(pause, to the other)
Well, it's very rich, and well-rounded, yet supple, honeyed, fruity and dry; nicely finished. Incredibly fresh. It's a complex wine. It's like you.

(emphasis a smile; playfully)
You're welcome! But you know that I only speak the truth.

(pause, enquiringly)
How long have you been married? Does your husband know that you think about women sometimes? Is your husband....bla...umm...Is your husband an African-American like you?

You're not African-American?

(pause, excitedly)
You're both from Jamaica! Wow! That's exciting! I've always wanted to visit Jamaica! Why are you here? Work!

I had three boyfriends before I got married... all of them were white. I kinda wish sometimes...

...forget it.

Is it true what they say? I mean about... you know...are they that well ... you know...

(pause, shyly, softly)

(breathlessly, rushed)
The ones in your experience... is it true about them? I mean it doesn't have to be that way you know; but I was just curious. You always see it on porn videos, and so I was just wondering.

Yes, I watch a little porn...don't you? If you don't mind me saying though what they say about African-American women is true of you. You have a very beautiful body! Do you work out?... Great tits and ass....

You're right, some things just don't roll off the tongue. Is that a pun?

No, I read it somewhere...

You really do have a great smile... (in a whisper) and a pretty mouth. (pause) No, (voice coming up) no, I'm still with you. I was just thinking about your mouth...thinking about how I'd be touching it if we weren't here.

I'd stroke it with my finger to feel how soft and plush it is...and then I'd lean in and give you a kiss...a really gently one...

Have you ever kissed a rose?

I haven't, but I imagine you'd do it gently...I'd stroke and kiss your lips very gently...Yes, I'd kiss them worshipfully. Wow!


(rhumba music in background)

I can't get over your smile! (whispered) You're incredible!

Have you ever kissed a woman before?

Have you ever thought about it?

(pause, shy pleading whisper)
Have you been thinking about me?

(whisper, more confident)
... I think about you all the time.

(smile in voice, confident)
Why does that surprise you? You're incredible! I saw your photo thread on Literotica: The Wages of Cin. I thought that that was a very creative name, and then I saw the pictures. They were all so tastefully done. Very classy! I like black and white photographs. You should stick to that.

You know, I couldn't believe it when you responded to my e-mail...

(to the waitress)
Yes, we're staying for dinner and the show. Yes, yes we're ready to order.

(rhumba music in the background, ambient noise of cutlery on china dinner plates)

(to the other woman)
We'll have Creole shrimp and lobster bisque in a sourdough bread bowl as the appetizer?

(surprised delight in voice)
Of course! Please! Feel free to order for both of us!

(to both the other woman and the waitress)
I've never eaten here before, but the ratings have been good.

(faking stern voice to the waitress)
You heard the lady. She's recommending the almond crusted halibut and baked asparagus for herself and, for me, the fennel-stuffed roast chicken and creamed spinach.

(to the waitress, smile in voice)
Another bottle of wine? Certainly! We'll stay with the Château de Chamboureau. It should go well with the chicken. Thank you, very much!

(to the other woman)
Mmmm! Excellent choices! I knew that you were a woman after my own heart! You said that you wanted to go somewhere where we weren't well known so I thought of this place. But you know the food here. Have you been here before? Only once, with your husband?

Well, no worries, we're just two business associates having a nice dinner while we seal the deal.

I hear the show is good. Cherry Milk should be performing tonight. I hear that she's great! Did you see the show the night you came here? You actually met Ms. Milk! What was that like? I think that she's one of the sexiest women alive! Of course, she's nothing like you, but I don't see you getting into burlesque. (giggles) Would you?

Would you do a strip tease, just for me?

Don't worry, it's just me under the table.

I'm feeling you up with my foot.

I had to touch you.

Relax. No one can see us under the tablecloth.

Can you spread your legs for me, beautiful? I want to run my foot up your leg, along your thigh, and tickle your cunt. Did you leave your panties at home like I asked?

Oh, good girl, you did! That's so naughty!
Come on! Spread your legs for me. Good girl, oooooh, you're very wet! You've soaked my stockings! If we weren't here I'd make you suck my toes. Would you like that? What if I asked you to suck them right now?

No. I'm not into public humiliation either. You're right! It would be humiliating for both of us when they ask us to leave. Perhaps, in the car? On my front porch?

(Slow swell of background samba music)

(sway in chair induces slight sing-song voice, smile in voice)
The music is divine isn't it? I wish we could dance. Would you dance with me? No, I didn't mean here.

I meant at home after we make love. I'd like to hold your body against mine. Skin to skin. Feel your hard nipples grind against my flesh. Taste them! Roll them around with my tongue. Feel you kiss my neck. Feel your hands trail down my spine. Feel your fingers tease the crack of my ass.

(barely audible)

(more audible)
Mmmm. Fuck.

(heaving breathing for a moment)

Oh, fuck, my dear.

Your clit is hard, beautiful.
I want to suck your clit. Please, you slut, I want to bury my face between your thighs and eat you out.
(reassuring voice)
Oh, I'd be gentle my love, (breathing louder) but I bet you taste so good that I'd have a hard time controlling myself! Do you like feeling my toes in your cunt?

Why on earth would I stop? Don't you use the word cunt? How about bitch. How about, oh, maybe .... slut or toy or, well, lover? Lover.

(more long breaths)

You're going to cum?

Yes. I want you to cum for me. Right here, while we wait for our dinner. I want you to cum again while you look at Cherry Milk and then I'm going to take you home, strip you, my love and dance with you. Grind my pussy against your pussy. Fuck you in the ass.

Shhhhh. Don't fret, dear. My strap-on won't hurt. I've it done before. Had it done to me. The first time I got ass fucked was by a woman. You didn't know that, did you? It'll be like in those porn videos. Don't worry, baby, I know what you need.

Here's our waitress.

(with anticipation)
Look, the show's about to begin. In two hours, my love, we can be alone. Until then, spread your legs for me.

(ambient noise of emcee, applause, wolf whistles and rhumba music)

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