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Give and Take


Anastacia walked through the club, her body rocking to the beat. She turned her head this way and that, looking for someone. She wasn't sure who she was looking for, though. She went to the bar and ordered a drink, turning to watch the crowd. Since she was female and alone, men came up to her and tried to talk to her, to get her to dance, but she ignored them, as she was looking for some beautiful, sweet woman flesh tonight.

Her eyes roamed the crowded room, peering in between bodies to find more bodies. Across the room, she saw exactly the woman she wanted. The girl was sitting amongst a group but she didn't seem to fit in. She even had a drink in front of her, but didn't touch it. She seemed unhappy. Perfect.

The girl looked around and Anastacia met her eyes. She smiled at the girl and the girl smiled shyly back, a small blush coming to her cheeks. Anastacia nodded her head to the right, the girl looking that direct and after thinking about it for a moment, nodded. They met on the far side of the club from the thumping speakers, grabbing a small table for themselves. Anastacia looked her over now that she could get a better look at the girl.

She was shorter than Anastacia by about five inches and really cute. They had similar hair styles, both having dark hair with colored streaks, Anastacia having red streaks, her companion having purple streaks, with matching glasses, which made her just that much cuter.

"Thanks for coming over," Anastacia said, putting out her hand. "I'm Anastacia, but you can call me Ana."

"Hi, I'm Sarah. Thanks for the invite," Sarah said. "Everybody I'm with wanted me to come out with them to look for guys."

"You're here to find a guy," Anastacia said as she sipped her drink. Sarah shook her head. "I don't come to clubs to meet someone."

"Funny," Anastacia said with a grin. "Before, you said 'look for guys.' This time, you said 'meet someone.' Do you like girls, too?" Sarah looked away quickly, her cheeks flushing. When she looked back, she looked down at the table and nodded. "Hey, it's okay," Anastacia said, reaching across the small table to take Sarah's hand. Sarah didn't pull away. "Come on," Ana said, pulling gently on Sarah's hand. "Let's go somewhere quiet and get to know each other."

"I can't," Sarah said. "My friends..." "Are so drunk, they won't even know you're gone," Anastacia said. "Look. They already have you space filled." She pointed back to the group and Sarah saw that another girl had taken her space on the couch and nobody had even come to look for her.

"Let's go," Sarah said, her voice angry. Anastacia smiled, nodding her head.

They got up and walked out, holding each other's hand. They stepped out into the cool night air, both shivering and huddling close together against the chill. Without warning, Anastacia grabbed Sarah's arm and pulled her into an alley, her mouth cutting off Sarah's protests as Sarah was pushed up against the wall. Sarah gasped as Ana shoved her leg between Sarah's thighs, grinding herself against the girl.

"You taste so good," Ana said, pulling away from Sarah's gasping mouth. Sarah's hands were inside Anastasia's coat, feeling the large breasts through her cotton shirt, the cool air and their shared arousal making both girls' nipples hard. They pulled at each other, hands and tongues moving randomly. For several minutes, they teased each other, both excited and wanting to get out of the cold, but neither wanting to leave the alley. Finally, Sarah broke a tongue-tangling kiss.

"Come on," she said breathlessly. "My place isn't far from here and I need you, Ana. Please come with me." Anastacia smiled and nodded, taking Sarah's hand, letting Sarah lead the way. They huddled close as they walked, the trip made longer by the cold.

It was maybe twenty blocks to Sarah's apartment. By the time they got to Sarah's door, they had groped and kissed each other in the lobby and Anastacia had pressed Sarah against the wall of the elevator, just as she had in the alley, her mouth going to Sarah's throat, licking and sucking on it wildly. Sarah had to push Anastacia away when the doors opened, Anastacia following close behind her, pinning her to the door of her apartment and biting her neck from behind and wrapping her arms around Sarah's waist and pushing against her.

"Mmm," Anastacia moaned into Sarah's ear. "I can't wait to lick and taste you." Sarah almost dropped her keys when she heard those words. She fumbled and got the door open, the two of them staggering through the door, Anastacia kicking it closed behind them.

Sarah turned to face Anastacia and they wasted no time tearing at each other's clothes. They made it halfway to Sarah's bedroom, both wearing only their thongs at this point, before they fell to the floor, their mouths locked together, Anastacia on top of Sarah with her hand down the front of Sarah's black panties that had a skull and crossbones on the front. She pushed a finger into Sarah's panties, making Sarah moan, Anastacia owning Sarah's mouth with her own.

Sarah gasped and arched her back as Anastacia expertly found her inner trigger and rubbed it with her fingertip, pushing her thumb against Sarah's nub and plunging her tongue into Sarah's mouth, both of them groaning. Anastacia pulled her finger free of Sarah's wetness and brought it to her mouth, putting the whole thing between her lips and sucking it clean, planting her mouth on Sarah's, Sarah moaning at the slight taste of herself on Ana's tongue.

Ana pushed away from Sarah's wanting mouth and made her way down Sarah's body, licking and sucking her way down, placing herself between Sarah's thighs and wasted no time, pushing two fingers into Sarah's wetness again, catching Sarah's clit in her lips and sucking on it softly. Sarah arched her back and moaned loudly, digging one hand into Anastacia's hair and the other into the carpet.

Anastacia moaned as she caressed Sarah's clit with her tongue, her fingers moving quickly in and out of Sarah, Sarah's hips rising and falling with each thrust of the hand. Gathering a little of Sarah's juice with her thumb, Ana pushed that thumb against Sarah's anus, Sarah's body shaking, her moans growing louder. Ana locked her lips on Sarah's clit and forced her thumb into Sarah's asshole, pumping both hands and rocking her head back and forth, none of these motions happening at the same time.

It took only a few minutes of that before Sarah arched her back again, seemingly bending herself in half backwards, moaning loudly almost to the point of screaming, before her body collapsed back to the floor, her body trembling from the strength of her orgasm. Her panting was cut off as Anastacia crawled up her body and pressed her juice-covered lips to Sarah's, Sarah moaning weakly as she tasted herself, wrapping her arms around Anastacia.

Once Sarah had gotten her breath back, they made their way to the bedroom, hands and mouths moving over each other as they went. If you had been able to listen at the door, you would have heard a symphony of moans and groans, soft sighs and keening wails, the occasional sound of a hand hitting flesh, all mixed with the sound of bedsprings squeaking.

They held hands on their way to the shower, both of them leaning on each other due to their wobbly legs. Sarah turned on the water and they climbed inside. Anastacia rinsed her hair and playfully pulled Sarah under the spray with her, the two of them trading kisses and giggles.

After washing each other's hair, Anastacia grabbed the soap and washed Sarah's back while kissing her neck. Sarah turned in the soapy embrace and kissed Anastacia. The kissed each other hard, both of them twisting their tongues around each other's. They bit each other's lips, Anastacia biting hard enough on Sarah's lip to draw blood. Ana moaned and clamped her mouth on Sarah' slip and sucked hard on it, drawing the blood into her mouth, swallowing it gently. Sarah kissed Ana again, loving the lingering taste of her blood on Ana's tongue.

They broke the kiss and smiled at each other, Sarah taking the soap from her hand and slowly scrubbing down Ana's body, slowly lowering herself until she was kneeling and looking up at Anastacia.

Sarah took the bar of soap and began rubbing it against Ana's clit and hood, making Anastacia moan softly. Ana rocked her hips back and forth, her breath catching as Sarah rubbed the soap over her nub. With no warning, Sarah slipped two fingers into Ana's pussy, causing Anastacia to lean against the wall for support. Sarah raised herself up and took a large nipple into her mouth, Ana letting out a groan as he legs almost gave out.

Sarah soaped up her pinkie and pushed it into Ana's anus, three fingers penetrating Ana, the soft soap still rubbing up and down. Sarah took Ana's other nipple, which was pierced, into her mouth and flicked her tongue against the metal bar. Ana tossed her head back and cried out, feeling her body stiffen as her orgasm hit her like a truck.

After a moment, she sagged against the wall, Sarah pulling herself free and wrapping an arm around Ana's waist and lowering Ana to the floor of the tub, letting the water run over both of them. Anastacia regained her feet a few minutes later, the two of them helping each other up.

They turned off the water and stepped out of the shower, gently drying each other off. They walked to Sarah's bed and climbed in together, Ana snuggling up behind Sarah, both of them drifting off into a dozing sleep.


A few hours later, the sky still dark, Anastacia uncurled from Sarah, whispering to her lover that she would call, Sarah stirring only slightly. Anastacia smiled and kissed Sarah softly on the cheek. Finding Sarah's cell phone, Ana made herself a contact and put Sarah's number into her phone.

She made her way home, opening the door to her house, knowing that He was awake. He was almost always awake. And hungry. He was always hungry. She closed the door quietly and hung her coat on the coat rack. When she looked back into the room, He was standing there, His presence filling the room.

"You're late," He said, His clear, strong, baritone voice booming in the otherwise silent house.

"I'm sorry, Master," Anastacia said quietly, lowering her head. "She was so much fun and very skilled. She wore me out," she said with a small laugh. "She tasted so good, Master." She looked up as she spotted movement and he was next to her.

He looked into her eyes, his piercing blue eyes staring into her pale blue ones. He inhaled slowly, taking in her scent. She looked back at him, not moving her eyes. He kept his brown hair short and his matching goatee trimmed. His teeth, especially the outer incisors, gleamed bright white, even in the darkness of the house.

"Come, child," He said quietly, reaching out His hand to her. "I want to taste her in you."

Anastacia took His hand and followed Him obediently to the bedroom, where he carefully and gently undressed her, laying her down on the bed. Starting with the tips of her toes, He brushed his fingertips down the curve of the arches of her feet and over the ball of the ankle. He traced the outline of her calf muscles and along the inside of her knees, making her giggle softly.

Her legs shifted slightly and her giggle turned to a moan as His hands moved to the insides of her thighs, His soft touch starting to drive her mad with the need for a firmer touch. She could feel his breath on her skin, making her shiver, goose bumps forming almost everywhere. His tongue brushed over her clit, making her hips jerk slightly, His mouth moving up her body slowly, His tongue moving side to side, a small trail of saliva left behind.

He arrived at her throat and pressed his mouth to it just over the large thumping artery. He held himself over her body, the fabric of his clothes drifting softly over her already sensitive skin, making the ache inside her grow. He was waiting.

"Please, Master," she gasped, her arms going around His neck. "Take me. Please!"

She could hear a soft hiss from Him and then there was the piercing of her skin, His moaning echoing in her ear as she felt the release of blood into His mouth. The sharp, quick pain turned to a sublime pleasure as He sucked on her neck. She could feel His erection growing in his pants, the blood He took from her arousing him both emotionally and physically.

With His moving only as much as necessary, she undressed him as much as she could, not wanting to lose the touch of His mouth on her, but desiring what was to come even more. Her whole body throbbed in anticipation.

She spread her legs and wrapped them around Him, pulling Him to her. He aligned himself and suddenly thrust into her and completed the circuit.

Neither of them understood and Anastacia didn't care why, but when He took her blood and penetrated her at the same time, it seemed to ignore the pleasure center of her brain, her skin tingling like it was on fire, every nerve feeling like it was firing at once. Her back arched and she screamed, her entire body convulsing underneath him, held in check only by his incredible strength.

Torturous pleasure wracked her body, waves after waves of orgasm bouncing her body off the bed. She lost track of everything except the pleasure that rocketed around her nervous system over and over, never seeming to cease.

When her face had turned almost purple and she was on the verge of passing out, did He release his mouth from her throat, licking the wounds to seal them. Anastacia collapsed onto the bed, her whole body shuddering underneath him, only the white of her eyes visible, her lungs working desperately.

He held himself inside her, giving Himself an opportunity to taste the mixture of Anastacia and Sarah's blood. The flavor was intense, the two tangs close in texture, due to the fiery spirit of both women. They were different enough to leave a pleasant aftertaste in his mouth. Anastacia had been right about Sarah. Delicious.

He closed his eyes and savored the combined tastes. His erection throbbed inside her and his blood red seed filled her to almost overflowing, making her groan softly in her post-orgasmic bliss. When He finished, He removed Himself from her and pulled her blanket over her shivering body, placing a soft kiss on her cheek. That night, she dreamt of Sarah.

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