Giving Britney a Lift


"I think I'm starting to become a cum whore." Britney said and laughed while she stroked my cock. She managed to squeeze a couple of drops of cum out and lapped it up instantly. "God I wish we had a condom." Britney said. "That way I wouldn't need to do any sit ups to burn off all the calories from all that cum, you could've just fucked it all out of me!" Britney said sucking the head and I almost got an instant erection from that comment and the touch of her lips on my cock again. She went into the bathroom and I could hear her rinsing her mouth out. Britney came out wiping her face with a towel. She'd washed the remains of the cum off her face and now was towel drying her face.

I wanted to show her what she was missing buy showing I had stamina but the blow job must've only lasted about a minutes maybe two. But I didn't care. I got my dick sucked by Britney Spears and I came in her mouth! Plus what did it matter if I lasted long in her mouth or not? I wasn't going to get to fuck her any way.

I realized something. Even though we couldn't have sex and I'd already cum I could return the favour and go down on her and make her cum. I put my dick away and zipped up. Britney was laying on the bed, one leg stretched out and one leg bent at the knee. I lifted her skirt up. Her pubes was trimmed into a nice little patch and was dark shade of brown. (Obviously. Every fan knows that. She was a brunette on her first album and later dyed her hair blonde.)

My mouth watered at the sight of her wet slit. Guess the blow job turned her on as well. I went in between her legs, put her legs over my shoulders and spread her pussy lips apart. I first took in the smell of her sweet scent before starting to lick along her slit. Britney moaned with every touch. I pushed my tongue into her tight hole, obviously she had some small dicks in there for it to still feel tight around my tongue.

I spread her pussy lips apart with one hand and rubbed her clit with the other. I pushed my tongue deep into her cunt and licked along the left side of her and licking up, as that's where the G-spot is meant to be. I was obviously hitting the right buttons as Britney was squirming, moaning louder with every lick and gripping the back of my shirt with her toes with both feet.

"Ahhh! That's it! Faster! Faster! Ohhhhh........" Britney moaned as she came and she came hard. Her pussy clenched onto my tongue and finally let go when she squirted her juice into my mouth and she tasted unbelievable. Her pussy clenched onto my tongue instantly once she came and then unclenched as she squirted again. She had a sensitive pussy, which quivered and her hips bucked as I licked her. One of those sensitive cummers as I call them.

My dick was already getting hard and I decided I had to have her and that she probably felt the same way about me, at least I hope she did. So while her orgasm subsided I got onto my knees and pushed my big cock head into her tight cunt and if I hadn't known she had a husband I would've mistaken her for a virgin, that's how tight she was.

"Ohhhh!" Britney moaned as I started to thrust in and out of, forcing another inch in with every thrust. "Hold on! Wait! STOP!' Britney shouted as she came to realise that I had entered her most sacred hole and tried to push me back. "STOP! You don't have a condom!" I had planned in my head to just fuck her anyway even if she didn't want me to, but hearing her pleas, I did as she said.

"Sorry." I apologised. "It's just that... I really want to..."

"I know." Britney cut me off sitting up, holding me in her arms.

"And it's a stupid rubber that is stopping us." I was getting really frustrated.

"I know baby. I want you so bad as well. But I can't end up getting pregnant." An idea just popped into my head on how I could fuck her.

"Lie down Britney. Let me get another taste." Britney looked at me with a suspicious look, one eye slightly squinting and a mean look with her lips.

"You aren't going to try and rape me again are you?" She joked.

"Rape you!?"

"Yeah. I didn't consent to it, so it counts as rape." Just like that Britney won that little debate. Britney lay down and I started to lick up and down her already wet slit. I used a lot of saliva getting it really wet, her juices and my saliva started to drip down into her ass crack. I started to licked down to the little part that leads down to the ass and then pushed my tongue down.

"Ohh!" Britney yelped in surprised as I pushed my tongue at her tight anal opening. My saliva and her juices worked as a lubricant to push my tongue past her tight ring and into glorious, tight hole.

"Ughh! No one's ever licked my ass before!" Britney claimed, getting me even more turned on with the fact that my tongue is the first tongue to be in her tight butt. Britney lifted her legs up, put them together and held them in place, so her knees were pressed against her huge tits and she pushed her ass out, so she looked like she was being rolled up.

"Yeah! Lick my ass!" She moaned. I pushed down on the back of her thighs, pushing her ass up higher, while I penetrated her ass with my tongue. "Oh yeeeaaaah!" Britney moaned throwing her head back. "Ohmigod! I'm gonna cuuuuuuummmm!" She moaned as her orgasm hit and her cum flowed down acting as more lube for my tongue. As her orgasm started to subside she let go of her legs and dropped them down onto my shoulders. I started to make my way up to her mouth kissing her toned stomach, her beautiful tits and her neck before our lips meeting.

I dropped my weight down onto her with her legs still on my shoulders and she sucked on my tongue with passion making cute and desperate moaning sounds and I had to have her. I had already put the first part of my plan into play. I reached down and got a hold of my dick. I rubbed it all the way down her slit and once I could feel her wet ass hole I pushed gently.

"Hmpff!' Britney let out a startled cry and broke our kiss. Her ass hole was so wet I had already pushed the head of my cock in. The feeling of the warmth of her ass on my head was unbelievable, I had to have that feeling along the whole of my shaft.

"Wait." Britney said. "I've never taken it in the ass before!"

"It's my first time as well." I lied, knowing fully well that women are just like men when it comes to sex. They love being the first. Britney smiled.

"You sure you want to do this?" Britney said pressing her hand on my chest. "I mean it's anal sex! It'll be in my ass and it can get..."

"Yes. I know." I cut her off knowing exactly where she was headed off to. I hadn't plain out lied to her about her ass being my first. I had never actually entered a woman's ass without protection 'cause it could come out 'unclean' but it never had so why would it now?

"You've already made me cum so much, I guess it's, like my turn to make you cum again." Britney smiled and kissed me. "But please be gentle." I started to thrust forward pushing an inch in and then pulling back.

"Oh god!" Britney moaned her voice just above whisper. I pushed forward again "AHHH!" Britney screamed as I managed to force in an extra inch. "Oh mi God!" Britney moaned. I started thrusting the first 2 inches in and out of her ass, letting her sphincter get used to the thickness of my cock. I started thrusting those 2 inches in and out faster and faster until I was going as fast as I could.

"UH! UH! UH! UH! UH! UH!" Britney was screaming trying to keep up with every thrust until I slammed my hips forward forcing the whole length deep into the ass and she let out a very loud scream. "AAAARRRRRRGGGGHHH!!! SHIIIIIT!" Britney clenched her ass so tight and her hips bucked forward by instincts pulling away from my cock, but I pushed my hips forward not letting my dick leave the warmth of her tight ass.

I reached down to her pussy with one hand and I pushed it back towards me as I pushed my hips forward. With the arm that I had wrapped around her, with her body on it, I reached up and turned her head to face me and kissed her, locking her lips with mine to stop her loud screams.

"Huh, ha-huh, ha-huh...That hurt so much!" Britney panted, a couple of tears rolling down her face. I could've offered to stop but I didn't 'cause I was pretty sure she'd take up the offer.

"If you push back instead of clenching it won't hurt as much." I told her.

"O.K." Britney replied drying her eyes.

"You ready>"

"Mm-hmm." She had already taken what I said in. I could feel her tight ring loosen it's grip around my cock. I slowly pulled back, only leaving the head in her rectum, then I slowly pushed my dick back in trying to fit as much of my cock into her ass as possible deep into her bowels. Britney let out cute little moans. I started to thrust in and out of her shit hole slowly, keeping at the same pace. I figured if she could take it any faster she'd say so.

Her moans of pain were soon starting to sound like moans of pleasure so I quickened the pace with each thrust, building up a steady pace. "Uh yeah! I think I'm gonna cum!" Her first anal and she was going orgasm from it. "Cum with me! Cum in my ass Kash! Fuck me hard!" I did as she said I was pounding into her hard. "Faster! Faster! FASTER!" I started going faster instantly, building the speed up.

"OH GOD! OH GOD!" Britney screamed. I was going so fast I felt like I was going to explode any second, my dick ached to cum but I didn't feel anything in my balls, but I carried on hoping I'd cum with Britney.

"AH! AH AH AH... YESSSSS! OHMIGOD!" Britney screamed as her orgasm hit hard. Her ass hole was twitching, tightening and loosening it's grip and I could feel her cum on her thighs from when my balls slapped on to them. Her hips bucked furiously as her orgasm started to subside and I stopped my onslaught on her ass. Britney rolled onto her front, my dick slid out of her tight ass hole with a loud audible 'plop.' She lay there panting and gasping for air for a minute.

"I never... (gasp) knew taking it up the butt would feel so good!" Britney panted. "Hey! You didn't cum with me!" Britney realised once she got her breath back.

"Sorry!" I apologised. Britney gave me an angry, pouty look, squinting slightly.

"So... you think my feet look cute?" She said, a smile forming on her face. Britney arched her feet, pressing her toes and the balls of her feet against my chest.

"Yeah." I replied.

"You want to lick my feet?" I didn't answer her question, instead I reached at my chest and grabbed her foot. I stuck my tongue out and licked her heel, slowly running my tongue up her sole, gently sucking the ball that was just under her big toe, causing her to moan with pleasure. I opened my mouth and Britney put her big toe in. I locked my lips around her toe and sucked hard, circling my tongue around her toe. I held her foot with both hands for a better grip.

Britney reached down and grabbed hold of my cock, pressed it against her ass hole trying to gently ease it in. Her ass hole was so tight it wasn't giving way, so Britney gritted her teeth and forced it in. She then used her hips to force her tight sphincter down my shaft and then pushed herself up with the foot that still remained arched on my chest. She repeated this a couple of times while I carried on sucking her big toe. She got faster every time she slammed down and pushed herself up quite fast, pushing herself right off my cock. She pushed herself down, my cock pressed against her tight puckered hole, but she was so tight that my dick didn't go in and as she pushed herself closer to me, my dick slipped and sloshed up her wet cunt.

Britney carried on pushing herself up with her feet and pushing herself down with her hips as my dick rested along her slit. Her clit rubbed along the underside of my shaft every time she worked herself up and down.

I carried on sucking her toe and started to suck the next toe in line, circling my tongue around it, working my way on to the next one, gently biting the heads of her toes. Repeating the process on all of her toes. Britney pulled her foot away and I let go.

"Up." She motioned with her hand. "On your knees." I did as she said. "You want Britney to fuck you with her feet?" She asked knowing fully well that it turned me on even more when she used her own name, because it reminded me that I was fucking Britney Spears.

"Yeah." I replied to her question. Britney pushed my cock up with one foot, with my cock in between her two biggest toes for support and started to stroke the side of it with the toes of her other foot. My dick was hard but not rock hard, Britney rubbed along the side of my shaft up and down with her toes until she got my dick back to being rock hard and not needing the support of her other foot to hold my man meat up.

She then put her feet together and clamped my cock with both feet, so that my dick was the only thing between them. Her toes gripped the top of my shaft, while the balls of her feet under her toes clamped onto the underside of my cock. She started to move her feet back and fourth, rubbing her toes up and down my dick causing unbelievable sensations along my shaft with her warm, soft toes.

Britney pushed her upper body up and leaned back on her forearms and elbows which pushed her tits out and made them look even bigger than they already are. She watched her cute little feet jerking off my huge manhood, then smiled at me and showed her incredible flexibility by leaning back on her hands and pushing herself up. Her face was inches away from my cock. Britney watched her feet stroke my cock up and down, then pre-cum started to ooze out of my cock and she stuck her tongue out, licking the white goo off and swallowing the little amount of cum that she had managed to squeeze out of my cock with her feet.

She than reached forward and gently bit my cock head, giving me a playful look. Britney went on to envelope her delicate, soft lips around my cock head and sucked hard, trying to get any excess pre-cum out. I pulled out the clip that kept her hair up and let her hair down because I thought she looked even more beautiful with her hair out. She started to bob her head up and down half way down my cock while she still jerked the other half off with her feet.

"Mmm, mmm, mmm..." Britney moaned as she carried on sucking me off, her big toes pressed against her upper lips and my shaft, still trying to squeeze the cum out of my dick. She had gotten my dick very wet and I could hear the splashing sound of her saliva as it oozed out from between her toes. Her saliva was mixed with my pre-cum and it looked as if it was cum oozing out from in between her toes. Britney stopped sucking my dick and turned her head to face the side of her foot. She slowly circled her big toe nail with her tongue, taking in any saliva and pre-cum, going from one toe to the next. She sucked the heads of her toes, pushing her tongue in between her toes and I could feel her soft wet tongue against my skin every time she scooped her saliva and my pre-cum out from in between her toes. Britney licked her saliva off the top of her foot and ran her tongue down the side of her foot, to her ankle and sucked her ankle bone, keeping her eyes locked on mine. She did the same to her other foot but flicked the ankle bone with her tongue instead and ran her tongue back up her foot, along her toes, onto my cock head and wrapped her lips around my cock again, squeezing my dick harder than ever with her toes. I was amazed by her flexibility and I was convinced that she had no spine.

"Oh God!" I moaned as her mouth and feet continued double teaming my cock, but then Britney lost balance and her feet let go of my cock as she rocked forward, her legs falling on to the bed at either side of my legs and her head jerked forward and I felt my cock go to the back of her throat and an inch or two down her throat. Britney gagged slightly and pulled back instantly. I don't think she had planned to try and deep throat me and it happened from her losing balance.

Britney recovered very quickly, in a matter of second and started to stroke my member with her hands while she had the side of her face pressed against my thigh, watching her small hands work up and down my massive cock. She then held my dick with both hands, pressing my cock head against her chin, giving me a mischievous smile.

"Can I ride it?" She asked wrinkling her nose, as if she was asking to do something naughty. She didn't even wait for an answer, she straddled me straight away, pressing her huge tits down on to my chest. She reached back and got hold of my dick, pressed it against her wet ass hole and started to push it in. Her mouth opened in the 'O' shape as she forced my dick in deeper into her ass. I started to kiss her gorgeous face, kissing her chin, cheeks basically any where I could.

Britney had worked half of my cock in with her hand and then let go of my cock and started to work her ass up and down my cock, taking more in every time she came down. Her moans were already getting louder with every stroke. She slammed down on my cock so hard that she had force the whole thing into her ass and she froze, her eyes and mouth wide open with no sound coming out as she had taken the full length into her butt for the first time, I was deeper in Britney's ass than I had been and I doubted my dick was gonna come out clean this time around but I didn't care.

"Shit!" Britney finally broke the silence.

"You ok?" I asked kissing her cheek. She looked at me and smiled.

"Just getting use to the size." She said and kissed me. She started to work her hips up and down slowly, only letting a quarter of my cock leave the warmth of her anus each time. Slowly working up the pace with every stroke, going further up my cock each time until she was going half way up my cock.

"Aaarrrgghhhhh!" Britney screamed as she started to slam her hips all the way down and then back up again. Britney had her hands resting on my chest, I put my arms under her arms and reached up and held her shoulders, pulling her closer to me. Sucking on her bottom lip.

Britney was going too slow so I started to thrust in and out faster and she matched every thrust by pushing back, moaning louder in my mouth as I still had her bottom lip in my mouth.

"UH! UH! UH! UH! UH!" Britney screamed as I drilled into her with everything I had. Britney pushed her hand against my chest and I let her go. She sat up and started to ride my cock at a steady pace, going up and down. She had gotten use to having my fat prick in her ass and was starting to enjoy herself more now.

"Let's try a different position Kash." Britney smiled.

"What do you have in mind?"

"You just lie back and let me do all the work. But first, I need another taste of your cock!"

"You might not want to do..." Before I could finish Britney had already hopped off my cock and to my surprise my cock came out as clean as it went in. Damn this girl's cleaner than anything. Britney grabbed my cock with one hand, stuck her tongue out and slowly bought my cock to her tongue and gave a little giggle. She took the whole cock head in her mouth and started to bob her head up and down, sucking hard, savouring the taste.

Britney got onto her knees, her back turned to me and then straddled me. She reached back and positioned my cock flat on my stomach, vertically and then sat on my cock. The underside of my cock was in between her butt crack and she started to rub my cock up and down with her ass.

"You like that? Huh? You like it when Britney rubs your cock with her ass?"

"Yeah!" I moaned.

"You wanna be in Britney's tight ass again?"

"P-p-p-lease" I moaned my answer again. Britney slid her ass down onto my balls and my dick shot up straight, pressing against Britney's back. She slowly slid her ass up my shaft and once she got to the tip she positioned her anal opening on top of my cock and pushed her weight down impaling herself half way down on my rock hard cock. She started riding my cock instantly, taking more of my huge member with every stroke.

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