tagNonConsent/ReluctanceGiving Her What She Wanted

Giving Her What She Wanted


The elevator doors opened, and Beth stepped through them, onto the painted pavement of the underground parking garage. Though it was well lit, these things always made her nervous. She was a little claustrophobic, and always felt a slight panic whenever she was inside one. Her heels clicked on the pavement as she hurried across the aisle to where her car was parked; looking around herself for anything suspicious. As she unlocked her door, she climbed inside, shutting the door and locking it within a matter of a few seconds.

Starting the engine, she looked behind her and on either side, backed out and made her way down the ramp to the guards' gate. She swiped her ID badge and waited the few seconds for the bar to lift. Beth hated working late, she wanted nothing more than to go home, get naked, pour herself a drink and climb into bed. These hot summer nights made sleep difficult and played havoc with her libido. She loved sleeping naked, the feel of the smooth sheets gliding over her overly sensitive skin, teasing her hardened nipples.

As her mind drifted from one dirty and arousing thought to another, Beth found she was getting more and more horny. Driving along, the car's air conditioning glided across her warm skin, making her nipples harden even more. After twenty minutes of driving and fantasizing, her body was strung tighter than a harp string and her panties were soaked through. One hand left the steering wheel and began opening the buttons at the top of her blouse. First one, then two, then the third opened and her fingers teased between the lace of her bra cup and her warm skin. Beth rolled a hardened nipple between two fingers, pinching and pulling at the turgid nub.

"Oh FUCK I need to get laid!" she moaned, wishing she had a third hand to reach between her thighs. Or better yet, she wished there was a man in the passenger seat, so she could pull over onto a side road and screw him for the next few hours. If only she hadn't broken up with her boyfriend. She thought about calling him and inviting him over for a little late night, no strings attached sex, but she didn't think he'd come. That was why she had broken up with him, the sex, when there was sex, had been satisfying, but a little too vanilla.

Carl had been sweet and kind, nice to be with and romantic outside of the bedroom, but inside...that was another story. His sex drive was lower than hers was, and sex once a week was just not enough. Beth wanted more, wanted more than just the missionary position.

Lost in her own pleasure and her thoughts, Beth never noticed the car that had been following her since she pulled out of the parking garage. It had stayed behind her, keeping an equal distance until she pulled into her driveway. It drove past and turned the corner onto the next block. The driver waited until her kitchen light came on, then grabbed a duffle bag off the passenger seat, opened the drivers' door and stepped onto the pavement. He had turned off the overhead dome light so it didn't go on as he exited the car. Shutting the door softly, he made his way across the street to her back door.

Crouching to the right of the door, he watched as she poured herself a drink. The top half of her blouse hanging open and her bra cup was askew. Nasty slut, she had been playing with herself! Good, she was horny; this would be even more enjoyable!

She walked out of the kitchen and down the hall to her bedroom. He waited until the light went on, then, hurried to the front door. He knew it was unlocked, he knew her habits, he had been observing her for so long; she wouldn't lock the front door until she was ready for bed. That would be around ten.

Letting himself inside, he set his duffle bag on the floor, and used both hands to close the door, not making a single sound. He picked up the bag, and made his way down the hall to her bedroom. From the hall, he watched her stripping the clothes from her eager body. Those soft, ample curves were revealed one at a time, until she was wearing nothing but her thigh high stockings and a pair of black heels.

Those large round breasts were calling him like a drug, he wanted to latch onto those hard nipples and suckle like a child. He knew that always made her come. He liked to watch her come, he always did. When she thought she was alone, he would watch her. Whenever she would pull out a vibrator and get herself off, he always came too.

Those round hips and that succulent ass were aimed right at him, and he felt himself getting harder, wanting to rush into the room, grab hold of her hips and plunge himself deep inside her; but he had to wait, wait until the right time. Wait until she was almost asleep.

He moved next door, entering the spare bedroom. Setting his bag on the floor, he pulled out a pair of handcuffs, several length of nylon rope and two scarves. He checked for the key to the handcuffs, and placed that in the pocket of his jeans. The handcuffs, he hooked to a belt loop, and scarves and rope were wrapped together and knotted loosely. Then, he sat down to wait.

Twenty minutes later, she walked passed his position and down the hall to lock the front door. A minute passed, she came by him again, and into her bedroom. The light went off, and faintly, came the low hum of that vibrator. Smiling, he listened as several gasps and moans of pleasure reached his ears. He opened his fly, reaching inside for his painfully hard cock, and began stroking himself. Seven or eight times was all he managed, before exploding all over the carpet in front of him; then, just as he finished coming, a high pitched squeal met his ears, and she climaxed, riding that vibrator for all it was worth.

"Soon you'll be riding the real thing you horny slut!" he muttered, and wiped his hand, before stowing his half hard penis back inside his jeans. Then, he waited, waited for the drowsiness of orgasm to overtake her.

It didn't take long, and he made his move. Creeping into the hallway, he heard the soft, even breathing as she slept, curled on her side. He nudged the door open with his foot, and waited to see if she moved. Nothing. Stepping inside, he made his way to the bed, watching her. A wicked smile curled his lips, and he reached to his belt for the handcuffs.

With lightning fast movement, he snapped the cuffs around one wrist, the chain threaded through the slats in the headboard, and cuffed her other wrist. She was awake now, and yelled out in surprise. He smacked her hard against the side of her head, and used one of the scarves to gag her.

Her legs were free, and she kicked at him, trying to sit up enough to fight him off. But that only made him laugh. The other scarf covered her eyes, keeping her in the dark. He then grabbed at those flailing legs, tying first one then the other to each side of the footboard.

She way trying to cry out, any sounds muffled by the scarf across her mouth, and he laughed again. "Go ahead, scream," he said, "no one's going to hear you. Although when I fuck that willing cunt of yours it may get a little loud in here."

Beth started flailing again, twisting at the ropes and handcuffs, trying in vain to free herself.

"Knock it off," came the angry response, followed by a hard smack to her bared thigh. Just behave yourself and enjoy this, I know you want it just as much as I do."

She began screaming against the gag again, trying to pull her hands through the handcuffs, trying to free her legs.

"I said knock it off," came another smack, this time across one of her well rounded hips. "You must like a little punishment, huh? You're a kinky little whore, aren't you?"

She stopped moving, but he could hear her whimpering in the dark, and it turned him on even more. Her fear was getting him hard again, rock hard, and he knew he wouldn't last long at this pace.

Stripping off his clothes, he climbed up on the bed, centering himself between her spread thighs. In the darkness he could smell her cunt, could smell the sex in the room from her recent orgasm, and bent his head closer.

She was still wet, the dampness of her pussy glistening in the moonlight. "I heard you fucking yourself with that vibrator, but don't worry, you'll have the real thing between your legs soon enough. I'll make you scream honey, forget those little moans and cries I heard."

Beth was still whimpering, unable to believe this was happening to her. Who was this man, invading her home and her body? The scarf over her eyes was damp from her tears, but she was afraid to cry out, afraid to move; she did not want to feel the smack of his hand again. Why was he doing this to her?

Her mind was racing, trying to think of a way out of this, she had to get away from him, had to get free. But, those thoughts disappeared when this strangers tongue slid along the still sensitive lips of her pussy.

"Ooohhhhh," she moaned against the gag, her body going rigid.

"I told you that you wanted this."

Her mind didn't want this, but her body did. Her skin was screaming for this man's touch. She wanted him to continue the expert job his mouth was performing on her cunt; but she wanted him inside her body, wanted him to give her what that vibrator couldn't.

This stranger continued his work, lapping at her lips, driving his tongue inside her aching hole, battering her clit; until she was grinding her hips against his face, begging him for more.

God, she was a slut. He was getting even harder, his cock throbbing, precum leaking from his purple head; he ached to be inside her. No sooner had the thought passed, but he felt her climax beneath his tongue. He looked up to see her body spasm against her bonds, pulling her arms and legs taught.

"You horny bitch, you came so quickly for me, just like the slut you are."

Getting up on his knees, he centered himself between her thighs and slid inside her soaking pussy, thrusting deep inside her with one smooth stroke. She was so wet, so hot, her cunt gripped him like a glove, the muscles clamping around his cock, milking him. He heard her gasp against the gag again, pulling at her bonds even harder, trying to get loose. He wanted to free her, let her put her hands to use on his body, but he couldn't risk it, not yet.

Plunging deep inside of her, once, twice, fifteen times, he watched her writhe against her bonds, her ass grinding against the sheets. He could hear her muffled cries of pleasure, and just as he exploded inside of her, he heard her scream, muffled by the gag, as she came for the third time that night.

He collapsed on top of her, taking one of her hardened nipples into his mouth, rolling it around on his tongue. He suckled her, nipping the skin, biting her. She moaned again, feeling yet another orgasm begin to build within her. This man knew every one of her sweet spots, and was hitting them all. She tried to beg him to untie her, but her voice was nothing but a muffled noise, the gag still covering her mouth. So she offered her self silently, arching her back, offering her breasts, her body to him, begging him to take her.

He chuckled, nibbling harder on her nipple, his hand kneading her other breast. He heard the soft, almost sobbing sighs of pleasure from behind the gag, and began biting and sucking even harder, trying to make her come one more time.

She rewarded him with gasping little climax, her body shuddering, before collapsing backwards, completely limp.

With a smile, he reached up, pulling the blindfold from her face. She blinked several times, her eyes adjusting, but when they landed on his face. He watched her gasp, the gag still muffling her words. He pulled that off too, and heard her weak voice ask,


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