Giving My Little Sister a Massage


Oh God, what ever I was feeling - it was powerful.

And then, I heard this tiny knock on my door. It really surprised me and my heart was suddenly pounding.

I sat up and said, "Crissy?"

From beyond the door I heard, "I'm sorry Michael, I know it's late, but can I come in?"

I was a little scared, and for a second I didn't know what to do. I sat up and took a deep breath.

"Come in, it's okay."

Crissy gently opened the door.

My sister stood in the doorway and she looked really worried. I felt so concerned to see her like that.

I said, "I was just - uhhm, falling asleep..."

Crissy asked, "I'm sorry, should I go?

"It's okay, - c'mon in."

"Are you sure?"

"Please, it's okay."

My heart was still a little fast from the shock of Crissy knocking on my door. Plus, I was totally self-conscious about how emotional I was feeling.

Crissy stood in front of me, and she looked nervous and vulnerable. And actually, it may sound funny but - she looked so unbelievably cute in her t-shirt and little boy boxer shorts. The only light in the room was my tiny bedside lamp. It gave off this warm orange glow, it made everything seem soft and pretty.

Crissy spoke shyly, "Something's wrong - I feel - I don't know - so tense."

"I understand, it's okay."

"It's not too late?"

"No, here, c'mon and lie down next to me - I'll give you a back rub."

And my adorable little sister took a nervous step toward my bed. She looked so vulnerable and cute.

She quietly asked, "Are you sure it's okay?"

"I'm sure - it's fine, please - You know how much I love giving you back rubs - I really want to."

And then very cautiously, she got on the bed with me. At first I thought I should feel embarrassed. But she looked at me in such a desperate way, that it sort of melted my heart.

I smiled at her and said, "C'mon Crissy, lie on your tummy, and try and relax, just like always."

And she stretched herself out on my bed, and I sat there along side of her.

I whispered, "Just relax..."

I told her to stay still. Then I carefully climbed on and sat on her thighs, the way I always do whenever I gave her a back rub. I straddled her legs, with my knees on the bed.

Crissy wasn't looking at me, she was looking sideways toward my lamp, with her head on my pillow.

She had always seemed like such a tiny fragile little girl, but right then - especially after all her years of being on the swim team, she seemed strong and healthy.

I reached over and opened the drawer on the nightstand and pulled out that bottle of baby oil. My sister watched with her big eyes as I set it along side us on the bed spread.

I said, "Maybe we'll need this."

Crissy didn't say anything, she just lay there hugging my pillow.

I put my hands on her t-shirt, right on shoulders, and gave them a firm little squeeze, they felt so muscular and tight.

She whispered meekly, "I feel really tense."

"Just let me help, you tell me what you need me to do, okay?"

Crissy said, "I will, thank you."

And I leaned in and rubbed her back. I knew she was upset - and I wanted to be as helpful and gentle as I could.

Then, I pressed a spot low on her back she gasped, "Oh God - right there."

With my hands on top of her T-shirt, I could feel a tight knot just below the midpoint of her back. I pushed a little and Crissy shuddered.


"I'm sorry, I can totally feel that it's tight - I'll be gentle."

And I lifted up her shirt a little and put my hands on her bare skin of her lower back, her pale skin looked so beautiful. But I could feel her muscles were all bound up and tense. And I slowly worked at them with my fingers.

"Oh God, that's the spot, right there."

I said, "Wow Crissy, you are REALLY muscular from all your hard work on the swim team. And I can feel how stressed this one spot is."

At first, Crissy was in a little bit of pain. This tension was similar to what she had experienced before her swim meets. I thought about pouring a little bit of baby oil on her back, because it seemed to help her other times. But after hearing her tell me about how Elizabeth used it, I thought it might seem funny. I pressed into her strong back and I felt like I knew exactly what helped, and I kept rubbing with my fingers.

I asked, "Does this feel okay?"

"Yes - I need this, it's so tight."

"I don't wanna hurt you."

She replied nervously, "It's okay - I just need your help to - to feel - less - less tense."

"I can help. Just relax - this may take a few minutes."

"Thank you..."

And I just worked at it. And slowly it began to loosen up and I could tell my rubbing was starting to help. At the same time, it was obvious that Crissy was relaxing more.

As I pressed her back, she let out a breathy, "Oh God - that's it, right there."

And I kept at it. This small area of tension on her back probably took a half hour of work to get to soften up and relax. And in that time, Crissy positively melted into my bed.

As I rubbed, I felt a very real intimate connection to my beautiful little sister, and it made me feel so GOOD to be helpful. It was a relief to me to solve the tension that was all built up, especially after hearing her insecurities about her bottom.

I whispered, "Crissy, this area doesn't feel as tense anymore - does it feel better?"

"Oh my God- Yes, I feel wonderful."

"Good, lemme see if there's any other spots that need a little work."

And I moved my hands up under her t-shirt, up toward her shoulders. I rubbed a little area at the base of her neck, and I could feel her respond.

She whispered, "Oh God - that feels really good."

It was awkward trying to do anything with my hands pushed up under her tight t-shirt.

So I said, "I need to move your shirt up - okay?"

And she whispered, "Okay."

Then I pushed her t-shirt up all the way to her shoulders, Crissy helped by moving a little as I rolled it up near her neck. My God, it was a weird feeling, she wasn't wearing a bra, and it was so beautiful for me just to see the smooth pale skin of her strong back. And - I could see that her little breasts were pushed flat against my bed, I mean, the way she was lying on her tummy, her shirt didn't cover them anymore. I could see their smooth round outline of her breasts along the right and left side of her body.

I rubbed for a while and Crissy let out a soft, "Mmmmmm..."

The way her shirt was rolled along her neck, I could reach most of her shoulders. I had to scoot up a little and now I was sitting upright close to her bottom, right near her boxer shorts. It felt nice, it was comfortable and somehow - I don't know, gratifying.

I worked on her shoulders in silence. Crissy was so amazingly fit, and her shoulders were smooth firm and wide. For some reason, her upper back was really impressive to me, like I had never really noticed it before.

But it was hard to get my fingers in under her tight t-shirt around her wide shoulders. I felt awkward, and it must have been obvious to Crissy, because she reached around, and pulled the shirt a little higher, near her neck.

She asked, "Does that help?"

"A little bit, but I can really feel how tight your shoulder muscles are, they're really hard. Does this feel okay?"

"Oh God, I love it. It feels SO good."

"I need to reach up under your shirt a little more and maybe I can solve this."

Crissy asked, "Is my shirt in the way?"

"Uhhm, no - it's fine."

But it was obvious to both of us that the shirt was just too snug with both my hands underneath trying to work the tension out of her shoulders and neck.

Then Crissy calmly said, "Hold on Michael, this isn't working, just let me..."

And in an easy motion, she sat up a little onto her elbows and just took her t-shirt all the way off and let it set on the bed.

She let out an almost silent, "There, that's better..."

And it was better, it was amazingly comforting for me. Like she was so peaceful that she felt released enough to take her shirt off. At that point all she was wearing was her cute little-boy-boxers.

Right then, I just let myself put all my emotions into helping my beautiful sister feel better. I worked on her shoulders for a long time, and I could feel the tension melt away. And it was obvious that Crissy was in heaven.

Crissy said, "Oh my God - this is wonderful."

My massage on her strong shoulders seemed to go on for a long time, and every second was captivating. I truly loved helping her, and touching her back felt so fulfilling.

And finally, I realized that her strong shoulders were loosened up, and she seemed perfectly relaxed. And I felt my intensity and the firmness of my rubbing begin to change. I allowed the massage to become a slow and gentle caressing.

I let my hands move up to her neck and along her hair behind her ears. And then I tenderly moved my hands down over Crissy's beautiful and strong back.

Crissy whispered in a peaceful tone, "Mmmm, this is nice - I love it."

I said, "Earlier tonight, I was worried, I mean, you seemed so upset."

In a timid sad voice she said, "I was upset, I mean about talking with Elizabeth, and everything she told me on the phone."

I said, "Was that why you felt so tense."

"I think so, I mean, it was weird how excited she was. It was so upsetting for me when she told me about what she let her boyfriend do to her."

There was something so needy in her voice, it made me want to comfort her - so bad. It felt so strange that her friend would tell her such intimate details about having anal sex. I continued to rub her back and I tried to be as soothing as I could.

I said, "I could tell you were really shook-up. When she told you about what happened, did it scare you?"

My little sister replied, "I'm not sure, a little bit - I think. What upset me was that Elizabeth just seemed SO turned-on..."

It was strange to realize that her nervousness was all about listening to her friend explain about anal intercourse. But I could tell that Crissy needed to keep talking, and I encouraged her to tell me more.

"Please, go on."

I knew it helped Crissy to talk, and I kept on massaging her back, as gently as I could, and I waited for her to continue.

"Elizabeth said that she - was lying down on her bed - that she was on her tummy, and she - explained about how excited she was, and how much she loved it when her boyfriend finally pushed himself inside her."

I was shocked to hear my sister say what she said - but continued to gently rub her back, and I tried to sound calm and supportive, "How did that make you feel, hearing Elizabeth explain everything?"

My sister spoke calm but haltingly, "It made me - I don't know - all crazy feeling - I mean, she told me that she begged him to - well - to fuck her in the ass - Oh God - hearing her tell me that way too intense."

It was really weird to listen to my little sister say 'fuck' but I tried not react. I just kept massaging her back.

Then I asked, "What else did she tell you."

"She said that - she had a huge orgasm, and she just kept saying - over and over - how much she loved it."

We were both silent for a while, and I continued to peacefully caress her back.

Listening to my sister, even though she sounded calm, I realized how emotional it must have been for her to listen to her closest friend share such intimate details. My little sister is so vulnerable, and hearing something so intense must have really affected her deeply.

I felt such a deep need to try and soothe away any of her fears.

I broke the silence by asking, "Is there anything I can do?"

There was a long pause as I caressed her skin with my fingertips, and then Crissy whispered, "You could rub a little bit lower."

And I moved my hands down to the middle of her back.

"How's that?" I asked.


I gently moved my hands down, to just above the waistband of her boxers.

And she nervously whispered, "Please, lower."

I had been sitting on her thighs, right up close to her bottom for the almost the entire back rub, so I carefully moved down so I was sitting a little bit lower on her legs.

My little sister is so cute, and for me it was a loving turn-on to be SO incredibly intimate with her, and I had an erection, and it was pushing forward from under my baggy pajama bottoms.

Crissy had her head on the pillow and couldn't see me, but I felt nervous that if I wasn't careful she would feel my hard dick pressing agains the back of her legs, so I squirmed a little and tried to position the way I was sitting on her legs so she wouldn't feel my hard-on.

I asked, "How are you feeling, I mean, are you tense like you were?"

Crissy replied, "Oh my God no. I'm not tense at all. I'm completely LOVING this, every second of it, thank you - SO - much..."

And then I sort of caressed the area of bare skin all along Crissy's waist band, it was smooth and pale.

Crissy whispered, "Please Michael, keep going a little lower..."

I carefully pulled her boxer shorts down, just a little, until I could just see the very top of her bottom crack. I slowly caressed her smooth pale skin as tenderly and gently as I possibly could. It was wonderful.

Again, Crissy whispered, "Lower."

"Crissy, are you sure?"

In a desperate tone, she begged, "Pleeeeease, this feels SO good."

So I pulled her underwear down just a little more, with Crissy helping by lifting her butt up as I slowly moved the white boxers. Now, I could clearly see about half of her bottom. It was unbelievably lovely. It was deliciously smooth and pale. I felt myself becoming a little bit lost - and I just let myself drink in the profound devotion I felt for my little sister.

I was no longer massaging or pressing, my caressing motions were as delicate and soft as I could manage.

Crissy softly whispered, "Please, a little lower..."

Oh my God, it felt so wonderful to hear her say that.

I cautiously pulled at her underwear with both hands, and without any hesitation Crissy wiggled her bottom a little as I slid them down to about her mid thigh. Her perfect and plump round bottom was now completely uncovered for me to see - and to touch. this may sound funny, but immediate thought was that her bottom was incredibly CUTE.

I let my finger tips glide over the smooth skin. It was adorable.

Crissy let out a contented, "Mmmmmmm..."

The sight of Crissy's bare bottom, and the sensation of her smooth skin were magical. It was like my hands were capable of expressing emotion, like I was sending soothing feelings through my finger tips.

Then Crissy whispered, "Michael, I really need to thank you for - for telling me all those kind things - about my bottom."

I wanted to say something, but I just let out this little gasp, I couldn't help it, it sounded like a noise a little boy would make if he got a cold chill.

My sister must have heard the intense emotion in that little gasp.

Crissy went on, "It made me feel - SO good - to hear you tell me such nice things."

Then, I had to - I just had to - I put my hands on Crissy's white underwear still on her thighs.

I cautiously whispered, "I - I'm gunna pull these all the way off - okay?"

Crissy didn't say anything, but she gently lifted her legs a little so it was easier for me to slide them along her smooth muscular legs.

I had to crawl backwards so I was all the way at the foot of the bed to slide her boxer-shorts down to her feet. Crissy wiggled and helped as I slid them past her toes. And then I set them on the bed next to her feet.

Right then, I was looking at my beautiful little sister and she was completely naked. She was quiet, and seemed completely peaceful.

I sat for a second, without touching her at all. I just let myself drink in the image of my beautiful naked sister. Her relaxed pose on her belly was magical, she looked so lovely I thought my heart might break.

Then, I moved back towards her, as I moved forward she parted her legs, so now - instead of sitting on her legs, like I did during the massage, I was on my knees on the bed - in between her legs.

I was looking down with a beautiful view of her adorable plump bottom. I put both my hands on her smooth pale skin of her bottom. . I cautiously spread her butt cheeks apart, and my little sister let out a loving little gasp

Immediately, I was aware of her little bum-hole. I mean, I could see it - and it was - Oh God, I don't know how to say this - it was tiny and pink and beautiful - and it was unbelievably cute!

I wasn't rubbing or caressing her, I just held both firm cheeks of Crissy's bottom, wide and open, and I stared at her adorable little anus. Crissy didn't say anything or do anything to stop me. I remained frozen in a sort of electric bliss. It felt like my soul would explode with happiness.

I felt so bold, I mean, I was gently holding her graceful butt cheeks apart - just to stare. And Crissy obviously felt me spreading her soft cheeks apart - she must have known I was staring - she MUST have.

She was on her tummy squeezing my pillow, and we were both completely still. I had one hand on each side of her bottom, and I was spreading her soft cheeks out wide. My little sister obviously KNEW that I was focused entirely on her tiny little bum hole.

The way my she was positioned on my bed, lying on her tummy with her legs spread wide, I could see just a little bit of her vagina, and the soft lips looked damp and pink, the rest was hidden under her. There was just a little bit of delicate pubic hair that I could see pressed agains the bed sheet. The hair looked soft and pale, just a little bit off blond. Oh God, this small area of moist pink skin was so captivating.

I was so flooded with emotion, it was crazy - but what I was feeling more than anything was a kind of electric happiness - it felt like joy.

It was just TOO beautiful, and I couldn't understand the intensity of my feelings. Both my hands were frozen, firmly spreading her soft butt cheeks wide apart.

And then, Crissy spoke in a haunted whisper, "Oh God, this feels SO nice."

She sounded perfectly peaceful.

I was overwhelmed with a feeling of honesty, and I whispered, "Oh my God, Crissy - I had no idea that anything could be so - so beautiful."

And Crissy replied, in her softest baby voice, "Really?"

I held her glorious butt cheeks wide apart as I whispered, "I am looking at - right at your - your little bum-hole..."

My little sister answered nervously, "I know."

"Oh God, it's so beautiful."

With that Crissy made this tiny whimper noise, she sounded grateful and relieved.

I needed to say even more, "Crissy, your - your little - anus, is so delicate and so perfect, I mean - it's pink and tiny - it's cute."

My little sister whimpered quietly, "Oh Michael, thank you, Oh God - thank you..."

Her voice was so shaky, it almost sounded sounded like she might be crying.

I asked, "Crissy, are you all right?"

She whispered to me, in a peaceful reply, "Yes. Michael, I love this - I love how it feels..."

I stayed still for a moment on my knees, I was entirely focused on my sister's beautiful ass. Crissy couldn't see me, she was lying there on her tummy with her face away from me at the top of the bed hugging my pillow. I couldn't understand what was happening, it was like I had entered a dream state.

Without being able to control myself, I moved my hands off her adorable butt and pulled my pajama bottoms down. Then - suddenly - my hard penis was liberated and it swung upward. I squirmed and kicked the pajamas off my feet and let them fall off the edge of the bed.

Right then, I was totally naked, just like my little sister.

She was breathing softly on the bed, her pale skin glowing in the orange light of my bedside lamp. She remained motionless as I stared at her, and her beautiful bottom.

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