Glory Hole Surprise

byMany Feathers©

"Ohhhhh!" I heard her exclaim from her side of the wall. It was all she said, but it was enough. She began moving against me, thrusting her pelvis ever so slowly as she began milking my prick with her cunt. Even Dianne had never been able to clench and unclench her pussy muscle the way this gal was doing.

"Hmmm, nice!" I mewed in agreement as my cock continued to slip in and out of that silken passage. I began to increase the tempo slightly, but she pulled away when I did that. "No. Let me," she whispered in what almost sounded like a little girls voice. The thought of which frightened me momentarily until I remembered that Larry had told me earlier that NO one under the age of 21 was even allowed to join.

I held still after that, sucking her friends breast just as she'd asked, letting the near-silent woman set the pace, fucking me sometimes slowly, sometimes fast, sometimes hard and sometimes soft until they'd obviously exchanged signals back behind the wall.

"Ok, stop now!" I heard the female version of Larry telling me. "Now...fuck me. But fuck me hard and fast for as long as you can handle it without cumming. Only then, stop, and see if you can recover long enough to fuck my friend again."

There was no denying that I was getting off on fucking two different pussies, or that I was fucking each one of them differently. As incredible as it was, I was having the time of my life even though I had no clue as to what either woman looked like, or who they actually were.

"OH God...any time now!" The young girlish sounding woman responded in the midst of what was for her an obvious orgasm. Pleased, I continued to hang in there with her until she herself pulled away, forcing me to remove my cock from inside that dripping went cunt.

"You ready to cum now yourself?" The female Larry asked.

"Fuck yes!" I told her.

"Good...come stand over here then and let me jerk you off until you're ready. When you I asked you, make sure you cum all over her tits for me ok?"

"Ok," I said weakly, her hand already bringing me closer and closer to the edge.

"Just say when," she admonished me once more, don't waist one precious drop though...make sure all of it gets on her tits."

"Will do," I replied once again, nearing the edge. "I think you might want to let me take over now," I added a brief moment later. "I'm nearly there!"

She let me go at that point, and I pulled over the small stool standing on it so I could more easily reach the younger woman's full breasts, which she had now once again pressed fully through the twin portholes.

Pounding my cock furiously now at this point, I moved it back and forth against her reawakened nipples, listening to the sound of her own heavy breathing as she unabashedly played with herself, as did her friend by the obvious sounds I now began hearing on the other side of the wall.

"Oh yeah...yeah. Here it cums!" I announced a split second before the first discharge of my spunk began covering her almost too pink looking breasts.

"Oh Charlotte!" the young woman screamed out now. He's cumming on them, he's squirting all over them!" she wailed in delighted glee.

I made very attempt to squirt equal amounts of semen upon each of them. Her nipples were coated in the thick sticky fluid, which began running down along side her breasts.

"Hurry Charlotte, hurry!" I heard her exclaim suddenly disappearing from view.

The sound of "Charlotte" as I now knew her true name and identity to be, had begun sucking a licking the thick gooey cream from off her friends breasts, much to both of their delight from the obvious sounds of yet another monstrous orgasm taking place. Though this time by the squishy pussy noises I was now hearing, I was reasonably sure it was Charlotte's pussy that was getting the work out, as she moaned and groaned loudly still licking and sucking off the remainder of my own juice from her breasts.

After a few minutes more there was dead silence, and I'd thought them to have already silently slipped away. I was sitting down on my stool by now, collecting my own breath when I heard them both whisper through the wall simultaneously.

"Thank you...thank you so much. I hope we will soon meet again."

And I had to agree with them. I hoped we did too.


At least now I better understood why the rooms seemed to turn over more frequently than I'd first imagined. I'd only had two sessions, and I was already fucked, and sucked out. It was time for another drink. Larry and I had already agreed to meet one another up stairs whenever we were done. Sitting there at one of the tables, I watched a wide variety of people coming and going. Some with masks, some not. Not everyone was a "beautiful" person either, not like I'd first imagined everyone might be. And it was refreshing to suddenly realize that people of every variety imaginable could be as sexy and as sensuous as I'd just learned they could be.

"Well, how was it?" Larry asked as he appeared a short time later. "Everything you hoped and imagined it would be?"

"More!" I said simply. "God was unfucking believable to be honest about it!"

"Told you!"

"Yeah...and you were right too!"

"So you want to go? Or you want to hang around a bit longer?"

I glanced at my watch. It was getting late, but if the girls had decided to stop for a drink or two, there was still plenty of time yet before Dianne would get home.

"I dunno, why don't we go have another look-see in the voyeur section. As exciting as I am now willing to admit that that was, I'd still enjoy actually seeing someone's face again as they're getting someone off. So lets go see if anything's going on of any particular amusements."

"Sounds fine by me," Larry said as we headed back towards the elevators. "And who knows? I might just beat my own personal best tonight if we do?"

"Oh? And what's that?" I had to ask wondering.

"Six big ones my friend," Larry said truthfully. I knew him well enough to know he never exaggerated, not when it came down to sex at least. In that with me...he had always been truthful and upfront about his abilities and escapades. Something I had openly and honestly admired about him.

"Shit even squirting anything out now? Or just shooting blanks?"

"Mostly blanks...a dribble here and there, but still feels pretty fucking good though!" he said rubbing his cock through his pants. "Just as long as I don't rub it raw however, and I've managed to do that before too!"

I really did have to laugh at that one. I'd come close to doing that a time or two myself back when Dianne and I had first been married. Not likely I'd have that problem now however as I thought about it. "Unless I keep coming back here of course," I amended to myself.

There was a new female attendant that greeted us this time. Much smaller breasts, but perky as hell. I gave one a quick kiss as we walked by, and she smiled.

"That's better!" Larry said slapping me on the back.

We began making our way around the balcony when I suddenly stopped dead in my tracks. "Larry?"

He nearly collided into me, his eyes fixed on the woman in the room below us same as mine were.


"Dianne!" I finished for him. "That's my wife in there sucking some other guys cock!"

"Ah yeah well, I wouldn't get too pissy about that Chris. After all, you've had yours knobbed a number of times this evening as I recall."

He had a point there.

I wasn't really mad. Well, maybe a little bit. But I was more shocked to see Dianne actually there more than anything.

"So now what?" he asked.

I really didn't know. If I confronted her, she'd wonder what I was doing there myself.

"Fuck!" I said continuing to stand there watching my wife licking what appeared to be a rather large-sized prick.

"You want to leave?"

I thought about that. "No...I have an even better idea!" I said wickedly. "Come on Larry, you've always wanted to have your cock sucked by my now's your chance!"

"You serious? Really?"

"Hell yes...why the fuck not? And besides, its been a while since I've cum in my own wife's might as well take advantage of the situation while I can."

"Don't you think she might recognize you, figure out who you really are?"

I'd been pretty good at doing imitations most of my life. Lowering my voice and using a bit of a southern accent, I spoke.

"Think she'll recognize me if I talk like this?"

Larry shook his head, "Nope, hell Chris, even I don't recognize you, and I'm standing here staring at you!"

"Ok then...let's go!"

It wasn't that difficult to figure out which room it was that my wife had to be in. All we had to do was go there, stand outside the small private room and wait for whoever was in there to leave.

"You sure about this?"


Obviously I was just as much in the wrong here as my wife was. So it wasn't something I could very well confront her about. But I sure as hell could get a little revenge for the sudden drop-off in our own sex-life. If nothing else, having that at least would even up the score a little by my way of thinking. We made our way across the hall and stood outside the door. A short time later a fat balding man emerged. I didn't know whether to laugh or applaud him. Like I said, the guy was hung like a fucking horse.

"Here we go!" I said, "But this'd better let me do all the talking!"

Larry nodded his head in agreement as we stepped into the room. Luckily, my wife was still in there. Obviously she was ready and willing for more. Larry and I quickly undressed stepping up onto the platform. Moments later we both stood there with our dicks poking through the two glory holes.

"What would the two of you like?" I heard Dianne asking us.

"I'd like you to suck me off," I told her in my false voice.

"Sorry, no cumming in me at all. You can cum on me anywhere you'd like, but that's something I only allow my husband to do."

"Since when?" I nearly asked her biting my own tongue. "Well, about letting me fuck your ass then?"

I'd asked her about that once long ago too. But she'd turned me down even then. I figured she would this time as well, but it was still fun asking her even though I already knew the answer.

She paused. "Ok, you're a bit bigger than what I'm used to go easy with me ok?"

"Used to?" I once again asked myself. "Used to?" I turned looking over towards Larry. Even he seemed about as dumb-founded as I was, already giving me a look that said maybe this wasn't such a good idea after all.

"No problem," I answered back. "I'll go as nice and easy as it takes."

"Ok. Give me a second while I apply a little extra lubrication to myself and to you," she told me. "Oh and one other thing, I won't take it up the ass without a condom either."

"Thank God!" I told myself. At least she was being careful.

"Especially if you want me to suck you a little afterwards."

"No problem I said, feeling her roll the condom over my prick before adding what had to be an ample supply of KY jelly to it as well.

"Let me guide you in," she said coyly. "Once you are, just remember to go easy or we're done here," she explained. "Nice...slow, and easy."

I couldn't believe what was happening. In all the years we'd been married, I'd never once fucked my wife's ass. Now here I was about to do just that, and she'd never know that I had, and worse...I'd never be able to tell her that I had either.


I felt the tip of my prick suddenly lodged within the tightness of her ass. For a moment, I felt sure that's as far as things were going to go. Her ass was so tight that I didn't have any doubts that she'd be unable to accept any more of it.

"That's good, just hold still like that until I get used to it," she explained. Seconds later I felt a little more slip inside, then a little more...and more. Before I knew it, her ass had eased easily enough finally relaxing and allowing the entire length of my shaft to penetrate that up until now, unexplored cuntry as it were.

Slow and easy it was, allowing Diane to eventually set the pace where she was soon thrusting back against me, my cock easily slipping in and out of that once virginal passage. Though the words "Used to?" kept bouncing around back and forth inside my head. I had to admit however, I was getting a sadistic kick out of fucking my own wife's ass without her having any knowledge that it was me doing it. Getting close, I finally informed her that I was getting too close, and didn't want to get off that way. I really did want to feel my wife's lips wrapped around my cock and see if she did it any differently under these circumstances, than the way she did it to me at home.

I'd almost forgotten about poor Larry who'd actually taken a seat at this point, patiently waiting for his promised turn.

"Oh...sorry," I told him nearly forgetting my accent. "Ok, you can do my friend now for a few minutes while I collect myself," I told her.

Only half-hard after the fairly long wait, Larry climbed back onto the platform and began to enjoy the manipulations my wife's mouth was giving him as she began making him all nice and hard once again.

"Hey about done here?"

"Oh my God!" I said to myself. "That's Roxanne!"

"Come on in honey!" Dianne said turning by the way the sound of her voice changed. "I have two visitors. Mind giving me a hand?"

"Not at all baby," Roxanne said sweetly. "Hmm, that looks like a nice one standing there!" she said. I heard her walk over towards the wall, seconds later a warm wet pair of lips were suddenly wrapped around my prick as Roxanne began mouthing my prick. Once again I grinned over towards Larry who was as aware as I was of what was actually going on.

"Me too!" he mouthed silently pointing in the direction of where it was Roxanne had to be. I nodded my head in understanding.

"Two treats for my friend, as well as for myself," I thought in amusement. "What a nice surprise!" I considered, though very much aware this was one surprise I couldn't ever divulge to anyone.

The thought that it was actually Roxanne who was now sucking me, while my own wife was busily sucking off my best friend was eerily erotic. Something I would have never imagined in a million years!

"What I think we'd both really like..." I began with a brand new idea suddenly coming to mind, "Is for both of you to suck each one of us off together. Would you mind doing that?"

"Not at all sugar!" Dianne stated, moving back over to join Roxanne who now began sharing my cock with her. "How's that feel?"

"Fucking wonderful!" I actually said in my own voice, but as neither woman seemed to pick up on that, or become alarmed by the sudden change in my tone of voice, I continued to stand there, holding onto my rings for support as two pair of lips and tongues danced about my cock, taking turns licking and sucking it simultaneously.

"Oh fuck!" I said once again back in character. "That feels damn fucking good!"

And it did too. Looking back over towards Larry, I could see he was just as anxious to be feeling what I was at the moment.

"Don't forget, you can't cum in my mouth," Dianne reminded me.

"But he can cum in mine if he wants to," Roxanne suddenly spoke up saying.

"Cool!" I said, once again forgetting my accent. But again, neither woman seemed to take notice of it.

I was soon pouring out my own personal best down Roxanne's throat, relishing in the experience of having two women sucking me off simultaneously, not to mention one of them being my own wife, and the other her best friend who I'd been fantasizing about more often than not anyway. Spent, I stumbled back off the platform and immediately began getting dressed. It suddenly dawned on me that Larry and I were going to have to make a quick get-away. Masks or no masks, the potential of discovery was just too risky. Larry understood my concerns and intentions, once again nodding his head in agreement, but not about to let this golden opportunity slip away either. He enjoyed his blowjob, though hurriedly dressing afterwards much to my relief.

We carefully made our way out of the area, back up the elevators and informed the valet parking we were ready to leave, and as soon as it was possible for us to do so. Still wearing our masks, which Larry himself had now put on, we scrambled into his car and out of the area before the possibility of being discovered. Arriving home a short time later, I said goodnight to Larry, then entered the house, tumbling into bed, exhausted, yet exhilarated...but at the same time, a little bothered by everything too. The fact I'd bumped into my very own wife at the 'club' was something that I was going to have to reconcile myself too. But that would have to wait for another time. As tired as I was, I soon fell into a deep sleep, never even hearing when it was that Dianne finally came home.


I tossed my clubs into the back of Larry's car. We hadn't been golfing for several weeks now. My membership at the club requiring that I cut back on a few minor luxury items.

"How's it going lately anyway?" he asked me as we pulled away from the curb.

"Things couldn't be better!" I said smiling. "Our sex-life's better than it's ever been! And it was even at Dianne's suggestion that I fuck her ass last week. So now at least, I can say that I actually have, though I still had to pretend that was the first time," I said laughing. "But seriously Larry, ever since that night it seems like she's a new woman. Suddenly the interest is there again, and the sex is as wild and as frequent as it's ever been!"

"Anything with Roxanne?" he asked grinning at me.

"No...not yet anyway. But even that's gotten more promising. Apparently we're spending an entire week with them up at their cabin week after next. Dianne's already been hinting that it's going to be a very, very special weekend for us both."

"Oh really?" Larry said actually appearing jealous since the first time I'd known him. "You ever give any thought to telling Dianne about what happened that night?"

"Matter of fact, I've decided to do just that, see what happens. But I'm going to wait and see how things go up at the cabin. I'm thinking I might tell her there, she what she says and does if and when I do. Like I said, we'll see. But if it feels right...I probably will tell her. Which reminds me, when are we going back?"

"What night are the girls going out?" he asked.

"Thursday I think."

"Any night but then," Larry said. To which I whole-heartedly agreed. As exciting as that was, it was almost too exciting. And until I had a chance to get a better feel as to how Dianne would take my knowing she'd been there, and that I'd been going myself, it was best not to run the risk of running into them again.

"So Bill's the one with the membership huh?"

"Yep, like I said, I have a few friends there that checked into it for me. That's how Roxanne got Dianne in as a guest that night. I guess that was her first time too."

"Oh really?" I wondered aloud. I still hadn't figured out what she'd meant by saying "Used to."

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Enjoyed this very much. I too knew what was coming so to speak, just wondered about details and outcome. Nicely done!

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by Anonymous10/04/17

thank you

I love this concept. Agree with others that I knew the surprise early. But I can't wait to see the next installment. You are on the right track!

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