tagSci-Fi & FantasyGoblin Princesses Need Love Too

Goblin Princesses Need Love Too


The battle had been truly ferocious, but at the end, Sir Swoonmore had fallen the horrid Dragon Thrakmal in a dazzling display of bravery and swordsmanship. The bloated corpse of the nefarious beast lay motionless on the ground, wisps of smoke wafting up from its large nostrils into the acrid air.

Something you may not know about Knights: They have a secret sixth sense when it comes to Princesses in distress, and any Knight worth their armor would get a certain tingle in the back of their neck when a Princess nearby was in trouble. Sir Swoonmore was going about his day when he picked up that familiar sensation, gathering up his armor, shield and sword, and braving the horrid lair of the vile dragon to free the poor, abducted Princess.

Upon finding the enormous and blasted keep of the vile Dragon, Sir Swoonmore could hear the pleas of a fair, young princess who was calling from the dungeon tower. The brave Knight entered the keep and fought through legions of vile skeletons, navigated his way through countless death traps, solved numerous clever puzzles, and floor by floor cleared the keep of its vile evil, till only the Master of the keep, the vile dragon Thrakmal was left.

The Princess was chained to a wall overlooking the battle, the entire room filled with thick, hazy smoke. Through the haze, Sir Swoonmore could see the outline of the girl, and he did like that outline. She was far away, but she was clearly busty, with an hourglass figure and as alluring a silhouette as could be imagined. The young Knight inwardly smiled, knowing that the rules of the realm made it so that any Princess who is rescued by a Knight is legally bound to service him in any manner the Knight might crave, and he was most certainly looking forward to his prize.

After the titanic struggle, Sir Swoonmore smoothed some of his blond hair back, confident hazel eyes focused on the hazy outline of his Princess prize. He began to make his way towards her as her sweet voice echoed through the cavernous castle. "Oh, goodly Knight, your bravery and fighting prowess are incredible! I have never seen such courage! You have rescued me, and, as a Princess, it is my duty to reward you with any smutty request that you might desire! Come, unbind me, and let's get it on!" Her voice was excited and breathy as the Knight approached.

Truly, Sir Swoonmore lived up to his name. The young, broad shouldered Knight was handsome, tan, and utterly swoon-worthy, his eyes were hazel to the point of being vivid and soulful gold, and his face was masculine and chiseled. He boldly unsheathed his sterling sword and swung it twice, shattering the chains that bound the princess to the cold, gloomy stone wall. Each time his sword hit steel, sparks would flash, and the motion cleared the thick black smoke that obscured the young Princess' appearance. Finally, the Knight could see his prize.

Sir Swoonmore blinked in complete, utter surprise at what he saw. She was five feet tall. Her hair was sleek and black, sheered in a stylish bob that followed the angle of her chin, the color of pure, utter shadow and darkness. Her sinfully curved body was poured into a sleek black, form hugging evening gown with thin spaghetti straps that displayed an absolutely dazzling bit of cleavage. She was wearing a dainty, dull brass tiara that was riddled with rust. Her eyes were heavily lashed, large, and red. Her ears were large and ended in sharp tips. Her nose was long and pointy, and her skin was a light minty green in color.

"You...you're...you're a Goblin?" Sir Swoonmore said incredulously.

She smirked and quirked an eyebrow at the sexy Knight, setting her small fists at her less than small hips. "And YOU are a dreamboat!" She said exuberantly, looking Sir Swoonmore up and down with a wide, approving smile. She had heard about the young, handsome Sir Swoonmore, and seeing him live and in the flesh made the tales she had heard feel completely under-stated. He was, by far, the finest looking male that she had ever seen. "Young, hot and studly, AND you can fight? Man, I didn't think anyone would be able to beat that dragon! That was the hottest thing I've ever seen!"

"I...uh...well...thank you." The Knight stammered as he looked down on the spunky little Goblin. He sheathed his sword and looked around, unsure with how to deal with this current situation. Goblins and Humans were constantly at war, always fighting whenever they crossed paths, and this recent turn in developments was...interesting, to say the least. "Well, um, I guess I'd better get going, yea?"

The Goblin Princess' beady red eyes saddened, and she frowned. "Whoa, Whoa, WHOA! You...you're just gonna up and leave like that? Are you a rookie at this whole Knight business or something?" She was so expressive and excitable, and her hands were a flurry of motion as she talked. "I'm a Princess. You're a Knight. By the rules of the realm, if a Knight saves a Princess, she has to do whatever he wants in a most kinky manner. Don't you read fairy tales?"

Sir Swoonmore gave her a sardonic smirk. "No, I'm not a rookie, thank you very much. He folded his arms over his impressive chest, sculpted and defined. "It's just...well...we...you...I...you're..."

"Oh, I get it!" She said, mimicking his pose and crossing her arms underneath a truly opulent, impressive rack, mashing her big green boobs together in the process. Her doing the gesture was far more impressive than him doing it. "It's because I'm a Goblin, isn't it? You're a RACIST!"

Sir Swoonmore gave a double take at the accusation. "I...I am not!"

"Then let's do something sexy!" She exclaimed, giving him a sultry wink.

The blond knight was not used to women being so bold. "But, I don't even know your name!"

"Jeez, you Humans are so formal and all that. FINE." The young Gobliness confidently puffed out her chest, arched her back, and extended her dainty green hand, which was decorated with all manner of big, gaudy and rusted brass jewelry. "I am Floy, Princess of the Rustbucket Goblin Tribe."

Sir Swoonmore took to one knee, taking her hand in his and bringing it to his lips, kissing her soft skin. She smelled so good, like a mixture of sweet perfume and sweat from the humid air of the castle. He didn't want to admit it, but the Knight did enjoy the look of her minty green skin, smeared as it was with sweat, making her look like a slick and glossy prize. "Um...a pleasure to meet you, Milady. I am Sir Swoonmore, Knight of the Sterling Chalice Guild."

When his warm lips met her warm hand, Princess Floy shivered, a bead of sweat forming at her brow and coasting down her face. His very presence was getting her hot. She took her hand back and clapped them together loudly. "Well! Now that formal introductions are out of the way!" She looked the kneeling Knight over. "You into doggy style? I would say yes—You certainly look like a doggy style guy." She nodded confidently. "Should I just stand against the wall, or do you wanna bend me over some rubble?"

Her bluntness was truly confounding to Sir Swoonmore, who was practically blushing. "I...uh...what?" He shook his head, gathering his thoughts and speaking clearly after a long pause. "I don't think...this is...erm...we can't just..."

Princess Floy looked up at the handsome, tall Knight. Her red eyes began to fill with tears and her plump, sinfully pouty bottom lip began to quiver. "You...you don't think I'm pretty?" She fought back fully sobbing, her voice so weak and breathy. "Is it my nose? It's my nose, isn't it?" She put her hands over her face. "What kind of a Princess am I if I can't even get a Knight to like me?" And the Gobliness began to openly weep.

It was honestly heart breaking to see the young girl cry, and Sir Swoonmore took a step closer to her. "Hey! I didn't say that! I think you're pretty, I do!"

"Stop teasing me!" She exclaimed between sobs.

"I'm not!"

"Prove it! What do you like about me?"

He kneeled down and tilted his head to her, finding her sudden vulnerability strangely alluring. He appraised her from head to toe. "Well, a lot, actually." A smile came to his lips as he reached out and began sifting his fingers through her shiny black hair. "For one, I like your hair. Actually, I LOVE your hair. I've never seen hair like that before. Human girls have long hair."

She sniffled and wiped some tears away. Her voice, when it came, was meek and soft. "Yea, it's a Goblin thing." She smiled to him. "Thank you, Sir Swoonmore. Do you...do you like anything else?"

"Well, sure!" Those hazel-gold eyes practically consumed her. "I like your skin. It looks so soft...and green." Those fingers stopped combing through her hair and he began to feel her face, stroking her cheek, tracing fingertips over her full, pouty mouth. "And...mmmm, well...I like more, but I shouldn't say...I don't want to offend a Princess..."

"No, say it." She implored, leaning into the caress of his palm. "Please?"

"Well..." The Knight wet his lips and built his courage. "You...you have a GREAT set of boobs, you know."

Princess Floy smiled brightly, practically glowing like a beacon under the warm compliments he was giving her. Blossoming like a flower under the nourishment of his compliments. "They are 36DD's, is that...is that good?"

The Knight shivered and sighed. "Oh, that is PERFECT." He said, almost hungrily, eyes locked on her succulent, sweaty cleavage. "I like a girl with a nice, sot, big set of tits." He immediately straightened and coughed. "Apologies, Milady! I am being crude..."

She took a step towards him, her smile bright. "I like you crude, Sir Swoonmore. I'll make you a deal?" She reached out and began to trace her fingertip along the ornamental patterns engraved into his armor breastplate. "I won't tell anyone in the whole wide world that a brave, goodly Knight is being crude...if you don't tell anyone in the whole wide world that a dainty Goblin Princess is being crude? That way...we can be as crude as we like..."

Sir Swoonmore gave her a slow, devoted nod. "I do vow this, Milady."

"Good!" Princess Floy exclaimed excitedly. "Now...I can be crude and say that I want to suck your cock." She gave him an impish grin. "Ever gotten head from a Goblin slut before?" She paused. "Want some?"

The Knight shook his head from side to side, watching as the young Princess Floy reached down and began to unfasten his pants slowly. "I have not, Milady. I would like that..."

"Good." Her voice was soft and sultry now, and her red eyes locked onto his passionately. "Would you like my tiara on or off while I give you a blowjob, goodly Knight?"

Sir Swoonmore's gaze was glossy and glazed over with lust. "Leave it on...I like it." He watched her as she unfastened his pants and unsheathed his steely flesh lance, a thick, throbbing masterwork of inches, the tip of which already pulsating and capped with a bead of glossy precum.

"As you wish, goodly Knight." Her red eyes cast themselves down on his thickness, and she let out an awed gasp, not kneeling before him, but bending over towards that gorgeous cock, her small, dainty green hands reaching out to cradle its weight, one hand resting under his fullm impressive and shaved sack, the other hand supporting the underside of the tip as she stared down on it. No woman had ever handled his cock like that before, as if it were a treasure, a prize. "Oh, my, Sir Swoonmore! You are such a beautiful man." She looked up at him, her voice pleading and sensual. "Would you like your Goblin Princess slut to put your cock in her mouth now?"

"I would..." Sir Swoonmore said earnestly, his voice so deep and bold and strong.

Princess Floy placed her hands on the Knight's hips to steady herself as she gracefully bent over before him, her tongue contacting the tip of his girthy prick's tip and swirling it around the mushroom end of it, smearing his precum over her lips, lubricating her first long, slow drag down his shaft. She fit about half of him in her tiny mouth on her first try, swirling her head in slow, steady circles as she felt the tip press against her gag reflex, making her thickly lashed red eyes water before she pulled back, her stomach turning at the deep gag, leaving a gooey, thick phlegm condom of clear drool on his shaft as she slowly pulled away from it. Bubbles of foamy spit were wreathed round her sultry lips, and she looked up to him with teary eyes.

"I hope you don't mind if I make a bit of a mess? I'm a sloppy little girl when I suck cock..." She almost seemed embarrassed about the trait.

Sir Swoonmore answered her by reaching down and gripping the sides of her head with both hands, tilting her head down eagerly and sinking his hips forth, stretching her supple mouth wide with his throbbing cock, which summoned a girlish and muffled yelp from her Highness. "I don't mind..." He said breathily. "I like it sloppy...come on, suck it already..."

His strong hands clenched the Gobliness' head in a vice like grip, beginning to rudely usher her face forth on his cock, bobbing her head up and down in quick, steady strokes. Princess Floy's eyes rolled into the back of her head as her Knight began to buck his hips forth, tagging her throat with that throbbing member. Her stomach turned and lurched noisily, and her heart fluttered and pulsed. No Goblin was this thick and girthy, and the taste of him, musky yet clean, was a far cry from the usual taste of Goblin Cock that she was so used to. She was immediately an addict to it and the salty taste of his precum.

Her thick, meaty and pendulous tits hung and bobbled in the confines of her tight evening gown as she was bent over and forced to give head, pumped onto his lap by two strong hands, her bobbed black hair swishing back and forth like some slick, sweaty curtain as she gacked, gagged, hacked and coughed against him, her long, pointy nose mashed up against his rock hard abs as Sir Swoonmore dutifully face fucked his Princess.

The young Goblin's stomach churned forth a heady concoction of gooey, clear saliva that was fucked out of her mouth, with bubbly, frothy bubbles of it creating thick, phlegm ropes of drool that splattered onto the cold stone floor beneath them. She was indeed a messy one, and her slovenly attentions had coated the Knight's shaft and balls in warm, silky spit. The Knight's cock was so thick and aroused inside her mouth and throat, being pumped back against her gentle gag reflex again and again, the Goblin Princess' throat being downright dominated and abused, with her loving every single minute of it, singing a sordid and sloppy chorus of "GURK GLURK GLURGH!" as her mouth was so very violated.

"Let me get my hands on those big, meaty tits, Princess..." Sir Swoonmore said, releasing his vice grip on her head and reaching down under her to scoop Floy's jugs out from their pretty evening gown, palms groping, pumping and squeezing the flesh that he found there, finding her slick, sweaty and warm green tits filled his palms so nicely. "Mmmm, fuck yes, suck that cock, you green whore, serve me with that mouth..."

His words fueled her, and Floy began to steadily, quickly pump her head up and down on his cock, being certain to suck in her cheeks to completely envelope all that scrumptious dick with her plump, warm mouth as her supple rack was fondled obsessively. This Knight was certainly a tit-man, as his cock stiffened obscenely as he played with her succulent rack.

All this stimulation, from the thrill of being rescued, to the frantic blowjob she was currently engaged in giving, as well as the pleasure and sensation that her Knight gave her as he pumped and fondled her sensitive boobs, was arousing Princess Floy to absolutely no end. As she was bent over standing, her plump, round ass so high in the air, her soft, tiny and delicate mound had left a trail of glossy, gossamer nectar that was trailing down her supple inner thigh. The Princess' slit was a true work of beauty, smooth and hairless, a small and taut haven that her Knight was rapidly looking forward to exploring further in the very near future.

Sir Swoonmore tensed, and he clutched the Goblin's tits roughly as his hips shot forth, jamming his prick down her gullet as he began to shoot a stirring, thick and goopy load right in Princess Floy's mouth. She let out a muffled moan of surprise as he suddenly exploded in her mouth, her dainty hand slapping against his thigh as the sheer volume of cum made the Princess' eyes bug wide open. Surely, Human males were capable of VASTLY more sperm production than their Goblin counterparts, and he groaned out sultrily as he came in her face, the Goblin Princess coughing against the force of his load, a sizzling line of pearly cum drizzling down one of her nostrils as her eyes rolled into the back of her head.

A forceful wellspring of cum finally concluded, and the Knight released the girl's tits. The Princess held all his cum in her puffed out cheeks, slowly pulling away from him, his cock leaving her mouth with a loud, wet POP. She stood straight with some effort, her gorgeous minty green tits fondled right out of her dress, olive green nipples erect and pointing at Sir Swoonmore accusingly. He breathed heavily, panting as his gold eyes locked on the sight of the sweaty, sloppy Goblin Princess.

She tilted her head back slightly, displaying that gorgeous, soft throat. Her lips slowly parted and she showed him the thick, goopy white sea that he had gifted her. Her dainty black tongue began to play and sift through all that cum, and she pursed her lips, blowing a few obscene bubbles with it before she reached out and took his wrist in her hands, bringing his hand to her throat and pressing it firmly there as she swallowed him down. Once, then twice to clear any residue. She then opened her mouth wide, displaying that she had consumed the entire batch of him, before she offered a vivid, happy smile, her hair matted to her face, her mouth and chin sloppy with foamy drool, her green skin and tits slathered in sweat. She was perfect. She spoke to him in a husky, throat-abused voice. "Thank you, Sir Swoonmore."

The Knight staggered a step back at the obscene, sensual display, saying the only possible thing one should say after such a beautiful encounter. "I think I'm in love..."

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