tagIncest/TabooGoing Out With Daddy Ch. 01

Going Out With Daddy Ch. 01


Authors's note: Hello again everybody! I have a brand new story for you in six parts. Don't worry, I'm pretty sure there will be a sequel as well. I apologize for the length of time between stories, but I like to have everything completed before starting to publish!

"I still don't understand why you set this up, Carol."

Tim Forrest looked through his closet, trying to pick out something to wear for his evening out. With his daughter. Christ. What was his wife thinking? He sighed heavily.

"I mean, it's not like I've got anything in common with her, you know. I don't understand half of the things she says in any given conversation. Face Book? IM?"

Carol Forrest watched her husband from the back. She knew perfectly well why she had set up the father-daughter time, but it wouldn't do to let Tim know about that yet. All in due time. He was really a strikingly handsome man, her husband. And what was even better, he was somehow unaware of it. The best combination.

At thirty-eight, his physique was in outstanding shape. His bare shoulders were broad, the muscles of his back well-defined. He had a full head of light brown hair. There was no evidence of any balding there. And his ass...

"That's exactly the point, isn't it, Tim? You've let your relationship with your only daughter slide. And if you don't make an effort, you won't have a chance to build it back up again. No, not that shirt."

Tim looked at the shirt he had selected, and rolled his eyes. God, you'd think she was sending him on a date, for crying out loud. He found another shirt and held it up for Carol's approval. She nodded, and he started to pull it on.

His wife was still a beautiful woman, he thought, as he got dressed. She was fifteen years older than him, but had maintained her figure well. He recalled how he had met her, nineteen years before. She was fresh out of an early marriage, with a son, Donnie, who had been only four at the time. She had been stunning, her long copper hair in curvy waves down her slim body.

He had been catering an event, his first solo affair. It was an upscale thing, with many of the most powerful people in the town present. Carol was there too, the new divorcee, a figure-hugging black dress showing off all her assets. And a sparkly diamond necklace that swooped into the valley between her lush breasts.

What had drawn this confident, mature woman to him, nineteen years old, self-made, not even college educated? But somehow, they had clicked. He had never imagined that he would marry someone so much older than himself.

Within a year, they had a new little girl, Marie. With her connections, his catering business flourished. They had all they needed: a fine house, the best clothes, sharp cars. Well, almost everything. He had wanted another child, but Carol had not wanted to get pregnant again. Now, of course, it was too late. Meanwhile, Donnie (now Don) had grown up, gone to college, and moved to a nearby town. And Marie...

Well, she was a typical eighteen-year old, he supposed. It was astonishing that a girl of that age could seem so alien to him. Hadn't he been a teenager, not so long ago?

"Well, I'll try, Carol," he sighed. "Heaven knows I don't want to be a stranger to my daughter either."

"That's the spirit," his wife smiled. "I'll just go check on Marie and see how she's getting along." She stepped out of the room, and knocked on the door to their daughter's room.


Marie1990: going out with mi dad tonite

Valygrl18: weird?

Marie1990: nah just a thing to make mi mom happy

Valygrl18: too bad

Marie1990: yeah, i wuz lookin forward to doing something tonite

Valygrl18: always another nite when ur young rite?

Marie1990: lol totally

Valygrl18: getting any lately?

Marie1990: naughty grl

Valygrl18: thats me all the time

Marie1990: not much but my own fingers

Valygrl18: always the ol standby

Marie1990: u?

Valygrl18: sure, todd

Marie1990: omg no way

Marie1990: what u do with him?

Valygrl18: the usual u no go down on him

Valygrl18: we dont go all the way

Marie1990: oops gotta go my momz at the door

Valygrl18: bye enjoy the old man

Valygrl18: never no u mite get lucky with him

Marie1990: gross

Marie1990: bye


"Come in," came the girl's voice. The room was neat as always, the bed made, no clothes on the floor. As usual, Carol's heart swelled with pride at the maturity her daughter had developed. It was one of the reasons she had made this decision.

"Oh, Marie! Is that what you're going to wear tonight?"

Marie Forrest looked down at herself. It was a typical outfit for her, a nice pair of jeans and a v-necked tee-shirt. She liked the way the jeans fit, and the shirt was very comfortable. She would wear a nice pair of boots with the pants, and look like the hip teen she felt like she was.

"What's wrong with it?"

"Sweetie, you're going to a nice restaurant." Her mother shook her head, consternation on her face. "You can't wear jeans and a tee-shirt to a nice place. Why don't you wear a nice dress?"

"But I'm just going out with Daddy," Marie protested. She didn't see the point in getting all decked out just for a dinner with her father.

"Honestly, Marie. It doesn't matter who you're going out with. It's not often you get to go to a really upscale restaurant. You'll see. These things only happen once in a while."

Marie rolled her eyes, and sighed theatrically. But the idea of getting dressed up actually appealed to her. It was true that she rarely had the opportunity to make herself look really good, and now her mother was giving her the go-ahead.

"All right, all right, Mom," she said, smiling good-naturedly. "If you really think I should, I can wear something nice."

"Let's see what you've got," Carol replied, an excited tinge to her voice. Together the two looked through the dresses hanging in the teenager's closet. They pulled out a few and rejected them for one reason or another.

"Good lord, Marie," her mother said, exasperated. "We really need to go shopping for you. Look at the state of these things."

"Really, Mom? I'd love to go shopping together." This was a change. For several years now, Marie had bought her clothes on her own, rejecting her mother's input. Carol raised an eyebrow at her.

"Okay, okay, don't have a conniption," Marie growled. "It's just that, well, you always look so well put together. It would be nice to have your input."

"We'll go tomorrow, sweetie. I'm really flattered that you'd ask." She pulled another dress out of the closet. "Here. This one should do for tonight, anyway."

It was a simple flowery dress, short-sleeved, with a vee neck with a cross-over bustline. The waistline was cinched with a cord-like sash, and the skirt flared out a little, coming down to just above the knees. It was innocent and sexy at the same time. Just right.

"Oh, Mom," Marie sighed. "I love this dress, but I've never gotten to wear it. I just never had the right bra for it." She pulled off her tee shirt and wriggled the dress down over her body. When it settled into place, the inner halves of each bra cup could be seen too easily. "You see?"

"Mmmm. What you need is a bra with demi-cups. What size are you?"


"I might have a bra that could work for you, although it's probably a cup size too large. Do you want to try?"

Marie nodded enthusiastically. She had wanted to wear this dress for some time, but had never had the guts to try the bras that the top required. But tonight, there was no pressure, no danger. It was just her dad. It would be completely innocent.

Carol rushed back to her bedroom. Tim was lying on the bed, his shoes off, reading his book. He looked up as she came in.

"What's taking so long, anyway? I thought you made the reservations for 7:30."

"It'll be all right if you're a few minutes late, Tim. I just have to find the right bra for Marie to wear." She dug around in her lingerie drawer for a minute or two, and then straightened up with an exclamation of triumph.

"Aha! Here it is." She held it up in plain view deliberately. She wanted her husband to see what his girl would be wearing under her dress.

Tim stifled a gasp. He remembered that particular piece of lingerie. The front was sheer, with tiny red roses embroidered into the material. The cups held only half of each breast, leaving the entire front bare. It had been some time since he had seen Carol wearing it, but the memory had remained seared in his brain.

"And here are the panties which go with it," she smirked, holding up sheer briefs in the same design. Tim quickly diverted his gaze back to his book. But he was shocked to feel a swell of blood rushing to his groin. Still, he put it off to the effects of the memory of his wife wearing the revealing intimates. It couldn't have anything to do with Marie wearing them tonight.

Marie, for her part, was delighted when she saw the garments her mother brought to her. She squealed, and jumped up to hug Carol.

"Oh my God, Mom, they are so like completely perfect!"

"Don't get too excited yet, sweetie," Carol laughed. "Try them on, first. If they don't fit, we'll have to choose a different dress."

The eighteen-year old took the bra and panties, then looked expectantly at her mother. Carol stared back.

"Uh, Mom? A little privacy, maybe?"

"Nonsense, Marie. I would have thought you were past that phase. We're two grown women here. There's nothing you have I haven't seen, you know. And how are you going to tell if they work without an objective eye?"

"Okay, I guess," the girl sighed, and turned her back to unsnap her plain cotton bra. Her bare back was so slim, so girlish. It reminded the older woman of herself at that age. Oh, for the physical ease of youth!

Marie slipped her arms through the straps of the new bra. She could see at once that it would work with the dress, as the straps were far to the side, outside the curvature of her breasts. Even better, the cups were small enough that they wouldn't show at the neckline. But as she settled her boobs into the bra and hooked it in front, she was astonished at how little the cups actually covered.

"I, uh, I think it might be too large," she said, disappointment in her voice.

"Let's see, Marie," her mother replied. The girl turned around, blushing a deep red. Carol smiled to herself. Perfect.

Her daughter's breasts were just the right size and shape for a bra like this. It acted like a shelf on which the pert mounds could rest, providing excellent support without coverage. Her nipples, hard with the embarrassment and the cool air, pointed slightly upward. The small areoles around them were deep salmon in color. There was no chance they would be seen in the dress.

"Oh, no, my dear. That's just the way it should be," she smiled, encouragingly. "Try the dress on now."

Marie smiled back, unsure of herself. Once again she shrugged her way into the dress. She adjusted it around her bust, and looked at herself in the mirror.

"Oh, wow," she murmured. The girl looking back at her looked terribly sophisticated in the dress. The décolletage revealed the shallow valley between her breasts, the inner curves pushed slightly together by the bra, creating slightly more cleavage than she normally enjoyed. Still...

"I'm just not sure, Mom. Should I be wearing an outfit like this to go out with Daddy?"

"Are you afraid he'll spend too much time staring at your boobs?" The two women laughed at the thought. "No, don't be silly. It's just for fun, that's all. And if Daddy thinks you're sexy, just think what other guys would think." Carol was definitely enjoying herself. The idea was to plant seeds. Time and careful nurturing would bring them to bloom.

"Quick now, get the panties on as well. You still have your make-up and hair to do, and you're already going to be a little late..."

Tim paced around the living room. He did not like to be late. It was almost 6:30 now, and it would take at least ten minutes to get to the restaurant. But it was typical of Carol, he knew. She always had to have everything just so, and nothing would persuade her to move any faster. Still, for crying out loud, it was just dinner with his daughter.

"All right, Tim, I know you're impatient," he heard his wife say. "But may I present your date for the evening?"

He turned around, and froze in shock. It was like his mind was seeing two things at once. On the one hand, the young woman standing before him was obviously Marie, his beloved daughter. She had the same face, the same eyes, the same hair he had seen for years. The instinctive paternal love he always felt for her swelled in his heart.

But, on the other hand, she was as attractive a young woman as he had ever seen. Her soft dark brown hair was loose around her pretty face. She had subtle make-up on that emphasized her large blue eyes, her delicate nose, her pouting lips. The dress she was wearing showed a good deal more of her chest than he was used to seeing. In fact, it looked like the inner half of each of her breasts was completely uncovered. He wondered how the dress managed to stay decent.

Marie giggled at the sight of her father's face. This was fun! He looked awfully cute himself, dressed up a little more than usual with a blazer over a nice shirt.

"Turn around, dear," her mother encouraged. "Show yourself off to your Daddy." Neither father nor daughter caught the quiver of excitement in her voice as she spoke. She knew she would have to be more in control of herself. But she had to allow herself a frisson of anticipation. This was, after all, the perfect start to her plans.

The girl did as she was instructed, performing a neat pirouette on her toes. The dress flared up briefly, before she settled back down facing her father. He had caught a glimpse of her lovely legs as she spun, and he wondered if she were wearing the panties that matched the sexy bra Carol had unwittingly (he thought) shown him. Then he berated himself for thinking of his daughter in such a way. She had just dressed up to have a nice night out with him. It was all completely innocent.

"Well, then, my date," he said, gallantly extending his arm to the vision of feminine youthful beauty. "Shall we go out for dinner?"

"Silly Daddy," Marie said, but her voice had affection in it.

"Have a good time, kids," Carol said in a motherly kind of voice. "And don't do anything I wouldn't do!"


Marie and her father walked down the path to the driveway. Tim opened the car door for his daughter, and as she sat down, her dress pulled up. Her long shapely legs were once again displayed for him before she rearranged herself. God, he had to keep his eyes under control here.

He closed the door and walked around the back of the car to the driver's side, taking a deep breath to settle himself down. It was like being back in high school again, that strange exciting breathless feeling, a mixture of apprehension and anticipation.

Marie had not noticed his glances. But she had never felt so sexy, so desirable. It was a combination of the knowledge of what she was wearing under her dress (and, oh my god, wasn't it crazy that her boobs were bare under the thin dress?) and the way her father had stared at her when she came into the living room. Her young heart was pounding with excitement. But it was so nice to be able to feel this way on a date with her father instead of on a date with some guy from school. At least here, she knew, nothing would come of it. She didn't have to worry about that. She could just enjoy herself.

As her father sat down in the driver's seat next to her, she noticed that he was smiling.

"What's so funny, Daddy?"

"Oh, nothing."

"No, what is it?"

"Well, I just couldn't help but smile at what your mother said," he grinned as he turned the car on. Marie tried to remember exactly what her mother had said as they backed out onto the street.

"You mean, 'don't do anything I wouldn't do?' What's so funny about that?" Tim was silent as he put the car into drive, and started down the street.

"Uh, I don't know if I should say, exactly."

"Come on, Daddy! You can't leave me hanging like this!" Marie punched him in the arm lightly.

"Ouch," he groused, laughing. "Okay, okay! I just mean that there really isn't much your mother wouldn't do."

"Huh?" Marie looked at her father, confused. "What do you mean?"

"Let's just say that your mother is pretty adventurous." Marie stared at him. He looked over at her, and rolled his eyes. "Come on, Marie. Do I really have to spell it out?"

"Oh my God!! Mom?! Like what? What sort of adventurous things?"

"No, Marie. I won't say. Those things are between your Mommy and me."

Marie felt a twinge of jealousy, but it was repressed so quickly she never felt it consciously. After all, these were her parents. And this was just a night out with her Daddy, nothing more. But still she felt unusual, sort of tingly.

The rest of the car trip passed by uneventfully. Tim was glad to see that they were only ten minutes late for their reservation. He helped Marie from the car, his eyes guiltily straying to her legs again as she stood up, but her dress remained in place this time. Offering his arm to her, he walked her across the parking lot to the restaurant door.

The place was a quiet Italian restaurant Carol and he had been to once, a few years back. The tables were small, with space between them, and candlelight provided all the illumination. The ambience was highly romantic, and Marie's girlish heart melted as she walked in on her handsome father's arm. It was like a scene from a movie. She laid her head against his strong shoulder.

"Wow, Daddy, this is nice. Have you ever been here before?"

"Uh, yeah, Princess," Tim replied. His mind was suddenly filled with an overwhelming memory: his wife sitting on the sink in a restaurant bathroom, her skirt up around her waist, her panties dangling off one foot. He was standing between her legs, his hard cock thrusting into the depths of her. She had her head thrown back, her face contorted in pleasure. God, had that been here? Maybe Carol had forgotten.

"Yeah," he stuttered, coming back to himself. Marie was looking up at him, concerned. "Sorry, honey. Yeah, we came here several years ago. It was good back then. I hope they still serve oysters." He realized he was babbling and forced himself to stop.

"Oysters? I've never had them before." Marie wondered what her father had been thinking of. He had been far away for a moment or two. But before she could ask him, the host came over and brought them to a little table in the back of the restaurant.

They settled into their seats, and glanced at the menus. Tim felt unsure of himself. The evening had just begun, and he had no clue what he should talk about with his suddenly grown up daughter.

"Would Signorina and Signor care for some wine?" The waiter proffered Tim the wine list.

"Uh, sure, I guess. Marie? Would you like a glass?" Marie stared at her father. Had he forgotten how old she was? Or was he just trying to treat her as a grown-up? Either way, she wasn't about to look a gift horse in the mouth.

"Yeah, I would. Whatever you want to order." Best to let him make the choice, she thought. He was the caterer around here.

"We'll have a bottle of the 2004 Felsina Chianti, please."

"Excellent choice, Signor."

Tim looked back at Marie, and confusion filled his brain. Had he just ordered a bottle of wine to share with his underage daughter? He laughed to cover up his confusion.

"Do you mind sharing some wine with your old Dad?"

"Not at all," Marie smiled. How cute he was. So unsure of himself. "And you're really not that old, you know, Dad."

"I don't know. Thirty-eight's not that young."

"Most of my friends have fathers in their fifties," Marie said.

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