tagLetters & TranscriptsGold Card Ch. 11

Gold Card Ch. 11


Tue, 7 Nov 2007 4:18 pm

Hi Ted,

Damn, it was just the postman with a package for my neighbor. I guess he knows I’m usually here so he leaves it with me. Anyway, where was I in my story? Oh yeah…

Okay, she asks if I will look at something that might change my mind. I was just sitting there on the table, fully relaxed from the massage and a bit turned on still so I nodded. Instead of showing me something, she moved up close to me, took my hand and guided it down between her legs.

Initially I pulled back, but she held my hand firm and then pulled it, pressing it to her crotch. Instead of feeling a smooth mound, I felt a bit of a bulge there. Now it took me a second, but when I finally got it I said, “Then you are a...”

“Transsexual,” she replied.

“But your breasts, and face...”

“I’m taking hormones, have been for a while.”

She went on to explain she had to live as a woman for a while before they would even consider surgery, even then she would have to go through a lot of psychological sessions. Explaining she had always been different, effeminate and this job gave her access to a lot of information and treatment she would not have had.

It was all so strange for me as I found myself looking at her differently, trying to discern what still seemed male about her. That was not easy, I mean, you remember her, she wasn’t a supermodel, but nothing about her seemed masculine. Still curious about it all I asked her to take her clothes off, since I didn’t have anything on.

Surprisingly she agreed, so I watched as she took off her blouse and bra, exposing a natural looking pair of breasts. As she removed her pants I could see the bulge in her panties and when she pulled them off I could see she actually had an erection. I hadn’t noticed it when she was fully clothed because it was so small. I don’t know if it was the hormones or what, but while it was all there, it was simply about two and a half inches long and very thin.

Thinking of the massive cock I had been fucked with at the coffee shop, I was stunned now to see one so small. I kind of wished she would try to put it in me just to see what it felt like, but instead, she reached out and began caressing my breasts. Leaning onto my back I let her do what she does so well, savoring the sensation of her fingers as they gently squeezed my breasts and then slid up to my nipples. Once her fingertips touched my nipples, it was electric, the sensation shot down my body and deep into my pussy as she pinched them and then slipped her fingers in small circles around them.

As she touched my nipples I began feeling a bit odd so I reached out and gently took her cock into my hand. The tip was wet with precum, so I wet my fingers in the liquid and ran them down her short shaft. She continued toying with my nipples for a while and then let them run down my belly, through my curly hair and then in between my legs.

She moved her fingers down my slit and then slipped them inside me. I was so wet by then that she pushed three fingers into me with ease. Her touch felt so light and delicate compared to that enormous cock I had the day before that I found myself breathing hard as my hips began rising up and down. When she pulled her fingers out of me and moved to my clit I could feel the pleasure build inside me. It was so incredible, with just a few quick strokes of her fingers on my clit I was arching my back and coming.

It felt so good that I wanted to do something for her so I quickly began jacking off her tiny cock. It took a while and my arm got a bit tired because of the odd position I had to hold it in but she finally came, shooting a few small spurts of cum onto my stomach.

She immediately grabbed some tissue and dabbed her cum off of me and then without a word grabbed her clothes and stepped through the door. I sat up. Jumped down off of the table and got dressed. I waited for a few minutes and she came back in, fully clothed, her hair redone, and aside from a faint flush in her cheeks, she looked like she had just been working.

I started to say something about what happened, but she stopped me, asking me not to talk of it. Apparently, she was a bit embarrassed when I jacked her off and she came. I guess she’s been trying to deny the male part of her sexuality in favor of the female part. Her response, the erection and the orgasm took her by surprise.

She led me out of the back and when I turned to leave the store she thanked me for using the Gold Card and then silently walked back to the pharmacy. I headed out to my car feeling very strange about it all. I mean she was amazing with her fingers and hands and my orgasm was very satisfying, but I really didn’t know how to feel about her. Did my response make me a lesbian or did I respond to the little bit of her that was still male?

Anyway, I’m still waiting to hear from you about your return to the electronics store.



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