tagIncest/TabooGramps' Legacy Ch. 02

Gramps' Legacy Ch. 02


This picks up immediately after Will has fucked his mother. If you didn't read the first story, it will help you understand some of this if you do now.

Obviously contains instances of incest, vaginal, oral and anal sex. If any of that bothers you, sorry. Otherwise, enjoy. Jb7


I was back in the amphitheater, empty except for me and Hans van der Hagen, my 4x great grandfather (if Gramps was right about my Dad's parentage), who was shouting at me from behind a lectern.

"Great god, young man! Just what in hell do you think you're doing? Weren't you listening earlier when I explained the conditions of your powers? In what twisted logic does you fucking your mother benefit anyone but you?"

"But she asked for it. And Gramps set it up, telling her she could depend on me whenever she needed to relieve sexual tension," I countered, a bit petulantly, I must confess.

"And you had nothing to do with it; no overt, or even covert, desire to lay with your mother," he replied, the sarcasm in his voice as thick as honey. Suddenly, my head felt like there was a pair of squirrels inside it, racing around, looking for acorns. Before I could say anything, the sensation was gone.

"I apologize for the intrusive examination, but I needed to ascertain your true level of concupiscence relative to your mother."

"My what!" I interrupted.

"Your desire, your passion, your need to have her," he replied, with a tolerant shake of his head. "I can see nothing more than the usual before your grandfather suggested the liaison. However, you are not entirely blameless. Although your grandfather may have suggested the activity, it was your thinking about and reacting to his suggestion which tipped your mother into approaching you.

"I'm afraid I, also, must accept some of the blame; Lord knows there is more than enough to go around." He looked at the floor, shaking his head. "I had assumed that, since you had received a portion of the legacy in your developing years, you would have become aware of your power and abilities, that someone would have discussed them with you, explained what they were, and how they worked. Knowing Thaddeus, I should have known better, and expected less."

He walked down to the floor of the amphitheater and joined me, pointing to a bench, indicating we should sit down. "When your father died, he passed on to you the most basic of the mental powers you have received -- enhanced intelligence. That is why your school work has come to you with so little effort; and, in part, why you were able to sell your products to your peers and teachers so successfully.

"Our legacy gives us a number of abilities not available to most of the population; while there are some basic ones, the advanced powers tend to vary with the genetic line, and, within the line, with the individual. You have discovered telepathy on your own, as well as direct mind control, such as you performed on the unfortunate Harry, making him forget what he saw.

"Your direct forbears relied primarily on an empathic approach, working on the person's desires and ambitions, using their empathic powers to align their victims' desires with their own. Our line is fortunate since we have a greater ability than the others as far as this power is concerned. They have to study and practice with it, while for us, as you have seen, we can use it intuitively, as you most likely did with your mother.

"Occasionally, some of the legatees have been successful using telekinesis, but, in recent generations, not with anything larger than an ounce or two, and not more than a few inches. I can sense you wondering about teleportation. The original wizard was capable of such feats, but to my knowledge, none of the Bod..."

Without any warning, another figure appeared, standing beside Hans, a woman about Nana's age. "Hans, what on earth were you screaming about? Good afternoon, young man; you must be our new legatee. Welcome to the Body." She turned to look at Hans, an expression of extreme concentration on her face. A look of annoyance appeared on his.

When she smiled and turned back to me, he looked at her and asked, "Satisfied?" He turned back to me, saying, "William, this is my 4x great grandmother, Yvette, burned as a witch, in Paris, in the middle of the seventeenth century. She is your 8x great grandmother, one of the few female legatees in our line."

"What? Did you say..."

"Yes, he said witch, but I'm pretty sure he was thinking something else," she said, with a smile. "Hans, why are you so upset that he has had his mother? You, of all men, should understand that attraction. Besides that, they are adults, both unattached, so that it should matter to no one else what they do."

"That interloper, the salesman, Harry, thought he could blackmail the lad's mother by threatening to reveal her relationship with her father-in-law. Think what people would do if it got out that mother and son were involved with each other."

"Then we shall have to teach him some of my old tricks, so he can know when he's being observed, and can make people believe what he wants. Yes, this is a good assignment for Iolanda." Yvette turned her beaming smile on me.

"She'll be at your door in a day or two. Right now, I think she's involved in some altercation concerning your mutual cousin, Pandora, currently locked up in some Muslim backwater." And without any warning, the scene dissolved and I was lying in bed, alone.


The smell of brewing coffee stirred me to wakefulness and coaxed me out of bed. I went to the john and took care of business, then into my bedroom and found a pair of pajama bottoms and some slippers to wear. In the kitchen, Mom was sitting at the table, her face hidden in her hands, leaning on her elbows, braced over a cup of coffee. As I walked past her, I heard some very soft sobs and sniffles.

I knelt down beside her and took her in my arms, "Hey, Mom, what's wrong?" I asked her gently.

Her head was buried in my shoulder; I felt it shake from side to side, as if she were saying, "Nothing."

"C'mon, you can tell me. I'm your son and I love you."

She pulled her head back and looked at me. "You don't hate me? You're not upset or disgusted about what we did this morning?"

"No; why? Should I be?"

"Most people think it's wrong, abnormal..."

"Mom, there are, I'm sure, all sorts of reasons this morning happened. The most important one is that two people who love each other needed to express that love and give comfort and support to the other person; to express a love that knows no limits, and is totally unconditional. There is no way I could feel bad about this morning, unless you, for some reason, regret it."

"Oh, dear, no! I was afraid you'd wake up and think I had taken advantage of you, used you for some perverse..."

"Well, yes, you did do that, but I was happy to oblige." I broke in, with a smile.

At first, there was a look of shock and dismay on her face, until she realized I was joking. She grinned, slapped at my shoulder and retorted, "Stinker!" I stood up and pulled her to her feet, and into my arms. "Ready for brunch?" she asked .

I looked at my watch; it was just after noon. "Just some eggs and toast. Nana asked me to stop by Gramm's this afternoon around three. Do you want to come along?"

"No; I don't think that would be a good idea. I shouldn't interfere with your times with them. Sit down; I'll get your coffee and start the toast. How's, what's her name, Eileen? Do I get to meet her soon?" Mom was bustling around the kitchen, getting my coffee, starting the toast, getting out the eggs as she spoke, not avoiding me, but also not looking at me.

"Eileen's fine. I haven't seen her since Spring break. She's at the Capitol, finishing up an internship with a State Senator. And you will meet her, probably sometime this summer. Why would going to Gramm's with me not be a good idea?"

"Just take my word for it. Are you and Eileen serious?"

"We're at the point where we're trying to decide whether or not we're serious, or if we want to be. She can be hard to live with sometimes."

At that Mom turned around, her brow furrowed, the question plain on her face. "Weekends and breaks when I didn't come home, I'd spend with her, either my apartment or hers."

"I figured that. Why was she hard to live with?"

"Emotionally, she's damn near unpredictable. One night, when she had been really upset, she realized she needed to explain, and told me about her past.

"Her mother was an evangelical preacher's daughter who got pregnant when she was sixteen. When Eileen was born, he threw them out of the house.

"Her mom met this guy, not Eileen's father, who gave them a place to live, but, in return, demanded sex. Unknown to her mom, he videotaped them and used the tapes to force her into prostitution. He'd even do her with Eileen in the room, watching. When Eileen was about twelve, he raped her in front of her mother, then, a few days later, kicked the mother out." A look of horrified sympathy was on Mom's face as she shook her head.

"Eileen said he took her to Planned Parenthood and got her on birth control. He demanded that he was present at all her medical exams, and she was too afraid, too naive to object. She said he made her watch all her mother's videos so she knew what he wanted from her. The only good thing was he never shared her like he did with her mom. " Mom had collapsed into a chair and sat there, tears in her eyes.

"She received a full scholarship to the University here, but didn't tell him anything about it, and as soon as she was done with her last high school exam, she went home, packed up and caught the first bus coming this way. She had saved some money and knew where he had some hidden.

"We shared a couple of classes her first year here. I ran into her at the Union a few times; we got to talking, and one thing led to another. Our first few times together were at her dorm. And everything was fine. The first time she came to my apartment, though...Ice City. She arrived on Thursday, about supper time, and didn't seem to relax until Sunday night.

"There was hardly any spontaneity in our sex life, and she didn't seem to enjoy it, even when she climaxed, unless she initiated it. Then, there were no barriers. She'd do anything, allow anything...when she's in a good mood, there's no one more fun or exciting to be around."

"Do you love her?" Mom interrupted, "or, more importantly, are you in love with her?"

"Do I love her? I think so. I want to see her happy, and successful, and will do what I can to make that happen. In love with her? I'm not sure what that means, but I know if I were asked to rank the women in my life, she wouldn't be first."

"Well, that's a pretty good indication you're not in love, at least not with her. Is there someone else?"

"Just you at the moment," I said, with a grin.

From her smile, you'd have thought I just gave my mother a 20 carat diamond ring. "Stop talking nonsense," she said, trying hard to stop smiling. "Surely you have some other women in your life."

"With school, and the job, dealing with Eileen and her past is quite enough."

"Well, if you're willing to stick with her, maybe you can find some way to help her deal with it."


Nana had the door open before I had a chance to ring the door bell. "Hi Billy. Rose is asleep; I didn't want the bell to disturb her. She was awake most of the night. Would you like something to drink, coffee, soda, beer?"

"Beer'd be good. How are you doing?"

She led the way to the kitchen and got my beer and took out a glass before she answered. "I'm fine. Since the cancer was diagnosed, Thad and I mostly just cuddled and talked, about you mostly." We sat down at the kitchen table, kitty corner to one another, our knees touching. "He was impressed with how well you were doing, selling to what he thought was a difficult market. He was quite proud of you; said Dan would have been, too."

Before I could answer, Gramm came through the door. "Thought I heard voices and wondered who you were talking to, Bess," she said, with a small yawn. "Hi, Will; didn't expect to see you. Any special reason you stopped by?"

"Nana asked me to come by; said you might need some bolstering after yesterday's emotional turmoil." I got up and gave her a bear hug, which she promptly engaged in with me.

"Mmm," she quietly moaned, "this feels good. Thank you, Bess, for having him come over." After giving me a tight squeeze, she picked up my beer and downed half of it. "Let's go into the living room, where we can be comfortable on the couch.

"How's school going, Will? Isn't the semester about over?" she asked as she led the way.

"It is for me. One good thing about Gramps' death was that it got me excused from taking my finals, and got me an 'A' on all of them."

"Will! That's like cheating! What would you have gotten if you had to take them?" Gramm asked, her voice expressing her shock at the concept of the compassionate grades colleges gave students when there was a death in their immediate family.

I winked at Nana and laughed. "Probably an A, or a B+ at least," I bragged. We all flopped down on the couch. Gramm immediately nestled into my side, trapping my right arm behind her so my hand rested on her hip.

Nana twisted a little and pulled my arm over her shoulder so my left hand rested squarely on her boob. Her hand covered mine and pressed it tight against her so I could feel her nipple as it got hard. I heard a small moan, then a sigh as she nestled into me. Before I knew it, both my grandmothers were asleep in my arms.

I relaxed and soon was dozing with them. I napped for about an hour. I started having a weird dream about some babe locked up in a primitive prison, wrestling with her guard who was doing his best to get her slacks off. Even as she fought him off, she was laughing at him, egging him on.

I woke with a start, disturbing the two women in my arms. Both my arms had gone to sleep and I could barely move them. Gramm laughed at me and began to knead the arm on her side. Nana quickly followed suit, reaching up to kiss me on the cheek. "You're a good boy, Billy, spending your wild oats time with two old biddies like us. We'll make it up to you soon; you'll see."

I guess Gramm had noticed where Nana had placed my hand. She pulled my arm to her, the back of my hand rubbing smack up against her pussy as she massaged some life back into it. "Yes we will, and sooner than you think. Thad said we shouldn't wait too long before calling on you for 'assistance.' It's too late today, I know, but tomorrow is Sunday, and the office is closed on Monday. Do you think you could handle two horny old biddies at once?"

"That won't be necessary, Rose; you can have him to yourself tomorrow. I'd really prefer my first time with Bill be just the two of us." Nana's voice was low, but firm. I remembered what she had told me about her and Gramm sharing Gramps on occasion.

"Whatever you say, Nana," I said, forestalling any reply from Gramm, "but sometime, I think I'd like to try the two of you together. If Gramps liked it enough to do it more than a few times, it must have been pretty special."

Nana's smile in reply could only be described as shy, while Gramm simply beamed. "Okay, Bess, if you're sure. Tomorrow afternoon then, Will; around two?"

I nodded, pulled my hand free, and stood up to leave. I pulled them to their feet and gave them each a kiss, using my tongue like a small cock in their mouths. Gramm nearly swooned, and might have fallen if my arm hadn't been around her. Nana, who was three or four years younger, returned the tongue action. When we broke it off, she laughed and said, "Tease. I'll see you on Tuesday?"

With a wide, shit-eating grin on my face, I nodded, and promised to call as soon as possible if there were any changes.


I had told Mom I'd stop on the way home and pick up a pizza for dinner. The best in the city was on the way home, so I called ahead and ordered our favorite, sausage, mushrooms and black olive with extra cheese and sauce. When I got home, the house was dark, but her car was in the garage. I let myself in thru the kitchen and put the pie in the oven, which I turned on to just keep it warm.

Quietly, I made my way back to the bedroom area. Mom's door was open and her night light was on, creating a dim glow in the room. She was sleeping on her back, still in her bathrobe, which was open to her waist. She had her legs figure-foured, with her left foot under her right knee. Her lady was totally exposed, and open, so the world could see her inner labia. May the powers that be forgive me, but I got an instant hard on.

After our activities this morning, I realized there was no need for shame or remorse at seeing her naked, but this was my 'Mom!' Still, I couldn't turn away. Something drew me closer, and in a few seconds, I found myself kneeling on the bed, my knees between hers, up against her left leg.

Even at that distance I could smell her pussy. In the faint light, I could see minute drops of moisture clinging to the hair surrounding her crease. I wondered if she had been jillin' or having a sexy dream. I leaned in closer to get a better look, and a closer smell. Damn, her pussy smelled good. Before I knew what I was doing, the tip of my tongue was lightly tracing her outer lips, barely touching her.

I heard a low moan and couldn't tell if it was her or me. Then her leg straightened out and both of them moved sideways. My tongue moved to her inner labia, gathering up all the drops of pussy dew it could find. There was another moan, this one definitely from Mom.

My hands were busy at my belt as my tongue found the opening to Mom's canal and began to run around the rim, pushing it open. As I pushed my jockeys down, I began to tongue Mom's clit. Her hips began to thrust up at my face, and before I could pull back, her hands were pulling me into her lady.

Suddenly, there was a flood of pussy juice pouring into my mouth and down my chin, then Mom went as rigid as an I-bar for about fifteen seconds. When she collapsed, she was like a rag doll.

I moved up over her and lay down, gathering her in my arms. "Mmm, nice," she said and curled up against me. "You can wake me like that anytime. Did you have a good time with your grandmothers?"

"We all had a nice nap..." I replied, stroking her back.

"You didn't...Was that because of this morning?" She pulled back to look at me.

"No. Gramm was napping when I got there. When she woke up, she led us into the living room to cuddle on the couch and we all just fell asleep. She asked me to come over tomorrow, so we could...uh, you know."

"You can say fuck; it won't bother me. Hearing you say it, that is. I'm not sure how I feel about having my son fuck my mother and my mother-in-law while he's fucking me."

"One thing, Connie," I said, using her given name for the first time ever, "I will never fuck you. It will never be just a fuck, no matter how quick it is or how suddenly it happens. Whenever you and I have sex, I will always be making love either to or with you."

Suddenly there was that radiant smile and she straightened out her body and turned to face me, her lips seeking mine, her nether lips moving down onto my rampant stallion. Incongruously, I thought about the pizza and hoped it didn't get too dried out.

I rolled onto my back so Mom was on top of me. If it was possible, her smile got wider and brighter. She raised herself up so she was standing on her knees. "Oh, god! I haven't done this since...I can't remember, but it was before your sister was born. Damn, this feels good! What else did your dad and I used to do? With Thad it was almost always bent over the desk while he took me from behind; just because it was easiest in the office, I suppose."

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