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Grand Charade


This story starts in March of 1991.

I guess I should tell you right off the bat that I'm adopted. But, don't feel sorry for me because my adoptive parents are the nicest parents a guy could have, bar none. I'm Austin Feeney. My friends, those shits, call me "Meat." Even the girls know that I have that nickname.

I was chosen for the Georgia all state basketball team. The Georgia and South Carolina all state teams play each other each year. The proceeds go to the Shriners.

This year the game was held in Columbia, SC. Because of their work, my folks could not make the trip. During the pre-game warm up, I ran to chase a ball that rolled near the South Carolina players. I came face to face with Me!

When he saw me, he froze too. We were identical. "Who are you?"

"Casey Pollard."

"Were you adopted?"


"What is your date of birth?"

"June 6, 1976"

"God damn, so is mine. No one ever told me that I had an identical twin brother"

"Me neither."

Right then, the whistle blew to start the game. "Trade information with you at half time."


We guarded each other for the first quarter of the game. He ran on the balls of his feet the same way I do. Both the coaches took us out at the same time. I wrote out all my personal information. Then, I got a crazy idea. I added this note. "Casey, let's not tell anyone that we have an identical twin. We may be able to get away with some pranks or stunts. E-mail me and we can go into this further."

We both ended up attending the University of Georgia in Atlanta. With thirty thousand students at an inner city university, it was easy to disappear in the mass of students. We both lived off campus on opposite sides of Atlanta.

Chemistry, math, and botany are easy subjects for me, but I struggle in history and English. As luck would have it, Casey was a strong student in history and English, but struggled in my strong areas. So, He took my exams in history and English, while I took his in chemistry, math, and botany.

Boys being boys, we had to push our limits, so we purchased the same clothes, and both got haircuts the same day from the same barber, so that we were identical. We spent hours discussing our families, friends, hobbies, and past experiences, so that we could change places with each other, without being caught.

I was dating Shirley Smith, a tall, dark haired, pretty girl. On the fourth date, we went to a "Rave." She took an ecstasy pill. I got laid that night. Oh, boy, did I. She wanted it every time I could get it up, for over five hours.

Casey was dating Bonnie Summerfield, a refined, reserved, tall blond girl, with a great set of tits, that would not let him fuck her. There would be another "Rave" this weekend, so I suggested to Casey that he take Shirley. Of course, that was for him an automatic fuck.

I agreed to take Bonnie to a Jazz concert. It was the wildest thing to be with an attractive sexy woman who is comfortable being with you, but you are not the you she thinks you are. Does that make sense?

After the concert, I took her to the "Crazy Lizard" lounge. A large place with three dance floor, each with a different type of music, and five bars, it held over five hundred patrons. We went to the slow dance floor, with a Glenn Miller type band.

With two drinks in her, Bonnie let me dance with her chest to chest, with her head on my shoulder. With another drink in her, she did not pull away when I begin to run my leg between hers, rubbing her pussy. It dawned on me that I could fuck her. "Should I? Would Casey mind?" I looked at my watch. It was two AM. My mind was racing. "Right at this very moment, Casey has Shirley on her back, in my apartment, and is fucking her. I decided to go for it"

As the dance ended, Bonnie said that she had to use the rest room. While she was gone, I got her another drink. I slipped the bar tender an extra five bucks so he would make it with 150 proof rum. When she returned, Bonnie was thirsty. She drank it all down. Time to go. In ten minutes, we arrived at Casey's place.

Bonnie needed help walking in. Her speech was slurred. I turned on one small light. Sitting next to her on the couch, I took her in my arms. Ever so gently, I kissed her neck, under her chin, her checks, her nose, and finally her mouth. My hands rubbed the back of her head, then her arms, and her waist.

Her breathing got deeper, and faster. My right hand went on to her left breast. She froze, with a deep breath, a gasp. Her hand covered mine. I kneaded that melon with all my finger. Her head lifted, as her hand fell away, and another gasp escaped her. Her body relaxed, and she lay back. I gave her a long French kiss, with my tongue probing deeply in her mouth.

My hand went between her legs, which she closed, trapping my hand against her pussy. I cupped my fingers and rubbed her hard several times. Another deep gasp, as the tension against my hand eased, and her legs slowly opened, giving me complete access to her pussy.

My fingers pushed her white cotton panties to one side, and I ran my index finger into her pussy. "Oooohhhhoooo, Oooohhhhoooo," she moaned, with her eyes shut and her mouth open.

I picked her up, took her to the bed room, and lay her on the bed. Bonnie continued to moan as I took off her clothes. There was just enough light filtering through the curtains to see her wonderful body laying there.

We lay naked, side by side, for a few minutes, as I finger fucked her. When I rolled between her legs, she whispered in my ear, "Be very gentle with me, I am a virgin." I pushed her legs apart. I took her hand and placed it on my cock. "Here, You guide it in."

Bonnie placed it at her entrance. With slow gentle pushes, I begin to ease it into her pussy. Her breathing was now a shallow pant, with each breath she exclaimed, "Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah."

As I told you at the start, my nickname is "Meat." It's eight inches, by three inches thick. Bonnie was pushing trying to get it in, and at the same time squirming trying to accommodate it.

When it was finally all in her, she started to cry from the tension of the moment. She held me tight. "Please don't move. Just lie this way with you in me." She then took my head with both of her hands, and gave me a passionate kiss that lasted for several minutes. I was happy to have the pause. I almost cum just putting it in her.

I started to thrust, slow at first, and after fifteen thrusts - I counted - she cum. Tears were running down her face, as her quivering voice said, "Oh, Oh, Oh, Casey, I love you."

My balls got tight, and then the glorious moment came when my cum shot into her hot pussy.

By six AM, I had fucked Bonnie six times, giving her an orgasm each time. I took her back to her place. By the time I got to my place, Casey's car was gone, so I went in to get some sleep.

That afternoon when I phoned Casey to tell about my success with Bonnie, there was no resentment in his voice when he said, "Great. Good job. I can't wait to have a turn with her. Shirley, Oh, Boy, Man, you were so right. She loves that ecstasy stuff, and fucks like a rabbit with some in her. I had a hell of a night."

Well, as it turned out, Casey was first getting into my next girlfriend's pants. I broke up with Shirley when I found out she was trying some harder drugs.

My next girlfriend was a little doll by the name of Amy Pennington. She was just five feet, one inch tall, and weight one hundred and sixteen pounds. Her face was sneaky beautiful. She had a soft, low, sexy voice that sent quivers up my spine. Big problem was that she was not ready for sex, so she said.

I asked Casey to trade dates one night, so that I could have an evening fucking Bonnie.

Casey took Amy to a frat party. Place was really jumping. He said that there was over a hundred kids in that old four story home. At eleven PM the word quietly spread from guy to guy that some ecstasy was going to be put in the punch, so if you wanted to leave, leave now. Otherwise, all the car keys would be gathered to be sure that no one tried to drive. If you stayed, it was assumed that you were there for the night, and that you would be fucking your date.

Big gamble, but Casey took it. Casey got Amy to drink two full glasses of the punch. Slow music was played. The couples danced in slow motion, with their bodies tightly together. When Casey begun to rub her fanny, Amy got a dreamy smile on her face. Stopping, he boldly put his hand on her pussy and rubbed her clit area. Amy's eyes closed. She leaned against him, as her legs opened. She thrust her twat against his hand, and gave him a kiss.

Once in a bed room on the third floor, Casey wasted no time getting them both undressed. Her pussy was soaking wet as he pushed his cock past her thick cunt hair deep into her pussy. We were twins in every way. He too had an eight inch thick cock. He fucked her hard and fast. Too fast. He cum in just a couple minutes. He rolled off her to catch his breath. Laying there with his eyes closed, also with ecstasy making him very loving, he failed to notice the two guys that came in the room. He opened his eyes, just as the first guy lay on Amy. With a quick thrust of his ass, a new hard cock was in Amy.

Amy's eyes opened. She stared at the stranger, but at the same time, her fanny begin to meet his thrusts. "Oh, Ooohhhooooo, Oh, Oh, Oh, Ooooohhooooooooooooo," she moaned as he fucked her hard while she was on the summit of her orgasm. When that guy rolled off, the third guy climbed on to Amy, who gave each man, in turn, wet kisses. Casey fucked her again, and then went to take a piss. When he returned, there were two new guys fucking her.

The next day, I got a frown on my face listening to Casey tell me of my baby doll, Amy, being fucked all night by at least twenty guys. But, hey, Casey did not plan the ecstasy party, he just took advantage of what was there to be had.

I phoned Amy for a date. She was cold to me on the phone, and said she was busy. Shit happens. Lost that girl friend.

Seems that I always come out smelling like a rose. The very next night I was at the "Crazy Lizard." While chatting with two friends, a girl suddenly turned into me bumping my arm, spilling my drink down the front of my shirt.

"Oh, I'm so sorry," she said as she grabbed a napkin and patted my shirt trying to slop up the liquid.

My breath stopped. She was beautiful. Her body was Playboy material. My mind said, "Wow!" I blurted out, "Your beautiful. You owe me a date."

"Oh, really, I do, do I?" A mischievous smile played on her lips. She stepped back to study me. I said, "Please?"

"You are cute, and a gentleman, so lets dance. We can discuss a date later."

Rachael Tassinari and I were soon going steady. She was a sophomore at Georgia. I talked her into joining me in a trip to see a football game in Florida. After the game, we hit two different night spots, had a few drinks, and I convinced her that it would not be safe to drive home, so we went to a motel.

Sex was nothing new to her. She had started dating a senior in high school, when she was a freshman. "What happened then, I asked," not really expecting an answer.

She sat up. Naked, she was quite a sight, with her beautiful C-cup breasts swaying, and those bedroom eyes staring directly into my own eyes. In a soft voice she said, "I let him have my virginity so he would continue dating me. He bragged to all the guys on the football team that I was fucking him on every date. After he graduated, every guy that dated me pressured me constantly to fuck him. I like to party, have fun. I wanted to date, and see all the shows, so I let every guy that I dated fuck me. I had a lot of dates. After the eighth guy had fucked me, a change came over me, I wanted to be fucked. I enjoyed the excitement of have a new man fuck me. I tell you this, Austin, because I love you, and I wanted you to hear it from me first."

At that moment, I knew that I would marry this girl. Two and a half years later, we did get married. Casey, who was fucking her almost as much as I was, told me that if I did not marry her, he would.

Casey and Bonnie split up. He finally found a girl that he wanted to bring to the alter a year later. Susan Wackernagel is a spitfire, southern Belle, from Hattiesburg, Mississippi. From her lips pour a soft, southern drawl, oozing southern charm. That is until she has had several strong drinks. Then, she will reach around the back of your head, kiss you, and demand your attention with, "C'mon Stud. Light my fire. Get your meat out. Stuff your cock in my cunt, Baby."

The first time she said that to me, all I could say was , "Huh?"

The lady, did indeed, loved to fuck, and was ready anytime, almost anyplace. At least once a week, Casey would fuck Rachael at my place, while I fucked Susan at his.

By now, each of us had been around both of our families, friends, and pals, without anyone discovering our charade.

Each of our wives gave birth to two children. It's anyone's guess which one of us sired which kid, but the DNA would be the same anyway.

January 2000.

Casey ran into Shirley. She now had a good job. One thing led to another. He, We, begin a hot affair. We each fucked her at least once a week.

Casey made a mistake. A smudge of lipstick was on his collar. Susan carefully smelled his clothes. She picked up the faint whiff of perfume. Instead of making a scene, Susan decided that she would look around for some strange cock. By her way of thinking,she reasoned, "I've been a good girl long enough. I want a good hard strange fuck."

Susan did not know it, but Casey had found the password to her computer screen name. Checking her e-mail, he discovered that she was surfing the net for sex partners.

"Austin, I've got a problem, Buddy. Susan has placed an ad in a swinger site. Let me read her ad to you. "Married white female, age 26, desires man or men. Must have eight inches, be fit, and under age thirty-five. All okay, except pain. Photo gets you one of me." She got forty replies. She has sent her nude photo to seven guys. I have been looking at pictures of some serious meat. What to hell should I do?"

"What brought this on?"

"Hold on, I have an idea."

When Casey returned to the phone, he said; "She has fucking discovered that I have been with Shirley. My shirt was at the bottom of the hamper. She cleaned everything else. It has lipstick on it. I am dead meat."

"Wait. Lets think about this? She has to have known about this for over a week. Have you fucked her during that time?"


"How did it go.?"

"Susan is Susan. Always a good fuck, as you know."

"Simple. She wants You, Us, and some strange too. I have an idea. I heard about a guy that works out at the YMCA. He has an honest to God twelve inches. Lets get him on her case. We could set up a pin hole camera, and watch her be fucked."

Mr. Twelve Inches' e-mail joined the others. Casey told Susan that he would be out of town Friday night. Twelve Inches said he would like to stop at her home some night after the kids were in bed. She agreed. "Friday is a good night."

Friday night, Casey fucked Rachael. While I had a wild night fucking Shirley, who took a dose of ecstasy.

The next day, Casey retrieved the VCR tape. We watched it in my office, which was closed on Saturday.

Susan, on her own turf, was very much in charge, when they appeared in living color, entering the bed room. Twelve Inches, was not a big man, standing five feet, ten inches, and weighting roughly one hundred, fifty pounds.

It was one thing to read twelve inches in an e-mail, and quit another to see a cock like that up close, with the knowledge that the owner is going to do his best to put it all in you. Perhaps, Susan thought that it would be soft, and flabby. It was nothing of the sort. It was thick, hard, red ,and stiffly sticking upward. Walking toward her naked, Twelve said to Susan, "You're a hot looking chick. Come to Poppy. Poppy is going to give you a real nice fucking."

Susan's eyed his cock, his face, and his cock again. She took in a deep breath. "What if it won't all fit in me?"

He lowered her to her back. His head bobbed up and down as his tongue ran the length of her snatch. Susan's hips begin to squirm, undulate, as her eyes closed.

When he could feel Susan building to an orgasm, he slid forward. In a fluid motion, over half of his cock was in her.

"Ooohhhhoooo, Aaaahhaaa," her orgasm started, as he planned. He raised her legs over her head and buried the rest of his foot long cock into her warn, tender womb. Susan shrieked. "Oh, Oh, Oh, Oooohhhhoooo," as her fanny thrust up, sideways, and up again.

For twenty minutes, that long red shaft darted in and out of Susan's cunt.

She had a second orgasm, as strong as the first. When he cum in her, they lay still for a couple minutes. Both then got up to use the bathroom. By the time Susan reappeared, he was hard again. Her legs were again pinned by her head. This time, the fuck lasted longer.

When Casey went home Saturday, Susan acted like nothing had happened. He fucked her. He told me later, that he could not tell that she had been used the night before.

To date, Susan has fucked nine strange guys, all with huge equipment. She's happy. We're happy. Between Susan, Rachael, and Shirley, we have all the fucking we can handle, for now. The Grand Charade continues.

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