tagIncest/TabooGrandma's Hand

Grandma's Hand


Billy Lange was 18 in the summer of 1967, and while the rest of the country was tuning in, turning on and enjoying the Summer of Love, shy and reserved Billy was spending the summer with his grandmother, like he had done every summer of his teenage years.

That summer of 1967 was different for Billy, and for his grandmother as well.


I stood in the doorway of my grandmother's bedroom, listening for the reassuring sounds of her breathing, much like I did every night after she went to bed. It was something that I had always done, and the ritual was actually suggested by my mother, who was concerned that the pills Grandma took to fall asleep weren't good for a woman her age.

Actually, Grandma was a lot healthier than my Mom, and even though she was 65 she had a lot more energy than she did as well. When Mom had suggested I check in on her from time to time to make sure she hadn't fallen out of bed or something, I did as she asked, even though the result was always the same when I looked in at her. Grandma would be fast asleep.

This summer my visits had changed dramatically from those in the past, and while I suppose that I could have blamed it on my raging testosterone, in fact there was no excuse for what I had done the night before, nor for what I was planning to do now. In a half hour or so I would feel guilty and perverted, but that was something I would deal with then.

As for now, I was silently closing the door, just as quietly as I always had done, but the difference was that I was on the bedroom side of the door, trying my hardest to keep my ragged breathing as quiet as possible so as not to awaken Grandma.

From what I had been told, the pills she took were pretty potent, and I had never heard so much as a peep out of her in the past. Once she hit the sack, she was out like a light until morning. No roaming the halls or even going to the bathroom. Just a peaceful and sound sleep.

Still and all, I stayed frozen in place for a minute, making sure that I hadn't disturbed her sleep before I moved toward the jumbo bed where she rested on her back, her right arm over on the pillow where Grandpa - dead for almost 10 years - used to be. The bedspread was done at the bottom of the bed, and there was only a bed-sheet covering Grandma from her waist down.

So beautiful, or at least I thought so. Her hair, once such a rich reddish brown, was now greying, but she still looked striking. A face that resembled Audrey Hepburn in a way, and a figure that I found incredibly arousing.

My eyes strayed to her bosom, and it was only recently that I had discovered how busty Grandma Ada was. Never having seen her without a brasserie, it was a shock to see how big her breasts were outside of the harness. Even on her back her breasts were prominent, and as I approached the side of the bed I stared at the large mounds that rose and fell softly with each breath.

I have no idea what I would have done if she suddenly opened her eyes and saw me standing there leering at her, but just like last night I was too obsessed with her to care. Reaching down, I took the bed-sheet in hand and slowly lifted it, bringing it down to her knees before letting it fall gently back down to her skin.

Her nightie, the plain white nightgown that she had probably worn for years, had ridden up on her, and as my eyes took in something I had only fantasized about before last night, I undid the snap of my pajamas and let them fall to my ankles.

My dick was so hard, and the skin so taut and stretched that I was almost afraid to touch it for fear I would cum right away, just like I had the night before. My slender prong was curling upward, and even in the dim moonlight I could see a string of pre-cum hanging off of the tip.

Grandma Ada's nightie was up almost to her waist, exposing a wide triangle of brown hair that looked so soft and fluffy that I longed to touch it. Did Grandma Ada have a really hairy pussy? I didn't know, because hers was the first I had ever seen in person, but it looked incredible to me.

I had planned to make this last longer but I was afraid that I was going to explode any minute, even without touching myself, so I took the sock that I had brought in with me and slipped it on my dick. Last night I hadn't planned ahead, and when I had started cumming my free hand was unable to hold the load I had popped, but tonight I was prepared.

Three strokes was all it took, and my knees buckled as I came, all the while staring at my Grandma's hairy pussy and trying to imagine what her tits looked like under the nightie. I felt like I was filling the sock with my cum as my tool kept spurting and spurting for what seemed like forever.

I reached down and pulled up my pajamas, catching a glimpse of myself in the dresser mirror. What a sight. A skinny nerd with a sock full of cum hovering over her grandmother like a pervert. I got to the door and left as quietly as I had entered it, hurrying to the guest room where I would go to sleep, but probably not before jacking off at least once more while reliving what I had seen.


Tonight, or more accurately that morning, sleep wouldn't come. I stared at the ceiling, trying to get the image of my grandmother out of my mind. Those breasts - the tits that I had always thought were like grapefruit but had turned out to be more the size of eggplants - what would they look like out of that nightie?

There were three buttons on the front of that worn white nightie, widely spaced with the bottom one down near her waist. They were big buttons too, probably easy to open even in the murky light.

What if I went in there and just undid them? Grandma Ada slept so soundly that she would probably never know it if I just opened them up - just for a little peek. Then again, what if she woke up with me opening up her nightie like that?

Good grief! Even thinking about such a thing was not only disgusting but dangerous. Try explaining that at Thanksgiving dinner, I thought to myself. Where's Grandma? Well, she didn't want to associate with a grandson that undressed and molested her while she slept, so she decided to stay home. Like my life wasn't miserable enough already.


The fact that I was back in Grandma's bedroom a half hour later says a lot about how obsessed - possessed I was over Grandma. The sheet was still down around her knees, and she was still in the same exact position that I had left her. Hadn't moved a muscle.

I leaned over, careful not to touch the side of the bed, and reached over and touched the large clear top button of her nightie. I could smell that delicate scent of her that I knew so well. Maybe it was the faint residue of her deodorant rising from her underarm, which was exposed with her arm still up onto the other pillow.

I was distracted by the spray of auburn hair that sprouted out from the pale hollow of Grandma's armpit. Grandma didn't shave her underarms - I remember asking her years ago why she let the hair grow instead of shaving it like Mom and my sister did - and she had explained that nobody was around to look under her arms so she didn't bother.

I looked though, and as the years went on I found it more and more erotic looking. Grandma had more hair under her arms than I did, but the reddish brown tufts looked so exotic and natural on her that I found myself getting erections anytime I would get a glimpse of her exposed armpits.

Back to business. My fingers were shaking as I tried to maneuver the button through the hole. Luckily, the nightie was so old and the button holes were so stretched out that to my surprise it slid out easily, as did the next one.

The nightie had opened up a bit, exposing a wide expanse of milky white cleavage and a generous portion of Grandma's right breast. It didn't look like the girls in Playboy did because there were faint veins around their ends, but I wanted to see it all.

By then I was almost ready to rip the nightie open, and my hand was shaking so bad that combined with the sweat rolling into my eyes, I was having trouble getting hold of the last button, but mercifully it came open.

I went to my knees, almost fainting when the entire right breast, as well as a good portion of her left one, was exposed. Beautiful. The large globe drooped a bit, the pliant pale flesh hanging a bit toward her side.

Her nipples were pale pink stubs, centered on enormous aureoles that were the diameter of the bottom of a can of soda, and it was that ripe and full breast that I was staring at as I came, spraying the insides of my pajamas as I milked another load out of my trusty member.

I knelt there for another ten minutes or so, wanting to savor the magnificent sight of Grandma Ada's breast, so full and almost begging to be held and caressed. Tempting? You bet. The only tit I had ever held was Tammy Willard's, and I only got to grope under her bra at that little boob for a few seconds before she made me stop.

Grandma's was a real breast, and the fact that it wasn't an airbrushed product of a magazine made it even better. Hers were real, and if they sagged a bit and had little cosmetic flaws, so what? That only made it better for me, and how I wished there was a way to take a picture of Grandma Ada just like she was there.

Finally, I went about the task of getting Grandma's nightie pulled together. This was a little more challenging than getting it open, but I managed to do it without waking her up. Tiptoeing out of the room, I felt mighty proud of myself. It was only when she greeted me at breakfast the next morning that my guilt returned.


The next night I did what had become my nightly ritual, and when I entered the room I sensed something was different. Grandma's nightgown was hung over a chair, and there was a stain that looked as if she had spilled some tea on herself.

This meant that I was going to have to deal with a new nightgown, and since I had gotten the hang of the other one I feared that my viewing might be hampered. Still, Grandma was on her back on bed, which was a plus, so I reached over and gently pulled the sheet up and off of her, listening carefully any change in the rhythmic sounds of her breathing.

As the sheet came down my eyes bugged out of my head. Grandma was naked underneath the sheet. I put my hand on my chest in an effort to silence what seemed to be a deafening pounding as my eyes took in the glorious sight of the first naked woman I had ever seen in real life.

She was gorgeous. Even on her back her tits were great. Through the pale skin I could see the faint veins on the ends of them, and her nipples were even bigger than they were last night. Perhaps it was the sheet sliding over them, but they were popped way out like little thumbs.

Her belly had little stretch marks but she wasn't flabby at all, and the triangle of hair was so wide and lush that I longed to touch it to see if it was as soft as it looked. If I so much as touched my cock I knew I would erupt, so all I did was stand there, wishing I had a camera.

How strong were those pills that Grandma took, I wondered? She never woke up until morning, at least not that I knew of, and the way she was laying there, so far on one side of the bed that there would be plenty of room for me to slide in next to her.

What if she wake up though? If it was ten years ago I could say that I was afraid there was a monster in the closet, but I was 18 now. What excuse would I have for such an intrusion?

I knew all that when I climbed onto the bed, moving so slowly and landing so gently that the bed didn't budge. Next to me, I could smell the sweet lilac of whatever soap it was that Grandma used. I leaned over, careful not to breathe on her, and inhaled deeply.

Sweet. I never felt so depraved, yet I couldn't help myself. I was moving so slowly that it took a minute for my head to make it down to where my face was just above her pussy. That smell - it wasn't lilac, that was for sure. It was ripe and musky and sent chills down my spine. What did it taste like? I didn't dare.

Instead I slowly went back to my original place, on my side facing Grandma. My mouth hovered over her breast, and I held my breath and I tried to summon enough courage to kiss that fat nipple. Just a kiss. Maybe a brief suck. I couldn't do it.

For ten minutes I lay there, just looking at my beautiful Grandma, and then she made a short, snorting sound. I waited for her to open her eyes, but she didn't. She rustled a bit, mumbled something unintelligible, and resumed her normal breathing pattern.

Her hand. Grandma's arm had moved, and her hand, which had been face down st her side, was now resting with the palm up only inches from me. I looked at the pale wrinkled hand for a couple of minutes, and then did something that I still can't believe.

I undid my pajama bottoms and grabbed my dick, which had lost some of the hardness when I panicked a few moments earlier, and brought it down near her hand. So close that I could feel the warmth of her skin on my dick, and then I was leaning down, putting it in her palm.

"Lloyd," Grandma mumbled, and then her hand grabbed my cock as she mumbled something unintelligible.

Lloyd was my long gone grandfather's name, but by the time her mumbling was done I was squirting cum all over the sheets and Grandma's wrist. As it shriveled up, my gooey cock slipped out of Grandma's hand, and I did my best to clean up the mess while hoping that Grandma would stay asleep until I was done.

There would be a stain, but there was nothing I could do about that unless there was a way I could change the sheets with Grandma in bed, so I hoped for the best and tiptoes out of the room.

Back in my own bedroom, I didn't even make it into bed before I was jerking off while reliving what had just gone down. It was almost like Grandma knew she had a dick in her hand, and that hand felt so much better than my own that I knew I would be going back in there again.


Looking at my Grandma during the daylight hours was becoming a problem. Not only did I feel guilty about the way I was molesting her while she was in her medication-aided sleep, but I would have an erection nearly every moment I was around her.

I would look at her while I helped her with her gardening, and I would see her breasts swaying freely as she knelt in the dirt, even though she was very modestly dressed in clothing that revealed nothing.

Her hand. Grandma's weathered hand, the one that had unknowingly squeezed my dick, aroused me. I didn't care that she had been having a dream and it was her late husband's cock she thought she was holding. The fact was that the feeling of her hand on my dick was way better than my own, and as day turned into night I knew I wanted her to hold it again.

"I don't know what I would do without my favorite grandson to help me around here," Grandma Ada told me as she was about to turn in for the night. "My garden would never get done."

"Oh, you would do fine," I assured her.

"To think that you still spend your summer with me when you could be with your friends," she added. "Or going out on dates with girls."

"I see them all the rest of the year," I lied, since I had only a couple of real friends, and as for girlfriends? Forget it.

"Well, I appreciate it just the same," Grandma Ada said, leaning over and giving me a kiss on the cheek. "I'm going to turn in early, because all of that yard work really got to me."

"Okay Grandma," I said, wishing that I done all of the things that had been going through my mind before she went to bed.

When she gave me that kiss on the cheek I should have turned my face and met her lips with mine. What would she have done if I kissed her, not like a grandson but as a lover, sticking my tongue in her mouth and squeezing her butt?

When she said she was tired from gardening, I should have said that I would be glad to give you a massage, Grandma. Just let me do to you what I'm going to do later anyway. I'll rub your tired shoulders and knead your aching back muscles, and then I'll roll you over and massage your tits.

Of course I said and did none of that, but merely went to my room and waited for Grandma's medication to kick in.


No nightie again. Well, the nights had been a little warm lately and since Grandma didn't have air conditioning the place did get a bit hot. Not that I was complaining, mind you, because this made my life a lot easier.

After the sheet came down and exposed a body that was certainly not the average senior citizen's form, or at least that was my belief, I dropped my pajama bottoms and gently crawled in next to Grandma as she rested with her arms and legs akimbo.

Trying to divert my breath so I wasn't panting on her, I rolled onto my side and looked over at the sweet little lady whose breathing was a lot more normal than mine, and immediately something caught my eye because my face was right in the front of it.

Grandma had shaved under her arms. Gone was the spray of brown hair that had been there for as long as I had been around, and now in the moonlight I was staring at a creamy white hollow with a faint lavender scent.

The fact that her armpits were smooth didn't bother me any more than the hair had, but why had she all of a sudden shaved? Could she possibly know about my nocturnal visits, and thought that she would be more appealing to me like this?

Of course not. That was ridiculous. Maybe she had a doctor's appointment or something, but there was no way that she had a clue about what I had been doing, or else she would have screamed bloody murder.

As I mulled all of this over in my mind, for some reason I moved my head a little bit and let my lips gently touch the buttery smooth skin of her underarm, and when I did that Grandma Ada wiggled around a little bit.

"Lloyd," Grandma mumbled, taking her hand down from above my pillow and and bringing it down between us. "I know what you want."

I gasped loudly when Grandma's hand wrapped around my erection and squeezed it tightly. The action startled me, which was probably the only reason I didn't cum on the spot. Instead I just stayed on my hip next to Grandma, held in place by her hand.

"Lloyd," Grandma mumbled. "So big and hard, aren't you?"


Did I just say that? What the hell was wrong with me?

"Want to make love honey?" Grandma said.

I said nothing. Did I? Hell yes, even though I didn't know how, but even if I managed to get my dick inside of her, that would wake her up for sure.

"Let me suck it," Grandma mumbled, pulling on my dick.

I came. The minute Grandma said that my dick erupted, spraying the bedding and her hip with my ejaculations, and in seconds my dick was deflating. No longer so big and hard, like Grandma had said, but now limp as a noodle. Fact is, it wasn't big at all, but that didn't matter.

My gooey dick slipped out of the wrinkled little hand, and now I had to try and clean up my mess without waking her up. I managed to do it, and then rolled out of bed.

"Stay, Lloyd," I heard Grandma mumble as I picked up my pajama bottoms and wasted no time in getting out of there.

Safely back in my room, I made a vow to myself. No more of this nonsense. I was getting in too deep with this. The poor woman was thinking her husband was in bed with her while I was taking advantage of her like a pervert. No more.


The next day was rainy, so I stayed inside with my grandmother. I helped her take down all the kitchen knickknacks and dusted them, and we played rummy until it got dark. It wasn't easy, but I tried to stop seeing her naked whenever I looked at her, and by bedtime I was actually starting to succeed.

I did not go into her bedroom that night, although I did jerk off while remembering last night, and I was cumming into my sock as I tried to imagine what it would have been like if, after she asked me if I wanted her to suck my cock, I actually had moved her face down to my crotch and placed the head of my dick to her lips.

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