tagIncest/TabooGrandpa: After Molly Ch. 03

Grandpa: After Molly Ch. 03


In this third installment of the story, Grandpa Ed has now seduced his granddaughter Lindsey into going all the way, although it's not fully clear to him who had actually been the one seduced.

Now that he's turned Lindsey on, he finds he can't turn her off.


Chapter One: Afternoon daydreaming.

I leaned against the shovel I had been using, taking the opportunity to wipe my dripping brow, and happy for an excuse to take a breather from working in the hot sun. Being 61 was never more obvious to me than today. Everything ached. My back protested every movement, my legs felt heavy and sore, and my shoulders throbbed as well.

All of that discomfort paled in comparison to the way my cock felt. Raw and aching, it had been given such a thorough workout in the few days Lindsey had been around, that it felt like it weighed a ton as it dangled loosely in my boxers.

I didn't really want to work in the yard in the heat of the day, but I knew that if I went inside, Lindsey would be all over me, wanting to either fuck me or suck me. Even my tongue was worn out in my efforts to keep Lindsey satified.

It was a great predicament to be in, I thought to myself as I went back to work. The lithe and lean teenager was crazy about me for some reason, and I knew that despite feeling like I was fixing to die right now, come evening I would be ready have another go at Lindsey.

Eventually, I needed to go to the bathroom, but figured that it would be best to go behind the barn to do my business, rather than risk a Lindsey meeting. Being out here in the middle of nowhere, privacy was not an issue, so I walked out back and pulled out my trusty member.

I let it hang out, letting the breeze cool it off, and finally gave it a tug or two to get the process started. Keeps taking longer all the time to get the pee flowing, or so it seems, but eventually the faucet got turned on and I began watering the weeds. After what seemed like an endless stream, the flow became a trickle, and I gave my cock a few shakes to end the process. As I did, I heard a giggle from the side of the barn. Lindsey.

"I saw you peeing, Grandpa," Lindsey said as she came out into full view. "Naughty Grandpa."

"Well, nobody out here to see," I said, feeling my face redden as I quickly put myself back in my pants. "Except nosy young ladies."

"That was neat to watch," Lindsey said.

Lindsey was wearing a tank top and jean shorts, and as she came over toward me, began undoing the clasp on the shorts.

She was wearing nothing underneath, and her flaming red bush was even more dazzling in the bright sunlight. Lindsey kicked the shorts off, and to my shock, spread her legs apart.

Lindsey laughed as I jumped back when she began to urinate right then and there. Pee gushed from between her legs, spraying the ground as I stared in shock at the sight of her going right in front of me. She seemed to enjoy my stunned expression, and although I was in shock, I didn't stop looking either.

"Like to watch that, Grandpa?" Lindsey said as she reached over and grabbed her shorts off the ground. "Gotta go in and wipe."

As she walked bare-assed toward the house, her ghostly pale butt cheeks wiggling a little as she moved, Lindsey stopped briefly to invite me to come inside with her to help with the task, before disappearing from my sight.

"Good grief," I muttered to myself as I waited a few seconds before returning to my shovel, not quite comprehending what had just gone on while acknowledging my confusion was accompanied by my cock stirring slightly.

Chapter Two: Dinner with Lindsey.

I managed to avoid Lindsey until late afternoon, and to my delight she had gotten dinner started when I went in for the day. She had made spaghetti and meatballs, and while I had planned to take a shower before eating, the aroma drew me in.

"Guess I'll hold off on my shower," I said as she began setting the table. "It smells great."

"Just about ready too," Lindsey said. "You can take a shower after dinner, okay?"

"Sure thing," I agreed.

Dinner was uneventful, unless you want to count Lindsey playing footsie under the table with me. The foot rose higher as her long legs allowed her to let her foot slide up to my crotch for a little poking.

After we ate, Lindsey did the dishes. I usually helped her with the task but that inevitably got us rubbing up against each other, and before you know it we were screwing.

I needed a respite. These few days with Lindsey had taken a toll on me. Unlike Molly during her time with me during the previous summer, once was not enough for Lindsey. What ever happened to the shy girl that arrived with her parents? The one that pawed at the carpet and wouldn't so much as look me in the eye?

This Lindsey was positively feral, and now here she was again. She had finished the dishes and had found me in the living room, smiling and looking like she had something up her sleeve.

"Want some dessert, Grandpa?" Lindsey cooed.

The after dinner treat was not on any restaurant menu I'd ever seen, as what the teen was offering was her titties. Lifting her blouse up brazenly, Lindsey exposed her braless breasts to me, shaking her upper torso so that the little boobies wiggled from side to side. Those nipples - those incredibly puffy aureolas, never failed to arouse me. She knew how to get my attention, and I felt some vague stirrings below the belt as I watched her show.

"Whatcha say, Grandpa?"

"Say!" I said, as my eyes caught a glimpse of the hair under Lindsey's arms as she raised them while lifting her shirt. "Weren't we going to give you a little smoothing?"

"OH YEAH!" Lindsey exclaimed with delight. "Yes! What do we need?"

"Get a bowl with warm water in it, and I'll meet you in the bedroom," I instructed Lindsey before heading into the bathroom for the razor and cream.

This would give me a little time to get the blood flowing again, I figured to myself. Maybe kill enough time so that I wouldn't have to endure trying to get my 61 year old cock up for multiple performances. Oh, to be young again. Where had I wasted my youth?

Ethel, I was reminded by the picture of us in the hall. The cold fish that had shut me off for the last few years of her life so that she persue her ultimate love. Bingo.

Now this was the life, I reassured myself as I came out of the bathroom, trying to get that picture of Ethel out of my head so that I could concentrate on a much more pleasant sight.

Chapter Three: Shaving Lindsey.

"Before you start, Grandpa, I want you to do something," Lindsey said after I positioned her on the bed the way I wanted her. "Take off your pants."

I undid my belt and let my trousers drop to the floor, and then tugged the boxers down as well, kicking the tangle of clothes off to the side. Feeling stupid with just my shirt on, I took that off as well, leaving both of us naked.

"Will your dick get hard while you shave my pits, Grandpa?" Lindsey asked.

"It might, honey," I said, knowing that despite my being tired and sore, doing this was likely going to get me energized once again.

"Cool! I like your dick when it's soft like now too," Lindsey opined. "Really cool the way it swings back and forth when you move. Almost like an elephant's trunk."

I had to laugh at that, and reached down and wiggled it back and forth, pathetically trying to make an elephant sound as I did, which brought a giggle from Lindsey.

I sat down next to the bed and arranged my equipment while Lindsey waited patiently, her right arm extended back toward the headboard. Shaking the can of gel, I ran my fingers through the jungle of fiery red hair that filled Lindsey's cavernous armpit, the wiry spray rough against my touch.

"I sure am hairy, aren't I Grandpa?" Lindsey said as she watched my fingers rake through the lush growth.

"Not for much longer, though," I said before squirting some gel into my palm and rubbing it into Lindsey's armpit.

"Brad will be really pissed when he finds out my pits aren't hairy anymore," Lindsey said, bringing up that twit's name again. "Once I started letting it grow, he really liked it. Says I look like a guy when I lay like this."

While Lindsey's titties did pretty much disappear with her on her back, those puffy blossoms still jutted out nicely, leaving no doubt in my mind as to her gender.

"Not to me dear," I said as I grabbed the razor, wondering why having your girl look like a guy would be something you'd want. "You're all woman in my eyes."

Staring at the inside of Lindsey pale bicep, I slid the razor slowly down, mowing the foamed-up hair smoothly and methodically. Lindsey made soft cooing sounds as I negotiated her tricky contour of her underarm. Being so slender, her armpit was a deep pocket that required a deft touch, and I was glad that I had gotten to be so proficient at this.

Before of the incredible density and volume of the growth, I had to go over it a second time, but when I at last finished, Lindsey's armpit was a smooth and glistening valley, and I ran my fingers over the starkly pale skin and nodded my approval. Lindsey smiled, her body giving a little shiver at my touch, and seeing how it pleased her, I leaned over and slid my tongue over the damp hairless skin.

"Oooooh," Lindsey moaned in a decidedly shaky voice. "Feels even sexier when you do that without all that hair in the way."

"We can leave the other one alone if you want," I suggested, and Lindsey thought that would be really crazy looking.

"Feel between my legs, Grandpa," Lindsey said, taking my hand and bringing it down into her bush. "Feel how wet I am? This is really turning me on. How about you?"

With that, Lindsey's eyes strayed down to my crotch, which made me answering unneccessary. My cock was almost fully erect, clear evidence that I was also rather aroused.

"Soon as you get done," Lindsey said as she moved to allow me access to her left armpit, "I want you to fuck me. I want you to fuck me hard."

I nodded, my hands starting to shake as I reached for a new razor, figuring that I probably dulled the first one with all that mowing. While I lathered Lindsey up, she kept talking, and that wasn't helping. Sweat began running down my face as she spoke.

"I'm not really like this usually, Grandpa, I swear. "I'm mean - so sex-crazed like this. Brad was the only boy I have ever did it with, and I didn't usually care whether we did it or not. You're different, Grandpa."

"How so?" I said in a voice that had a bit of vibrato in it as well.

"You do me so good," Lindsey said. "Every time we fuck, you make me cum at least once. I cum so good and so hard with you. Every time I see you I want to fuck you. I want to take your cock out and suck it wherever we are."

"You excite me too, honey," I answered, and although I had no idea why I caused that kind of reaction in her, I loved hearing it.

"I know I do," Lindsey said. "Your cock - it's so hard it looks like it's going to burst."

I looked down at my crimson member, swollen and pointing up at me. This discoloration was part excitement and part due to the recent excessive usage it had been getting.

"It's dripping," Lindsey said, noting the drool oozing from the tip of my cock.

"Because of you," I said, trying not to cut Lindsey as I shaved her sensitive pit. "You make me hard just looking at you. An old man shouldn't be getting hard this often."

"You're not old, Grandpa. You're incredible. Brad can't get it up as often as you do. Twelve times in five days. You fucked me nine times, I gave you head twice, and the time I jerked you off that first night. Remember?"

"Indeed I do,"

"I can't believe I can actually excite a man," Lindsey said.

"Believe it," I said, setting the razor and things aside, because I was done.

Probably because of my excitement, I might not have done as good a job compared to her other armpit, but it would have to do, because I was no longer in control of myself. Lindsey saw me stand up and swung her legs apart in response, exposing her furry delta to me.

No foreplay. No anything. I climbed up on the bed with my cock in hand and stuck it right in Lindsey. She was tight but dripping wet, and within a minute she was cumming; clawing and scratching at me like a wildcat.

I came shortly after, filling her pussy with my seed after about 90 seconds of screwing her like a jackhammer, and when my cock jerked inside of Lindsey, it seemed like she came again, clamping down on my cock hard in response.

Easing myself down next to Lindsey, I looked up at the ceiling and exhaled contentedly. Lindsey snuggled up close and reached down and grabbed my gooey cock, giving it a slow pull. Good grief.

"You killed him," I said, gently removing her paw from my dead dick.

"I could bring him back to life," LIndsey suggested.

"Maybe later," I said, getting off the bed and padding off to the bathroom. "Maybe."

Probably not, I muttered to myself, not knowing where I was going to get the energy to keep up with her.

Chapter Four: No rest for the old guy.

After leaving Lindsey's room, I decided to take a shower, hoping that the warm spray would soothe my aching bones. It worked to a great extent, and I stayed in the shower until the hot water ran out.

As I dried myself off, I heard Lindsey's voice. Probably on the phone again, I figured, as that cell phone seemed to be the only other thing she wanted to do that wasn't related to sex. I put on fresh pajama bottoms and went out to the hall.

Lindsey was really agitated, and it sounded like it was her boyfriend she was yelling at. This boyfriend, or was it ex-boyfriend, Brad, was really getting a earful, and she was still going strong after I visited the kitchen for a drink.

"I am not lying, you asshole!" Lindsey screeched. "You're just jealous!"

As she spoke, Lindsey saw me go by her partially open door and yelled out to me, asking me to come back. Warily I stepped into her room, and Lindsey set her phone down loudly.

"Come here Grandpa, I want to give you a goodnight kiss!" Lindsey exclaimed excitedly.

I went over to the edge of the bed where Lindsey was sitting and leaned over to give her a peck on the cheek. Lindsey had other plans, and when she reached up and grabbed me around the neck, I got a very amorous kiss complete with darting tongue.

"Grandpa, you did me so good before," Lindsey said, and as she spoke I felt her hand reach into the fly of my pajamas.

"Lindsey honey," I protested while her fingers grabbed my very limp cock and began tugging on it slowly.

"I just want to play with it," Lindsey declared, and with her other hand unsnapping my pajamas, I found myself naked in front of her.

"Here," Lindsey said, moving me over slightly. "I just want to play with your cock for a little while."

Lindsey's mouth took the crown of it in her mouth, licking and nibbling the head while her hands began a slow and forceful tugging on the shaft.

"I'm so glad that I got to experience what a real man is like," Lindsey said between licks, and she must have thought I was going deaf the way she was practically yelling this to me.

"Your cock is so big - it's way bigger than that stupid Brad's is!" Lindsey proclaimed. "So thick too. I wish I could take more of it in my mouth. I want you to cum on my face again."

"Honey, I don't think I can again so soon," I said in frustration, looking down at Lindsey's determined efforts toward reviving my flaccid hose.

"I'll bet you can. Maybe you'll like this."

Lindsey lifted my cock up and began working on my balls. She began sucking on my ball sack while my cock rested on top of her head. Her wavy hair felt nice on the underside of my tool, and despite my misgivings I began moving back and forth while Lindsey sucked on my nuts.

"Oh!" I moaned, and I reached down and started rubbing the top of my cock with my hand, holding it against her head while Lindsey's mouth made a loud popping sound as it released my left testicle.

"I knew you'd get it up again!" Lindsey chirped happily.

"But I'm not..."

"Here Grandpa," Lindsey said, jumping off of the bed. "Get on the bed - on your hands and knees."

I did as Lindsey commanded, and after I assumed the position I felt Lindsey's hands grab my cock from behind. Her hands milked my cock roughly, and as it grew thicker and harder Lindsey kept talking.

"When Brad can't get hard - and that's a lot of the time," Lindsey snapped, "I would have to do this to him."

I looked over my shoulder, but was unable to see what was going on. I felt teeth dig playfully into my butt, and that nibble was soon followed by Lindsey's tongue sliding along the crack of butt.

"Do you love me, Grandpa?" Lindsey asked in a muffled voice, while she roughly churned my balls in her paw. "No matter what?"

"Uh - why of course, honey," I said in confusion.

"I love you too, Grandpa," Lindsey answered, and I felt her tongue licking the underside of my nuts, which dangled vulnerably between my legs in my awkward position. "Brad usually makes me do this to him, but for you - I really want to do this."

Lindsey's tongue swabbed the ridge below my balls, and to my complete shock, her tongue slid up further. Now she was licking my anus, her tongue dabbing furiously as the most sensitive ring. I groaned, my arms and legs quivering, as the tip of her tongue began jabbing into me.

The combination of her tongue and her hands jacking me off, made the blood rush to my member. I looked over at the dresser mirror, and when I saw Lindsey's face buried between my ass cheeks, my cock became as hard as blue steel.

"Lindsey..." I gasped.

"Gonna cum Grandpa?" Lindsey asked, and when I said yes, she dove underneath me.

With perfect timing, her mouth latched onto my cock just as it began spurting. Lindsey's hands kept milking me, her mouth kept sucking, and I kept belching out cum as fast as she could swallow it.

Her mouth was drenched with my seed and it ran down her cheeks and chin as she looked up at me with a twinkle in her eyes. Lindsey worked her way out from underneath me, and I heard her exclaim loudly how good my cum tasted.

"If you want to stop back in later, I'll be waiting for you!" Lindsey announced as I picked up my pajamas and staggered to the doorway.

"Later? Uh, we'll see," I managed to say before closing the door behind me.

Later I might be attached to a life support system, I thought to myself. Besides, I hadn't gotten down to my own room before she was yakking on that damn phone again. Hopefully, she would wear herself out from talking, because there was no way I was going back in there tonight.

Chapter Five. To the mall.

I decided that we needed a break, so I suggested to Lindsey that we head to the city and stop at the shopping mall. I figured that would at least allow me some time to recover, and besides, I needed to get a few things for the house.

Lindsey readily agreed, and after lunch I let her drive us to the mall on the outskirts of the city. It was a 25 mile drive from my place out in the sticks, and it was a nice day besides, so for once I got to enjoy being a passenger after being the chauffeur of the house for most of my life.

Lindsey was a good driver, even if she did have a bit of a lead foot, and we made it to the mall intact. After I got what I needed, we wandered around the rest of the place, and I was pleased that Lindesy didn't seem ashamed to be seen in public with an old geezer like me. When we passed a women's clothing store, I suggested to Lindsey that we go in.

I guess they catered to a younger crowd, because it was rather dark in there, and they had horrible music playing very loudly. I watched Lindsey browse the racks of clothes, and I was rather shocked at how skimpy the stuff was, and the things that they had printed on them.

"Do me?" I said while holding up a little top with that message emblazoned on the front.

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