tagIncest/TabooGrandpa: After Molly Ch. 05

Grandpa: After Molly Ch. 05


Thanks for all of your votes, e-mails and support. This is the fifth installment of the story of Grandpa's summer with Lindsey, his 18 year old granddaughter who has become quite a handful.


Chapter One: Redhead needs the coppertop.

As Lindsey drove us back home at what felt like break-neck speed, I dug into the bag and pulled out the Grandpa's helper. Craziest damn thing, I thought to myself, while trying to get the apparatus out of the plastic packaging, which seemed to have been designed to resist at all costs that very thing.

"Uh-oh," I said, noting the package indicated that the vibrator needed four AA batteries to perform its alleged magic. "Batteries not included, and I don't think I have any AA's at home."

"I've got a couple of A's," Lindsey said, giggling.

"I know," I said while looking over at her. "I'm crazy about them too."

The sides of her 'Naughty Girl' halter top had started to bow outward again, and once more I could see the entire profile of her breast as she drove. While they may indeed only been large enough to fill an A cup harness, as Lindsey had indicated, there was no denying their charm. So pale, and barely a handful, her little orbs were delightful to look at and even more exciting to hold and nibble.

"We can stop at the store in the village," I advised Lindsey as we neared home, and I was going to add that she should adjust her top so the whole store wouldn't end up getting a look at her titties, but then thought better of it.

"Oh geez, this is going to take forever," Lindsey whined as drove past my house and continued down the desolate two lane highway that went into the village more than a mile further down. "I really want you - bad."

"I can see that, honey," I agreed, watching Lindsey squirm and fidget in the seat. "You're really feeling frisky after finding out about that man watching us."

"Yeah," Lindsey said, biting her lip and leaning on the accelerator.

"He was watching all the time too, I'll bet," I opined. "He probably followed you back there and saw everything we did together in that little booth."


"I'd wager that he saw me pull down those little shorts of yours and watched you sit on my cock while we watched the movie. Likely that he was looking as you were wiggling around on my cock too. Probably watched you cum."

"Twice," Lindsey said in a shaky voice.

"Both times," I said, standing corrected. "I know he was watching you sucking my cock and was all eyes when you made me cum in your mouth."

"Please, Grandpa."

"There's the store, honey."

Lindsey was so busy rubbing her thighs together and generally acting like she had ants in her pants, that she nearly roared right past the little Quik-E-Mart that served as the only source of grocery items within a 10 mile radius of my house. They had pretty much everything you could ask for, and you paid dearly for it, but it beat burning up gas to get the occassional item or two.

"Hurry up, Grandpa," Lindsey urged as she swung into the lot, kicking up a cloud of dust as she braked.

"You come in with me," I told her. "Might need your help. Lock the car too, because we don't want to lose our goodies."

Lindsey whined and made a pouting face, but did hop out of the car and come in with me, blissfully oblivious to the growing state of undress that she was in. The problem, as I saw it, was that Lindsey didn't have enough on top to fill the halter. Now Amanda - that girl would have no trouble filling that top to overflowing.

Amanda, my favorite cashier, was on duty and waved when she saw me enter. Now that would be fun to watch, I fantasized as we went down the aisle toward the register. The blonde had quite a pair on her.

"Hi Mr. Watson," Amanda said as she greeted me cheerfully. "What can I do you for?"

"Hello Amanda, this is my... girlfriend Lindsey," I said by way of introduction.

The two exchanged greetings, and I watched Amanda look over Lindsey with a shocked expression, most likley trying to figure out how an old coot like me could have a girlfriend that was her age.

"We need some batteries dear," I informed Amanda. "Double A's."

Amanda pointed over to the rack against the wall, and Lindsey went over and hunted for them. I felt so guilty, because it seemed like her right titty was going to slip right out of the top. A fact that was not lost on Amanda, who was having a hard time not looking herself.

"Uh - they have them in four packs and in 16 packs," Lindsey said, holding them up for my approval.

"Better get the 16 pack, honey," I decided, figuring that the way Lindsey was acting, that thing was going to eat batteries like candy.

It was just then that Lindsey came to the realization that something was attracting attention. To my amazement, after a momentary twitch, Lindsey did nothing to correct the wardrobe malfunction that she had just become aware of. Walking over to her, I noticed her cheeks flush as I took the package from her hand.

"I think we need a bottle of soda while we're here," I suggested, and herded her toward the back of the store.

"Grandpa, my top..." Lindsey started to say before I cut her off.

"I know. Did you see the cashier looking at you?"

"Yeah. That man too."

Horace Clark, an old asshole from town, was also trying not to look at my granddaughter's breasts while pushing a little cart around aimlessly. His wife used to play bingo with my Ethel, and that was the only reason I knew him.

"Hey Ed. How's it going?" Horace asked, offering a hand which I shook only because I had no other option.

"Okay Horace, how about you and yours?"

"Can't complain and who'd care if I did? Agnes, she's fine. Misses your Ethel something fierce too. My - look at all them freckles! Who's this tall drink of water?" Horace asked.

"This is my lady friend, Lindsey. Lindsey, this is Horace Clark."

Lindsey smiled and nodded, lifting her long and slender arms to pull her hair back over her shoulders. This forced Horace to stop looking at the side of her titty while he enjoyed the creamy white insides of Lindsey's upraised limbs, which contrasted so much with the freckled outsides. After Horace said hello, Lindsey was kind enough to position herself to allow Horace another profile glance before we headed away.

"My, you're getting bold, aren't you?" I whispered to her as we walked down the aisle.

"I'm really horny, Grandpa," Lindsey said, laughing while watching Horace turn back toward her and stare with lust-filled eyes, almost wiping out a air freshener display in the process.

"Well, let's get out of here then," I suggested. "When we get to the register, though, I want you to make sure and stand so that Amanda gets a good look at your titties when we check out."


"Amanda, the cashier."

"Oh," Lindsey said, and then looked a little concerned. "That Amanda - did you and her - you know?"

"What?" I asked, and was about to laugh when I changed my mind. "Why do you ask?"

"I dunno," Lindsey said, and I was beginning to suspect that the thought made her jealous. "I guess because she's got a smokin' hot body."

My mind raced at the thought that Lindsey might actually be looking at the poor cashier in the same way I had been, but I didn't have long to think.

"You want me to show the girl my boobs?" Amanda asked shyly as she looked around the nearly empty store.


"If I do, you gotta do something for me."

"What's that?"

"I'll let her look at me if you promise to fuck me as soon as we get outside."

"Outside?" I asked incredulously. "Where?"

"Anywhere," Lindsey said, displaying a devious and devilish grin that screamed trouble. "I really need it."

"All right," I said warily, not actually believing I was actually hearing myself answering that absurd question in the affirmative.

Lindsey slowly walked over to the register, where Amanda stood looking bored, the drudgery of her day about to become something quite different. I walked a few steps behind Lindsey, curious as to what she had planned. After looking back to see that I was still there, and after giving the area a quick peek to make sure nobody was there, Lindsey set the batteries on the counter.

"This thing keeps getting undone, Ed," Lindsey said, calling me by my first name, much to my relief.

I set the bottle of soda on the counter next to the batteries, and when I glanced over, did a double - or maybe a triple take. Lindsey reached back and untied the knot at the back of her neck, letting the front of her 'Naughty Girl' halter drop down, exposing her very bare titties to everyone in sight.

While it was fortunate that the only ones in the area were the two of us and Amanda, it was still an outrageous thing to see. I watched Amanda gape open-mouthed as Lindsey re-positioned her little cones back in the skimpy harness before bringing the straps back up behind her head and tying them once more.

I was leaning against the front counter, trying my best to hide the bulge in my trousers, as I observed Amanda's reaction. Lindsey was blushing, my face felt flushed, and Amanda had the deer-in-the-headlights look while Lindsey finished getting herself put together again.

"Uh - is that it?" Amanda finally said, breaking the silence after we had all stared at each other for too long.

"Yeah, I think that's enough," I replied, and although the actual time that Lindsey's breasts were exposed couldn't have been more than a couple of seconds, it certainly had an effect on me.

On Amanda too, or so it seemed. Maybe it was the air conditioning, but maybe not, as I would have noticed Amanda's nipples thrusting out proudly before, now plainly visible through her bra and blouse.

I paid for our things and thanked Amanda before turning and heading out the door so that Horace Clark could buy his toilet paper and Preparation H, even though it appeared horny old Horace would have been content to stand and stare at my granddaughter all day.

At the door, Lindsey turned and skipped back to the cash register, where Amanda was ringing Horace out. I saw her lean over and whisper something to the cashier before spinning and heading back toward me.

"C'mon Grandpa," Lindsey said as she flung the door open.

I followed, heading back to the car which was parked on the side of the building. Horace's piece of crap was the only other car in the lot, and I unlocked the door and set the bag on the floor next to our other purchases.

I heard Lindsey giggle, and shielded my eyes from the sun as I looked for her. There she was, in the back of the building, laughing and pulling down the brief shorts for my benefit, exposing her blazing red bush to me and whomever else might have been passing by.

The store being all by itself on the country road, there was nobody driving by at the time, nor are there any buildings in the area either, but the flashing was exciting. Blindly, almost as if I was under a spell, I found myself walking back toward Lindsey.

Chapter Two : Dumpster lovin'.

Behind the Quik-E-Mart was a dumpster, and a little picket fence around it that shielded the sight of it from public viwe. There were no back windows in the building, and only a steel door which was closed.

Lindsey threw herself into my arms, kissing me as she squeezed me tightly, and then I felt her hand reaching down and frantically groping at my crotch.

"Oh Grandpa, you're so hard," Lindsey gasped as she led me back behind the fence.

Lindsey pulled her shorts down to her ankles, as I wondered how we were going to do this. The better question would have been if we weren't out of our minds, since this was insane. Lindsey was way ahead of me in the planning, and as she stood on a little curb, promptly bent over and exposed her backside to me. Those pert and pale cheeks spread apart, and while I looked at the burnt orange fringe around her anus, this was no time for that kind of exploration.

Looking around, I dropped my own trousers down, and the boxers followed suit. I grabbed my cock hard around the base, making it stiffer as I approached Lindsey. Her hands were on her knees, waiting for me, and with our height difference being negated by the curb, there was no problem finding her pussy with the tip of my cock.

Lindsey's pussy was practically dripping as I swiped my cock through the matted hair between her legs, and even the sound of a car engine starting did not deter me as I plunged into her. She let out a yelp as I sunk myself deep inside of her.

"Oh fuck!" Lindsey screamed as I grabbed onto her hips and began thrusting into her. "Give it all to me. Fuck me hard!"

The heat was oppressive as I began sliding myself in and out of Lindsey. Sweat was pouring off of me as I bent my knees and drove my cock into her pussy with all my might.

Maybe it was the primitive conditions; standing behind a dumpster in the middle of the day while my granddaughter bent over submissively before me, but I was way beyond the point of being oblivious to the surroundings. I no longer cared that I was a potentially public spectacle out there. I simply had to have her, and as savagely as I could manage.

I was lightheaded - was that the sound of a door closing? I did not care and I could not stop at this point if I wanted to. Now I had Lindsey's bony hips in a death grip while my balls slapped the backs of her thighs with each stroke, and my grunts were blending with Lindsey's.

Her pussy clenched around me, and I felt my cum explode into Lindsey as she did, I kept thrusting as my cock belched and spurted inside of her. I didn't stop until I began to get dizzy, stepping back and letting my cock slide out of her as I fought to keep my balance.

Noises behind me. I was afraid to turn and look to see who was there. Part fear and part thinking that I might pass out at any moment. Lindsey was still bent over, and I could see my cum drooling out of her pussy and down the insdies of her thighs as she reached down and pulled up her shorts.

"I love you, Grandpa," Lindsey said as she came over to me, and sensing my weakened condition, helped me pull up my boxers and trousers, giving my cock a loving squueze before getting me back together, and I thought I heard the sound of a door once again as she did up my belt.

"That was so good, wasn't it Grandpa?" Lindsey said, putting her arm inside of mine and guiding me back to the car.

Chapter Three: Safe at home.

It's not an exaggeration to say that I staggered out of the car and into the house after Lindsey drove us home, and it was all I could do to make it into my bedroom, where I collapsed and fell asleep for a couple of hours.

I woke up looking at Lindsey, who was wiping my forehead with a cool cloth. Lindsey had somehow managed to get my clothes off, or maybe I had helped her. Hard to say, since I was pretty out of it.

I smiled weakly at Lindsey, who had a distressed look on her face, and apparently my smile was a relief to her. She probably thought I had a stroke or something, and the thought had crossed my mind as well, but I actually felt none the worse for wear after my nap.

"I was scared, Grandpa," Lindsey said. "I didn't want to wake you up, but I was afraid that something was wrong with you."

"Guess the heat took something out of me," I reckoned. "That, and the excitement."

"That was fun," Lindsey giggled, and I felt her hand slide down my stomach and stroke my cock. "Want to help me play with my toy?"

"Honey, I'd love to watch you play, but my cock is dead."

Lindsey pouted a minute, pulling idly on my very flaccid cock in an effort get me interested. I shook my head and swung my legs off of the bed, rising on my slightly shaky underpinnings.

"I'd better help you, Grandpa Ed," Lindsey offered, and since I didn't have the energy or desire to argue, I let her lead me in to the bathroom.

Lindsey adjusted the temperature to my liking, and after pulling back the curtain to allow my to climb in, shed her halter top and shorts and climbed in with me.

"Little crowded in here," I mentioned, but after we adjusted ourselves it became manageable.

"Let me do all the work, Grandpa," Lindsey said, and began to lather up my back.

I had to admit that it felt good to just stand there and relax while Lindsey's hands did all the wotk. The water was warm, the soaping was refreshing, and Lindsey was - Lindsey.

"Mmmmm - love your hairy back," Lindsey opined as she scrubbed the mat of hair that coated me from my neck to the base of my spine. "It was kinda scary at first, but now I really dig running my fingers through it when we make love."

"That used to disgust Ethel," I mentioned for some reason. "What didn't, though?" I added.

"Well, I love it," Lindsey said. "Love your butt too. It's really cute."

Lindsey hands lathered my ass, and when she tried to pry my cheeks apart, I let her, spreading my legs wide to accommodate her efforts.

Those efforts grew very intimate, for after scrubbing the crack between my buttocks most throughly, right down to my sac and back, I felt Lindsey wiggle her finger around my anus. With her wet body leaning on mine, she slowly slid her finger into my ass, and I offered no resistance.

"Mmmm - feels nice, doesn't it Grandpa?" Lindsey asked as she slid her finger in and out of my ass, and I grunted what I meant to be a yes as I reached for the tub walls for support. "Brad likes me to do this to him too. All he thinks about is ass. Mine and his. I bet he wishes I had a dick so I could fuck him in the ass."

Brad again. The boyfriend or ex-boyfriend or whatever he was, certainly came up in conversation quite a bit, and I felt a flush of anger as I thought of Lindsey doing this to him.

"You're liking this a lot, aren't you Grandpa Ed?" Lindsey asked after reaching around me and giving my cock a pull. My member was not hard by any stretch of the imagination, but it was getting there slowly.

"That man said that we could use our toy back there, didn't he? Would you enjoy it if I put that thing in your bottom later on?"

"I don't think so," I grunted. "Let's keep it your toy."

"We'll see," Lindsey answered, and pulled her finger out of me, much to my dismay. I had gotten to enjoy her gentle probing, but Lindsey was moving on.

Her hand reached lower and grabbed my balls, and I spread my thighs further apart to let Lindsey clean my scrotum throughly. Her hand was rough, churning and pulling on my balls, and despite my busy afternoon, my cock was recovering quite nicely.

After Lindsey had me turn around, she giggled as she saw my cock swing around at better than half-mast, poking her just above her soggy bush. Lindsey soaped up her hands and began to run her paws over the length of my tool, causing me to groan.

"You're such an incredible man," Lindsey said, looking into my eyes and she stroked my cock. "I never imagined how good it could be with a real man. Don't think I'll ever be able to go back to being with boys my age."

"You will," I managed to say.

I raised my arms to allow Lindsey to scrub my armpits, and I declined her offer to shave mine like I had done hers.

"That's okay though, because I like you this way better anyway," Lindsey said. "Love my big, hairy bear just like you are. Your chest is so hairy and you do look just like a bear. I was so scared that first day with you, and now..."

We managed to get done with the shower before the hot water ran out and before I had an orgasm, and when we got out of the tub I was treated to a very intimate drying as well. It ended with Lindsey kneeling in front of me, my throbbing erection bobbing mere inches from her face as she dried my nuts with the towel.

As I looked down, Lindsey gently held my cock in the palm of her hand, looking up shyly at me before letting a finger travel down the meandering vein that went down the entire length of the shaft.

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