tagIncest/TabooGrandpa and Molly Pt. 03

Grandpa and Molly Pt. 03


This is the third installment of a fictional relationship between a 61 year old man and his 18 year old granddaughter. If this story line offends you, please do not read any further.

In the first episode, Molly had managed to lure her grandfather into some intimate fun. In the second episode Ed paid a visit to Molly's room in the middle of the night, and got to taste her for the first time.

This episode deals with the Tuesday night a week following their first intimacy, when Molly had made a nervous Ed promise that they would be much more intimate the next week. Next week is now here.


Chapter 1. Get out the door already.

Tuesday night had arrived, and the tension filled the dining room, or at least my corner of it. Ethel was oblivious to it all, of course, and filled the air with inane chatter about some cover-all that she had almost won the week before at bingo.

Molly seemed not a bit nervous either, and kept her grandmother going by peppering her with questions about the stupid game, pretending that she gave a damn about it.

"You should come with me some week Molly," Ethel suggested. "You'd have a lot of fun - we all do. It's mostly us ladies, but there's a few men there too. Some men like to do things with their wives."

Zing! Another barb directed at me by the old bag, who rarely passed on the opportunity to jab at me, this time aimed at my lack of interest in sitting in a school cafeteria with a bunch of old biddies and yelling at an even older geezer to draw their numbers. I had gone once a long time ago to make her happy, and swore that would be the last time.

"Some men must be morons," I muttered under my breath, and passed on the opportunity to repeat myself when prompted to by Ethel.

I didn't want to prolong the agony of waiting by getting into it with Ethel, and only wanted her to get out the door as fast as possible. The clock seemed to be going in slow motion as well.

Molly was now playing footsie with me under the table, rubbing my calf with her toes, and if she wasn't so short and was able to reach my crotch from across the table, I had no doubt she'd be doing it. I smiled in recognition at her antics and asked Molly to pass the butter.

"What are you two planning on doing?" Ethel asked.

"I dunno. Maybe watch a movie or something," I suggested.

"Well, just remember that there will be someone else in the audience with you when you pick one out," Ethel snorted, and I nodded while resisting the urge to jump up and punch her lights out once and for all.

I was never able to understand why some men get violent with their wives, but after the last few years of being tormented by this dried-up drone I was beginning to realize how some men break under the pressure. Not justifying it, mind you, but just understanding.

Ethel's film jab had been aimed at her finding my porn stash of movies a couple years back. I begged her to watch one with me, in hopes that it would kindle something inside of Ethel - something that had been gone for a long time.

What it kindled was rage, because even though I had selected a tame soft X movie without anything graphic in it, after ten minutes she jumped off the couch and started screaming at me.

"How dare you bring that filth into our home!" I remember her screaming at me, waving that fat ham of an arm wildly as she shrilled on.

"You must be some kind of pervert to spend your money on vile filth like this," she continued. "Then you show how little respect you have for me by insisting I watch it with you. You're going straight to hell Ed, but don't try and drag me down with you!"

Too late for that, I remember saying, because I was already there, but that didn't stop her from going on and on that night. I recall finally tuning her out when she started quoting scripture at me, and I resisted reminding her of some of the crazy stuff we had done in our younger days, back when we were in love.

"Did you hear what I said?" Ethel snapped at me, breaking me out of my daydreaming about the bad not-so-old days.

"Huh? What? Watch out for what movies we watch. Yes dear," I said in my best W.C. Fields imitation, and thinking how I used to find it so funny when it was someone else being henpecked.

"If you had been listening, you would have heard me tell you that I have to drive this week, because Betty's car is in the shop," Ethel apparently repeated.

"Fine," I answered, and knowing what a rotten driver she was gave me reason to hope that she would run into a tree or something. It would be worth sacrificing our new car for such an event.

Molly helped Ethel with the dishes as I busied myself by taking out the trash, all the while counting the minutes until Ethel's departure, and figuring in that she would have to leave a little earlier because she was driving, and would be home a little later. All the better, as it would give me a few more minutes with Molly.

Chapter 2. Ethel's departure.

Finally, Ethel gathered her bingo crap together; her special markers, her lucky charms (including a real horsehoe - I kid you not), her stuffed animals and all the other nonsense and headed out the door. I raised my head up from the newspaper and grunted a goodbye as the door slammed behind her.

I listened for the car engine to start, and heard the crunching sound of the tires backing up through the gravel driveway before jumping up and looking out the window and watching the beautiful sight of Ethel driving down the road.

I raced into the kitchen looking for Molly, and not seeing her there flew up the stairs faster than I had ever done before and headed for Molly's room. There she was, laying on her back as naked as a jaybird, hands behind her head and smiling when I charged in.

"What took you so long Grandpa Ed?" Molly said teasingly as I began unbuttoning my shirt as fast as I could, tossing it over in the corner.

"Thought she would never leave," I muttered as my trousers fell to the floor and I jumped out of them.

"Slow down Grandpa Ed," Molly said. "We've got lots of time. Leave your boxers on for me. I like to take them off myself. Besides, there's something you gotta do first, remember?"

Molly nodded over to the night stand, where the can of shaving cream sat next to a fresh razor, and so I dutifully knelt beside her bed and grabbed the equipment.

"Take your time Grandpa Ed," Molly instructed me. "That really turned me on last week. You liked it too, didn't you?"

"Yes," I managed to croak, as I shook the can and stared at Molly's armpit, noting the tiny patch of fuzz that had grown in the past week, barely visible to the naked eye.

"You ever do this to Grandma Ethel?" Molly asked, and I rolled my eyes at the thought. "That would take you quite a while, because she's really hairy. Reminds me of my best bud Angie. One time we shaved each other all over, and it took me forever."

"You and your friend Angie shaved each other?"

"Yeah, all over," Molly said. "She's so hairy that it took me forever to shave her, especially her bush."

"You mean you shaved each other's..."

"Pussies," Molly said. "You reminded me of her last week when you licked my underarm after you shaved it, just like she did."

"She did? What - why?"

"Well, that's not all she licked," Molly said while making a face. "That bother you, me getting it on with a girl?"

"Well, I don't know. No, I guess not," I said as I pictured Molly and a girl going at it just like in the movies, and I bent over a little bit to adjust my cock which had run out of room in my boxers after listening to Molly.

"Good, because I like it a lot," Molly said. "Maybe Angie can come up and visit me before the summer is over and you could watch us get it on with each other. Maybe you could join in, because Angie has a real thing for big cocks like yours. Me, I like them all, big or small."

Sweat was rolling down my face and down my sides and I squirted some shaving cream in my palm before rubbing it under Molly's arm.

"Mmmmm... that feels so good," Molly said as I massaged the foam into her stubble. "Is your cock hard right now Grandpa Ed?"

"Very," I said softly.

"Oooooh!" Molly said as the razor slid through the faint growth with ease. "I loved it when you came into my room the other night and went down on me. You were so good at it. Almost as good as Angie is."

I tried to say something but could only make a gargling sound as I slid the razor back through for no reason other than the thrill of it, before wiping the residue from her underarm and inspecting my work.

"Smooth Grandpa?" Angie said, and on cue I bent over and raked my tongue up and down the moist hollow, feeling no trace of anything but smooth and softly scented skin, as Molly shuddered beneath me.

Molly spun herself around so that her feet were on the headboard and I began the meticulous process on the other side.

"Did you like it when I came into your room afterward Sunday night and gave you head?" Molly asked as I tried to see what I was doing despite the sweat flowing down into my eyes.


"I wish I could have done better, but your cock is so big I couldn't even get half of it in my mouth, Molly said.

"It was wonderful," I said as I checked my work with my tongue and got the familiar response from Molly.

"You really want to make love to me, don't you Grandpa Ed?" Molly asked, and I nodded affirmatively in response. "I can tell because I can see how excited you are, and the way you look at me. See how hard my nipples are?"

I reached over and rubbed the little pegs with my fingers, feeling their taut pebbly texture.

"I'm already wet for you Grandpa Ed, want to see?" Molly asked while swiveling around and lifting her leg over my head, leaving me facing Molly's pussy.

The scarity of hair made it easy to see her opening was glistening, and I kissed the tender opening while dipping my tongue inside of Molly, and my licking soon had Molly squealing. Nothing had ever tasted so sweet or smelled as erotic as that delicate valley between my Molly's parted thighs that night.

"Stand up Grandpa Ed," Molly said as she sat upright on the edge up the bed, and I slowly managed to get to my feet.

Molly grabbed my boxers and yanked them down, and my cock celebrated its freedom from being pinned to the inside of my thigh by springing up crazily as it came free, nearly clubbing poor Molly who dodged to get out of its way.

"I'm scared Grandpa," Molly said as she reached over for her baby oil and hosed down my cock and balls with the lotion before working it in with her hands. "I'm really excited but I'm scared too. Guys always say that I have a really tight pussy, and you're so much bigger than they were."

"I'll be gentle baby," I said while stopping Molly from making me cum with her vigorous oiling of me.

"Don't worry if I cry or anything, 'cause I'll be okay after I get used to it," Molly said as she rolled over on her back, putting a pillow under her backside as I climbed up on the bed.

I happened to look over at the mirror on Molly's dresser and saw the scene from a different viewpoint. The tiny teenager with thighs parted in anticipation, and me, at well over 6 foot and over 200 pounds looking like a monster as I knelt there with my throbbing cock glistening and bobbing menacingly in front of me. In shame I admit that the sight was astonishly erotic to me.

I looked down as I rubbed the beet red crown of my cock along the slick lips of Molly's pussy before slipping the tip of it between the sparsely furred lips and pushing forward.

"OW!" Molly howled as I pushed forward hard in an attempt to squeeze the bulbous head of my member into her tiny opening.

Molly's face contorted in a gruesome way as I tried to squeeze inside of her, and I would have stopped if it weren't for the fact that Molly was arching her back to try and help by pushing back. When at last the head of my cock forced its way inside of her with a pop, Molly let out a blood-curdling scream that sounded part pain, part relief and part pleasure.

With the head of my cock now inside her, and feeling like it was caught inside a clamp, I began to slowly rock in and out of Molly, trying to work in a little bit more with every little push.

Molly's eyes were rolling back in her head as she reached blindly over to her night stand where her hand found the bottle of baby oil. She reached down and squirted the stuff liberally all over our crotches, and I began to find it a little easier to penetrate Molly's impossibly tight pussy, what with the lubrication and her body's gradual acceptance of what was inside her.

"Hurts Grandpa," Molly gasped as tears ran down her eyes and down the sides of her face. "Hurts good! God - so big. So fucking big. Is it... all in?"

"Just about, honey," I said after looking down and seeing that I had about half of my cock inside her, if that. "You're really tight baby. You feel so tight - so good."

"Love it - omigod Grandpa!" Molly screamed as her body contorted wildly under me. "Cumming!! OHHHH!!! AAAAAHHHH!!!"

Molly's screams along with her wild trashing had me lose control for a minute, and I thrust myself into her as hard as I could, feeling my nuts slam against her bottom as I rammed myself inside of her with all my fury. This had Molly slamming herself back down onto the mattresss repeatedly while I thrust myself into her without mercy.

My hips were thrusting with the ferocity of someone half my age, and I seemed to have no end to my staying power. Relentlessly my cock drove into her tight tunnel, and Molly came again, her eyes rolling back into her head after her body stopped shaking.

I kept thrusting myself into Molly's tight pussy, and I knew that I could not last as long as I wanted to, because it felt so good. I watched my cock as it went in and out of Molly, and averted my gaze because it was way too stimulating. Looking at her little titties was also too exciting, and when I looked at her face and saw her mouth open with her lips quivering, and only the whites of her eyes showing, I was doomed.

My orgasm soon followed, and the spasming of my cock inside of Molly had her screaming again as my seed squirted inside repeatedly before my orgasm slowly subsided.

I looked down on Molly as I hovered above her, held up by my hands placed next to her shoulders. Droplets of my sweat rained down on Molly's already drenched body, and as my cock deflated inside of her vice-like pussy, our eyes finally met and we smiled.

"Thank you honey," I said. "That was incredible."

"Me too," Molly said, and despite the tears it was clear she had enjoyed it, although she was obviously in a degree of discomfort.

I pulled my flaccid cock out of Molly after a bit, and she gasped when the head popped out and I fell beside her on the bed, both of us looking up at the ceiling.

Chapter 3. Afterward.

Molly and I lay beside each other like that for a few minutes before Molly turned to me and propped herself up on her elbow.

"How long Grandpa Ed?" Molly asked as her hand reached down and grabbed my limp and sticky cock.

"How long?" I asked, wondering what difference that made at this point. It fit inside her, and felt good too, so why ask?

"I mean, how long before you can get it up again?"

"Are you kidding?" I said and exploded with laughter. "Molly, I'm an old man, and I haven't made love in four years. Men my age can't get aroused as often. Not like boys your age."

"I'll bet you that I can get you hard again," Molly said, and reached over me for her old reliable baby oil. "Have to buy some more of this."

The way she had been hosing us down with it, it was no wonder, but as her oiled hands began pulling at my limp noodle, it felt so soothing that I let her go.

"Feels nice anyway, but I'm afraid you're wasting your time," I told her.

"That's okay," Molly said. "I like doing it. Besides, this is the first time I ever saw your cock soft. It's really neat."

Molly held my flaccid pecker upright by the head and chuckled.

"It's bigger soft than most guys are hard," Molly giggled. "You don't mind me saying how big you are all the time do you?"

"There's worse things you could say to a man," I chuckled as I watched Molly pulling on my cock.

"My old boy friend Billy used to love it when I would tell him how big his was," she added.

"It doesn't much matter what size it is if it never leaves your pants," I mused while observing Molly playing with my favorite toy.

"It's so rubbery when it's like this," Molly said as she pulled it out as far as she could. "I never saw one like this before. Seems like it's getting bigger already, at least a little."

"Not going to happen dear, but if you need some more affection I still have a mouth available," I reminded her.

"Only if I can't get you up again, because I can't get over how good you felt inside me, Molly said. "You seemed to like it when I talked dirty to you before, so maybe we can tell each other stories."

"I don't have any stories, I'm afraid," I said apologetically. "I've been stuck in the same boring life for over 35 years."

"You and Ethel never did any swinging or anything like that?" Molly said, and I laughed at that prospect.

"No, I'm afraid that Ethel is not the adventurous type," I asuured Molly.

"Too bad, because I saw pictures of you two when you were young, and Ethel looked like she had a nice body on her," Molly commented. "Big tits too. Guys like that."

"Men like breasts of all shapes and sizes," I told Molly, while looking at hers. Sitting up like she was, her delicate little buds looked irresistable, and I couldn't help leaning forward and taking Molly's right breast in my mouth.

It was a perfect mouth-sized morsel of a breast, and I sucked on the tiny teat with all the passion within me, and the pointy nipple was rock hard against my tongue.

"Mmmm... that's felt nice," Molly said. "You make me feel like a real woman."

"You are, after all you know."

"I guess, but when I see the way you look at me it makes me feel so warm inside," Molly offered. "Hey, I think you're getting a little harder," Molly said as she flopped my cock from side to side.

"Let's see," Molly said. "You must be a tit man because Ethel had big ones when you married her. My friend Angie is a lot like Ethel was."


"Yeah. Angie has these gigantic tits on her, even though she's like real skinny," Molly exclaimed. "Big ones, just like torpedoes, and she never wears a bra either."

"Is that so?"

"Yeah," Molly said. "Angie's nipples are as big as my whole tits are. She's a Goth chick and is way freaky. Freakier than me by miles."

I tried to picture this Angie girl in my mind, and even though I didn't really know what a Goth chick was, I knew what big tits looked like, and my imagination raced when I thought of the two of these girls making love.

"What's it like making love to another woman?" I asked as innocently as I could.

"It's awesome, because you really know what another woman likes, and it's really magical when it works out," Molly said. "Guys - well, a lot of guys just want to stick it in and that's it."

"And this Angie seduced you?"

"Hell no!" Molly said with a laugh. "My gym teacher at school broke my chick cherry. She used to count heads when we took showers after class, and I guess that she liked what she saw. She didn't really turn me on because she was kinda muscular and really butch, and I was scared of her in a way, but it was still good. After that I was the one doing most of the seducing."

Molly then mentioned that my cock was getting harder, but I had already realized that it gotten to about half mast. I knew it wouldn't last, but let Molly continue to oil my cock while she kept jerking me off.

"If Angie came to visit me, that would be so far out," Molly said. "When Grandma Ethel would go to play bingo we could all come in her and get crazy. Did you ever fuck anybody in the ass Grandpa?"

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