Graves Gets Even


[This story contains pretty graphic scenes of rape and violence. A semi-turn in style for my stories, especially because of the short length. But if your reading this right now, your favorite trouble maker is still around]

Tara tiredly made her way up the stairs to her hotel room. She had listened James ramble on about Estella Warren for long enough. After the day of shooting, make-up and rehearsing, she needed a nap. Once at the top of the stairs she walked down to the end of the hall, opened up the door and walked inside, closing the door behind her.

"What a long day…" she said with fatigue in her voice. She took off her shoes and tossed them aside and collapsed onto her bed to fall asleep.


She was awoken much later by a noise at her door. She didn't know if it was late or early, but if it was James asking for a bottle of rum again [he had done so in the past] she was going to personally castrate him. She opened the door, and was then shoved back into the room by strong hands. She hit the ground and looked up with a semi-frightened look on her face, what she saw was a simply large shadowy figure close the door.

Tara couldn't speak, she was too afraid. The figure grabbed her by her shoulders and pulled her up off the ground and tossed her onto the bed. The figure approached her. She could have screamed or ran or at least called for help, but she was paralyzed with fear.

One of the figures large masculine hands clamped down over her mouth, the other undid her jeans and pulled them off along with her underwear. Then the hand reached back and Tara heard an unzipping noise. She would have screamed now if she could have, but no. The faint outline of a penis could be seen protruding from the large hulky shape and was moving towards her.

The mixed terror and pain she was feeling defied words. As the figure ravaged her small body, his hands fondling her breasts and ass. Crying too hard to scream all she could do was let it happen. Eventually when the person was done, they left as calmly and quickly as they came.

Tara, crying, curled up into a ball and wept.


People were walking in and out of Tara's room, most of them were apparently cops. Tara was on her bed wrapped in a blanket, Jon was standing next to her in his ever-present blue armani suit, and Jimmy was sitting on a table looking like a statue. "So you didn't see anything on the guy? No hair, no eyes, no nothing?" Jon had asked

"No, Jon. It was too dark and I was too a-….it was too dark." Tara explained to him in a rather quiet almost child-like voice. Jon put his hand on her shoulder gently "Sorry Tara. But don't you worry, we'll find this guy and when we do, he'll be someone's prison bitch for the rest of his life.

Tara slightly smiled. "Thanks Jon. Thanks for being my friend." Jon simply nodded at her. After that, Jon looked over to James who had been strangely quit the whole time. "Something wrong, Gravey?"

It took a moment for James to respond, but he looked up at Jon and shook his head. "No, sorry. Hey Jon, I'm gonna go meet this guy." Then he stood and walked off calmly. As he left Jon called out to him "Good luck, Jimbo"

Tara looked at Jon in a confused matter. "How is he going to find him, Jon?" she asked. Jon suddenly looked kind of worried. "Well…" Jon trailed off before asking her "Remember when James told you he wasn't human?"


James walked down the sidewalk with his hands shoved in his pockets. The place he was walking in wasn't very crowded, probably because it was about Six AM, but there were still a good amount of people walking around. Suddenly James stopped in mid step as if he had shit his pants. His head perked up and he looked around.

James grinned. He was looking at a large burly man, either fat or muscular with black hair. The man was about 6'5'' and probably no lighter than three-hundred pounds. James quickly sprinted over to the man and drop kicked him. The both hit the ground.

As they got up, the guy looked angrily at James, who was very small next to him. "The hell are you doing!?" he screamed. James was behind the man so fast he couldn't react. James grabbed the guy and put him in a headlock. "This is for Tara Reid asshole!" James screamed as he punched the man in the head repeatedly.


Back in Tara's Hotel room, Jon was sitting near a table with a phone on it. Tara was lying on her bed almost asleep, there were no more cops around. The phone rang, Jon, who was closest, picked it up.

"Hello? Ah, hello Officer Johnson. You did? Great, yeah. What? You found him how? Really? My god. Well, thank anyway officer, yeah, I'll tell her. Bye."

Jon put the phone back on the receiver and looked at Tara who was sitting up. Tara asked "What is it?"

"Well." Jon again. "They found the guy who attacked you, DNA testing on the Semen they found on you bed. They were on the way to the guys house when they found him laying on the sidewalk. He was beaten pretty badly."

"My god." Tara said. "Do you think it was…James?" Jon groaned. "It wouldn't surprise me one bit.

Meanwhile, out somewhere in the city, James walked down the street and laughed.

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