I was trapped in an awkward situation. Last weekend I made the decision to break up with my boyfriend but I just haven't found the chance yet. It's not like I don't like him anymore or anything like that, I just didn't see it going anywhere. We'd been dating for just a couple months but when he graduates in a month he's probably going to move away for a job. I just didn't see much point in staying with him for another month just to split up then. Besides, I liked him...I didn't love him.

The problem though is that I think he might love me. Neither of us has said anything but I just got that feeling. I didn't want to have that awkward conversation with him so I wanted to break up with him before that. I know it was kinda mean but still...

I knew I needed to do it but I just hadn't found the chance yet. In the mean time I was trying to act like nothing was wrong and as such he had no idea what was coming. He took me to a day carnival one weekend and it was really fun. I'd been planning on breaking up with him that day but I was having so much fun and I didn't want to ruin it.

My boyfriend suddenly told me to wait for him and that he would be back in just a few minutes. I assumed he was going to go win me a prize and wanted it to be a surprise or something. Or maybe he just really had to go to the bathroom and was embarrassed to say so.

So anyway I'm standing there in a pretty good sized crowd just waiting for my boyfriend to come back when I suddenly feel someone grab my ass. I jumped at first but didn't really think much of it. I have a nice ass so people in crowds tend to touch it a lot. Apparently this guy wasn't interested in just a quick touch though. The hand stays on my butt.

The hand squeezes me lightly and starts rubbing it all over. For a few seconds I thought about turning around and chewing out the asshole who was groping me. But after a few seconds I decided to just relax and enjoy the attention. Besides the rubbing really did feel pretty good.

The hand on my butt felt pretty small but very firm as it groped me. I was starting to get turned on by this random stranger groping me in public. What the fuck was wrong with me? Wow not just that, I was getting REALLY turned on. My panties already felt wet. Nothing had ever worked this fast on me before.

I think my mystery man knew it too. The hand slowly worked its way from my butt between my legs.

What was happening? Why was I LETTING it happen? This was going form casual anonymous booty grabbing to something A LOT more personal. I should stop it. This was basically cheating on my boyfriend. I mean, I was going to break up with him anyway but I hadn't actually pulled the plug yet...

I don't even remember deciding to go with it. All I remember is spreading my legs a little wider to give him easier access. The hand was getting VERY personal now. It was toying with me through my jeans.

By now I was VERY turned on and getting VERY wet down there. The guy could probably even feel it through my jeans. I couldn't suppress a soft moan. He definitely knew the effect he was having on me after that.

Suddenly the hand abandoned my crotch and traveled up my back. It expertly unhooked my bra through my top. Again I don't remember deciding to do it or even why I did it. all I remember is doing it. I reached up and pulled my bra up out of my strapless top and then held it behind my back. An offering to my...

What was he now anyway? My assailant? My molester? lover?

He snatches my bra from my hand and I can sense him leaning in. I knew he was about to talk to me and I was suddenly terrified. As long as I didn't see him or talk to him it was OK right? But as soon as I crossed that bridge somehow I knew I couldn't go back. It would have been a betrayal of my boyfriend wouldn't it? Or had I already crossed that line? Was I already past the point of no return? Should I run away? End it right then and there? I was in way over my head here.

Then my...whatever he was...actually spoke.

"Turn around slut."

I was completely shocked. Not by the words themselves. I kinda expected something dirty and degrading like that. No the thing that shocked me beyond all belief was the voice.

It was a woman's.

For a second I was just frozen in place but then slowly I turned around to face her. She was stunning. A little taller than me. Nice shapely hips. Small but firm looking breasts. Full red lips. Ink black hair. Maybe a few years younger than me.

She looked like she was maybe a high school senior or a college freshman whereas I was a college junior. If I had known her in high school I probably would have hated her because she was the kind who would clearly have all the guys fawning all over her. But right now I didn't hate her. I was just blown away by her.

"Open your mouth."

I didn't even think about it. My mouth opened of its own accord. I didn't even mean to do it. I wanted to tell her to fuck off but I couldn't even for complete thoughts let alone form words.

As soon as I opened my mouth she slipped something in my mouth and my lips closed on it. I could tell it was a piece of paper, probably a business card, but I couldn't actually see it. The girl leaned in close and whispered "Good slut" and gave me a peck on the cheek.

She brushed past me and gave my butt a hard spank and her way before walking away without a backward glance. I looked though. I couldn't help it. I stared at her as she walked away. Her swaying hips were hypnotic. I just stood there staring like an idiot with her business card still in my mouth and my panties so wet I thought they would be dripping through my jeans soon. It took every ounce of self-control I had to not start playing with myself right then and there in the middle of the crowd.

I lost sight of her in the crowd but kept staring for a few more seconds before I came to my senses. I pulled the card out of my mouth and looked at it. It had her phone number on it and said "Call me".

Suddenly out of the corner of my eyes I spotted my boyfriend walking toward me holding a giant stuffed panda. I realized that he must have run off to win it for me as a surprise.

I was more confused than ever. I suddenly had so many options: stay with him, break up with him, go with her, ignore her, find someone new, find a guy, find a girl? I was in for a very confusing few days to come.

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