tagGroup SexGroup Sessions Ch. 01

Group Sessions Ch. 01


(Another escapade of myself, Tim, Alysia, and others)

After the threesome between us, Tim, Alysia, and I had gotten together several times the following few days. We simply couldn't keep our hands off each other. If Tim was home, we messed around, if Alysia was home, she and I had fun, and if the three of us were all together, we went to town for hours.

That weekend, Tim and I were showering, yes, together, and he ran a brilliant idea by me after I had just swallowed another load of his salty cum. I stood to kiss him as he grinned, "You know, this whole sex triangle we have going on is grea."

I chuckled, "Yeah it is." I kissed him again, then moaned slightly as he wrapped his slender hand around my shaft and began stroking.

"Well..." He said slowly, kneeling in front of me, "If three is good," He licked the tip of my rock hard cock. "Then more than three could be amazing."

I gasped sharply as he sucked the tip of my cock, "What are you suggesting?"

Tim grinned from down by my dick, "I'm saying, maybe we should get together with more couples. Get you a girl, bring her here, maybe two more..." He sucked down my meat, his throat taking it all in swiftly.

"Yeah." I moaned, gripping his head, "That's not a bad idea."


The night was planned. I had been courting this girl from work, Chelsea. She was a little shorter than most, but she had an amazing body. With large, full breasts, a fat, juicy ass, with a slender frame otherwise, her body was amazing. She had short, dark hair and blue eyes that could knock a man out.

Tim had found another couple that was into swinging, both were bi, and Alysia had actually messed around with the girl, Diana. Diana brought Ben, someone I had met a few times. He had an amazing body, tall and slender, shorter dark hair, big hands. Diana had gorgeous darker skin, with a strong, athletic body and perfectly-sized breasts and a tight, large ass.

That night, after work, I told Chelsea I would meet her at Tim's. I showered and dressed, and discussed with Tim how Chelsea may react to a staged orgy.

Tim sat across from me, Alysia was dressing in their bedroom. "I'm pretty sure she'll go for it. I knew her ex, and from what I heard she was quite the sex fiend."

I smiled, shaking my head slowly, "Well one can hope, I guess. She's fuckin' fine." I crossed my hands behind my head and leaned back. Suddenly, the doorbell rang. Alysia opened it after exiting her room, revealing Diana and Ben.

Both walked in, looking hot as hell. We exchanged pleasantries, seating ourselves at the couches in the living room. As we made ourselves comfortable, Ben winked at me, "Diana, you didn't tell me Tyler was so cute."

I blushed vividly, "Well thanks, Ben. You're not so bad yourself."

"Aw, what a charmer." Ben smirked, "When can we get this party started?" He asked, looking around.

Tim cleared his throat, "Ah, we're still waiting for one more." As if on cue, the doorbell rang once again. I stood and crossed to the door, opening it to let Chelsea in. As she entered, I introduced her to the two of the group that had not met her yet.

Ben let out a loud whistle as Chelsea entered the living room. She shook her head, grinning. "This is Chelsea," I said, and to my surprise she wrapped her arm around my waist. "Chelsea," I said, "This is Ben and Diana."

"Well, well. This is quite a party." Chelsea said, seating herself next to me on the couch. I wrapped my arm around her shoulder as she made herself comfortable.

"Not yet it's not," Chuckled Ben. "The party is just beginning."

Chelsea raised an eyebrow, "Oh really? And when does the party begin?"

Tim grinned and leaned over to Alysia, "Right about..." He kissed Alysia, their mouths opening wide to the embrace, his hands crawling up her body as he began to undress her. He turned to Ben, who was leaning back as Diana began unbuttoning his pants. "Now." Tim whispered.

Chelsea frowned, then looked back at me, "Is this some kind of sex party or something?"

I smiled nervously, "Actually, yes it is. We didn't want to tell you until you were already here, just in case you were apprehensive."

She smiled wide, watching as Diana pulled Ben's massive cock from his pants. It was bigger than Tim's, very thick and very long. She began to suck on the tip as he moaned, his hips bucking as she licked the shaft. Tim was now down between Alysia's slender legs, his tongue working on her wet pussy as she let out a quiet moan, her eyes closed as she held his head down.

Chelsea turned back to me and sat on my lap. She held my head and kissed me passionately, her tongue massaging mine as we embraced, my hands running along her back as I lifted up her shirt. Soon she was topless, her breasts rubbing against me as her hands ran down my chest, reaching my bulging shorts. She released my cock, stroking it as she knelt before me, looking up with her beautiful blue eyes. She licked the tip slowly, then sucked the head, her hand rubbing my shaft. I looked down to see her begin to suck down my entire cock into her warm, wet mouth, but I did not expect to see Alysia kneel next to her. Alysia began to lick under my shaft as Chelsea bobbed along the upper part of my cock. Two mouths on my dick was an enormous pleasure, and I couldn't help but moan loudly as I bucked my hips. Alysia began to suck on the tip of my cock as Chelsea licked my balls, coating them as she smiled up at me.

I began to close my eyes, my mouth was open as I enjoyed the pleasure on my cock, and I felt someone stand up on the couch. As I opened my eyes, I saw Tim's hard cock at my lips. I smiled, then began to suck it down. I felt his hands at the back of my head as he rammed his cock down my throat, so hard that his hips hit my jaw, his balls slapping me as his dick rested at the back of my throat. I moaned into his meat as I heard Chelsea, "Oh my God... That is so hot," Before she sucked down my cock again, bobbing her head as she deep throated with ease.

I let Tim go to town on my throat, reaching up to grab his ass as he fucked my throat with no mercy. I took his cock down easily as I had been doing it all week. My hands gripped his firm ass tightly as he grunted with a bestial vigor, his hips ramming into my face as his cock slid down my throat repeatedly. I reached a finger between his ass cheeks, sliding it into his tight ass with the same rhythm as his thrusts. I felt Chelsea's mouth sucking down my shaft as her nose hit my pelvis, holding my cock down her throat as long as she could. Alysia's mouth engulfed my balls, her mouth sucking on them firmly as Chelsea gagged, Alysia reaching up to hold her onto my cock.

Tim's grunting grew louder, "Ohh fuck, Tyler... Take it." He moaned, his thrusts becoming harder and faster. "Suck down that cock. Take it like a little bitch." He slammed into my mouth over and over, my drool beginning to drip off his cock onto my chest as I vibrated his cock with my moans. He gripped my head tightly, his cock quivering in my throat as it exploded in cum, the hot, sticky liquid filling my mouth as he pulled out, leaving a trail of cock from my forehead to my chin. Swallowing his cum, I felt my own orgasm build up as Alysia continued to allow Chelsea up for air, then hold her down on my cock again. As Chelsea took my cock back down her throat, I reached down and grabbed her head, holding her down myself as I came, my cock shooting load after load down her throat. She gagged, spurting some around my cock as she attempted to swallow the massive amount, her eyes watering. She finally pulled off my cock, looking up at me with tears, drool and cum covering her face.

"That was intense," She wiped her face off, then sat back as Tim sat next to me, still panting. "You guys done that before?"

Tim grinned, "Oh yeah, you could say that." Ben looked over, Diana now sitting back with a face covered in cum. He stood up and crossed over to stand in front of me.

"You're pretty good at that." He said, stroking his massive dick. "You wanna try it on me?"

I smiled, then kneeled in front of him. I saw Alysia lay down as Chelsea and Diana crouched over her, Chelsea climbing up to straddle her mouth as Diana licked down to her pussy. I opened my mouth over Ben's giant cock, barely getting my lips around the head. I sucked the tip, my tongue swirling around it as I reached up to cradle his balls. His hips bucked slightly as he rested his hand on the back of my head. Tim knelt beside me, licking Ben's thick shaft with me sucking. Tim held my head with Ben, pushing my mouth along his massive cock. I tried to muscle down a few inches, but my throat was resisting. Tim and Ben pushed harder, their grip tightening as I tried to suck down more. Halfway down his cock, my airway was blocked. I gagged and sputtered, then had to pull off. I took a deep breath and went back down, the two hands pushing hard. Tim stood behind me as Ben loosened his grip. Ben knelt down, "Let's get him on all fours." He said, smirking. I braced myself as Tim knelt behind me, his cock poking at my ass as Ben's intimidating meat rested near my mouth. I opened wide, licking the tip as Tim rubbed a spit-covered hand around my asshole. I began to suck a few inches into my mouth of Ben's dick when Tim gripped my ass firmly, plunging his cock into my tight ass. I moaned loudly, the force of his thrust pushing me farther along Ben's cock. Ben grasped my head, holding me down as Tim began to thrust slowly. Each thrust sent me farther along Ben's cock, my throat widening to accommodate the enormous cock.

Tim began ramming my ass harder, his grip tight on my ass, his balls slapping mine as Ben held me down on his cock. I gagged a little less as I neared his crotch, almost all of his meat down my throat now. I rubbed under his shaft with my tongue, moaning to vibrate his cock. He moaned, rolling his head back as I held his cock down until he released me, his cock sliding out slowly from my mouth. Tim began thrusting faster and harder, my ass being filled, the pleasure filling me as I sucked the tip of Ben's cock. I began to suck it down again as Ben thrusted it down my throat again. Drool began to collect in my mouth, dripping off Ben's cock as He began to pound into my mouth almost as hard as Tim was fucking my ass. My tight throat felt Ben's cock quiver as he grunted, slamming his cock down my throat harder than before. Cum shot down my throat, coating it as he held me there, grunting as I sputtered, trying to breath as the cum filled me. Eventually, He pulled out, cum dripping from my lips as Tim bucked his hips, cumming deep into my ass. He grunted, the warm and sticky fluid filling me until he pulled out, coating my ass.

Alysia now lay panting on the couch, Diana licking her cum off her lips, Chelsea kneeling next to her, kissing Diana periodically. The girls turned to us, cum covering me as the other two stroked their cocks. Chelsea was first to cross the room, pushing me onto my back as she lay on me, our skin touching everywhere as she kissed me. Her mouth opened to mine as she moved down slowly, her warm, wet pussy gently rubbing against my hard cock. I heard Alysia moan as Tim rammed his hard cock into her pussy, fucking her hard doggy style. Diana lay under Ben as he slid his cock in, her tight pussy swallowing it. Chelsea grinned, "Thanks for inviting me tonight." She said before she rolled her head back as she moaned, my cock slowly prodding at her pussy. I reached up and wrapped my hands around her hips, pushing her down onto my cock. Her pussy was extremely tight and wet, it felt amazing around my cock. She arched her back as my cock slid fully into her hands running along my chest as she let out a very loud moan of pleasure. She began to rock back and forth, grinding on my cock as it moved around inside of her, my hands gripping her tightly, holding her down. I bucked my hips, pushing against her, thrusting. She began to move up and down along the shaft, meeting my upward thrusts in perfect rhythm. She began to move faster, my thrusts became harder, slamming my meat up into her as she leaned back, taking it all deep into her warm pussy. She fell onto me, her hair hanging around our faces as she kissed me, bouncing as I thrusted deep into her repeatedly. I rammed my cock into her, her moans into my mouth indicating her pleasure, adding to my arousal. I felt her tighten up in an orgasm, her pussy releasing a flow of her juices around my cock as it slammed up into her. I neared my climax, bucking my hips as I rammed my cock deep into her, shooting my giant load of cum deep in her, filling her so that it oozed out around my cock.

Chelsea collapsed onto me, panting wildly. She looked up as a giant cock sat in front of her face. She grinned, looking up at Ben, licking the tip of his cock. I slowly slid out from under her as she got on all fours to begin sucking down his meat. As I stood up, Diana was standing in front of me, her naked form enticing me as I stepped forward to embrace her.

[End of Chapter 1]

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