tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersHaitian Couple Meets Transsexual

Haitian Couple Meets Transsexual


I love to play with couples. Take Marco Saint-Pierre and his girlfriend Ashley O'Shea for example. He's a six-foot-three, lean and athletic, good-looking young Black man from the City of Montreal, Province of Quebec. Marco is of Haitian descent, I could tell just by looking at him. This stud is a Law student at Concordia University. His girlfriend Ashley O'Shea is five-foot-nine, chubby, with long black hair, light brown skin and pale green eyes. She's got big tits, wide hips and a big round ass. Ashley is of mixed Nigerian and Irish descent. Black mother and White father, apparently. She's originally from the City of Galway in the Republic of Ireland. Yeah, I do my homework on all my perspective clients.

That's interesting. I didn't know there were Black folks in the Republic of Ireland. You learn something new everyday. Ashley is an interesting gal. She's studying business at McGill University in downtown Montreal. I can see what he likes about her. Black men are notorious for their love of big-booty women of all races. It so happens that Marco is openly bisexual, and curious about us lovely transsexuals. Well, he came to the right place. My name is Maria Dickinson, also known as Miss Dick. The top transsexual escort of the Province of Quebec, period. If you're looking to be entertained and feeling somewhat adventurous, I'm the best there is at what I do. And trust me, you're going to love it.

I stand five feet eleven inches tall, and I often get mistaken for Serena Williams, the world-famous African-American Tennis Superstar. I am taller than Serena, with bigger boobs, a curvier body and a much bigger ass. Also, I possess something that Serena doesn't. As far as I know, she doesn't have a twelve-inch, uncircumcised Black dick. That dick of mine has been known to make women and men cry with pleasure. Just ask Marco and Ashley here. They are currently naked, kneeling before me and sucking on my thick juicy cock. Marco sucks on my hairless balls as Ashley licks the length of my cock with her tongue. The Irish chick is really good at sucking cock. Marco is a lucky man to have found a mixed-race woman who accepts him as a switch-hitter. I just love it when couples play together, don't you?

Ashley and Marco sucked me off, and then we got busy. I put Marco on all fours, and spread his ass cheeks wide open. The tall Haitian stud offered his ass to me as his sexy mixed-race girlfriend watched. Ashley fingered her pussy while watching me roll on a condom before sliding my thick cock into Marco's well-lubricated asshole. Marco groans as I penetrate him but I can tell he's no anal virgin like he claimed to be. I spank his ass as I fuck him, and he squeals. I cuss him out for lying to me. His ass is definitely not a virgin. His hole is clearly used to being explored. His girlfriend Ashley intercedes for him. She tells me that sometimes she fucks him in the ass with a strap-on dildo. I nod and smile. So many Black guys love getting fucked in the ass, whether by another man, a woman with a strap-on dildo or a transsexual with a big dick. The brothers are discovering backdoor pleasures and their lovers are barely able to keep up. Ashley is clearly ahead of the curve. Good for her. A lot of women don't know how to satisfy a kinky Black man in bed.

I grip Marco's narrow hips and thrust my cock deeper inside his asshole. The Black stud groans as I sink my cock deeper inside of him. I love fucking men in the ass, especially Black men. There is something hot about a strong Black man who lets a woman with a dildo or a transsexual fuck him in the ass. I simply love the brothers. Hard and fast I drill my cock into Marco's asshole. The Black man is screaming loudly as I fuck him. This is really cool. I don't get couples like Marco and Ashley very often. Most of the time, the couples that I play with are white. The bored housewives of white businessmen who like to play with a sexy Black transsexual like myself. They are cold and boring, and most of the time, I just want to get the session over with. I enjoy Marco and Ashley's company. They're a unique couple. A bisexual Black man and his mixed-race girlfriend, a woman of Nigerian and Irish descent. And they're both university students in the City of Montreal, my hometown. How cool is that? Definitely not the sort of thing you see every bloody day, that's for sure.

I flip Marco on his back because I want to look into the Haitian stud's eyes as I fuck him in the ass. His girlfriend Ashley O'Shea finally joins the action. The chubby mixed-race woman leans over and begins sucking on her sexy Black boyfriend's thick cock as I slam my big Black cock into his tight Black male ass. Marco is driven over the edge by the feel of his loving girlfriend's gentle lips around his cock and that of my cock up his ass. He is ready to cum and I know it. When he explodes inside Ashley's mouth and screams in sheer pleasure, I smile. I totally saw it coming, ladies and gentlemen. I pull my cock out of Marco's asshole. Ashley looks at my cock hungrily. I wave it at her. Does the chubby mixed-race woman from Europe want to ride my thick Black transsexual cock? Apparently so. Well, let's get it on.

I take off the condom, and Ashley begins sucking my cock like there's no tomorrow. I rub my tits together as she sucks me off. The chubby gal fingers her pussy as I slam my cock into her mouth. Gosh this really turns me on. I want some of her pussy. I don't fuck women too often. Most of them are content to watch me fuck their boyfriends or husbands but they rarely want to ride my thick Black transsexual cock. Ashley is clearly different from the women that I'm used to. She sucks my cock so good that I'm hard as hell again. I am ready to fuck her. I put her on all fours, spank her chunky ass and then slide my cock into her pussy from behind. Marco watches us, stroking his big Haitian cock as I fuck his plump, light-skinned girlfriend in front of him. He is clearly turned on and I'm glad. This is turning out to be a wickedly fun night, ladies and gentlemen.

Ashley screams passionately as I slam my cock into her pussy. I watch her big sexy ass cheeks jiggle under the force of her thrusts. She is really into it and I love this about her. I spank her big ass as I fuck her. I flip her on her back because I want to look into her eyes as I fuck her. Ashley raises her chubby legs in the air and waves her big ass at me. There is an unspoken desire in her eyes. I know what she wants but I want her to articulate it. Ashley bites her lips, then she tells me that she wants me to fuck her in the ass. I smile, and grab the condoms and bottle of lubricant that Marco tosses me. I smear lubricant all over Ashley's asshole, then I press my dick against her asshole. Gently I ease my cock into the big woman's asshole. Marco strokes his big cock furiously as I fuck his big girlfriend in the ass. Ashley is definitely not an anal virgin either. Marco grins and tells me that he regularly fucks Ashley up the ass. She loves it. I smile and wink at him as I slide my cock deeper into her asshole. I am having so much fun tonight! I delight in Ashley's loud screams and squeals as I drill her asshole with my cock. I fuck her real hard, and we rock together until she begs for mercy.

To really top things off, I cum all over Ashley O'Shea and Marco Saint-Pierre's faces after fucking them both in the ass. They shower with me, and then thanked me for a wonderful night. I pocket the eight hundred dollars that they owed me for the three hours of passion we spent together. I watch them as they leave the beautiful penthouse apartment which I rent in this upscale neighbourhood of Montreal. This is definitely one of the best nights in my life as a Black transsexual escort in the City of Montreal. I've had the best of both worlds. And I liked it!

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