tagIncest/TabooHaley Rebounds

Haley Rebounds


Haley is my sister in law's 20-year-old daughter, which makes me her proud uncle.

My wife Jan and I never really have seen much of Haley since she lives in the Pacific NW and we're in Texas.

What we know is what her mom, Jane, tells us. Haley is by no means the outgoing, social type girl who is big into dating and the party life. Attending a local junior college and working part time, keep her busy, however she did meet Gary. They dated, he led her on, and she fell totally in love. Then one day he left her a note saying he had met someone else.

Haley, being very fragile and inexperienced with male relationships, was devastated and remained extremely depressed. She didn't like taking advice from her mother but needed to be around family to help the healing process. That's where Jan and I came in. We would give her some space, and hopefully the new surroundings would help. Jane was thrilled that Haley liked the idea. Although we didn't really know our niece that well, were more than happy to help out. It did seem odd to me that Jane wanted her daughter living with us since Jane and I did some recent torrid love making ourselves. I am one not to question her motives though.

We welcomed our niece with open arms. Haley was a medium height, curly dark hair girl who looked like a 14 year old. Her narrow hips, slender body, and lack of tits made one question her femininity. However, her eyes sparkled, her lips were big and full, and her mannerisms were very feminine. So, as far as I was concerned, my niece was very appealing in a little girl way. Someone who seemed forbidden but not totally, giving the appearance of being so innocent.

After a short time Haley became more comfortable around us. She and Jan had "those talks" and slowly we could see a change.

One evening we were all up watching TV. Haley was in her non-descript cotton nightgown. Occasionally she would change positions and I could briefly make out the protrusions of her ample nipples under that gown. This was bad. I certainly shouldn't be thinking of my little niece in a sexual way but I really couldn't suppress those feelings.

Jan was tired and announced she needed a good night's sleep with the help of some Tylenol PM. After kissing us both goodnight, she was gone leaving Haley and I alone.

"Haley, all I know about you came from your mother, through Jan. I would like to hear about you from you. What's going on in your life? Why are you here?"

She moved over to my couch, settled next to me sitting on her long but thin legs. And seemed anxious to confide in me.

"You probably wonder why breaking up with my boy friend hit me so hard. Well he was my first real love and I thought he was my whole world. As it turned out, he got what he wanted from me then moved on. I obviously didn't compare to his new love. I met nothing to him except physically..."

"Haley, listen to me. Although you are my young niece, I must admit I find you very attractive and I'm sure other men will agree. You just have to be patient and the right guy will come along."

"Oh Uncle Dennis, you really find me attractive? That means so much. I needed that from a man even though it's from my uncle. I know I'm not built like the popular girls and..."

Interrupting, "Your body is only one part. It's how your put together, your personality, and you have "it'- that chemistry that really can turn men on."

Haley smiled approvingly. Now our hands just seemed to meet and squeeze.

I was very confused. My innocent niece holding my hands while I was trying to suppress my desires.

"It's getting late Halley." Still holding hands, we stood up and looked into each other's eyes.

I struggled with a simple, "Goodnight Haley."

"Now Uncle Dennis. I expect at least a family good night kiss."

Standing up, she pulled me closer and then we were carefully kissing or maybe pecking was a better word.

She did not withdraw. I felt her full warm lips pressing more and more against mine. Responding, soon our family kiss became more passionate. I now lost a little more control as our tongues, shyly at first, darted into each other's mouth.

I finally pulled away. "No Haley, this is not right. We can't let this go any further."

"I understand Uncle, but I just want you to know I have learned so much from you tonight and really do think of you more than just my uncle."

Her hands were now squeezing mine again. It was more than I could take.

Gently I pulled Haley back into my arms. Our lips met again. This time with more urgency. I was now caressing the back of her neck then slowly worked down to her ass.

Both hands began massaging her small cheeks. Now they found their way under her gown. So soft and warm. I could also feel my cock began to swell and push against her body.

'OH, I'M SO SORRY HALEY. Please forgive me. Please go on up stairs to bed."

My niece seemed stunned and a little hurt I had stopped, probably thinking she failed with another man.

"Okay Uncle, but I still need someone to tuck me in. I'll be waiting..."

I watched as she suggestively climbed the stairs and got a glimpse of her sweet ass as it swayed back and forth. After checking Jan, it didn't take long for me to give in to my sexual urges. This was wrong but she made it perfectly clear what she wanted and I was it. With pre cum soaking the front of my shorty pajamas, it was obvious it was what I wanted too.

Standing in her doorway with help of the streetlight, I became transfixed on my sweet young niece lying on her back, hands under her head, with a thin blanket covering her slight body.

"Come sit next to me on the bed. I JUST need you to be close," Haley begged.

Sitting next to this young nymphet brought back memories of some of my youthful first loves. Looking into her big eyes made my cock stir. I gently brushed a lock of her dark hair aside. Her eyes closed as if she was in another world.

"Oh Dennis, I need you to lay next to me and hold me. I really need a man's body next to mine knowing he cares about me."

She had never addressed me as "Dennis" before.

With that she pulled the cover off inviting me to join her.

My body was now next to this warm, sweet smelling young girl who innocently exuded her feminine charm.

"This is so nice, Dennis. I have always wanted us to be close and dreamed about this very moment."

Now she was in my arms. The heat of her body was causing my cock to fully harden.

Haley pressed her petite hot body tightly against me. After some soft cuddling, our lips teasingly finally met. Our tongues entwined. As we "petted", I drew my left leg up between her thighs. My knee began pushing against her mound. Haley's pelvis gyrated against my knee. There was no stopping.


Now she guided my left hand under her gown to those small but firm titties. Fondling both I could feel her erect nipples. Our breathing became heavier. This like the first time I had ever felt a woman's breasts. My heart was pounding, stomach tight, and cock was dripping, hard, and ready.

Now my hand moved lower and brushed against her smallish inner thighs. Her body rose in anticipation but I did not move to her pussy. Instead I continued tease brushing all around her love slit.

"Oh, stop teasing! I need you in me. Please oh please."

"But I don't have any protection."

"That's okay, I'm on the pill," she countered

No more reasons to stop. I kicked off my pajama bottoms, moved up, and again took her in my arms. My cock was poking between her legs as my tongue probed her sweet mouth.

Haley could take no more. Her hand deftly moved down, grasp my manhood and guided it to her small slippery vagina. As I tried to enter her tight love box, her thin but muscular legs wrapped around my waist. Her very small pussy was a challenge to even my average size cock. With effort and considerable pre cum I was suddenly in. So tight and so hot.

Never before have I fucked such a small pussy. As we thrust against each other again and again, I knew there was no way I could hold out very long. Now Haley was moaning, breathing in gasps, and acted like an animal attacking my cock. Too soon I lost all control, stiffened, and felt my full load spurt into her.

Soon she also had an obvious draining orgasm, screamed, and made one final thrust against my still hard cock.

We then collapsed in each other's arms. No words were spoken as our breathing slowly returned to normal.

I could feel my cock soften and finally slip out of her pussy with "that slurpy sound".

Later after resting, "Dennis I could never thank you enough for showing me real love making. You were wonderful. With you in me, I felt we were one and I never wanted to be apart."

"So you liked it. Well wonder if I told you we were not done. I do believe my young lady needs to be cleaned off."

I kissed her briefly then scooted down till I was facing her cum covered pussy partially concealed by that ever-present gown.

Now inches away, my tongue lightly touched her swollen virginal lips. By now over a ½ hour had gone by. Our sex fluids began to thicken and had a more distinct smell of love. This turned me on even more. I first sampled then began lapping up our gooey globs of sex.

I could feel her hands urging me on. Now I was completed intoxicated with this taboo act of savoring our pungent smelling cum. Haley pulling my face even closer to her, moaning, and then convulsing moves met another orgasm for her. She noticed I was hard again. Slipping down, she brought me to yet another climax all over her pumping hand.

Finally I slid up to her mouth, kissing her deeply. Her tongue tasted our love juices then I tongued her hand. My, has little Haley come a long way. She must have inherited her mother's genes. My hot wife, her sister, and now my niece. Doesn't get any better...

A few days later Jane called to say Haley was really getting a lot out of her visit and how talks with Jan helped but what really helped was what I had taught her about men. Jane told me she knew something could happen between us but would rather have her daughter come off the rebound with me instead of a stranger. She also quietly mentioned how I have made her a 'better' woman and now sounds like Haley too.

What the final two weeks of Haley's visit brings will be interesting.

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