Handsome Ch. 09

byParis Waterman©

Kassi had been watching us, and had a greedy expression on her face. I moved to her and pulled her close.

"Know what you tasted before, you know, during lunch?"

"Not really," she said.

"It was Brittany's love juice on my finger."

"No way!"

To confirm my statement, I only had to say: "Brittany?"

"He's telling the truth, Kassi. He had his finger in me, and you sucked it right after it came out of my pussy."

"No ... no way!' she protested.

"Honest to God," Brittany swore.

"Jesus ... I had no idea," Kassi said in awe. But she was undeterred, and kissed me, mashing her mouth against mine, and then licked my lips in turn, tasting her girl friend and seemingly savoring the taste.

"Hey," I said, and got the attention of both girls. "First things, first, you girls want to get and keep a boyfriend you had better learn how to kiss."

"I ain't a poor kisser," Brittany protested. I shut her up by pressing my finger against her lips.

Kassi looked horrified. I made it worse for her. "Kassi, before we go any further, I want you to go into the bathroom and brush your teeth. On second thought, brush them twice."

"What? But why?"

"Your breath stinks. A girl should be certain she smells nice ... and I mean everywhere. And if you have any doubts, clean your pussy too."

Kassi was crying, and Brittany went to her and held her, and found a way to glare at me at the same time.

"Why don't you join her, Brittany?"

"You bastard!" she spat.

"Hey, if I'm gonna go down on the two of you, the least you can do is give me a clean pussy. I cleaned my cock before leaving the house, did you clean yours?"

"I don't have a cock," Brittany answered.

"You know what I mean. I don't mean to hurt your feelings, well ... maybe I did ... a little. But think of it as a lesson. I'm not going to spread word around the school that so and so's got bad breath and a smelly cunt. Someone else would. Think about it. But get your little asses in there and get to it, or I'm out of here."

Kassi was still crying as Brittany and she went into Kassi's bathroom. I heard water running, gurgling and a toilet flush.

They were back in less than five minutes, and I knew that they had both scrubbed their twats for me as well as brushing their teeth.

"Did you use Kassi's toothbrush?" I asked.

"What if I did?" Brittany responded defiantly.

"That's good, now let's practice kissing. We all settled down on the couch, with Kassi in the middle of me and Brittany.

C'mere Kassi, sit on my lap and give me a smooch." Kassi coughed, and a startled expression crossed her face.

"Me first?"

"Why not?"

Brittany surprised me by taking out a pack of Marlboros and lighting one. Her hand was shaking as she took a deep drag before exhaling a long column of smoke toward the ceiling. Kassi didn't notice anything but my mouth as it headed for hers.

Before I actually kissed Kassi, I said, "We are going to have a contest. We both get to kiss Kassi and she's going to tell us who the best kisser is."

"But ... Brittany tried to object.

"Come on Brittany," Kassi said, not getting the implication of my statement, but wanting to kiss me. "He's gonna kiss us and we'll be better for it."

"Okay," Brittany said, almost whimpering. She took another drag and then crushed the cigarette out in a nearby ashtray, looking at me with scared eyes.

I took Kassi's chin between my fingers, tilted her head at an angle, and brushed my lips against hers. I grew more insistent, caressing her lips between my own, before dancing my tongue along them, opening them. My hand found its way to her neck, and my thumb lifted her chin, tilting her head up and toward me. Our tongues danced together, and I bit her lower lip, pulling it along with me as I withdrew.

She was obviously breathless, and the flush that had faded returned with an even deeper hue. Her nipples were erect and poking against the thin fabric of her blouse.

I had to nudge her with my elbow to get her out of her swoon. "Well, what did you think, Kassi?"

"It ... was different," she stammered.

"Yeah, right," Brittany said dubiously, having recovered somewhat. "Tell me, on a scale from one to ten, what was it? And be honest."

"It was a nine."

"Hah!" I said.

"Hey, remember, she has never been kissed before."

"I have too," Kassi protested.

"Like that?"

"Well ... no," she admitted.

I was already turning to embrace Brittany. Her mouth was already open. Her tongue was waiting for mine. Still, she didn't have that much experience either. I kissed her softly, tracing my lips over hers, ignoring her tongue as it leapt from her mouth in its eagerness to perform a trick or two that she'd learned in the backseat of someone's car during a midnight seduction. Soon we were both turning our heads in tiny circles, our lips barely touching. With my peripheral vision, I caught a glimpse of Kassi's tongue as she licked her lips, engrossed in watching us kissing.

Brittany let out a soft, high pitched moan. I had her!

Still kissing Brittany, I captured her face between my hands and hungrily explored her mouth. The room echoed with the sounds of our grunting and groaning.

My cock was hard as a rock.

Eventually, I took my mouth off Brittany's.

"What's my score?"

"Oh, God, you gotta be at least eighteen."

"Now you both have a rudimentary idea of what it's like to kiss someone. You can only improve with practice.

"Will you practice with us?" Kassi asked, and the plea in her voice was unmistakable.

"Practice on one another," I said tossing her request off.

The two girls gave each other a look, and I knew they would; and that it was possible far more than just kissing would follow.

"Here, Kassi, let's try one more," I said. I moved my lips against hers, this just reveling in the tingly feel of our lips touching together.

The kiss ended with a soft pop, and Kassi quickly asked me, "What will it feel like when you're inside me?"

"Well," I began. "It's not easy to put in to words..."

I decided a demonstration was called for as well as any explanation I could manage.

I saw that Brittany was laughing quietly, but watching with more than a casual interest.

"Get out of those jeans, Kassi."

It still makes me shake my head to think of how elegantly she shimmied out of the skin tight jeans, but she did.

"Now touch your pussy."

Both Brittany and I watched as the teen slipped a hand into her white cotton panties and touched her cunt.

Her eyes were closed, and I saw her upper lip quiver. Her tongue darted out, licked the quivering lip as I told her to finger herself.

I wasn't surprised when she obeyed me.

"What's it feel like, Kassi?"

"It's ... it's all slick, and warm."

"Is that all?" Brittany asked, getting into the game.

"It ... it feels ... inside it's all like rippled and mushy."

The freckles on her cute nose were highlighted in the afternoon light. She opened her eyes and nodded at me, challenging me with an almost innocent curiosity in her wide, green eyes.

"When I enter you, it will be almost the same, except that my dick being much bigger will stretch those ridges you spoke of. There will be some pain when your cherry pops. But that's only momentary. Brittany can tell you about that."

"No, no I can't. I'm a virgin," she said softly.

"You're both virgins!"

They were both nodding as I slid my fiddle finger into Kassi's twat and found it snug, and that was before she constricted around my digit.

Kassi grinned and licked her lips slowly.

"I'll bet you're feeling very tight and snug inside," I told her.

She smiled again, blushing.

Getting wet?" I asked, and she nodded.

I heard Brittany gasp, and turned my head to check on her. She had her hand in her underwear, obviously frigging herself while watching her girlfriend getting off on my finger.

Kassi was getting very wet as I talked. I worked a second finger into her and she moaned softly while I continued talking.

"It feels like you're melting around my finger. It really feels good."

"Mmm," she crowed softly.

Brittany was trying to emulate my movements, but not being able to see my actual movements, couldn't, and gave up copying and started her own masturbation.

"No, Brittany, don't you jill off," I said harshly. "You wait. I'll get around to you."

Her hand came slowly out of her panties and hung limply at her side. She had a pathetic expression on her face.

I found that I couldn't prolong this teasing and said, "How about we stop this shit and get down to fucking? Isn't that what the two of you want?"

Brittany whined, "But, I want you to say you'll be my boyfriend first!"


"Why can't I be your girlfriend," Brittany said, drawing out her whine.

"What makes you think I'll have either of you as my girl friend? I mean, here you are practically begging me to break you both in, and you're demanding that I become your boyfriend? C'mon, get real."

That was definitely the wrong thing to say.

Both girls burst into tears.

It took me more than twenty minutes of bullshitting them and them bullshitting me back, before they calmed down.

What it came down to was this: They were trying to set me up; trying to seduce me with the idea that one of them would become my girlfriend, while I would fix the other up with a teammate on the baseball team. Both girls tearfully admitted to the deception.

I resolved everything by agreeing to be seen in public with them; singly and together. This would, at least as far as they were concerned, put them in a favorable light with their other classmates, both boys and girls. In return I would get to fuck them both silly.

It was attention they craved, and they were willing to do anything to get it.

I looked both girls in the eye and laughed, "All right, you horny virgins, who wants to go first?"

They looked at one another, and it appeared that Kassi wanted Brittany to lead off.

"Get naked, girls," I said and began removing the remainder of my own clothing. I pulled off my briefs, and lay back on the bed. My dick slapped against my stomach.

Brittany's eyes were glued to it. "Your turn," I said quietly. She nodded, and shrugged off her bra and shimmied out of her panties and lay down beside me.

Kassi was a second or two behind her. She lay next to me, and looked over at Brittany with a concerned expression. I thought of them as exquisite bookends.

"Go ahead, frig yourself," I said. "It'll feel good," and I slowly stroked my cock.

Brittany stared at my cock before laughing at what I had said. Her hand moved over her belly before settling between her legs. She moaned at the first contact.

She stared at my cock. "What's it feel like?"

I wasn't sure if she was asking, '"What does it feel like to me, or what does my cock feel in you?"

"I don't know," she said, and I believed her. Both girls were nervous, and I wondered how to calm them down before starting to take their cherries.

Brittany solved the problem, whispering in my ear, "Want me to blow you?"

Her face was taut with excitement, and she giggled after she spoke.

"That'd be a good start," I answered, and got another giggle out of her. Kassi had a befuddled look on her face watching Brittany stick her tongue in my ear. I winked at her as Brittany's head disappeared.

Kassi sat up and peered over my body to see what was going on. I watched as a stunned expression slowly appeared and disappeared only to be replaced by one of pure fascination as she watched Brittany's head bobbing merrily up and down as if ducking for apples in a bowl at a Halloween party.

Brittany gurgled with pleasure as her lips dragged up my thick stalk and slurped hungrily on the fat head of my dick. She attempted to deep throat me, but took on more than she could handle ... for the moment.

She took me from her mouth, and brandished my dick in the air, calling out to Kassi, "See, it's really easy to suck a cock. Wanna try it?"

I made no objection as Kassi positioned herself to absorb my dick in her mouth.

"It's her first time," Brittany offered, "Me, I done it a lot of times. I mean, I'm not a slut, you know, but I done it a few times. I'm gonna deep throat you before I'm finished. Just you wait."

I let one hand rest lightly on Kassi's head as she plunged up and down, reminding me somehow of a kid working a yo-yo. She didn't seem to need any guidance, and I encouraged her, telling her I loved what she was doing. Well, I really did. Kassi caught Brittany's eye and Brittany told her she was doing great and moved in for closer inspection.

"Why not switch?" I asked, and got my wish as Brittany accepted my throbbing dick from a smiling Kassi and went deep. She managed to deep throat me this time and I congratulated her on her skill.

Exhilarated by both my comment and her success, she went wild, sucking like a machine until recalling that she was supposed to be sharing me with her friend.

"Ummm," Brittany sighed, as her lips dragged up my dick, and then somewhat reluctantly, she surrendered it to Kassi.

Kassi fell right into a rhythm, sucking on the head of my cock, her cheeks hollowing in and out and I clearly heard her purr with voracious delight.

"Be careful, Kassi," Brittany said in a low voice. "He'll cum in your mouth if you're not careful."

Kassi removed me from between her sexy lips and asked: "Is that bad?"

Both Brittany and I laughed. Brittany was quick to assure her friend that, "No, it's not bad. But you might not like it. You can try it, but if you'd rather not ... well, I like to swallow."

"I swallow," Kassi said and returned to licking and sucking on the head of my dick. Brittany played with my balls.

"I'm gonna cum, Kassi!"

"Mmmm..." she groaned, not relinquishing my cock to Brittany, seemingly determined to swallow.

"Yeah, baby ... that's it!" I moaned. "Ohhhh, yeah ... suck it, baby, get me off!"

"Mmmmm..." Kassi purred, and then pulled her lips away for a moment. She stared down at my cock, apparently looking into the eye of the coming storm. The cleft at the head of my dick was already profuse with precum and she rolled her thumb through the sticky mess, much as I had rolled her nipples earlier.

"You're doing great, Kassi," Brittany called out as Kassi kissed the tip of my dick and her tongue slid across, gathering up my precum. She let the foamy drops run over her taste buds for a moment, and then swallowed.

"Yummy," she sighed, loud enough for Brittany and me to hear and share a startled glance.

Another drop of cum oozed out.

Brittany looked on with envy all over her face, as Kassi's tongue gathered it up.

The look didn't go without Kassi noting it, and she took her mouth away and held me out for Brittany to finish off.

She did just that, gobbling me deep and sucking voraciously, apparently ravenous for my load after having sat by and watched as Kassi toyed with my initial precum flow.

"Cum for her!" Kassi began to chant. "Cum in her mouth!"

"Yeah!" I managed in reply.

"Cum in her mouth!"

Brittany folded her fist around the root of my dick and began to frig me up and down as her lips worked on my cockhead. Her fist rose up and met her lips as they slurped down. Then her hand descended to the root of my cock and my bloated head flared in her lips.

Her tongue laved against the sensitive point where the throbbing vein spread out into the underside of my corona. She had truly gone suck-crazy now. Her face was a mask of lust as she savored that delicious mouthful of prick and hungered for the taste of my load.

I was starting to cum, and felt my ass heave toward her face as I fucked her mouth.

The only sound in the room was that of Brittany's moist, juicy slurps from the suction pump she called a mouth.

I groaned and came.

Brittany squealed with joy as my hot jizm hosed her mouth. The thick, milky fluid splashed against the walls of her throat and poured down her gullet. She sucked and swallowed, but there was too much to drink all at once. Slimy ribbons of cum bubbled from her lips and ran down my still throbbing dick. A long string of jizm trickled down her chin.

Brittany sucked and swallowed until long after I was finished. When she was finally sated, she drew her lips away and licked them clean, never offering any to Kassi, who knelt next to us, apparently waiting for her next instruction.

"Christ," I said, thoroughly elated by what she had accomplished. "That was a great blowjob!"

Brittany grinned happily at the compliment. "I've had lots of practice," she said.

Kassi was stunned that she would admit to such a thing, and then recalled that she had mentioned it earlier. ________________________________________

Since I needed some time to fully recover, I decided to play with Kassi's tits for a while.

"Now how does this feel?" I asked as I slid down and took her other breast in my mouth and nipped it lightly with my teeth, holding the pressure for a moment. Kassi arched up and pushed the breast against my face. I let go, and licked her once.

"Oh, wow!" she exclaimed and squirmed around a little. I moved back to where my chin was resting on her shoulder tip and idly stroked her nipple with my thumb. She pushed her tit further into my hand. I smiled across at Brittany and she winked back at me.

Kassi sucked in her breath a little, and I saw it was caused by Brittany's hand stroking her stomach. Kassi didn't object, or seem to care who's hands were doing what to her so I signaled Brittany to work Kassi's other nipple. The moment she touched it, Kassi let out a long, sensual moan, and arched her back.

Brittany and I paused at Kassi's sound of pleasure, I made a quizzical face at Brittany, like, and how far do we go with this?

"Brittany, try kissing Kassi," I suggested. Well, perhaps it was more order than suggestion.

Apparently not quite sure where I was going, Brittany said, "You think?"

"Wait a minute," Kassi protested.

"It's only practice, Kas," I said placatingly.

"I dunno..."

But Brittany was already moving and had straddled Kassi before she realized what was happening. Once started, the kiss took hold, both girls, already overheated, got into it, and before long, Brittany was grinding her pussy into Kassi's thigh as their tongues licked feveredly at one another.

As for me, I contented myself with caressing both girls, first palming Kassi's breast, then tweaking each very responsive nipple. Brittany's ass tempted me next, and I laid my hand on her cheeks and allowed a finger to trace a trail along the cleft leading to her ass hole.

I was shocked to hear Brittany gasp, "I want you so bad, Kassi. I've got to have you," between soul kisses.

What's more, Kassi took no action to dissuade her of the idea.

I reached beneath Kassi's legs, and she closed her legs together over my hand, trapping it. "Open," I said, loud enough for both girls to hear, and Kassi's thighs parted, making her pussy available to my questing fingers.

Brittany was on her knees, straddling Kassi now, running her fingers through her hair, and grinding her pussy against her chest.

"Do you want it Kassi? You do, don't you? I bet your pussy wants to feel Aubrey's fat, juicy cock, doesn't it?"

Kassi moaned, already lost in heat.

"Go on, tell me what you want, Kassi." I whispered in her ear.

"I want it! Oh, Jesus, please fuck me!" Kassi moaned.

I pulled on my cock as I nodded. She was watching it, the skin riding over the shaft, and I could see her fascination with it.

She shoved Brittany off of her and rolled over on her side.

I put my hand on her leg and paused, holding her eye, letting her know I would only do what she wanted. Her hand found my cock, lifting and wrapping around it. I pulled her leg over mine, and then put my hand over her pussy. The heat of her pussy inflamed me. I rolled my hand over her labia as she began caressing my cock. She wasn't very skilled, but that didn't matter in the least. It was incredibly erotic to feel her small hand on my cock. I wanted to roll over and plunge my cock into her right then. But I didn't.

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