tagErotic CouplingsHandsome Ch. 11

Handsome Ch. 11

byParis Waterman©

Chapter 11

Back Seat Adventure

For the next couple months nothing unusual happened worth passing on. I slept with Mora a couple times while her boyfriend was out of town for a football game. I didn't ask why she didn't go with him. The fact that she called me before he left was enough of an answer for me.

Brittany and Kassi still kept up with me, despite going steady with Artie and Will respectively; separately, of course. It seems while both knew of the other's involvement with me, they wanted a form of plausible deniability in the event either boy confronted them about seeing me. I didn't care. Both were good fucks, and that's all they were to me.

There was one interesting development that occurred when my mother and her lover arranged to meet at a summer camp for a weekend rendezvous. But his wife got sick and had to be rushed to the hospital. My mother was stuck, having agreed in advance to pick up the daughter of a mutual friend; i.e., her excuse for going in the first place. I was to come along - as company - but I was also to get an opportunity to drive a new Camaro, so I went without protesting ... too much. And I did enjoy tooling around the countryside in the Camaro, top down, looking and feeling soooo cool.

The weekend was uneventful other than another woman - a Mrs. Genero, who experienced some car trouble on arriving at the camp. Her problems manifested when the local garage had to send away for parts to complete the repairs. Mrs. Genero asked my mother for a lift back, and my mother invited her and her nineteen-year-old daughter, Heather to join us.

My Mother drove, with Mrs. Genero sitting up front beside her. Heather joined me in the back. She was a reasonably pretty girl, great legs and ass although her breasts were still in what I thought might be early stages of development. She was in her freshman year at college, and thoroughly mortified at being forced to ride with me, a mere high school student, although only a couple months younger than she.

As a consequence she thought she would dominate me through superior conversational gambits.

"I'm on the Wesleyan debating team. Are you going out for the debating team next year, Aubrey?"

"I kind of doubt it. I'm on the baseball team and take dance, although the dance is outside of school activities."

"She's only on the debating team because she loves to talk," her mother said, without turning around.

"Oh, Mom, c'mon, you know that's not true!"

Heather said, as if worried that I would take her mother's joke seriously.

"Aubrey ... do you have a car?"

"Well ...."

My mother rescued me, saying: "We share the family car. So long as I have no urgent need of transportation, Aubrey has use of it."

Turning to face me, Heather said, "man, that's kind of a bummer."

I detected a bit of sympathy in her tone. I had expected her to come back with some sarcastic remark, and her stock went up in my eyes.

We were quiet for a while and I started to doze off, only to realize that her cheek was now pressed against mine. I had a fleeting thought that she wanted me to kiss her, but with our mothers up front, I decided not to try. I might have misjudged her and didn't want the repercussions that a clumsy kiss might bring.

Time passed in silence except for the sound of the tires on the pavement. But Heather's leg was moving. First it was just an occasional extra bit of pressure against mine but soon it was different, a sliding motion, almost a caress.

Once I'd convinced myself that it wasn't just the effect of the car's swaying and bouncing, I began to reciprocate. It was enjoyable, frustrating, but exciting, especially with our parents in the front seat.

And then it happened. I felt Heather's hand on my thigh, and I looked anxiously at the front seat. My mother was concentrating on the highway and it looked like Mrs. Genero had dozed off. It was dark in the car, the only light coming from the occasional light pole as we flashed past.

I reciprocated, placing a hand on Heather's thigh. Under the woolen skirt she wore, her thigh felt full and firm, just like it had looked in daylight. When I did that, she snuggled closer.

Gradually her hand moved higher, and I shifted position to allow my bulging erection some freedom under my pants, which fortunately with the style of the time, were loose at the crotch.

I also had slowly moved my hand higher but the wool skirt was too thick to allow more than a feel of the shape of her legs.

Heather's head was on my shoulder but, even if my mother could see anything in the rear view mirror, I knew it would look innocent enough. And then Heather's other hand was on mine.

'Was she going to move it away?' I considered the possibilities, my brain racing through them, working as fast as it ever had before. I concluded that it was unlikely, she was moving my hand ... but steered it under her skirt and onto her bare skin.

'How far should I go?' I wondered.

The answer was not long in coming. Her legs opened, and she slumped lower on the seat and moved her hips forward.

Using the tips of my fingers, I stroked the silky flesh of her inner thigh. I used a series of, little circular caresses that moved inexorably higher.

I still couldn't believe that she was inviting what she appeared to be. I kept glancing into the rearview mirror to make sure my mother wasn't watching us. My testicles felt like balloons, achingly swollen, as Heather's hand slowly closed around the tented fabric.

I glanced sideways at her. There was enough light on her face that I could see that her eyes were closed. Was she awake? Of course she was. She had to be.

My arm was half-buried now under her skirt and my fingers felt the fringe of soft hair where her panties met the juncture of thigh and hip. I slipped my hand under the elastic and felt the softness; the moist, oily squishiness of her cunt. Her eyes opened then, briefly, and she slid further forward on the seat, tilting her pelvis upward, and opening her legs wider by lifting one over my thigh. I was both lust-crazed and terrified.

If her mother woke and turned her head, she would see us, even in the dark. But I couldn't resist the opportunity. I explored the succulent softness of her slippery folds of flesh and found the hard bump of her clit.

I heard her utter a faint gasp when I touched her there and almost pulled my hand away in fright.

But no one else seemed to hear it. My mother's eyes were still fixed on the road and Mrs. Genero didn't stir.

Suddenly, my mother called out to us, "Are you guys warm enough?"

I quickly withdrew my hand, and not as quickly, Heather did to.

"Uh ... yeah, it's a bit chilly, Mom. But there's a blanket here." I said and bit my lower lip so hard it started to bleed.

Heather reached down between the front and rear seat and got the lap robe that was there, and spread it over our laps.

"Is it true?" she asked in a whisper so low I barely heard her.

"Is what true?" I said, worried that my harsher voice would carry to the women in the front seat.

"That you've done all those girls at your high school?"

"No," I said and left it at that.

"Not what I heard."

"What have you heard?"

"That you're a stud, and that you did it with all those girls in your class."

"Where'd you here that?"

"Are you denying it?"

"You tell me first."

"Mora told me you were doing everyone."

"She did, huh?"

"I believe her."


"Why ... why would she make something like that up?"

"Could be she wanted to put you in an embarrassing position like this," I said.

That stopped her. But I realized I was going to miss out on a terrific opportunity if I didn't confess the truth.

"Nah, that's not right," I said. "I have been with some girls, but not all of them. Mora's talking through her..."

"So you have been with a lot of girls," she said.

"A few," I admitted.


"See, now there you go. I'm not saying who I was with. You want to know that bad ask Mora, she seems to know everything."

"I don't know if I can believe her," Heather admitted.

"I don't kiss and tell. Never have, and never will," I said.

"Good," she replied and shifted position under the blanket. For a moment, I wondered what she was doing. I wondered until I saw her put something into her purse. She'd taken off her panties!

Emboldened by both her actions and the protection offered by the blanket, I slipped my hand through the opening of her skirt and cupped the furry softness of Heather's desire dampened sex.

I felt her fumbling with the front of my pants and I froze on hearing the sound of my zipper being opened. But, just as when she'd gasped at the first clit touch, the sound hadn't been heard in the front seat. Now, at least, if her mother awakened and glanced back, she wouldn't be able to see anything.

"You're big!" Heather whispered, as her warm hand closed around my dick. I shuddered as her tongue flicked into my ear.

"I want you," she said, and her words brought me to the edge of coming then and there. "You know what to do, right?"

Evidently she did too, for she started jerking me off, using a fairly rapid pace and even though I was stroking the juicy folds of her cunt, I was still shocked by what she'd said.

I twisted away from her touch, thinking it wouldn't do to leave a big cum stain on the blanket or on my pants either, for that matter. And I was awfully close to that point. But I underestimated my horny companion's ingenuity.

She was fumbling in her purse and she brought out her panties. Then she wrapped my tool in the silky softness of her underwear and I relaxed.

Well, relaxed is not quite the word. But at least I knew that if I went off, it would be contained, and there was a salacious novelty in being, literally, in Heather's pants.

Her hand was squeezing my dick, virtually strangling it, but fortunately not pumping it. I had her hips squirming as I circled her clit with my thumb, and the rustling sound of her skirt against the seat sounded too loud to my ears, but I didn't stop.

"Harder..." she panted into my ear.

"Hurry ... hurry," she grunted moments later. "I'm gonna cum!"

And then her thighs locked on my wrist, and she uttered an audible gasp as I felt her cunt tighten its grip on my finger.

"You guys Okay?" my mother asked. I saw her eyes looking our way in the rear-view mirror.

"Huh? Oh, guess I was dreaming," Heather said after an intake of breath.

Heather's answer seemed to satisfy my mother and Mrs. Genero appeared to still be sleeping.

But the brief conversation had awoken her. She yawned and said, "Oh, I guess I nodded off. Where are we?"

"We're about forty minutes away," my mother said. "Go back to sleep everyone, I'll wake you when we arrive."

Heather's hand was still wrapped around my cock. Only now she was pumping it. Slowly, but the blanket was moving. I didn't know what to do.

Could her mother see if she really looked? I lifted my leg and got my foot on the seat. This made a tent of the blanket and the movement of Heather's hand was no longer evident. Not to a casual observer, but very much so to me. She was stroking my dick in a loose grip, her panties sliding up and down, the smooth silk rubbing against my sensitive foreskin. My climax was imminent, and I did not have the willpower to interrupt the delightful caress.

"Cum, Aubrey," Heather whispered in my ear. "I want you to cum in my panties."

The invitation was too much. I stifled a groan, and her hand tightened its grip. She pumped me, still slowly, and I exploded, my load gushing into the silken enclosure, its wetness surrounding my tool.

Heather uttered a throaty sigh, and continued jerking me off; tightening her grip on the upstroke, loosening it on the down stroke. She was reaching down to the base of my cock and handling me like a milkmaid handles a cow's teat, milking all of my pent-up semen into her panties.

"I wish that was me, not just my panties getting it," she whispered, a little too loud.

"What was that, Heather?" Her mother said and turned to look back.

"I said I wish we were home, Mom. It's been a long trip."

Heather fumbled around under the blanket and I felt some of my semen on my thigh. God, I hoped there was none on the blanket or, for that matter, on my pants.

The first set of streetlights flashed by as we entered the county once removed from our own. Heather took her cum soaked panties and put them in her purse. I managed to get my fly zippered without being observed from the front seat while she unconcernedly commented on school and the weather. Luckily, or more accurately, because of Heather's precautions, there were no stains on my pants and, I assumed, none of consequence on the blanket.

We escaped without detection. I had to admit, it was twice as exciting because of the proximity of our mothers, but I was already looking forward to my next encounter with Heather.


The next day I drove by Heather's house several times without seeing any sign of her. Still cruising around I spotted Mora, and pulled the car over to confront her.

"Hey," I said.

"Hi, Aubrey, how are you?"

"I'm fine, thank you. I want to ask you something, Mora."

"Shoot," she replied off-handedly, as if she had to be someplace else, and soon.

I laughed, and said, "I'd like to."

"You'd like to what?'

"Shoot you."



"Because you're blabbing about us. Are you telling everyone you meet about us?"

"Blabbing...?" she appeared confused, and then a light went off and she realized where the conversation was headed.

"Oh ... that. Well I did mention it to some girls I know a couple weeks ago. Why, what happened?"

"You can guess what happened." I told her.

She nodded thoughtfully and said, "I guess I can. Was she as good as me?"

I had to laugh. Mora was totally unconcerned about the situation. She was certainly not going to apologize to me. I thought quickly and decided that no harm had been done. In fact, she had brought some one new into my life.

"Well, at least you can count on me keeping my mouth shut."

"Oh, Aubrey, it's different with girls."

"How so?"

"We ... we don't, well we do talk ... among ourselves. But we don't brag about it."

"You don't brag about it?" I said.

"Well it's different when a girl tells other girls. It stays with us."

"You mean, when a guy tells his friends about having sex with a girl, it doesn't stay with the guys?"

"Yes ... no! Oh, I don't know..."

"Mora, girls talk. Guys talk. What's the difference?"

"I ... I don't know!"

"Let me tell you something, Mora. I was asked if I had done the entire class. I said no way. I was told that you said I had. We both know just who I had sex with, and it wasn't the entire class. So it seems you stretched things a little. Don't you agree?"

"Um, well, when you put it that way, I guess..."

"You owe me and the other girls an apology, Mora."

"I'm so sorry, Aubrey. You're right. I apologize.

"Apology accepted. Now, let me thank you for setting me up with a good time."

"You ... you stinker!" she wailed angrily.

I laughed and soon she joined me.

"Fair's fair, Mora. You really shouldn't have put me in that situation. But it worked out just fine."

"So, who was it?"

"Now, now, Mora, you know I won't tell you. But you can guess all you want."

"Was it Barbara Ulrich?"

I shook my head.

Elizabeth Lawless?"

Again, I shook my head.

Heather Genero?"

When I shook my head again, Mora realized I wasn't going to reveal my partner.

"You ... you just teased me to get those names, didn't you?"

I smiled at her, and then gave her a hug. "Thanks for all the new leads, lover; and give my regards to your boyfriend."


That afternoon, I answered the phone at home. "Did you enjoy the drive back, last night?"

"Who's this?"

"You mean you've forgotten me already? I haven't forgotten you," Heather said. "That was the best drive I've ever had."

I laughed and said, "Well now that the words out on me I have to be careful, Heather."

She giggled happily and said, "Well? Did you enjoy the trip?"

"What can I say, except for being terrified of being caught most of the way."

"Wasn't it fun? Being terrified, I mean. Do you want to come over here and be terrified some more?" she said, and I heard her breathing heavily.

"Uh ... where are you?"

"I'm at home. Dad just went back to work. Mom's gone to play bridge so I have the house all to myself. And I wouldn't mind company."

"Is that so?"

"Yes, it's exactly so."

Fifteen minutes later I rang the doorbell three times before Heather came to the door. Her head was wrapped in a towel, and she was wearing a bathrobe, obviously fresh from the shower.

"You didn't waste any time, Aubrey, c'mon in."

I followed her in, then upstairs. She led me down the hallway past the bathroom that was still a bit steamy with condensation on the mirror. Her bedroom was messy and somehow, I expected it to be that way. Her clothes were strewn around, some on a chair, some on the unmade bed and some on the floor.

"Did I surprise you last night?" she said, plopping herself on the rumpled bedding.

"Surprise me? I guess you did."

"I damn near got carried away when you made me cum," she said and her eyes seemed to glaze over. I guessed she was reliving the moment.

"It was so exciting ... the danger ... the possibility of being caught at any moment."

"That would have been something, wouldn't it?" I said, "If we'd made too much noise?"

She hopped off the bed and went to a small dresser, opened the drawer and pulled out the panties she's worn the night before.

"I can't stop sniffing them. They've got both of our odors on them. Here, have a smell."

I accepted them from her and brought them to my nose.

"God, you really let out quite a load. I've given a few hand-jobs before, but that's the first time that I got turned on by it. It was incredibly sexy to feel your cock jump in my hand. I wish I'd been able to do it with my bare hand."

She shrugged her shoulders and let her robe fall to the floor, and stood naked before me.

"Do I look like a high school girl?"

"You look like a woman."

"Yeah, a horny woman," she said, and moved toward me.

It was the first really good look I'd had of her. Heather had a pretty face, oval shaped, somewhat resembling Brooke Shields ... the young Brooke.

Her legs were a bit on the heavy side, but I like that. Her wide hips flared out from a trim waist. She had a trim stomach, slightly convex, with a dimple at her navel, and her breasts, although not at all large, were high, the nipples remained up thrust and at the apex, areola like strawberries stood out, rigid and mouthwatering. Lowering my eyes, I came to a neat triangle of dark curls showing above the juncture of her thighs. Hell, yes, I wanted to fuck her.

"You're lovely, Heather. Are you sure your Mother will be gone all afternoon?"

"At least three hours, Aubrey. And if you last that long, I hope she comes home and catches us. Let's start with a shower, all right?"

"Sure," I said, and began to strip.

There's an extra towel in the bathroom."

It was a quick shower or, at least it started out that way. I was just about to get out when Heather joined me. "I've never showered with a guy before. But it's a favorite fantasy of mine."

She grabbed the soap and began to lather my belly, then lower. "I like to be sure my food is clean," she said as she bent over and fondled my still limp penis. "You sure felt bigger than this last night."

I cursed myself for having jerked off before setting out for her place. But then, I hadn't wanted to arrive at her doorstep with a raging erection either. Taking the cake of soap from her, I leaned over her back and, from behind, reached up between her legs and began to soap her pussy. I could hear little murmurs of approval as my organ swelled and expanded while I used my hands to spread the slick soap in the folds of her cunt and back, up the crevice between the firm melons of her ass.

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