tagErotic CouplingsHappy Birthday Ch. 02

Happy Birthday Ch. 02


"How can you watch that? Golf is absolutely the most boring sport ever invented," I sighed as I walked into the room, dropped my bag on the floor, and crawled onto the bed behind you. I wanted to distract you from the TV immediately. I wanted your immediate attention.

"You just don't understand the game," you reply as you watch somebody on some golf course continue their game.

I sighed as I let myself get frustrated because you've still barely even glanced in my direction. I lean against the headboard behind you, and pull my knees up to my chest. I will you to turn around and forget about golf. It doesn't work. I sigh again, as I realize that you have far more patience than I do.

I crawl towards you, and straddle your lap, finally gaining at least a bit of your attention, I attempt to push you backwards onto the bed, but you resist, keeping control, as always. After multiple attempts, you finally lean back, giving me what I want. I pull your shirt up as I continue kissing you, wanting to feel your flesh against mine. I'm determined that for once I'll not be the one completely undressed and vulnerable while you are still completely clothed. I growl my frustration that your shirt won't come off as quickly as I want.

Then, I lean back to open your belt and pull your jeans down. I grab your dick in my hands, enjoying the warmth, the strength there, but again, victim to my impatience, I don't spend the time to further enjoy the feel of you in my hands, I want you in my pussy. I lean forward again, and attempt to guide you into my warm, wet pussy, but you don't let me. You tease me, just letting the head brush across my slit, up to my clit, and then away. I'm fighting you, wanting release, but wanting it my way, on my time. You want something else. You want to watch me please myself. I finally give in, knowing that you won't fuck me until I do. I'm extremely self conscious about this, but my desire to fuck you far outweighs any inhibitions or fears that I have about my body. I growl my frustration as I crawl off of you, and quickly strip out of my clothes, throwing them behind me, oblivious of where they might land.

"What do you want me to do?" I ask.

"Whatever you want to do."

"I want to fuck you," I pouted, as I began rubbing circles around my clit, determined that if I must do this first, I would do it quickly. I want your dick inside me, filling me, fucking me, pleasing me, and this is just an obstacle on the course.

"Do this first," you say, as you move your hand down until you can push two fingers inside of me, fucking me with them, as I rub my clit faster, harder, seeking the fastest, most immediate release possible. My back arches off the bed; my breathing gets faster, and shallower. I close my eyes, blinded to the pleasure, then open them again, wanting to look in your eyes as I break into a million pieces. I bite my lip as I feel the little convulsions wrack my body. My body is coasting, floating on the euphoria that I gave myself, with your help, but still, the desire is there, the voice in my head chanting, "More, more, more."

"Now, will you fuck me?"

You say nothing, but you move me, and then you are inside of me, and the immediate invasion of your dick inside of my pussy is enough to send me over the edge again, I push up against you, trying to hold onto the orgasm as long as I can.

You roll with me, so that I am again straddling you, and I need no encouragement. I begin riding you, pushing myself against you, until the pleasure is so strong that I can barely keep my balance. You hold onto my hips, holding me in place as I push myself harder, faster, as one orgasm flows quickly into another, and another, until I can no longer tell where one stops and the next one starts. I ride harder, intent on reaching something I can't quite grasp.

"Come on, fuck my fat dick with that tight pussy," you say, making me lean in closer to hear you, letting the words take the effect on me that I assume you know they will. You repeat them again, and I throw my head back as an orgasm like none I've experienced before rocks through my body. I feel you explode inside of me, filling my pussy with cum, until I'm throbbing inside. I feel my entire body tremble as I collapse on top of you, utterly exhausted.

I roll over, completely exhausted, completely limp with pleasure. I can't help but grin though, as I say, "Happy Birthday."

"What? It's not my birthday."

"Nope, it's mine, that was a Happy Birthday to ME."

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