Happy Hour


The cold winter air rushed up her coat as Cindy opened the car door and stepped out. The wind wrapping it's icy fingers around her legs and up her long coat, tickling her nearly bare flesh. She had been planning this for weeks, being careful not to let her husband on to her plan. She intended on surprising him. She held the long trench coat tightly to her as she made her way up to the posh country club her husband worked at.

She was going to have him here at work, and the exhibitionist in her was thrilled. Thinking about it was heating her up, and she could feel the wetness between her legs.

As she walked through the double doors, she was greeted by the club's receptionist with a friendly smile. Finally Cindy had a face to match the voice that had greeted her so many times on the phone.

"Good afternoon. How may I help you?" the woman asked her.

Cindy knew that she wouldn't be allowed to just go visit her husband without being a member of the club, so with a slight air of snobbishness, she pretended that she was a member, the best she could, "Could you please direct me to the 'Lion's Den'?"

The receptionist looked at her suspiciously for a moment and then replied, "It's down the hall and to your left." She pointed in the direction, and Cindy headed down the hall.

When she entered the Bar, her husband Cameron wasn't in sight. She chose a stool at the very end of the bar, slightly hidden in a shadow. Only a few moments passed before Cameron returned carrying a box of bar supplies. He walked right past her, not noticing it was she sitting there. He gingerly set the box down behind the bar, grabbed a washcloth and began wiping down the counter top. Cindy had never been able to come up to Cameron's work before, while he was working anyway, and she thought to herself how relaxed and totally in his element he seemed.

As he made his way down the bar, he finally noticed her there in the shadows, and quickly strode over to her.

"What are you doing here?" he asked quietly while flashing her one of his brilliant smiles.

Cindy fingered a button on her coat. "Aren't you going to get me a drink?" she asked.

Cameron quickly scanned the room, making sure none of the staff noticed his wife, and made up a quick drink. Setting the drink in front of her, he asked again, "What are you doing here?"

"I missed you." She replied with a playful smile. As she leaned in to take a sip of her drink, Cameron caught a glimpse of milky white skin. Her coat wasn't open enough for him to see that she had nothing on, but he felt a stirring in his loins just from seeing the top of his lovely wife's cleavage. Making sure no one was looking, he leaned in and stole a quick kiss.

Cindy put on her best worried face, "Honey, we need to talk. Is there somewhere here that we can get a quick moment alone?"

Cameron's hungry look turned to one of concern, "Yes, love. What's wrong?"

"I'll tell you once we are alone." She replied, secretly congratulating herself on fooling him.

"Ok, just give me a minute to make sure my customers here are all set for a few, and then we can step away for a minute."

Cameron strolled through the bar, letting his waitresses know he'd be right back and asking if anyone needed anything before he went. After making two more drinks, he made his way back to where his wife was sitting.

"Ok, I want you to exit the bar and wait for me in the hall. I'll be right out." He told her.

She slid down off the bar stool and made her way to the door. Knowing her husband was watching, she put a little more swing in her hips to tease him. True to his word, he met her in the hall just a moment later. He led her to a large, dimly lit room full of beautifully set tables. A large crystal chandelier hung in the center of the room and the tiny lights in it were set so low it seemed the room was lit by candles.

"Wow, what a room," she exclaimed.

"It's used for banquets and large parties. Now, tell me what you needed to talk to me about." He looked at her full of concern, and yet she could still see the desire in his eyes.

"Well........," she turned her back to him and took a few steps over to a table. Turning her head to the side, so she could see his reaction, she let the long coat she'd been holding tightly to her, fall to the floor. The only things left on her body were the black high heeled shoes that laced up the ankles, and a gold belly chain that delicately hung from her firm, shapely hips. She could hear him take a deep breath in, but when he didn't exhale she turned completely around to make sure he was ok.

When she laid her eyes on him, she noticed that, not only was he ok, but he was sporting a tent in his tuxedo pants the size of a house! "Honey, are you ok?!" she asked, worried because he still hadn't exhaled. He nodded and let out a low groan as he heavily exhaled at last, his jaw twitching slightly. He stood, with his arms crossed over his chest as he looked over his wife's sexy form. Taking tiny, deliberate steps, she walked over to him and placed her hands on his shoulders, pressing her pelvis to his crotch. Standing there naked, had her blood pumping faster. She was so excited!

Cameron couldn't control himself. Suddenly, his hands and lips were everywhere, and still he was telling her between kisses, "We could get caught, someone could walk in here at any moment.... my BOSS could walk in here at any moment!"

Cindy pulled at his belt and zipper and freed her favorite toy from it's confines. She let her soft hand glide over his length, lightly and then firmly, she'd graze the skin. Backing her up as he kissed and sucking on her soft perky breasts, he led them to the table where she had discarded her coat.

"Oh Cindy!" he growled. "God, what you do to me..."

Cameron grabbed his wife by the waist and turned her around pressing gently on her back to have her leaning over the soft white tablecloth, her long legs stretching out before him. In an instant he had his member at her heated opening. She could feel him pause for only a moment before he slipped in. She let her muscles squeeze him as he slid further and further into her softness. So many times they had made love, but tonight he seemed to have more size. Inside her, he felt at least eight inches long as opposed to his normal seven. She could have sworn he had to be thicker, for she couldn't believe how he was stretching her apart. He felt... exquisite. It only took three hard thrusts before he had her squealing in pleasure, a tidal wave of her juices rushing over his thick shaft. Her hips had a mind of their own as she met his thrusts and matched him stroke for stroke.

He felt her first orgasm slowly begin to subside and slowed his pace. "Shhh, darling," and he stopped moving in her, listening closely to the sounds outside the room, to be sure no one was coming. Once he was sure they weren't going to be interrupted, he pulled out of her warm pocket. She stood up and he sat down on a large dining chair. She knew he wanted her to take the reins for a little bit, but she wanted something else. She knelt down next to him and gave him a dazzling smile before taking his pulsing rod into her mouth. With a practiced tongue she swayed up and down, over and under his familiar pole. He grabbed her hair and let it run through his fingers as she played, enjoying her every movement. She loved the way he played with her hair and the noises he was making was really turning her on. The feel of him between her red lips had her thinking about the blissful way it always felt when her other lips were wrapped around him.

Cindy was starting to really need him inside her, so she stood up and swung a leg over his lap, lowering herself, feeling his hardness penetrate her. She fit him like a perfect glove. Her soft folds wrapping around him like no other. He loved her silky smoothness. He took her waist and lifted her body up, and slowly lowering her back down, and then repeating over and over, increasing the pace each time. It was almost as if he was stroking himself with her body. Then she started doing it. Cindy had a technique that she loved to use. She would contract and relax her muscles around him, like most women know how, but she had a way of doing it so that it would move in waves along the length of his shaft, driving him mad.

They were so into their lovemaking, that they didn't hear the door open. Amy, one of the waitresses, had come into the room to grab some extra napkins. When she opened the door and found the two completely engrossed in each other, making love so beautifully, she was so shocked, she couldn't move. The two lovers had such a way with each other, totally expressing how much emotion and love that they had for the other with every gesture of their act. She could hear their moans drifting over to her, and the familiar scent of sex. She watched as Cindy's pretty breasts bounced as Cameron moved her up and down. She could see his thick shaft as it pierced his wife. Each time he lowered Cindy back down, his hardness disappearing into his wife, Amy felt a tiny spasm in her own heated box. How often she had wondered in passing, what his tool would look like, and here she was now, watching it piston in and out of a beautiful woman, glistening with her juices. She tried to leave, but was entranced by the lovers. Without even meaning to, she started to rub her own breast, playing with the nipple through her blouse. Doing this, she let out a little sigh.

Cindy and Cameron swiftly turned their heads to see where the sound had come from, but couldn't stop what they were doing, their passion had taken control of their bodies and there was no turning back. They could see Amy's nipples standing erect against her blouse, and the site made Cindy's excitement explode. Staring straight at Amy, feeling her husbands engorged man meat, her orgasm shook her body and soul.

Amy was so embarrassed that she had been caught watching, she quickly turned and left, closing the door behind her. She liked Cameron too much to jeopardize his job, so she would never say a word about what she had seen.

Cindy kissed her husband deeply and whispered into his mouth that she needed to feel him cum inside her. He bored into her twice more and let go. His white hot liquid erupting deep within her cavern. Like always, this brought her to a wild climax. Her insides milking every last drop from him, nearly pulling the very essence from him. She rocked her hips making her waves of pleasure last as long as possible. Holding him tightly in her arms, her climax slowly faded away.

Cameron kissed her cheek and pulled her back to look into her eyes. "Thank you, my love. You really shouldn't have," he told her teasingly.

Squeezing her muscles on him one last time, she giggled and said "You know, I really liked watching you work. I think I'll come up here more often."

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