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Happy Licking


Summer and I got time for some sexy play on Sunday night. She was over her period. We went to bed and started cuddling and kissing all affectionately. Pretty soon, we had our clothes off, and we were caressing each other, kissing, and roaming our hands all over the other's skin. She was laying on her back and I was sort of next to her, and sort of on top of her. I could kiss her, and then kiss and nibble her neck -- which gives her sexy goose bumps -- and touch her breasts, stomach, thighs, calves.. exploring every inch, slowly, gently, a little teasingly, getting us both turned on.

She was touching my chest, and then she'd reach down and fondle my hardening cock, and gently grab my balls. Her touch makes my skin come alive. Pretty soon, I started kissing down her stomach, because I was intent on using my mouth to pleasure her as much as she could stand.

I was kneeling between her spread legs, and she stroked my hair and shoulders, sighing, saying my name, enjoying the sensations. I whispered her name, and told her how much I love touching her, giving her pleasurable sensations, feeling her closeness, smelling and tasting her skin. My mouth went lower and lower, down her abdomen, down to her thighs, stroking every inch of her legs, feet, hips, moving my hands slowly and sensuously in, out, up, down, side to side, kneading, stroking, lightly teasing, probing, building, taking our time.

My mouth and tongue reached her inner thighs, and I exhaled warmly onto her cunt. She began moaning softly, sighing my name, telling me how good it felt, and her hips and thighs started responding on their own, slowly shifting, rotating, gyrating in response to my touch and her anticipation.

Sometimes Summer isn't up for me to give her oral pleasure, she has to be in a very turned on, relaxed, and trusting mood. I think she's partly just self conscious of her body (she's not fat, but has a few more pounds than she'd like. her weight doesn't bother me, and I constantly reassure her how sexy and attractive she is to me), the potential odor, and just the raw sense of vulnerability to have me down there probing in her innermost private places. But she was able to let go, enjoy the pleasure this time, and allow me to continue, and I LOVE it when she can get through that.

I kept reassuring her softly and gently about how beautiful she is, how much I love her, how much I appreciate the times we get to spend together, not just being sexy, but sitting together on the couch, taking walks, going to eat, watching movies, being with friends, taking trips.

My tongue started gently exploring her trimmed hair and cunt lips. I have to go slow, and use gentle but firm steady licks and touches on her cunt. I can't dive onto her clit, because it's overly sensitive when I first start licking and kissing her there. If I rub against it too soon, she kind of jerks and shudders involuntarily, like a strong shiver, and it makes her tense up.

So I stay on the sides, and go below her clit, down the inside of her lips. I push my tongue gently and firmly into her cunt as far as I can, loving the taste, feeling her vaginal muscles respond and clench on my tongue, my nose buried in her trimmed hair, nuzzled carefully near her clit.

It's a wonderful cascade of pleasure and intimacy for me, and I enjoy every second, every sound from her moaning breath, every response from her sexy body, every smell, taste, and sensation on my skin. Then I slide my tongue slow and flat, out of her cunt and lick lovingly up her cunt, drawing a strong pleasurable response as I reach a sensitive area above her opening, and below her clit. Then my tongue finds the nub of her clit, and I use the point of my tongue to swirl around it, over it, tease it, taste it, gently kiss and suck it, buzzing, moaning, feeling so close and trusted and loving.

She's able to receive and stand the sensation directly on her clit now, and I focus my tongue in and around that area. Sometimes I hold my tongue mostly still, and give a soft gentle touch to the clit. I use my head and neck muscles to give the slightest movement, without moving my tongue directly. It transmits the gentlest, teasiest, slightest pulse of movement precisely on her pleasure spot, not enough to really send her soaring, but it builds anticipation, draws her attention to what's coming, clears her mind of anything but sheer sensation, and it's not quite enough. My hands remain still. There's a frozen moment. Sometimes I even urge her to stop moving, and gently hush for just a bit. She has to actually strain to do it, will herself quiet, will herself still. She waits, poised for pleasure, needing it, silently begging for it.

And then I give it to her, in firm full strokes. Licking firmly, gently washing her clit with the pleasure motions from my eager tongue. Lapping up and down, back and forth, I give her everything. At the same time, I slide one or two fingers in her cunt from my right hand, depending on how wet and relaxed she is. She's usually very wet and relaxed in a clenching and needy way, her cunt open and waiting, and somewhat torn. She loves the pleasure of my tongue, loves my fingers, but also is starting to ache for my hard cock.

If I asked her at this moment, she would probably pick for me to stop licking, and start fucking 9 times out of 10. But I don't ask at this point, I'm enjoying it too much, and I want to send her over the top.

My left hand slides around, touching, pleasuring, distracting so that she doesn't overload on clit and cunt. She likes it when I tease and pinch her nipple, so I'm communicating touch in three key pleasure points. My left fingertips are teasing and prodding her nipple, my two fingers of my right hand are enough inside her clenching cunt to have my fingertips hooked up and firmly stroking the upper inner wall just past her tight ring, and my tongue is actively stimulating her clit with licks and lashes. I build it up, giving her high pleasure, and back off just a short bit, letting her rest and build, rest and build, higher each time, her sighs more deeply guttural, her thrusts against my face and fingers more urgent, her clenches and spasms tighter, her need more desperate. She focuses, trusting me, letting me, loving me, feeling the pleasure, feeling it build, washing up, higher, higher, my name, oh Babe, oh Babe, oh, oh, I'm going to cum, oh god I'm going to cum.

And she does. Exploding in strong uncontrollable shudders and spasms, gasping for breath, overwhelmed and clenching, almost like a seizure with nearly violent shudders and gasps. It's not a moaning, sing song, screaming orgasm. It's more vocally quiet, physically more wrenching and shaking.

I have to slow my movements a lot, focus on pleasure spots away from her clit, or just rest my tongue on her clit without moving. Direct touch on her clit at that point is too stimulating, too sensitive, to the point of being almost painful. So I ride the orgasm with her, gently touching and pleasuring, gently loving her, focusing a little more on the walls of her cunt, and less on the clit, and she shudders and gasps and rides through the bliss for a while until it gradually subsides.

Can you tell I study her and love how she orgasms?

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