tagAnalHeart-Shaped Ass for Valentine's Day

Heart-Shaped Ass for Valentine's Day



The cell phone in Dave's pocket sounded, indicating an incoming message. He pulled the phone out of his jacket pocket and flipped it open. The identifier on the message was his wife, Sally. It took a few seconds to load, so he knew it must be a picture message. When the picture came up on his phone, he nearly spit the mouthful of coffee across his desk in surprise.

The picture that appeared on his screen was a rearview shot of Sally bent over her desk in her office. Her skirt was lifted up over her waist exposing the full, smooth cheeks of her heart-shaped ass. He could see the lace tops of the silky, black thigh-high stockings that hugged her legs. Between her slightly spread thighs, the moist meaty lips of her shaved pussy were clearly visible. However, it was the red-jeweled base of the butt plug that filled her ass and obscured her tight asshole that had caused his startled reaction.

Dave felt his cock become instantly erect as he stared at the lewd scene on his phone. He knew that his wife was now sitting in her own office with a dildo in her ass thinking all sorts of naughty thoughts and probably doing all sorts of nasty things. He wondered if she had left the house with it in place, or if she had put it in at work. The ring tone of a phone call from her suddenly put an end to the questions that were bouncing around in his brain.

"Hi sexy." Sally purred into the phone. "Are you getting any interesting ideas for Valentine's Day?"

"Hello, yourself." He scolded. "You're very naughty."

"I know." She answered breathlessly. "I think I need a spanking for Valentine's Day. My pussy is soaking wet with this dildo in my ass."

"Have you had that in all day?" He asked.

"No." She teased. "I bought it at the sex shop around the corner at lunch time. They have a very interesting selection of items to help celebrate this annual pagan festival of sex. We may have to take a shopping trip there, sometime. Once I got back from my shopping trip, I used my private bathroom to thoroughly clean the butt plug and myself. Then, I lubed it up, slipped it into my ass and used my red satin panties to wipe up all the juices that were leaking out of my dripping cunt."

"Where are your panties, now?" He asked.

"I took them off, because they were getting in the way of my fingers playing with my clit and pussy." She moaned. "I'm using them as a makeshift towel to mop up my cunt juices after I cum. Then, I bring the damp panties up to my nose and breath in deeply, but that only gets me wet all over again. It's too bad you're not here to lick up all the creamy juices dripping out of my twat and pooling on my leather chair. My office smells like pussy, and my pussy tastes good on my fingertips. Mmmm."

He listened to her noisily sucking her fingertips and moaning into the phone. The auditory teasing only served to increase his frustration.

"What happens when you have to drive home, tonight?" Dave asked trying to sound serious.

"I'll have to be very careful, won't I?" She replied coyly. "It's going to be a little difficult driving with one hand rubbing my clit. Fortunately, my car has automatic transmission."

"Just be careful on the road." He ordered. "Since I can't see you in person at your office, I'll have to see you at home, soon."

"I can't wait, baby. You be careful that you don't injure yourself or anyone else with that big, hard cock in your pants this afternoon." She giggled as she hung up the phone.

Dave closed his phone in exasperation and put it back in his jacket pocket. Unfortunately, he could do nothing about the swollen cock that was straining inside his pants and making it difficult to sit at his desk. The rest of his day seemed to drag on as he thought about the naughty picture on his phone. The idea of his sexy wife sitting at her desk with a dildo lodged in her ass, and her fingers sliding in and out of her sopping wet pussy only increased his frustrated feelings of arousal as he waited for the clock to finally show that it was time to head home.

Just as he was about to head out the door, the ring tone on his phone signaled a new series of incoming messages. Dave opened the first message to see a picture of Sally lying on her back on their bed with her legs spread and her knees bent. She was not wearing her red satin, thong panties and the base of the butt plug was clearly visible between the cheeks of her ass. In the first picture, he noticed her fingers pushing the red, satin material of her panties between the inflamed lips of her pussy. In the second picture, he could see that the thong panties had been shoved almost all the way inside so that only a small bit of red material was visible between the lips of her drooling twat. The third picture showed the red satin material being pulled halfway out of her pussy. The fourth picture showed her holding the damp, red satin panties that had now been completely pulled out of her moist cunt. She had brought the scanty garment up to her face so she could deeply inhale her own female essence. The last picture showed two fingers of her right hand buried deep inside her dripping pussy.

Dave snapped the phone shut, snatched up the dozen red roses for Sally that were laying on top of his credenza, and stumbled out the office door towards the parking lot. His painful erection strained against the inside of his trousers making it difficult to walk to his car. Once he was behind the wheel of his car, he made the maddeningly slow drive through evening traffic to his home. Parking his car next to Sally's in the garage, he got out and walked into the house through the kitchen door.

He could see that the kitchen was illuminated by soft candlelight as he walked into the room. A bottle of champagne chilled in a silver ice bucket on the island counter next to two crystal glasses. Walking over to one of the cabinets, he retrieved a vase that he filled with water and the red roses. Returning to the island counter to set down the vase and pour the wine, he caught a glimpse of movement in the hallway leading to the dining room.

"Hello, lover." Sally purred from the other doorway. "Are those flowers for me?"

He looked up at the sound of her voice to drink in the sight of his sexy wife. A short, red silk robe hugged her luxurious curves, the soft material straining to contain her firm, 34D breasts. The lower border of the robe ended just below the round cheeks of her ass offering a tantalizing view of her smooth thighs above the lace tops of her stockings. Sheer, black thigh-high stockings with lace tops hugged her long, curvy legs contrasting with the red, 4-inch stiletto pumps that embraced her sexy feet. Cherry red, glossy lipstick decorated her soft full lips, the color perfectly matched the nail polish painted on her fingers and toes.

"Hello, sexy." He replied as he set the vase on the counter and poured two glasses of champagne. "Happy Valentine's Day."

"How was work?" She asked walking across the room towards him. Her hips swayed seductively and the heels of her sluttish shoes made a sensual tapping sound as she glided across the hardwood floor.

"Very difficult." He responded handing her a glass of wine.

"Poor baby." She replied. She took the glass with one hand and sipped the champagne. Her sensuous lips left a sexy, red imprint on the edge of the glass. With her other hand, she reached out and rubbed his hard cock through the front of his pants.

"Is that my other Valentine's present?" She teased.

"I don't know. You were very naughty today. Do you deserve it? Maybe, you need to earn it." He said. He leaned forward and kissed her hard on the lips. His tongue delved into her warm mouth and danced with her tongue as his right hand slipped inside her robe to play with her nipples. Sally moaned into his mouth as he kissed and fondled her.

"How do I earn it?" She moaned.

"You can start by wrapping those red, moist lips around my cock and sucking it." He said kissing her soft, full lips again.

"What do I earn, if I perform well?" She asked.

"I'll replace the butt plug in your ass with my cock and give you the hard fucking you've been fantasizing about all day." He teased. "Is the butt plug still in your tight ass?"

"Yes, it is, baby. I guess you had better cum with me, then." She replied with a lascivious grin, grabbing his belt buckle and pulling him towards the living room.

Dave picked up the bottle of champagne and the glasses, following the pert, swaying ass of his wife out of the kitchen and towards the living room. He sat in the chair that she indicated setting the bottle and glasses on an end table. Sally stood in front of him and turned on her heel to face away from him. She shrugged the red, silk robe off her shoulders letting it fall to the floor in a pool at her feet. She gave him a sultry look over her bare, right shoulder teasing him with her tempting display. A large, red cardboard valentine like the lid of a box of chocolates covered her luscious ass. The red decoration was tied around her waist with a red, velvet ribbon. Reaching down to her waist, she untied the ribbon letting the valentine heart drop to the floor on top of her robe. Now, dressed only in her thigh-high stockings and sexy shoes, she stood with her feet apart and slowly bent forward at the waist. He was treated to the intoxicating view of her bare, moist pussy lips between her smooth thighs and the base of the butt plug clearly visible between the flawless cheeks of her ass.

"Enjoying the show?" She asked coyly, looking back at him over her shoulder. She swept her long, blond tresses out of her eyes and ran her wet tongue over her full lips.

"Yes, I am. You are one sexy slut." He replied lecherously. "How does it feel, the plug in your ass?"

"Wonderful." She moaned hoarsely. She slid her right hand over her breasts and pulled on her nipples while her left hand slipped between her thighs to gently rub her inflamed clit. "My pussy has been a soaking wet mess all afternoon. I nearly wore out my fingers in my office today and I soaked the leather upholstery of my favorite chair. I don't know if I will ever get the smell of pussy out of my chair."

"That's too bad." Dave answered with a hint of sarcasm. "However, because of your antics, I've had an aching hard-on since you sent me that picture. I have not had any relief, today."

"Poor baby." She teased. "Let's see if I can fix that."

She dropped to her knees and turned back to face him with a hungry look in her eyes. Crawling on her hands and knees, she moved between his legs licking her lips seductively. She reached up and unbuckled his belt before unzipping his trousers and pulling his pants and boxers down to his ankles. His cock bobbed firm and erect in front of her face as she eyed it with unconcealed lust. Reaching out with her right hand, she grasped the thick shaft of his dick and slowly stroked it up and down eliciting a moan of desire from Dave. Opening her mouth, her tongue reached out to lick the silky surface tracing the underside of his cock from the base to the tip. Her tongue swirled around the swollen head savoring the clear drops of pre-cum that leaked out while her hand gently stroked the smooth shaft.

"Oh, yes!" Dave moaned closing his eyes and relishing the soft touch of her hand and the warm, wet strokes of her tongue on his cock.

Sally looked up at him with a ravenous look in her eyes. Then, she opened her mouth wide and swallowed him deep in her throat until her moist, red lips were clamped around the base of his shaft. Dave moaned as velvet wetness of her soft lips, tongue and mouth caressed his entire cock. She moved her hand down to fondle his balls as she started to move her mouth over the shaft of his dick. Her glossy lips were stretched obscenely around his thick cock leaving traces of her slutty, red lipstick on the shaft as she fellated him with noisy, sloppy enthusiasm. Dave closed his eyes and groaned as Sally sucked him deeply into her throat coating his cock with her saliva.

"Is there a nice, creamy load of cum in these heavy balls for me?" She asked. Her hand fondled his balls as her tongue reached out between her red lips licking his cock like an ice cream cone and swirling around the engorged head.

She grasped the turgid shaft of his dick with her hand and stroked it gently. Her hand slid up and down the saliva-slicked length of his prick pulling it upwards as she pressed her face into his crotch. She sucked each of his balls between her moist, red lips teasing the sensitive flesh with her wet tongue and leaving bright red lip prints on his scrotum.

"Does that feel good, baby?" She teased flicking her tongue across the underside of his cock just below the crown. She coated his cock with a slippery sheen of saliva that ran down the shaft and onto his balls.

"Yes." He moaned. "You're such a naughty cocksucker."

"You like a sloppy, wet blowjob, don't you?" She teased before sucking his balls into her mouth once more while she stroked his dick. "Are you going to fill my mouth with your creamy sperm? Or, do you want to cover my tits and face with your sticky cum?"

"Suck that dick, you dirty little cumslut." He ordered guiding his cock between her lips and thrusting deep into her mouth. "I'm going to fuck your mouth and cum deep in your throat."

Wrapping his hands in her hair, he thrust upwards fucking her drooling mouth with his cock. Sally reached between her legs with one hand to rub her clit as her soft, wet mouth accepted his thrusting dick. His balls slapped wetly against her chin as she moaned around the thick shaft stretching her mouth and her saliva dribbled out running down onto his nut sack. The wet embrace of her lips and tongue on his stiff cock was quickly bringing him closer to a mind-numbing orgasm as he thrust faster between her moist, red lips.

With a loud groan, Dave suddenly moaned out his climax coating the back of her throat with jets of thick, creamy sperm. Sally swallowed the hot blasts of cum that filled her mouth as quickly as she could. Although she was able to gulp down most of his load, a few drops managed to escape her lips and dribble down onto her chin. With a satisfied sigh, she released his cock and sat back on her heels, savoring his masculine taste on her tongue and looking up at her sated husband.

"Feel better?" She asked cleaning the few, stray drops of his creamy cum off her chin and licking it off her fingers.

Dave stood up and pulled Sally to her feet. Pulling her body roughly against his, he kissed her deeply on the mouth sucking on her tongue and tasting his semen on her lips. With one hand, he reached down to fondle her tits and tug at her nipples while he reached around with the other to squeeze her ass cheeks and play with the base of the butt plug. Sally moaned wantonly as he kissed and fondled her eager body.

He released her quivering body and she stood before him, panting with desire and rubbing her tits and pussy. He quickly stripped off the rest of his clothes until he was completely naked. Then, he guided her over to the couch and pushed her forward, bending her over the arm of the couch with her legs spread and her ass in the air. Kneeling behind her, he slid his hands up and down the back of her thighs and over the soft cheeks of her ass. Sally closed her eyes and moaned feeling his hands gently caress and tease her sensitive flesh.

"I love the way your pussy smells when you're horny." Dave said pressing his face between her thighs from behind and kissing the moist, swollen lips of her cunt. His nose pressed against the wet opening of her pussy as he deeply inhaled her musky, feminine scent.

Sally groaned lustfully and pulled his face tightly against her backside. Dave reached up with his right hand to push against the base of the butt plug with his thumb eliciting another moan from deep in her throat. His tongue probed between the folds of her pussy and lapped up her juices, while his left thumb rubbed her clit.

"Eat my hot cunt!" She screamed grinding her hips backwards against his probing tongue. "Make me cum all over your face!"

His nose pressed between the cheeks of her ass pushing against the base of the dildo lodged in her ass. He breathed in the sensual, earthy aroma of her anus mixed with the musky perfume of the juices leaking out from between her meaty pussy lips. He sucked on the slick, swollen labia savoring her seductive flavor and pressed his tongue into the moist opening of her pussy. Pointing his tongue so that it mimicked a small cock, he thrust his tongue into her, tongue-fucking her wet snatch. He alternated between tongue thrusts into her pussy, flicks across her engorged clit, and sucks on her labia, causing her arousal to quickly build. Sally thrust her hips backwards and ground her pelvis against his probing tongue trying to satisfy the erotic desires centered on her pulsing clit.

Reaching back with both hands, she pulled his face tight against her body, riding his tongue with her pussy. She started to rotate her hips faster as she felt his tongue flutter rapidly over her engorged clit. His hands gripped her thighs holding her drooling pussy tight against his thrusting tongue until he felt her body spasm with her climax. As she recovered from her intense orgasm, he leaned back with his lips and cheeks glazed over with her cunt juice. He gazed appreciatively at the smooth, upturned cheeks of her ass and the moist, inflamed lips of her pussy, savoring her sweet, musky flavor on his tongue.

Leaning forward again, he grasped the base of the dildo and pulled it partially out of her ass causing a deep, lustful moan to escape Sally's lips. The widest part of the butt plug stretched the opening of her ass, and he leaned his face in closer to swab the stretched rim of her asshole with his tongue. A mindless stream of lewd comments erupted from Sally's mouth as he licked and teased her sensitive anal opening. Then, he slipped the butt plug back into its snug nest and slapped her right ass cheek with a loud SMACK!

"Yes!" She screamed lustfully. "Spank me!"




A series of blows soon turned both cheeks of her ass a bright shade of pink. In between the loud slaps on her soft ass cheeks, his right hand gently caressed the pink, warm flesh of her backside while his left hand grasped the base of the butt plug and slowly moved it back and forth. The small, subtle motions of the dildo in her ass tantalized and tortured the sensitive nerve endings inside her tight ass.

"Who are you?" He teased. SMACK!

"I'm your dirty little ass slut." She moaned. She felt the sting of the blows to her ass cheeks sending electric shocks to her clit and causing her pussy to gush with her arousal. SMACK! "I love it when you spank my ass! My pussy gets so wet and hot when I'm getting spanked!"

"What else do you love?" He asked. SMACK!

"I love to have my ass fucked like a dirty slut." She groaned. "I love having my ass fucked after I've been spanked." SMACK!

"Are you going to cum for me?" He teased. SMACK!

"Yes!" She screamed as her body tensed with her climax. "I'm going to cum! I need you to fuck my ass and make me cum!" SMACK!

Sally lay across the arm of the couch panting with her lust and need as she recovered from the intense orgasm triggered by the spanking. The cheeks of her ass were bright red and hot to the touch, and she could feel her slick juices leaking out of her pussy to coat the insides of her thighs. Her body tingled with post-orgasmic release as her mind tried to refocus on her surroundings. She suddenly felt the head of his cock pressing against the moist opening of her pussy. A surprised gasp exploded from her throat as his hands grasped her hips and he thrust forward plunging his cock deep into her pussy with one smooth stroke.

"Oh, god!" She moaned as she climaxed from the sudden invasion of her dripping cunt.

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