Heated Massage


The flight to and from LA really took it out of Matt as he left the airport parking lot. He flew into the city of angels for the day to do a new business presentation for his ad agency. As he drove back to his home in Phoenix, he couldn't help but notice how his thigh was cramping up.

"Those damn, cramped seats are the worst." Matt thought as he tried to rub his leg with one hand while watching for other cars. "I really need to take care of this."

Once he got home, Matt dropped his bag, pealed off his jacket and tie and walked straight into his room; and quickly took off his stuffy professional clothes. While he does like to go "Don Draper", two flights and a long presentation are a bit much.

Getting down to his boxer briefs, Matt turned on the shower until the steam started to roll out of the master bathroom. Finally pulling off the last confining piece of clothing, he stepped into the warm shower -- washing away the stress of the day. At first he just stood directly under the water, letting it run down his shaved head, down his neck and shoulders, and down his chest and abs. Most of the water ran down his strong legs, but much of it flowed down the side of his cock. The feeling of the warm water starts to turn him on and he comes out of his steamy haze. Reaching over he gets a little soap on his hands and starts to wash his body. At first he does the standard routine, arms, chest, neck, abs, ass, legs... then he moves his soapy hands up to his swelling cock. While he could really use the release, instead he decided to soap up his cock and balls so he could do some "manscaping". Holding his heavy manhood, Matt shaved away the hairs along the trunk of his cock, and then lifting it, he carefully shaved his balls until they were perfectly hairless. Early on, one of Matt's girlfriends taught him that if he doesn't keep his equipment taken care of, no girls would want to play. Lesson learned!

After rinsing off the soap, Matt turned off the water and towel dried his body. The warm shower and clean shave was very relaxing, but he still felt pain in his legs. To finish the job he started in the shower, Matt then turn his clippers to a short setting and trimmed the rest of the hair around his cock to the point where it was there, but not in the way of any potential enjoyment. He then brushed himself off and put on a pair of boxers. Few things feel better than hanging loose after a long day.

Crashing down on the couch to relax, Matt felt his sore legs again. He remembered his co-worker having some muscle issues and going to a massage therapist in town. He gave her rave reviews and said she was nothing short of a miracle worker. He got a quick text back with the chiropractic office she worked at and was happy to hear she had a cancellation that afternoon for the last opening in 20 minutes. Matt jumped at the chance and threw on some jeans and a t-shirt. Driving across town, he made it to the office just in time.

Matt walked into the door just as the receptionist was about to lock the front door. She was a sweet girl, with a cute smile and stylish glasses.

"Nicki will see you as soon as you are ready. You're her last appointment today, so it would be nice if you could follow me so we can get you started."

The receptionist escorted Matt back to the massage room, where Nicki was organizing her massage products after a busy day. Matt stopped in his tracks as his eyes fell on the massage therapist. While many people don't usually find scrubs particularly sexy, the way the soft cotton draped on Nicki's body was incredible. While it left enough for his imagination, Matt could tell that Nicki had an amazing body. Her long legs and firm ass where covered by the thin cotton, and the loose material of the top bounced slightly as her more-than-a-handful tits swayed with each motion. Within seconds, Matt could feel his cock start to get a mind of its own and grow down on of the legs of his jeans.

"Nicki, this is Matt. He commented that after traveling, he has been experiencing muscle pain in his upper thighs. I have a date to run to, can you lock up after you two are done?"

"Definitely, thanks Susan." Nicki said kindly. The receptionist was already rushing out to not miss her date.

Turning to Matt, Nicki asked him more about what he had been up to and where exactly he was feeling tension. As Matt explained that he was feeling tightness in his upper thighs, Nicki quickly noticed Matt's swelling manhood snaking its way down. This made her flush with excitement knowing this man she just met was already getting turned on. She crouched down, as to make a closer inspection of the sore area, but in reality to get closer to his heavy cock. With her expert hands, Nicki first rubbed with pressure on one thigh explaining her recommended massage techniques, then rubbed the other leg -- purposefully coming dangerously close to his cock. As Nicki talked, Matt was looking into her eyes, but looked down to see that he could see into Nicki's shirt. Her ample chest was mostly visible and Matt took a breath as he saw her amazing tits held by a lacy black bra. If he wasn't mistaken, he even caught a glimpse of her brown areola's peaking out of the top of her bra, causing his cock to twitch!

"Did you have any questions Matt?" Nicki completely caught Matt looking down her shirt, which turned her on, but was also fun to tease him with.

"Um.. no. Sorry, thanks." Embarrassed Matt focused back on Nicki. She smiled and grabbed his leg as she stood back up.

"Good. Let's get started. I'll step out while you get out of your clothes and under the sheet."

Nicki stepped into her small side room as Matt again shed his clothes. Getting excited by Matt's obvious arousal, Nicki decided to see what might happen if she took things to the next level. She quietly took off her top, and unfastened her bra; her breasts falling free. She then put her scrubs top back on, knowing that now she'd really give Matt and eyeful during the massage.

With a soft knock, Nicki asked Matt if he was ready. He said he was as he finished sliding under the sheet onto his front.

"Alright Matt, to relax you we'll start by working the muscles in your back, shoulders and neck. This should help loosen up many of the other muscles."

Matt simply nodded as Nicki drizzled warm oil onto his back. Her firm hands really did quickly begin to loosen him up. As she worked some knocks he held in his scapula, Nicki commented, "I can tell you carry a lot of stress in your upper back. What do you do for work?" Matt explained that he worked in advertising. While he enjoyed it very much, it was a very fast-paced, heavy workload kind of job. Between meetings and working on projects, Matt often worked 10-12 hours per day. As they talked about what his work-life is like, Nicki's hands worked their way down to his lower back -- focusing on the ever-tense latissimus dorsi. As she folded down the blanket, Nicki continued to massage Matt's lower back, working further to his glutes.

Nicki was impressed by Matt's toned ass and legs. "So what do you do for fun?" she asked trying to find out how he stayed in decent shape. Matt was getting relaxed and said "I play soccer on the local adult league each week."

"That sounds fun, I can see it keeps you really fit!" With that comment, Nicki pulled the sheet down further, revealing the rest of Matt's ass and upper thighs. Being more exposed to Nicki only further turned Matt on.

"I'm sorry, I need to adjust myself." Matt reached down and repositioned his swelling cock so it was pointed down, in hopes it wouldn't get too ridged. What he didn't know was that from Nicki's viewpoint, she now had a clear view of his shaved balls and thick cock extending out from between his legs. She was breathless when she saw how this he was and how weighty his balls looked. She bit her lip thinking how that would feel in her hands or sucked into her mouth. She loved the feeling of turning a man on.

Focusing on the task at hand, Nicki continued to work Matt's legs -- working from the calves up to the back of his thighs. As they talked, Nicki thought she'd take a chance. As she rubbed Matt's thighs, she extended a few of her fingers and grazed the sensitive underside of Matt's growing erection. When Matt didn't react negatively, she knew this would be a fun appointment!

Matt was really getting into this too and moved his hands further to the side, palms facing up. As Nicki moved back up to his back and shoulders, she purposefully pushed her pussy against Matt's waiting hand. He didn't move away, but actually kept his hand firm as she proceeded to slide back and forth while rubbing his back. Matt was amazed at how wet she was, right through her panties and scrubs!

"Okay Matt, time to turn over so we can work that tense muscle of yours." With that request, she repositioned the blanket so it was back over his hips as Matt rolled over onto his back. While the blanket afforded Matt some privacy, it was easily clear that he was sporting an immense erection. Nicki then placed a small pillow under Matt's head so he would be able to see what she was doing -- adding to the excitement.

As she reached forward to put the pillow behind him, Matt found himself only inches away from Nicki's amazing tits, looking straight down her top. There was no denying she got rid of her bra as her breasts moved and swayed while she positioned the pillow. She made sure to take her time fidgeting with the pillow, so Matt would get a good view.

Again, Matt casually let his hands fall to his side and Nicki, positioned herself so he would be able to touch her legs or ass as she began to massage his chest and shoulders. Throughout this part of the massage, Matt again enjoyed a clear view of Nicki's sumptuous tits -- he even noticed her nipples where getting harder, which made Matt unconsciously lick his lips while imagining taking those nipples into his mouth and sucking on them. As smile crept across Nicki's full lips as she looked down and saw the effect her actions were having on this man. From the way the blanket was tented, she could tell he was a "gifted man".

Nicki then positioned herself at Matt's head and leaned forward to massage his abdominal and oblique muscles, but in so doing opened the underside of her shirt over Matt's face putting her breasts just inches from his face. On her final stroke down his abdominals, Nicki slide further down, pressing her bare breasts against Matt's face. The soft flesh of her mounds enveloped his nose and mouth. The sensation was incredible.

Nicki then stepped back and quickly loosened the tie to her pants, letting them lower until they barely hung onto her taught ass and exposed much of her hips, nearly to her pussy. As she came back around in front of Matt, he quickly noticed the "wardrobe malfunction", which only made him more aroused.

"Time to focus on your problem areas, Matt. I'll be working under your blanket here."

With that, Nicki's hands reached under the blanket down to the right thigh. She expertly worked the tight muscles until the tension abated.

"Oh wow, that's amazing Nicki. Thank you."

She simply smiled, then walked to the other side of the bed, reaching under the blanket and working Matt's thigh until she could feel the muscles begin to relax. As she felt this actual tension melt away, her attention focused on the "tension" in front of her. As she massaged Matt's thigh, she rubbed along Matt's lower abdomen which caused Matt's throbbing cock to slide on top of Nicki's hand. She repeated the motion this time with a finger lifted, running along the length of his mast.

Watching Nicki with her pants barely hanging on while she reached under his blanket was incredibly erotic. Matt's carefully placed his hand on Nicki's smooth ass along the line of her pants and skin.

"Matt, we've been able to work out a number of your problem areas, but you have this incredibly persistent tension in a muscle we need to release for you to be able to relax."

"You're the expert Nicki. Your hands are working wonders."

With that, Nicki slid her hand onto Matt's pulsing erection. With her hand still under the blanket, she could feel every vein in his cock. At first she softly ran her hand up to the head, rubbing the lubricating pre-cum down the length of his cock. She continued running her hand down until she came to his heavy balls and felt them in her hand for a moment. This caused Matt to close his eyes in pleasure as he more forcefully grabbed a handful of Nicki's ass.

"You are a big boy, Matt. Let's see what we're working with here."

Nicki then slowly pulled the blanket down off of Matt, revealing his bobbing erection. "Mmmm let's work that muscle." She then poured some warm massage oil onto his cock and took his member with both hands began to give Matt the most mind-blowing handjob of his life.

At this same time, Matt reached over and pulled the drawstring on Nicki's scrub pants, dropping them to the ground. Her shirt covered most of herself, but Matt reached under and felt the wet prize waiting for him. Nicki was completely shaved and his fingers had no problem gliding along her wet pussy, parting her lips and finding her clit. As he rubbed her clit, Nicki let out a moan and, without hesitation, took the head of Matt's cock into her mouth. She then began to swirl her tongue around the head. Matt's eyes nearly popped out of his head when Nicki did this and immediately realized Nicki's tongue was pierced -- giving Matt a sensation he had yet to have experienced.

Matt regained his focus and continued to finger Nicki's clit. Moving deeper, Matt slid a finger into Nicki's soaked pussy. The velvety, tight entrance to her sex caused his head to spin. He had to be inside her. At the same time, Nicki took Matt deeper and deeper into her mouth. She nearly had him all the way in as his cock pressed against her throat. She gasped as she came up for air.

"You need to loose that top." Matt commented and Nicki pulled the top up with both hands. As she did, the hem of the scrubs top, caught the underside of her breasts, causing her amazing tits to drop with a bounce as she lifted the top over her head. She leaned forward and Matt pulled her chest to his mouth, sucking and nibbling on each nipple. As Matt worked on her breasts, Nicki continued to stroke Matt's cock.

Nicki then moved back and got up onto the table, throwing her leg over Matt so she was straddling him -- his cock firm and laying against his abdomen. She lowered herself down so her wet pussy rubbed against the underside of Matt's member. Up and down she rubbed, her clit working against his hot skin -- each vein hitting her clit just right. Her wetness was lubricating Matt's cock so she slid back and forth, faster and harder on his cock until she was about to cum. Matt also knew this was getting to be too much for him to handle and he wanted to do so much more with her.

Grabbing her hips, Matt lifted Nicki slightly. She took the meaning and reached down and positioned his head at her entrance. Nicki then eased herself onto Matt's cock an inch at a time. Matt groaned as he felt himself fill up Nicki's warm, wet pussy. Once all the way down, she proceeded to raise and lower herself onto him -- his cock filling her cavity with his hard flesh. She then rocked her hips back and forth as she fucked Matt, allowing his head to rub her g-spot. As Nicki rode Matt, he massaged her breasts and pinched her nipples, causing waves of pleasure to ripple through her body.

Then in one smooth motion, without allowing Matt's cock to come out of her, Nicki pivoted around so she was facing his feet and continued to thrust up and down. With this new view, Matt grabbed Nicki's ass enjoyed how tight and wet her pussy felt as she began to crash herself down onto his cock.

After a few minutes, Matt said "My turn" and pulled Nicki off of him -- his cock sliding out with an audible slurp. He positions her on the table onto her back. Holding his cock to her pussy, he slides into her wetness and she instinctively wraps her legs around his waist. As Matt slides in and out with more force, Nicki gets louder and more into it.

"Ohhh, ooh, Ummmm, OOOOH"

She can start to feel her impending orgasm and she reaches down and begins to rub her clit as Matt continues to slide in and out of her.

That was all Nicki could take. Waves of pleasure washed over her as her pussy tightened around Matt's cock and gushed her wetness over his thrusting cock. Feeling Nicki climax sent Matt over the edge. His head tilted back and his muscles tensed as his cum flowed from his balls through his cock and deep into Nicki.

"Aaaagh! I'm coming"

"Come inside me Matt. I want to feel you."

As Matt came, rope after rope of hot cum filled Nicki's soaking pussy. As he continued to come another climax hit him and more cum filled her. As they continued to thrust, the cum began to leak out of her and onto her table. As Matt slid out of Nicki, a mixure of his cum and her wetness ran down her ass and onto the bed, soaking the sheet. Fully satisfied, she pulled Matt around and while laying took his cock into her mouth -- cleaning their juices off of him.

After cleaning up, they pulled their clothes back on.

"Okay Matt, this injury is pretty serious. I expect you to come in twice a week. I'll keep my last appointment open." She said with a wink.

"Thanks again Nicki. I'll make sure to fill it every time."

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